Relatively cool today in Oamaru - eight degrees actually - and a rather cool breeze blowing across King George Park. We trained early in the morning and then continued the latter part of the session at Centennial Park, which looked in great nick. The wicket was under wraps but if the outfield was anything to go by it will be a very hard and a fast track. A quick fruit bun and we were back in the van for a reasonably restful afternoon.

The township of Oamaru is enjoying several days of festivities with their Victorian Heritage Celebrations. There have been exhibitions, fetes, music and a whole host of other historic activities happening in and around town. Today at 12.30pm there was the New Zealand Penny Farthing Championships with international and national rider competing in various events - a far cry from mountain biking in Hanmer!

A number of the girls were involved in coaching promotions today and the most outstanding performance came from Anna O'Leary who, whilst demonstrating a running between the wickets drill, skidded and careered through the wickets - your worst nightmare when doing a demo. Thankfully none of the kids followed suit.

We are all looking forward to the opportunity to play against the England side tomorrow and are hoping for good weather.