New Zealand Cricket will carefully consider whether it will ever take part in meaningless international one-day tournaments again.

New Zealand Cricket (NZC) chief executive Christopher Doig made the first of his now regular state of the nation addresses to the media in Christchurch today and admitted it had been a mistake for New Zealand to start its season with a one-day series in Singapore.

"The boys are struggling a little with the amount of cricket we are wanting them to play and, in hindsight, it was wrong to go to Singapore," he said.

Doig will also hold briefings in Wellington and Auckland over the next two days.

Tournaments in Sharjah would also come into NZC's thinking.

"There is too much meaningless one-day cricket and there is no doubt that has played some part in the match-fixing and dishonesty that has occurred in cricket," Doig said.

The effort of New Zealand winning the International Cricket Council KnockOut had been a superb effort.

"It was the first time we have won a tournament, any series, overseas.

"That has to change," he said.

New Zealand's failure to make an impact in the six-game South African series had made it inevitable that the gloss had been taken off the Kenyan performance.

"It was interesting that I got a handful of letters after we won in Kenya but significantly more after our losses in South Africa.

"I guess that says something about New Zealand and New Zealanders," he said.