Solomon Islands Cricket Association reformed as game gets a new life

Cricket in the Solomon Islands is showing signs of rejuvenation with the reformation of the national Cricket Association.

After years of inactivity, officials are adopting an organised approach to re-establishing cricket in the capital, Honiara.

Matches have been played until recently by teams based on national lines - with Australian, New Zealand, Solomon Islands and Rest of the World XIs meeting on a casual basis. According to local official, Len Palmer, the indigenous Solomon Islanders are the better players. "They are fitter than the rest of us," Mr. Palmer laughed. He added that the Solomon Islanders were "very good bowlers". He named all-rounder Gabriel Talaqua and batsman Hollis Vaho as two of the better indigenous players. He said most of the 18 to 20 indigeous players learnt the game while being educated in Australia, New Zealand or the United Kingdom.

However, the onset of the rainy season is likely to delay further activity until August when the SICA hopes to organise a league competition. The season normally continues until November/December. During the wet season, the Solomons experience afternoon rains starting at about 3pm.

Matches are usually played on concrete pitches with synthetic matting.

Mr. Palmer said the main hurdle the SICA faces is lack of equipment.