Canty happy with major sponsor (30 September 1998)

30 September 1998

Canty happy with major sponsor

The Christchurch Press

Canterbury Cricket is content to be the odd association out in the domestic sponsorship stakes, comfortable that it is financially better off.

Canterbury is the only major association not to benefit from the $1.8m injection from State Insurance over three years to the five other major associations.

Canterbury Cricket is already in the middle of a six-year agreement with its principal sponsor, Canterbury Draught, which executive director Tony Murdoch says is worth significantly more than the deal arranged by New Zealand Cricket.

"There is no question of us surrendering our involvement with Canterbury Draught. We are very happy with the terms of our arrangement," Murdoch said.

However, he noted what a considerable saving it was for other associations in time and resources to have their sponsorship negotiated and run by the national body. "It is a little galling to find that the new initiative does not benefit us but it's only human nature to want to be better off. There is no bitterness about it from us at all."

Canterbury, like most other associations, struggled in the past financial year, recording a $243,000 loss, the biggest in its history.

Murdoch said he understood the State sponsorship did not enable any secondary sponsors names on playing gear.

With Canterbury there was still the chance for that and a new sleeve sponsor, Christchurch Casino, is being incorporated this year.

Another adjunct of Canterbury's deal is that the team remains known as Canterbury Draught, while the other five associations will be known as the State Insurance Aces (Auckland), Knights (Northern Districts), Stags (Central Districts), Firebirds (Wellington) and Volts (Otago). These brand names were launched last season.

Murdoch said Canterbury, which conducted a survey last year about brand names, was really no closer to deciding upon a suitable one.

The women's national league will be known as the State Insurance Cup. Murdoch said no funds will come Canterbury's way from that connection.

"That is because State will be the over-all series sponsor and there is no flow-on effect."

Source :: The Christchurch Press (http://www.press.co.nz/)