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From the autumn of 2012 through to the end of the 2015 World Cup, Martin Crowe wrote a column on ESPNcricinfo that looked at the issues of the day, matters of batting technique, and the fortunes of his side, New Zealand, among other things. Many of them went on to have a life of their own, stirring debate across the world of the game. Here's our top ten.

The men and memories that made me (November 2014)
On Sobers, Sutcliffe, Hookes and other inspirations and influences down the years

Minding the gap (October 2014)
The space between two balls is where cricket is really played

Test cricket's young fab four (August 2014)
On Williamson, Root, Kohli and Smith

The masks we wear (November 2013)
Often what we see of cricketers on the field is not their real selves

Why it's largely even between bat and ball (December 2014)
On why cricket's balance in power may not be as skewed as we think

Fifty for the pantheon (April 2014)
Picking the greatest players of all time

The greatest time of our lives (March 2015)
Whatever happens, the Australia-New Zealand World Cup final at the MCG will be the most divine fun

Forty overs is one-day cricket's future (January 2014)
A new format to take ODIs forward

To bat right, get your mind right (March 2014)
The importance of being rooted in the present moment

Ain't no time to hate (May 2015)
We need to restore cricket's lost integrity pronto

The full list of Crowe's articles on ESPNcricinfo is here

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