Bravo, Brooks, Chase: How Jasprit Bumrah went WWW

Jasprit Bumrah is swarmed by team-mates after completing a hat-trick Associated Press

In 2001, Harbhajan Singh became the first Indian bowler to pick up a Test-match hat-trick during the famous Eden Gardens Test against Australia. Irfan Pathan then rocked Pakistan with a hat-trick in the first over of the Karachi Test of 2006. Thirteen years later, Jasprit Bumrah joined them with a trio of unplayable inswingers that ripped through West Indies' top order. Here's how ESPNcricinfo's ball-by-ball commentator, Varun Shetty, described the hat-trick for posterity.

8.2 Bumrah to Bravo, OUT, taken low at second slip! Bumrah remains unplayable to this West Indies top order. Length ball swinging away from middle stump. He had no choice but to play at that. Didn't even look to push at it or anything. It's off the high part of the outside edge and KL Rahul lunges low to his right to grab onto this. Bumrah got Campbell and Bravo identically with inswingers last match. He's got them identically with outswingers this time.
DM Bravo c Rahul b Bumrah 4 (8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00

8.3 Bumrah to Brooks, OUT, lbw appeal and given! Brooks reviews. That looked dead on front. Length and swung in from outside off. It's hit his back pad...but was there front pad first? Yes, but that doesn't matter. He was looking to go across the line, was trapped in front of middle stump and that is hitting leg. Review lost, wicket lost.
SSJ Brooks lbw b Bumrah 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

8.4 Bumrah to Chase, OUT, Kohli reviews an lbw decision. It's a full inswinger that raps Chase above the toe in front of middle stump as he looks to flick. Kohli was the only one interested in that review. It swung a long way down, did the others think it was going down? Well, they were wrong if they did! That is hitting leg stump. All three reds! Jasprit Bumrah has a hat-trick! You could hear Kohli screeching that there wasn't an inside edge on that. it's paid off. What a bowler. Chase was pinned with a stride across. He didn't even want to review!
RL Chase lbw b Bumrah 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00