'It's important to play one ball at a time, and not think too far ahead'

Just don't talk to me about chhole bhature: Shubman Gill is hoping for some tips from Virat Kohli on how to get that Test hundred BCCI

Opening batsman Shubman Gill talks about the best cricketer he has played against, the music he likes, and what Virat Kohli is like in the dressing room

How do you stay cool mentally when preparing for international cricket?
You can do that only by keeping those things aside that you cannot control. And try to focus on things that you can control.

You look comfortable against fast bowling. How do you prepare for that?
It's very important to play one ball at a time, and not think too far ahead.

The fastest bowler you've faced so far?
Billy Stanlake in the IPL.

Who's the best non-Indian cricketer you've played with or against so far?
AB de Villiers

What is Virat Kohli like in the dressing room, compared to how competitive he is on the field?
He is a very fun-loving and light-hearted guy.

How will he react if you offer him the Punjabi food you've grown up eating, like chhole bhature?
I'm not even going to try.

What kind of music do you listen to?
I like listening to hip-hop and rap. Bands like The Weeknd.

Do you have a favourite sportsperson outside cricket?
Yeah, many. I like Neymar Jr a lot.

What will you ask him if you find yourself in an elevator with him?
I'll just ask him how he trains.

One thing you don't like about social media.
Unwanted attention.

What would you want to get first, Test hundred or an IPL hundred?
Obviously Test hundred.

The first match you saw at a cricket ground?
It was in 2006, an India v England Test match in Mohali.