Come To Think Of It is a series where we bring new perspectives to bear on received cricket wisdom.

May 22
Whatever happened to Ravi Shastri 1.0?
When did the outspoken rebel turn into an establishment man, asks Sharda Ugra

May 16
Why the 2005 Super Series was not really a bad idea
Karthik Krishnaswamy on why world XIs are not bad in principle

May 6
Are umpires giving more lbws now than they did before DRS?
Karthik Krishnaswamy says spinners are getting more of them, but there are a number of factors at play

April 23
Is Saeed Anwar criminally underrated?
Osman Samiuddin turns our attention to a great batsman who doesn't get the recognition he deserves

April 15
Are lefties really prettier?
Jarrod Kimber considers that old canard

April 9
Were New Zealand always this cuddly?
Andrew Fidel Fernando says the answer, as they say, might shock you

April 2
Before Slim turned shady
Osman Samiuddin reassesses Saleem Malik, who might be remembered as a fixer but was so much more

March 29
Was Greg Chappell really a terrible coach of India?
Karthik Krishnaswamy looks again at Chappell's tenure afresh

March 22
Were South Africa really unlucky in the 1992 World Cup?
Sidharth Monga looks at South Africa's infamous exit from the 1992 tournament