Feb 8 - Final: Hope for a game, pack your XI with top-order smashers

Feb 6 - Challenger: Rauf could be the man to end the Stars' losing streak

Feb 1 - Knockout: Hales at the top, Wells in the middle

Jan 31 - Qualifier: Time for another Stoinis-Maxwell show

Jan 30 - Eliminator: Look no further than the in-form Wade and Hales

Group stage

Jan 27 - Renegades v Heat: de Villiers is back in form, and might keep wicket too

Jan 26 - Strikers v Hurricanes: Under-rated Wells, established Rashid make a good combo

Jan 26 - Thunder v Scorchers: Back Marsh to rediscover form in crunch game

Jan 25 - Stars v Heat: Back the Stars, bank on Stoinis and Maxwell

Jan 25 - Sixers v Renegades: Look no further than Smith and Nabi

Jan 24 - Scorchers v Strikers: Bank on the Jonathan Wells-Liam Livingstone combination

Jan 24 - Hurricanes v Thunder: Stock up on batsmen in batting-friendly Hobart

Jan 23 - Heat v Sixers: de Villiers, Smith, Labuschagne - pick them all!

Jan 21 - Renegades v Hurricanes: Consistent Marsh, impactful Christian could swing it

Jan 20 - Scorchers v Thunder: Back the Scorchers, bank on Marsh and Richardson

Jan 20 - Sixers v Stars: If he gets to bat, Maxwell will likely make the difference

Jan 19 - Heat v Renegades: Cutting and Christian - value with bat and ball

Jan 19 - Hurricanes v Strikers: Expect a Rashid storm against the Hurricanes

Jan 18 - Stars v Scorchers: Does the law of averages apply to Stoinis?

Jan 17 - Strikers v Heat: De Villiers and Rashid, the first names on your sheet

Jan 16 - Sixers v Hurricanes: Punt on legspinners Qais and Pope

Jan 15 - Scorchers v Stars: Marsh, Maxwell can go big

Jan 15 - Thunder v Renegades: Marsh key to Renegades' broken season

Jan 14 - Heat v Strikers: Rashid and de Villiers and points galore

Jan 13 - Hurricanes v Scorchers: Livingstone and Fawad vital in spin-friendly Hobart

Jan 12 - Stars v Sixers: Maxwell with bat, Rauf with ball

Jan 12 - Strikers v Renegades: Rely on top-order batsmen in unpredictable Adelaide

Jan 11 - Thunder v Hurricanes: Sams your first choice but also make room for Boland

Jan 9 - Heat v Hurricanes: Heat batsmen a good bet against depleted Hurricanes attack

Jan 8 - Stars v Thunder: Stoinis and Morris could get you a lot of points

Jan 8 - Strikers v Sixers: Toss-up between Weatherald and Philippe for captaincy

Jan 7 - Renegades v Scorchers: Back Finch and Richardson to change Renegades' fortunes

Jan 6 - Thunder v Heat: Play it safe, pick Ferguson as captain

Jan 5 - Sixers v Strikers: Trust Carey's reliability and Curran's all-round ability

Jan 4 - Stars v Renegades: To not have Maxwell as captain might hurt you

Jan 3 - Hurricanes v Heat: Go big on Short and Renshaw

Jan 2 - Renegades v Sixers: Wristspinners, and a strong bowling line-up

Jan 2 - Thunder v Stars: Stoinis and Sams are your top picks

Jan 1 - Heat v Scorchers: Lynn and Jordan are no-brainer picks

Dec 31 - Strikers v Thunder: Adelaide Oval is full of runs, bank on the top-order batsmen

Dec 30 - Hurricanes v Stars: Back the Stars bowlers, even against Short

Dec 29 - Renegades v Strikers: Weatherald could make the difference again

Dec 28 - Sixers v Thunder: Ferguson and Morris should be safe picks

Dec 27 - Stars v Strikers: Maxwell's your man in Stars v Strikers

Dec 26 - Scorchers v Sixers: Lead with Marsh, but don't leave out Livingstone and Jordan

Dec 24 - Hurricanes v Renegades: Qais, Jewell are must-haves

Dec 23 - Strikers v Scorchers: Rashid, Turner could swing your fortunes

Dec 22 - Sixers v Heat: Philippe the obvious choice for captain

Dec 22 - Stars v Hurricanes: It's unfamiliar Moe, so pack your XI with allrounders

Dec 21 - Scorchers v Renegades: Fill your side with Renegades players

Dec 21 - Thunder v Strikers: Go with quality, pick Ferguson and Carey

Dec 20 - Heat v Stars: We want to lead with Stoinis and Banton

Dec 20 - Hurricanes v Sixers: Can't leave out Short or Philippe

Dec 19 - Renegades v Thunder: Ferguson and Finch are the top picks

Dec 18 - Sixers v Scorchers: Put in more Sixers players in your XI

Dec 17 - Heat v Thunder: Pick Banton or Lynn as your captain