One Day National Cup Division Two Table - 2011

Group A

1State Bank of PakistanSBP44000161.3271108/195.2869/200.0
2Karachi BluesKarBl43100121.0211064/196.1860/195.2
3Lahore LionsLions4220080.414902/193.2834/196.1
4Hyderabad Division Cricket AssociationP-HYD413004-1.029770/186.11033/200.0

Group B

1Khan Research LabsKRL43001140.927674/132.5622/150.0
2Lahore WhitesLahWh4220080.242686/155.5728/175.0
3Pakistan TelevisionPakTV422008-0.167872/196.5865/188.1
4Abbottabad FalconsFalcn412016-0.224493/125.0521/125.0

Standings are updated with the completion of each game.

  • M: The number of matches played.
  • W: The number of matches won.
  • L: The number of matches lost.
  • T: The number of matches tied.
  • N/R: The number of matches abandoned.
  • PT: Number of points awarded.
  • NRR: Net Run Rate