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11yWill Luke

Malta round-up

The Malta Independent on Sunday has a round-up of their latest domestic matches.

12yMartin Williamson

Future bright beyond the Test world

Next week's ICC annual get-together promises to have more than its fair share of politicking, posturing and controversy

13yMartin Williamson

ECBtv available across Europe

The European Cricket Council has announced a deal with ICC Europe, ECB and Premium TV to make ECBtv available on subscription throughout Europe .

Eddie Norfolk
13yMartin Williamson

A long way from home

It won't get many column inches in the mainstream cricket press, but the World Cricket League, which started in Nairobi yesterday and continues into next week, features the best of the rest, the six sides just under the ten Test-playing countries

13yWill Luke

Winter cricket in Malta

The Times of Malta have a round-up of Marsa's win against Overseas in the Winter League on Saturday


When Marsa met Brooklands

Two Maltese sides were in action over the weekend and The Times of Malta has a match report :


European Domestic Starting Dates

With some countries already in full whites, 'Beyond The Test World' thought it was appropriate to brief you on when the various European competitions get underway

20yTony Munro

Rumour, Gossip and Innuendo!

The first ever gathering of the Americas region's strongest national teams is likely to be staged in Toronto, Canada in August

21yTony Munro

Malta welcomes Crowe clan

Dave Crowe, uncle of Russell, and, by the way, father of Martin and Jeff, emailed me to say Russell had "summonsed" the Crowe clan to Malta, for a family reunion where Russell is presently filming his latest film, "Gladiator"