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3101dESPNcricinfo staff

Qualifying begins for World Twenty20

While Associate nations ponder a future that may not include being part of the World Cup some of the game's least well-known nations take their first steps towards the World Twenty20

3606dTony Munro

Visa issues end Moroccan participation

The Moroccan team en route to Malawi was prevented from boarding their transit flight to Blantyre to play in the World Cricket League Africa Division 3 as they were carrying only a fax, rather than visas

3607dMartin Williamson

A question of responsibility

The ICC has been coming in for a fair amount of sniping of late as a result of teams being unable to take part in its events because of issues with visas


Malawi and Rwanda register wins

The World Cricket League (WCL) Africa Division Three tournament in Malawi has been reduced to five teams following the late withdrawal of Morocco.

4071dMartin Williamson

Future bright beyond the Test world

Next week's ICC annual get-together promises to have more than its fair share of politicking, posturing and controversy

4480dWill Luke

Nigeria to meet Morocco

Nigeria will meet Morocco in the semi-finals of the North-West Africa tournament held in Gambia on Wednesday

7052dTony Munro

Moroccan Cricket Club hosts tournament

The Moroccan Cricket Club of Stade Marocain held a three-cornered tournament on April 8 to celebrate the Pakistan National Day, which fell on March 23

7072dTony Munro

Rumour, Gossip and Innuendo!

The first ever gathering of the Americas region's strongest national teams is likely to be staged in Toronto, Canada in August

7123dTony Munro

Morocco - new ground, new clubs

First it was desert cricket in the Persian Gulf - now cricket will have itsown purpose built stadium on Morocco's Atlantic coast - and it will be inuse as early as August or September this year