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6yTim Wigmore

A case for Olympic status and wooing China

England and India may not be interested in making cricket truly global, but several other countries would vastly benefit from participating in the Olympics

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7yJon Newton

An expat's game, but made in China

Cricket administrators in the world's most populous country are focused on drawing as many locals into the fray as possible

UTPMedia/nforce sports
7yJon Newton

Cricket's elusive Shangri-La

The possibility of China playing international cricket has excited fans, administrators and marketers, but they're not quite there yet


Towards Mongolia

Cricket and Mongolia are two things that have not been cited in the same sentence too often in the history of the world

Andy Campbell/UTPMEDIA

China plays host to women's T20 event

Attempts to push China as the next big thing continue with the four Asian Test-playing nations - Bangladesh India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka - taking part with China, Hong Kong, Nepal and Thailand in the women's ACC Twenty20 Cup.


Daqing makes a dash

Daqing, a city in north-east China, is the latest in the People’s Republic to take to cricket

10yMartin Williamson

China's captain on starting from scratch

An interview with Wang Lei, China’s captain, in the National newspaper highlights how far the game has to go to get a foothold in the country, despite the gushing enthusiasm of the ICC and ACC.

10yMartin Williamson

Asian chief slams expat-reliant sides

The rumbling debate over the number of expats included in several leading Associate sides has resurfaced after comments from Syed Ashraful Haq, the chief executive of the Asian Cricket Council, that some of them should not enter next year’s Asian

10yMartin Williamson

China crushed by 209 runs in Twenty20 tie

Three of the semi-finalists were decided on the fourth day of the ACC Twenty20 Cup, with the three unbeaten teams - Afghanistan, Oman and UAE - all progressing to the last four.

11yMartin Williamson

Chile launches ICC centenary celebrations

The ICC Americas region launched its centenary celebrations at the Annual Beach Cricket Tournament in Chile on February 27 and Argentina hosted the 110th edition of the classic North v South match on March 6, 2009.

11yKanishkaa Balachandran

Miandad excited by scope of cricket in China

Javed Miandad, the former Pakistan batsman, has said cricket has tremendous potential to grow in China, having observed how the youngsters have taken to the game following a visit to the country as a Pakistan cricket ambassador.


Wild optimism follows China's win

China finally turned in a performance to quell if not silence criticism of their large-scale funding in beating Myanmar by 118 runs in the Asian Cricket Council Challenge, a game one wag labelled "the battle of the dictatorships"