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10yMartin Williamson

Africa at the crossroads

Africa needs to look hard at itself and ask this question: why are there only two teams from the continent going to New Zealand for the Under-19s World Cup in January

11yMartin Williamson

Future bright beyond the Test world

Next week's ICC annual get-together promises to have more than its fair share of politicking, posturing and controversy

12yMartin Williamson

Ghana win Africa tournament

Ghana beat Swaziland by five wickets to win the ICC World Cricket League Africa Region Division Three

16yTelford Vice

Botswana all smiles despite defeat

Given that his team had just been thumped by 247 runs in the final of an international tournament, Botswana's captain, Akram Chand, shouldn't really have been smiling quite so broadly


West African Championships: Draw announced

The 13th West African Championships will go ahead later this month despiteconcerns held by visiting countries, Gambia, Ghana and Nigeria over securityin the host nation, Sierra Leone

20yTony Munro

Cricket hangs on in Ghana

The closest thing the Ghana Cricket Association has to a competition structure, the Minor League, is scheduled to start later this month, featuring four teams from the capital Accra and Kumasi