On every street

The many faces of sport in India, through the eyes of its most keen street photographers

To Pune, with diversions

Turn the three-hour drive from Mumbai to Pune into a two-day vacay

The erstwhile hub of Maharashtra cricket

Once Maharashtra cricket's unrivalled power centre, Pune's cricket landscape - like its cityscape - has undergone profound changes

When in Pune, do as...

... the locals want you to, or prepare to have doorbells not answered, tyres deflated, and your children sent home with puppies

Pune's cricket heyday

Former Maharashtra batsman Shantanu Sugwekar talks about the successful teams of the '80s and '90s, and expresses his misgivings about developments since then

Going native

From kachcha limbu to scooter, street cricket in India has evolved its own hyperlocal lexicon


Pune from above

Melinda Farrell experiences the city at sunrise from 4000 feet in the air

Soul food

From snacks and desserts to a full-fledged thali, in Pune you're spoilt for choice

Pune's batman

Rohan Pate, a former club cricketer with a passion for the game, has put together an impressive collection of cricket memorabilia

The best pubs to watch the IPL at

Big screens, cold brews, great deals - where to get the most out of the ultimate spectator sport

Scenic hills, sun-kissed beaches, and a lot in between

Hikers, trekkers, beach bums and culture buffs can all get their fill on day trips in Pune's vicinity

New-age ground, big ambitions

Pune hasn't hosted a lot of international cricket, but it is finally on Test cricket's map

Young at heart

The cultural capital of Maharashtra is now a city of college students and IT professionals, so expect good food and a good time


Lost and found in Pune

Melinda Farrell and Jarrod Kimber explore the city during the first Test match between India and Australia

Boogie nights

From the bar to the dance floor, the dining table to the live gig, Pune is teeming with options for those who get restless after dark

Peshwas and Puneri snacks

Pune's the place to indulge in Maratha history and Maharashtrian cuisine

How to get there and back

Advice for the ardent cricket watcher on how to get to far-flung match venues


Riding the rails

Melinda Farrell journeys from Mumbai to Pune by train to catch the first Test between India and Australia