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WICB needs to regain players' trust - Brian Lara

Art, oysters, wine and whales - you'll have a smashing time in Hobart. By Ed Cowan
How well do you know the 1992 World Cup? Take the quiz
Top Fives: Down the years, the fans have had a lot to say at cricket's biggest tournament


    Four afternoons into immortality

Rewind: In 1899 a 13-year-old orphan at Clifton College established a world record which stands to this day

    A crisis that defines the age

David Hopps: In England, changes in social attitudes, the demands of work, and other factors are contributing to a decline in recreational cricket

    Momentous at the WACA

It may have been a one-day match but the Western Australia-Queensland Gillette Cup semi-final was no ordinary game. By Alan Shiell

    No place like Arundel

When you spend your childhood in the shadow of a magnificent cricket ground, you tend to take it for granted. Revisiting helps put things in perspective

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Steven Finn picked up two wickets
© Getty Images
Rain washed out play at Windward Park in Barbados
© WICB Media/Adriel Richard
Moeen Ali and Alastair Cook put on 94 together
James Neesham reaches out for the ball
© Getty Images
Asad Shafiq drives through the covers
© Getty Images
Younis Khan gets right behind the ball
© Getty Images


     Australia v South Africa (14:20 local | 03:20 GMT | 22:20 EST | 21:20 CST | 19:20 PST)
     Bangladesh v Zimbabwe (12:30 local | 06:30 GMT | 01:30 EST | 00:30 CST | 22:30 PST)
     Sri Lanka A v England XI (09:45 local | 04:15 GMT | 23:15 EST | 22:15 CST | 20:15 PST)


Pakistan Domestic
     Habib Bank v Hawks (09:45 local | 04:45 GMT | 23:45 EST | 22:45 CST | 20:45 PST)
     Khan RL v State B of P (09:45 local | 04:45 GMT | 23:45 EST | 22:45 CST | 20:45 PST)
     PIA v Stags (09:45 local | 04:45 GMT | 23:45 EST | 22:45 CST | 20:45 PST)
     Sui Sthn Gas v Pakistan TV (09:45 local | 04:45 GMT | 23:45 EST | 22:45 CST | 20:45 PST)
South Africa Domestic
West Indies Domestic
Zimbabwe Domestic
     Tuskers 207/8 v Rhinos 107 (35.3/50 ov)
Tuskers won by 100 runs
     Mountaineers 292/7 v Eagles 246 (45.2/50 ov)
Mountaineers won by 46 runs


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