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Sachin of Benalla

They say no one ever remembers how you leave cricket, that the memory of you at your peak is what's everlasting. Is that true?

When cricket is like being in love

The heady feeling of playing in a Test match, which can lay bare your every emotion, is in some ways similar to the early days of a blooming romance

CB Series 2011-12

Irfan Pathan makes his case for No. 7

It is clear that Irfan is a better batsman than Ravindra Jadeja, at least at No. 7. It should be a no-brainer that Irfan should be preferred because his bowling is likely to be more effective than Jadeja's

CB Series 2011-12

Discord, dissent hurt Indian team

It has been a long tour with little success to celebrate, and the differences and frustrations between the players are coming out now, in the form of scarcely anticipated bombshells dropped during routine press conferences

Australia v India, 2nd Twenty20, Melbourne

Overdue win, unusual method

India were on tonight. It was like it was all coming back to someone who had lost his memory in the first half of a Bollywood film. Simple things but somehow forgotten