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Warwick Armstrong

A giant of his time

Sep 19, 2009: A colossus, both as a player and a personality, he was a barracker's delight and Australia's MVP

Gideon Haigh

Better riper

Oct 3, 2008: Why legspinners are more proficient when they're older and wiser

Christian Ryan

Pushing the laws to the limit

Jun 19, 2008: Incidents that got the lawmakers thinking

Martin Williamson, Andrew Miller and Andrew McGlashan

XI Test cricketers who played VFL/AFL football

Australia's winter allrounders

May 28, 2007: XI Test cricketers who played Australian Rules football at the highest level

Brydon Coverdale

Cricinfo XI

Fat bats and roly bowlers

Feb 22, 2007: Cricinfo has set out to demonstrate with this list of (mostly) talented and well-rounded cricketers

Martin Williamson and Andrew Miller

Ask Steven

Whitewashes and white coats

Jan 8, 2007: The regular Monday column in which Steven Lynch answers your questions about (almost) any aspect of cricket:

Steven Lynch

No chat, no Ashes

Nov 21, 2006: Taunts and insults are as much a part of cricket as bats and balls, and never more so than during the Ashes

Simon Briggs


'You've been asking for a punch all night'

Aug 26, 2005: Some selection meetings involve heated exchanges of opinion, but few end up in a 20-minute brawl

Martin Williamson


Chopping and changing

Jul 23, 2005: In 1921, England's selectors made a swathe of changes as Warwick Armstrong's Australians steamrollered across the country ... but the outcome was always the same

Martin Williamson

The history of mental disintegration

Battles lost upstairs

Jul 20, 2005: When it comes to England v Australia, the most important battles are in the mind

Gideon Haigh

Boxing Day in Melbourne (part 1)

Dec 26, 2002: Twenty years ago one of the classic Test matches was played at the MCG

David Wiseman
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