Not such an English game anymore

Increasing numbers of top-level cricketers are not comfortable expressing themselves in cricket's original tongue. It's an issue a game with global interests needs to take seriously

Mohit Sharma at a press conference

Sudhindra Prasad

Bangladesh v India, World Cup 2015, 2nd Q-F, Melbourne

Keeping a quarter-final streak alive

Bringing a bugle out of hibernation and donning face-paint for a unique hat-trick of India's World Cup quarter-finals

A Bangladesh fan does the tiger impression

Ban v Ind, 2nd QF, Melbourne

Belief blows behind Indian sails

The depth and strength of a team's or a player's belief cannot be accurately measured but it has certainly emboldened India's World Cup challenge

MS Dhoni congratulates his team-mates after sealing the win

Bangladesh v India, World Cup 2015, 2nd Q-F, Melbourne

Rohit turns up awake, alert

Where other Indian batsmen had stomped their authority in the World Cup, Rohit Sharma's scores appeared to nodding off. At the MCG on Thursday, he stepped up as the leader and backbone of India's batting

Doing it eyes closed: Rohit Sharma unleashes the pull

Bang v India, 2nd Q-F, Melbourne

No logic in the no ball

The ICC protocol, which suggests that a no-ball can be checked only if there has been a dismissal, could do with some tweaking. If an umpire's assessment of an lbw can be questioned, why not a no-ball?

Rohit Sharma drives through the off side