England news May 3, 2017

England's Test kit goes back to the future

ESPNcricinfo staff
England's Test cricketers will have a retro feel to their kit, with the reintroduction of cream clothing and cable-knit sweaters by their new equipment manufacturer, New Balance

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England's Test cricketers will have a retro feel to their kit when they take the field at Lord's in July, with the reintroduction of cream clothing and cable-knit sweaters by their new equipment manufacturer, New Balance.

The start of a five-year deal, worth around £2million a year to the ECB, was heralded on Tuesday night at a glamorous launch event at New Balance's flagship store in Oxford Street, London, where each of England's seven captains - in men's, women's and disability formats - paraded the new kit on a cricket-themed catwalk.

Joe Root, who will be leading England for the first time when the South Africa series gets underway in July, welcomed the return of a more traditional look and feel, after their predecessors, Adidas, had opted for a "brilliant white" look to their Test kit back in 2008.

"I love it," Root said. "It feels like I'm a kid again, it's as traditional as it gets. It's like my first woollen jumper my grandma knitted me so it takes it all back to the beginning, and it's a nice way to remind yourself that even though there are times when we're under a lot of pressure, it's a game we enjoy playing."

"The guys in 2005 who won the Ashes wore the old cable-knit jumper and there are some great iconic moments in English cricket that are associated with clothes like this, so hopefully there will be many more in the future."

For 50-over cricket, England will wear a blue and purple outfit, which will be showcased for the first time on Friday when the first ODI against Ireland gets underway, and a red-and-blue hooped shirt for T20s.

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  • serious-am-i on May 11, 2017, 21:36 GMT

    T20 outfit looks awful, my god who designed that. @elsmallo: India & SL have blue outfits, BD has greener one as far as I recall watching in an news segment on tv. @akattaullah: There's no big deal, you don't need an leading manufacturer to design, just the ones who design for you, if they do their best, it should be more than good. I don't understand this hype of leading manufacturer & so forth. Personally, I'm not much fond of brands either, I wear which ever is comfortable to me, I don't care if its designed by a tailor at my road-end or by a leading manufacturer.

  • pwcricket on May 4, 2017, 10:18 GMT

    For me, the iconic England cable knit jumper is the one worn by Botham et al in 1981. Plain other than the three lions and crown embroidered in the middle of the chest. This evokes memories of that, with just the sponsors' logos on the sleeves slightly tarnishing the image. In truth, most of our ODI and T20 kits have been poor. This T20 kit looks awful to my eyes but I'm getting old and perhaps it will appeal to the target audience. After all, it's all a marketing ploy for kit sales and replica shirts.

  • elsmallo on May 3, 2017, 23:37 GMT

    ODI kits predictably awful, haven't had a decent one since the early noughties. Now that India and Bangladesh have the monopoly on blue, England seem to have to combine blue and red which rarely look great together. Nonetheless, happy they've gone back to traditional cream and cable knit, never liked the super white look.

  • cricfan74822000 on May 3, 2017, 22:30 GMT

    The one-day shirt would be good if it didn't have that pink paint splodge at the bottom. The return of the traditional cable-knit sweater is superb. Class. The Twenty20 shirt is an abomination. The prices are scandalous.

  • cricfan25822695 on May 3, 2017, 21:22 GMT

    T20 kit is a real shocker, the worst yet!! The expressions on the players faces say it all. The guy on the far left is thinking 'they cannot be serious' and Morgan is saying through his teeth to Root 'please tell me this is just a wind up, the real gear will be brought out any minute'!

  • akattaullah on May 3, 2017, 19:29 GMT

    Congrats to English fans out therr. ECB has potential to struck deal with one of the best sports kit manufacturers out there. Where as PCB cant even struck a deal with Pakistan's best kit manufacturing merchant let alone the world.

  • ???? ??? on May 3, 2017, 19:09 GMT

    odi n t20 kits r awesome n mind blowing

  • Cricinfouser on May 3, 2017, 17:48 GMT

    ODI Kit is fascinating and incredible. But T20 kit is looking like a joker's dress.

  • mcswiggle on May 3, 2017, 16:23 GMT

    So you just wear any old tracksuit bottoms with the new England one-day kit then?

    That will save the players the fortune, not sure it is a great look though. Also are they just not doing caps or hats now?

    I'd like to see the shirts on people with arms before passing final judgement, but my initial reaction is that the five-year old that designed the T20 kit did pretty well for a first attempt at shirt design.

  • CodedSteve on May 3, 2017, 16:21 GMT

    is the white kit for the disability format?

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