October 17, 2006

English cricket

Sparring for the Ashes


Liam Plunkett, the England allrounder, has recently started blogging. (For those not in the know, blogging is not a term to describe a cricketer’s batting or bowling style; it’s short for “weblog”.) In his latest entry Plunkett, recovering from injury, says he’s been using boxing in his rehabilitation and preparation for the Ashes.

I’ve also been doing a bit of boxing to spice my training up a bit.... Myself and Durham team-mate Mark Davies have been sparring with our gloves on and I’ve been enjoying it. I'm not trying to increase my aggression ahead of the Ashes, it is simply a great way to keep fit and I used to do a bit of kick-boxing when I was younger. I’ve had to get all my gear sorted out and I went to see Slazenger to pick up a few bats for the trip – thankfully because it’s all sponsored I didn’t have to pay for it!

More at the BBC.


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