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"Stupid Indian" is racist, Mr Sutherland

You might wonder why Pak Spin has strayed into foreign territory but I have two dogs in this fight

You might wonder why Pak Spin has strayed into foreign territory but I have two dogs in this fight. First, I'm a British Asian like Monty. Second, calling somebody a "stupid Indian" is abuse that crosses national boundaries simply because it is more about colour, culture, and religion than it is about nationality. If the Australian who abused Monty had called him "stupid" or a "stupid Brit/Pom/Steelback" he might have just about got away with it. But the reference to Monty's Indian roots is a reference to race and I'm afraid, Mr Sutherland, that it is a racist comment.

On the same day that the UK minister for sport urged a war on racism, in the same sport that, according to the ICC, has a zero tolerance policy towards racism, and on the back of an embarrassing tour by South Africa, it is highly improper for the chief executive of Cricket Australia to dismiss the racist taunts at Monty Panesar as "not too much racist."

James Sutherland owes Monty and the England team an apology. He also owes the ICC an explanation. Let's hope one is demanded of him.

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  • testli5504537 on December 9, 2006, 16:06 GMT

    Saying 'Indians are stupid' IS DEFINATELY racist.....midly so but it is racist. If they had said that Monty is stupd it wouldnt be racist. I would just like to remind you all that racism is defined as 'The belief that one 'racial group' is inferior to another and the practices of the dominant group to maintain the inferior position of the dominated group. Often defined as a combination of power, prejudice and discrimination.'' Saying that indians are stupid falls into that category so therefore it is racist. Its implying that all Indians are stupid....and just to clear that up....we are not! lol x

  • testli5504537 on December 2, 2006, 10:45 GMT

    woW! Umair that was bad...:D but a good one... racism discrimation and treating other people differently...is vvvery offending. pity on Mr. Mony...Yeahh ICC should do something about it

  • testli5504537 on December 1, 2006, 12:51 GMT

    Mr.Euceph Ahmed - yes I monty is proud to be from an indian national, thats why he is playing in English team. May be thats is the justification why he was called another "Stupid Indian"

  • testli5504537 on December 1, 2006, 12:11 GMT

    Cricket is a Passion and as I have heard from a friend that there are two religions in Australia 1.Cricket and 2.Beaches (oops) :D

    Its quite the same in pakistan, although the National game of Pakistan is Hockey, But people almost die hard for cricket. Life without cricket is almost impossible for some.

    Racial Discrimination should not exist in Games. Because its a GAME. whoever its is? Black brown GORA (White) whatever.

  • testli5504537 on November 30, 2006, 22:47 GMT

    Why don't we concentrate on what we ALL have in common - A love of cricket. Cheers Paul (Australia)

  • testli5504537 on November 30, 2006, 15:08 GMT

    Marty-WHO is CALLING all Austrailians are racists, the thing is that racism has been a part of the human nature. As Human Being is like an ever hungry Beast, different people have conflicting interest and all those people have priority for their own interest. Im a Pakistani, I dont say that we dont have racists in our country. But no one can ignore the fact that it has been proven that Darrel Hair (One of the Elite Umpire of Australia) was a racist according to the proofes he could not proof. ICC have given there decision which is the biggest profe, secondly Darrel Hair asked for Money to Quit. Get your facts right. Thank You Very Much.

  • testli5504537 on November 29, 2006, 15:23 GMT

    Justifying a racist comment with things like "South Africans did this, Pakistanis did that, English did this, Indians...etc etc ?????? GET A GRIP OF YOURSELVES!!! If this similar comment was made by any other person from any nation then it would be just as wrong. IT IS A RACIST COMMENT. Like it or not. Don't justify one wrong with another.

    "TWO WRONGS DON'T MAKE A RIGHT." (Write it down)

  • testli5504537 on November 29, 2006, 6:42 GMT

    I agree with Pat - just because u live in australia doesnt mean your racist, I am a muslim australian with a pakistani background and i have never had any racist comment passed to me...and for all those people who just think it exists in australia come off it...its everywhere..and yes mr sutherland is an idiot and darrel hair is also an idiot..its got nothing to do with being an aussie...dont blame the race blame the person..if you say all aussie's are like that then your just showing you are racist yourself.

  • testli5504537 on November 27, 2006, 8:25 GMT

    I am an Indian. And although the incident hurts, it is neither unexpected, nor unreciprocated. I have witnessed downright racial boorishness from the people of Australia, England and other European countries as well as USA. At the same time, I have met some Aussies, Eurpoeans and Americans who are probably the most tolerant and humble people in the world.

    I have been to the Eden Gardens on numerous occasions and the crowd there has always been passionate, excitable and more than a little racial. However, while an Aussie remark on stupid Indians rankle all the members of the subcontinent, the crowds in India have equally obscene remarks about Aussies, English, South Africans as well as Pakistanis. I have been witness to innocent white spectators being publicly abused at the Eden. In Pakistan, I am sure there are taunts about kaffir Indians as well.

    All these comments are definitely racial, no question about it. And Mr. Sutherland is talking through his hat when he says he has doubts about it. However, this is not an Aussie trait, or Caucasian ... it is a global trait which has one dimension in down under and another in the subcontinent while still another in South Africa.

    One need not glorify the inedifying comments by giving them undue prominence in the media.

  • testli5504537 on November 23, 2006, 23:27 GMT

    Ghalib Taimur - what point are you trying to make? First you say all Australians have too much attitude, then you say 'only' a large contingent are arrogant? Which stereotype are you going to use.

    There is no true evidence that Darrell Hair is biased against Pakistan - though I am not supporting his decisions regarding the The Oval and Inzamam run-out. The following links also show that he was held in high regard by both the ICC and Wisden before his sacking;



    You might argue that Wisden voters are probably more likely to be white - but going along with some of the comments that have been made here it wouldn't be racist or arrogant at all to paint them as racists too. Pathetic.

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