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Coach and captain: ten matters of choice

The Pakistan Cricket Board is close to announcing a new coach and captain

The Pakistan Cricket Board is close to announcing a new coach and captain. At this crucial juncture in the dumbfounding story of Pakistan cricket, here are some issues for the erudite souls on the ad-hoc committee to consider (I bring you this topic after some pestering by Mr Javed A Khan, Montreal):

1 Choose a captain on merit not hierarchy, for positive reasons not negative. When Inzamam was made captain, I asked Ramiz Raja, then CEO of the PCB, why? He replied, with a shrug of his shoulders, that Inzamam was most senior and there was nobody else. Let's not make that mistake again (in other words don't appoint Mohammad Yousuf by default).

2 Choose a captain with energy, attitude, and ideas. Pakistan cricket made something of itself in the 1980s and 1990s because it adopted a positive mindset. Let's have no more lazy preparations, fearfulness, and cerebral vacancy.

3 Choose a captain who is capable of balancing his religious beliefs and his cricketing responsibilities. While Pakistan's players have every right to be as religious as they wish, they must know that their job is to win cricket matches. Nobody should be ostracised or made uncomfortable for not being as pious as the most pious member of the team. Religion, for cricketers, should be a private matter not a badge of honour.

4 Choose a coach who is dynamic and will complement the captain. The main problem identified by Bob Woolmer was the inability of Pakistan's players to learn. My view is that this has everything to do with the educational level of modern Pakistani cricketers. They don't need to be university graduates, of course, but a certain level of education would better equip them to learn in all areas of life. Bob's style was a gentle word here and a friendly nudge there but both the young undercooked and the old overcooked stars probably require some more direct advice.

5 Choose a coach who played no longer ago than in the last decade. Let's prefer new thinking over old.

6 Choose a coach and captain who are both untainted by the match-fixing controversy. Inzamam and Mushtaq Ahmed were both criticised by Judge Qayyum. Inzamam's statement that he was unaware of Qayyum's recommendations about Mushtaq is either a grand deception or jaw-dropping negligence. Let's make integrity an important criterion for selection of the captain and coach.

7 Choose long-term success over short-term gains. The pressure to succeed is huge but after such a dismal failure expectations will be low. Now is the time to patiently build a team to win the next World Cup and not get in a sweat of desperation about winning the next tournament in Malaysia.

8 Choose wisely 1: Although candidates are few in both areas, the potential to get it wrong is huge. The obvious choice for captain is Younis Khan but his first outing has made most people rather nervous that he might have flattered to deceive and doesn't quite have the good sense that a captain requires. His reported reluctance to take on the job doesn't bode well. A true leader would seize the captaincy and vow to pull everybody in line. Alternatively, Mohammad Yousuf is the wrong personality to lead, which only leaves Shoaib Malik and Shahid Afridi as contenders. Malik's time will come but Afridi would be an intriguing gamble.

9 Choose wisely 2: The list of genuine contenders for the coaching slot is even more limited. Imran Khan has promoted Aaqib Javed, whose record with the U19s is impressive. Intikhab Alam, the coach in Imran's era, has been tipped for the job but is surely out of his time? Mudassar Nazar has been mentioned in dispatches but his last stint was a flop. You can bet that Javed Miandad, another former coach, will be fancying a return. Assuming only Pakistanis will be interested after Bob Woolmer's death, two others worth considering are Rashid Latif and Abdul Qadir, who both run cricket academies. This is a tough one. How do you follow Bob? Indeed what's the rush? Aaqib looks to be favourite and might be worth a punt with batting and fielding coaches in support.

10 Choose in haste, repent at leisure. As I said, what's the rush? Pakistan's schedule is barren for the next few months, some nonsense called a Performance Evaluation Committee has already been created in haste and is conducting a haphazard mock-trial, and the shock of defeat and death is raw in the minds of players, management, and administrators. It would be best for the new appointments to be made in consultation with the new national selectors, since the current lot have tendered their resignations. But that degree of co-ordination would be asking too much.

Kamran Abbasi is an editor, writer and broadcaster. He tweets here

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  • Khizar Hayat on April 16, 2007, 7:03 GMT

    Aamir Sohail lost my vote some years back when during a ODI he was waving, almost begging, inzamam from boundary line to bring the crown prince Junaid Zia to bowl. all this was telecasted live.

  • Ask Khan on April 15, 2007, 18:18 GMT

    Hello from NJ, USA! Well first I do want to share my thoughts to you about Pakistan Cricket. Interesting discussions where we don't even get paid but we do seem to have the ability to bring back Pakistan team to be the winning contenders. By the way, I do have respect for Inzy.

    My wish list: Coaches: Full Time coaches: Batting-->Javed Miandad (Head Coach) Bowling--> Aaqib Javed (deserve to coach in National Team) Fielding--> Shoaib Mohammed Part Time--> Waqar Younis/Amir Sohail/Saeed AnwarRashid Latif/ Abdul Qadir or Saqlain Mushtaq (as required)

    Captain: Mohammed Yousuf (due to current crisis, but I wish to see Shoaib Akhter as a full time captain) V Captain: Shahid Afraid Wicket Keeper: (1) Zulqurnain (2) Kamal

    Rest of the players: Only on merit

    Selectors: - Asif Iqbal--> chief selector but I wouldn’t think if he takes the job - Rasid Latif - Amir Sohail - Please hire individuals who are not bias and who select only on merit basis

  • Muhammad Asif on April 15, 2007, 16:46 GMT

    Hey guys you wanna see cricket played by "cricketers" or cricket played by your favourite "personalities"?

  • ali on April 15, 2007, 11:59 GMT

    u know they wont make yousaf captain why???i tell you why????because he is too religious...thats why..pcb is anti islamic....about afridi...he is a good player but he is not educated enough...he lacks knowledge....to be a leader u have to have knowledge...i will keep posting my thoughts.........

  • terry on April 15, 2007, 1:46 GMT

    Keep religion out of sport or else appoint a mullah as coach for Pakistan. Religion is a private matter.

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  • Khizar Hayat on April 16, 2007, 7:03 GMT

    Aamir Sohail lost my vote some years back when during a ODI he was waving, almost begging, inzamam from boundary line to bring the crown prince Junaid Zia to bowl. all this was telecasted live.

  • Ask Khan on April 15, 2007, 18:18 GMT

    Hello from NJ, USA! Well first I do want to share my thoughts to you about Pakistan Cricket. Interesting discussions where we don't even get paid but we do seem to have the ability to bring back Pakistan team to be the winning contenders. By the way, I do have respect for Inzy.

    My wish list: Coaches: Full Time coaches: Batting-->Javed Miandad (Head Coach) Bowling--> Aaqib Javed (deserve to coach in National Team) Fielding--> Shoaib Mohammed Part Time--> Waqar Younis/Amir Sohail/Saeed AnwarRashid Latif/ Abdul Qadir or Saqlain Mushtaq (as required)

    Captain: Mohammed Yousuf (due to current crisis, but I wish to see Shoaib Akhter as a full time captain) V Captain: Shahid Afraid Wicket Keeper: (1) Zulqurnain (2) Kamal

    Rest of the players: Only on merit

    Selectors: - Asif Iqbal--> chief selector but I wouldn’t think if he takes the job - Rasid Latif - Amir Sohail - Please hire individuals who are not bias and who select only on merit basis

  • Muhammad Asif on April 15, 2007, 16:46 GMT

    Hey guys you wanna see cricket played by "cricketers" or cricket played by your favourite "personalities"?

  • ali on April 15, 2007, 11:59 GMT

    u know they wont make yousaf captain why???i tell you why????because he is too religious...thats why..pcb is anti islamic....about afridi...he is a good player but he is not educated enough...he lacks knowledge....to be a leader u have to have knowledge...i will keep posting my thoughts.........

  • terry on April 15, 2007, 1:46 GMT

    Keep religion out of sport or else appoint a mullah as coach for Pakistan. Religion is a private matter.

  • Hameed on April 14, 2007, 18:17 GMT

    Pakistan cricket will not suffer from such disasters!!!!. Pakistan have got the most energetic, strong, and the most famous young players around the world!!!. i hope that yuonis khan accepts to take over the captaincy of pakistan he has been much talking to the players on the field as he captained pakistan some times. mohamed yousuf have got the much and better experience. Pakistan have only one thing to do with the team, itis to maintain the discipline of the players, i will mention one man for sure, It is SHOAIB AKHTAR. he really need to polish his behaviour.

  • hafeez khan on April 14, 2007, 10:12 GMT

    what a mass, pakistan cricket now going down to earth, committes and investigation, rod behaviour of public, refusal of captaincy by youns khan, too many condidates coming up, Mr.Chariman comments captain should be for long period rather upto world cup, thererfore ultimate choice will be a younger player, than will start tusel between the seniors and juniors, who will suffeer the cricket, I is high time for the PCB that they should immediate action to solve the captancy and bob woolmer replacemnt, a foreign coch is ideal one, due may reason the language barier is most sugnificent, There are many very experience old Pakistan ex players, one of them fit in the job. We should take lesson from INDIA how quickly they ressolve the problem and select Shastri as interm coch also in india there was much demostration against the players. I thing as happend in the past the captancy goes to the senior most players, so Mohd Yousef is the senior most one it should go to him, and his deputy may be either Shahid or Shoib Malik. hafeez Khan, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

  • EAMIRAN on April 14, 2007, 4:28 GMT

    To Gul Khan,

    1. You wrote: "They (Punjabis)are responsible for the cricket debacle". Now that is a sweeping statement! In your world "They" must be like Al Qaeda or the Axis of Evil. I suppose "They" are also responsible for what is happening in Iraq? Now truthfully, who is sounding like George Bush?

    2. Please reread what I wrote about Rana. You obviously do not a)understand what was written, b) skipped the "sucked" part, c)chose to rave and rant anyway, or d) all of the above. My guess is d).

    Last I calculated, 5 non-Punjabis (Gul, Afridi, Younis, Sami, and Kaneria) in a playing team of 11 is approximately 45% of the team. That would mean Punjabis make up approximately 55%-60% of the team at any one time(depending on who is playing, injured, etc.), and not 90%-100% as you suggest. Is it blind rage that or does your math ability precede your intelligence? This would also suggest that the quota system that you appear to favour, is just about spot on at this time. Personally I am not in favour of it as only the best should be playing regardless of ethnicity. Sadly, you probably disagree.

    Finally, as I have mentioned before - our tried and tested combination of openers have failed time and again. Instead of blaming the woes of the world on Punjab and its general population can someone (even you Gul Khan) suggest other possible names of openers with stats to back it up.

  • Manzoor on April 14, 2007, 3:07 GMT

    My best wishes for pakistan cricket bord and

    HI pcb cricket team you should choose the good captain and good coach. by

  • ali a on April 14, 2007, 2:29 GMT

    Since many people have written on this blog, let me just make a few too...

    pcb hearing on what went wrong is a joke. All you've to do is look in 2003, before that WC in SA, we played tests and ODI there. We lost miserably, yet people expected us to win the WC. Even though we played in SA before WC and knew the enviornment, we did not perform.

    Now in 2007 we played pathetically in SA and I guess the writing was on the wall. But some of us still hoped that somehow our players would be full of spirit for the WC and it did not happen.

    I am just astonished at Inzi and his responses in the media. He accepts all the responsibility for the WC failure and yet he refuses to accept

    - removal of waqar younis - selection of the team - reasons for defeat for ireland

    simply blaming it on bad luck and green top. I was first saddened by his departure from ODI and as captain. But then after hearing his lame execuses for defeat and simply not accepting the dumb mistakes that he made, I think its good that he left both.

    It would have been better if Talat would have either confirmed or rejected PJ's statement about players focus on religion than cricket. As long as PCB and players are not going to be open about what really happened, these things will simply continue.

    I think PJ criticized the Tableeh aspect of religion and not about offering prayers. What people have done since then is to twist it into saying that PJ was against religion or players saying prayers. I heard what PJ mentioned as he said offering prayers is a private business and lets not make it a spectacle. The players are like many of us professional. We work and say prayers during our working hours. If Inzi and co. wanted to do Tableegh they could have simply extended their stay by a week or more after their WC and done that on their own time. But to try to do that during your WC campaign is simply not permissible.

    Unless PAK corrects the wrong doings of PCB and cricketers, nothing will change. It won't matter whether you have Aaqib or Miandad as coach or Afridi or Younis as captain.

    Like I said in other blogs we lost in SA due to lack of professionalism and hard work. If you don't address, we"ll just see different faces but same results in future.

  • Teck on April 13, 2007, 20:02 GMT

    Stop feeding these cricketers ego...who do they think they are...India and Pakistan need to clean house...cut salaries...make everything perfomance incentive...no more instant celebratity status...both countries need new blood new captain, new coaches and most importantly new attitude...Guys like Younis Khan, Sachin, Afridi need to go...teams can be rebuilt ...and all the people stop harassing cricketers that's stupid..burning down restaurants doen't prove anythings...if want to protest stop watching, stop buying the products they sponser, stop thinking they are Gods...lets all change! then maybe we can win a game or so against australia

  • Rahat on April 13, 2007, 19:38 GMT

    Mr Khalid H. Khan this article is no more different. The system is so screwed up even seeing it makes you pewk. Cricket is not a game in Pakistan its a bond for politician and member of government alike. A sad tragedy!

  • dr awaise ali on April 13, 2007, 18:28 GMT

    pakistan need a captain who is primarily brave. Someone who has the tenacity of a lion during mating season! Inzimam had such low confidence and he portrayed such negativeness that if I were a young player in the team I would start to think negatively. A captain is required that at least shows passion and fights to the end. Inzimam had a good record as a captain, but in my oppinion its not the matches u win its the way in which u win them, and inzis team used to scrape through opposition which they should have dismantled. My first choice for capt would be the pindi express. For the reason if hes not aggressive i dont know anyone that is, secondly he is world class player, (gilchrist is his bunny!). And finally akhtar can portray the team in such a light that will demand respect from onlookers. no mumbling broken english speeches "my boys hello, play good etc etc"! But the corruption that is the pcb will not allow this. Then my second choice would be afridi, for attacking reasons. Younis khan should be fined and thrown out of the team, let alone inviting him for the captaincy. Malik does not have the physique nor is he a world class player. Would srilanka make russel arnold or dilshan captain? malik is one the level of arnold or dilshan. If he retires today no one will remember him. I would personally remember nazir more than malik! In conclusion i just want 2 say, bhut pyar se, bhut khaloos se, bhut mohabbat se, bhut tehzeeb se, pcb aur pak. khiladiyon ki maan, bhan aur biwi nu lun!

  • omair on April 13, 2007, 13:24 GMT

    i completely agree with most of ur suggestions but can i just ask that on what basis you said that mudassar nazar's era as a coach was a flop....As far as i know (and i have never missed a single match)..Pakistan team performed brilliantly throughout his tenure before losing to south africa and that too they were playing quite well....but its just the unpredictability factor that comes into play again and again and after that they lost to Sri Lanka in the first match of the Champions Trophy and Mudassar Nazar got sacked just before the Australia and Pakistan clash...in between they lost the finals to the test championship to sri lanka but they also beat australia, west indies and sri lanka during his tenure....and if you look at the winning percentage, i am sure it will be quite good as compared to all the others that have been tried before or after him.....I am not saying that he should be re-appointed but you must not present wrong facts to justfiy your point.

    thnx, omair

  • khansahab on April 13, 2007, 10:49 GMT

    Mr Javed A Khan from Montreal, Canada, Why must it only ever be the Pathans and the Urdu Speakers who have to swallow their pride and not voice out their opinions for the sake of the unity of the country? The pacifiers on this blog are calling for harmony and one purpose but for that, the majority (Punjabis) must bestow the deserved rights to the minority. Younis has officially declined captaincy. He cites lack of public support and stress as his reasons. That is a facade. Every captain undergoes stress and subcontinental captains are of course lambasted by their passionate fans when they don’t perform. The real reason is arguably the lack of support from the Punjab quarter. Malik, Yousuf, Razzaq and Akhtar probably do not want a non Punjabi to lead. I am all for a united and prosperous Pakistan and Pakistani cricket team. But I am indicating to you the reasons why the team is not united and successful. We can all applaud Asim Kamal and say he needs to be in the team. Why can we not discuss the reasons why he is not?

    You have stated before that religion is a personal matter and Inzi’s or Mushy’s personal religious beliefs have let Pakistan down. If their personal beliefs have affected (positively or negatively) the performance of the Pakistani team, why can Malik’s beliefs not affect the team in a similar vein? If he is broad-minded, as his marriage to the Indian girl demonstrated, that can positively impact Pakistan’s image and would arguably also make Malik familiar with the “wider picture” making him a more effective captain than Inzi. You support Afridi to be captain and you state that Malik is narrow minded and volatile. Is Afridi any better? He has not changed his playing style for the sake of the team despite playing for 11 years. He knows that if he would play the ball on merit, it would bring his strike rate down. His strike rate gives him the popularity and the “sex appeal” which he thrives upon. What about threatening the spectator with the bat (rowdiness/stupidity/hostility) and scuffing the pitch (stupidity/cheating)? What about the unnecessary intimidation, mercurial behaviour and lack of concentration in the field? Yes, he is a good ground fielder but he drops more catches than some of Pakistan’s lesser fielders. Let us not forget that Afridi is the type of player who can lose his temper anytime. We have seen how Younis has made unfortunate decisions owing to his mercurial character. Do we really want to bequeath responsibility to Afridi? At the moment the PCB are thinking hard (or so it seems) and it will take time for the situation to become stabilised. If we assume it takes a year for the situation to become stabilised, do we want to see instability again by some volatile action of Afridi? All the hard work of the previous year will be wasted. I stated a long time ago that now is the time to make balanced decisions and go off “whims.” I am all for “short term losses for long term gains” but we also have to be prudent and judicious with our choices.

    I accept the fact that “YousAf” is a senior player and carries influence in the team. However, if he is promoted to vice captain he will officially have that authority and his powers and influences will be made more concrete. Yousuf has to gel the boys together and get them behind Malik, who will probably be the captain now that Younis has officially declined captaincy. Let us keep Razzaq and Afridi out of the equation; at best they are inconsistent in ODI’s and obsolete in Tests. Mark my words that keeping Razzaq and Afridi in the Test squad will never make Pakistan a top Test team. Owing to the inconsistency of Pakistani cricketers (which will not go away until the domestic structure improves which will take forever) Pakistan has to use specialist bowlers and specialist batsmen, not all rounders. If Pakistan had an all rounder with the skill of Pollock, Flintoff and Kallis, then of course I would support that player’s inclusion. After Inzi’s resignation I wanted Yousuf to be captain because I thought that would assist in getting the team united, but now that we have seen of the disastrous consequences of tableeghism, I have changed my mind. As far as Malik is concerned, unfortunately his place in the Test side is still contentious but his promotion to captain may well satisfy the maxim of “long term gains for short term losses.” I hope Salman Butt is not made vice captain as he is a failed opener; what is the point of making a batsman captain or vice captain when he can’t play the swinging ball? Making Malik and Yousuf officially involved in the leadership might lead to an effective and dynamic captain and well as a united and disciplined team. Again let me stipulate that in my previous posts I have mentioned that all contenders for captaincy have grey shades to them. However, with Malik as captain and Yousuf as vice captain, we might well be incorporating the “best of the bad lot” now that Younis is out of the equation. I do wish however that he changes his decision and acts in the best interests of the country.

  • Robert on April 13, 2007, 10:23 GMT

    Well once again, judging by the comments on here, Pakistan Cricket is in trouble. I fear that everytime anyone makes politics and religion part of something there is going to be a rift. Time for someone at the top to actually run it as a buisness. Pick the best team, pick suitable coach and pick a REAL leader on the field.

    Truth is at this point in time everything needs to be rebuilt. And unless they start from the ground up, everything will be as it was... and Pakistan Cricket will remain the butt of jokes.

  • Asif Zaidi on April 13, 2007, 9:50 GMT

    I think Khansahab and Ayaz are right on the money for taking on the Punjabis. I dont understand why is it a taboo to point out to the simple fact that the Pakistan team is dominated by mediocre players from Punjab.

    Why are people mixing up and playing on this sentimental BS about divisions and ethnicity and patriotism; when the fact remains that Punjab has all the following:

    Cricket power Cricket academies Cricket Umpires Cricket Commentators Cricket Players (obviously)


  • JAVED A. KHAN, MONTREAL, CANADA on April 13, 2007, 8:46 GMT

    Posted by Awas at April 12, 2007 2:00 PM "First of all a question for Kamran Abbasi. Can these posting be numbered for easy reference?

    Awas: you are on the dot. I have thought about it so many times and I always forgot to write this as a suggestion. Yes, Kamran it is a good idea to number the posts. If there is a provision, please do that. Thanks.

    Posted by: Venu at April 10, 2007 9:17 PM What is Moin Khan doing these days? I always thought he was a fighter and had a great positive attitude in the field. He is the sort of coach a sub-continent team needs.

    Venu, first of let me laugh out loudly on what Moin Khan is doing these days? Venu, Moin Khan himself is not aware of what he is doing these days. You are right in thinking that he is a fighter. These days he fights with his wife and beats her up. Even when he is drunk he has a positive attitude on the field. Only when he is off the field that he beats her up. Are you sure in recommending him as a coach for the sub-continent teams? Please take him to India, certainly Pakistan doesn't want him. :-) Venu, check this link: http://news.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=123805

    Ashaq You are once again confusing the issue of beards. Where did I say I am against it? And what is unique about my perception on beards? Pls. read the second paragraph of my post April 12, 2007 4:53 AM. Also, who am I to admonish you (bhai) and why would I do that?

    Regarding the link on the post about segregation, it is in the archives of March 2007 title. Bakwas in Urdu is Bakwas dated March 15, 2007 and here is the link.


    My post is : March 17, 2007 4:32 AM

    Khalid H. Khan has written a detailed article in today's DAWN (April 13, 2007) Pakistan cricket at crossroads as player-power takes root its about Pakistan's future captain and in the end after you finish reading the whole article you find there is nothing concrete in it. I wonder what kinda journalism is that? Simply writing something just for the heck of it?

  • WASIM SAQIB on April 13, 2007, 8:00 GMT

    First I would like to congratulate Javed A Khan and Ashaq for their ongoing debate about Religion in Cricket. Both of them have expressed their views in an excellent manner.

    Javed bhai I completely agree with you that Islam is a religion and a way of life and not a ritual and those who put on the religious mask in an attempt to look pious are hypocrites.

    Ishaq Bhai you are absolutely right when you say that everybody has a right to perform their religious duties, and we should not be judgmental about that.you are also right when you say that athletes sometimes do take solace in different spiritual practices for their inner peace and mental strength so why not religion. You also dismissed most of the allegations made by the media and Public in this respect by some very valid arguments and in an intelligent manner.

    It is a very complex and sensitive issue so without offending anybody I would like to add some personal observations to this debate.

    I think religion can neither improve ones game. Nor it can affect ones game, although people quite often on this blog. attribute M Yousaf's recent performance to his conversion to Islam, and some of us blame our recent WC debacle solely on radical religious activities in the team. I think they are both wrong, a player can get inner solace from religion but if he lacks the skill then he is bound to fail.

    I believe everybody should have a right to practice their religion without getting judged, so if the players are offering namaz when they are not practicing, or they are doing tableeg in their off season as long as its not affecting their practice it’s their right, but if their religious duties are coming in the way of their job then they should quit the job, otherwise it would be considered as dishonesty, and every faith condones dishonesty.

    I also believe that we should not have any apologetic behavior toward our religion, but having said that our players should perform their duties in a more subtle way, they should realize that we live in a post 911 world and them as sportsmen are ambassadors of our nation, so they should keep in mind the political sensibilities involved. Nobody can stop them from practicing their faith. They should keep it subtle and not in the face.

    Last but not the least, Some people say that Inzimam kept the team united by promoting religion in the team, while others say that he made a religious cult within the team, these are two extremely different views but the most important ones. It’s true that Inzimam held the team together we never saw any internal bickering and revolt during his tenure, he was also very well respected by the players. Now was it religion or the diplomacy of Inzimam that kept the team together, I think mostly it was due to the big man himself as after Inzimam’s retirement the religious element is still their but the team seems to be falling apart.

    Now coming to the religious cult allegation, a lot of people believe that after the Qayyum report the cricketers were exposed and their reputation was tarnished bcz of the match fixing scandal, so they gradually put on this religious mask in an attempt to look pious and full of integrity, it was started by Saeed Anwar and is still continuing, I think we will never know the answer to this question unless somebody gets exposed or somebody comes forward and exposes the rest. Also by now the players must have realized that if they are wearing religion as a mask it will not prevent the media or the Public from pointing fingers at them.So if it is hypocrisy it should stop.

  • Adnan on April 13, 2007, 7:34 GMT

    I just saw a detailed two hour special on islam in our national mens cricket team on Aaj TV in which the various guests were Imran Khan, a senator member of sports committee and an MMA MNA. Both Inzamam and PJ Mir (who played for Pakistan in the 1975 Cricket World Cup alongwith Javed Miandad) were gave 20 minute video interviews in that program and were open to questions from the three participants.

    I must say I was impressed by PJ Mir's explanations of his actions which have been roundly condemned throughout our enlightened country. He said that it appeared that the Pakistan team were more interested in giving visual displays of their religiousity and it was made compulsory the team management for all muslim players (apart from Kaneria) regardless of circumstances to pray in Jamat at the requisite times and azaan was given in the galley of the arplane by Mushtaq and players prayed together in the plane in the galley as well as the grounds.

    On top of all that he ststed that it appeared that certain cricketers had been give quotas with regard to converting the local West Indian people to Islam who were impressed by the Pakistan Crocket team and that they made use of their position in the pakistan cricket team to try to convert as many people to Islam as possible both in the West Indies as well as in South Africa (he gave examples of players inviting total strangers to go with them to mosque and pray with them and giving dars in the mosques as well as in their hotel till late at night).

    Furthermore apart from Kaneria (a hindu) no other player was even slightly interested in talking to the other non muslims cricketers or otherwise not susceptible to conversion.This he said was totally unlike the Pakistan team he was part of in 1975 which used to discuss cricket with all of the great cricketers in that cup (Viv Richards, Rod Marsh, Clive Loyd,etc.)

    First of all I would like to ask how would we feel if other teams (India, Sri Lanka, Australia,etc) cricketers behave like this in Pakistan.Moreover, if the cricketers are going to West Indies and South Africa with the intent of converting the local population to Islam (i.e as missionaries), then why are they accepting their cricket pay and endorsements they should say that they are doing this for Allah and ask the cricket board to distribute their cricket fee and pay to the poor and sick of Pakistan(of which there is no shortage) as these players are being paid well by the Saudis, why do they want two salaries?

  • Abid Qureshi on April 13, 2007, 7:19 GMT

    i think pakistani captan shoib malik and voice captain is yonus khan and cocah is wasim akram

  • ASIF , usa on April 13, 2007, 5:24 GMT

    Assalamaliakum, I think Afridi should get the captaincy atleast for the one day series against Sri Lanka & the 20/20 WC. We need a dynamic,agressive & a fighter like Afridi who can instil fear in the opposition. Forget about the inconcistencies of Afridi which has a lot to do with the shabby treatment of the team management. Also younus failed in india miserably. All the Pak players get enough chances except Afridi. I can bet if afridi is treated properly he can do much better. Even if he fails to bat he can bowl & field brilliantly & can motivate the team. People just look at when he fails to score & forgets about his overall ability. The best way to get the best of Afridi is to make him the captain so that he can use his talent to the utmost.The whole world knows that Afridi is the most dangerous player & can bulldoze the opponents in no time. It is time now to take the right decision as the best batsmen Inzy & Younus failed.Also younus should noy play in the 20/20 WC as his style does not suit that type of cricket. Therefore I request Pak board not to appoint captain for the test team now. Atleast try afridi for now & after watching the results can go for a permanent captain. Pakistan is not going to lose anything.The worst is already over. Just be bold enough & inshallah the most agressive player in the world Afridi may turn out to be the best captain.

  • eddy on April 12, 2007, 22:06 GMT

    I agree with you 100% on your bullet 3 in regards to religion. On matter of captaincy, actually there is no good candidate for captiancy in the current Pakistan side. However, if we have to select for the existing bunch then in my opinion Yonus Khan should be given a chance for captaincy. Shahid Afridi and Shoaib Malik are too hot tempered and may not be able to handle internal team conflicts well, at least thats what I hear, plus along with Razzak they are absolute must in pakistan one day side and pakistan needs them to perform and not have added preassure of captaincy. I hope PCB doesn't make mohd yousuf the captain, he doesn't have the ability to lead

  • Ashfaq Ahmad on April 12, 2007, 20:38 GMT

    Mr. Abbasi were not you the person who posted that Pakistan team has only Australia to block their way. Now the team has exited the world cup and all of a sudden the religious activities are to blame for. It is insane to say that cricketers are paid to play cricket and not to practice religions. Later is your obligation regardless of anything and if you do not agree then you should consider being and aethiest. What do you think is the cause of India exit, you can blame religious practices there too. You guys just brag about your team and when it loses a match or 2 you think they should die or stop praying. absurd isnt it. Examine yourself and your statements before speaking. Cricket is only a game after all not a matter of heaven or hell.

  • khansahab on April 12, 2007, 20:01 GMT

    In response to EAMIRAN’s comments regarding the criticism of Punjabis, which he has described as “stupidity,” this is not about bashing Punjabis for the sake of it. If you read my comments on this thread and the one previous to this, you will notice that I am defending my stance with sound reason; read my response to Wasim Saqib. I do not want to get hostile or acrimonious; this issue, like all other issues, must be debated with calmness and peace and one must not resort to aggression. I have only used strong and condescending words when the comments from my Punjabi critics have been harsh or belligerent. I welcome the point Eamiran makes about Punjabis being bigger and carrying more stamina which assists in fast bowling. I accept that fact that everything else being equal, we should see more Punjabi fast bowlers in the team than non-Punjabis. Nowhere have I asserted that the number of non-Punjabis must exceed that of Punjabis. However, my point of contention is about when players from Karachi or NWFP perform consistently and are not picked. Imagine if Fawad Alam was from Punjab. He would have definitely been a permanent member of the team. Players should be picked and played when they are high in confidence. Not being in the squad for the WC must have diminished Fawad’s confidence to some degree or the other. The Punjabis on this blog who are calling themselves broad minded and unbiased accept that Asim Kamal and Fawad Alam should be in the team, but they are not willing to accept why those two players have been sidelined. It’s about the number of chances that are given to players. We have seen copious Punjabi players being given chances when they have deserved those chances, but hardly any Karachi players who have been accorded with an opportunity when they deserve it. Faisal Iqbal and Mohammad Sami have been given chances but sadly that is owing to nepotism or favouritism, not merit.

    In response to Mohammad Munir, sir, I am all for a quota system where a minimum of four players must be from outside Punjab in any given match. If the team’s performance is negatively affected because of this system, it must be abolished. However there is no harm in experimenting with this system. The only people who will object are the Punjabis and I am certain that it is owing to Punjabi resistance that this sort of a system has not been implemented yet. I have no problem calling myself of Pakistani origin but Punjabis need to realise that Pakistani does not only mean “Punjabi”.

    Mr Javed A Khan of Montreal, Canada, sir you have again hit the nail on the head as regards your opinion of religion being between a personal matter between the Creator and his creation. Take that former pop star as an example. He himself professed having committed most “forbidden acts” prior to his radicalisation (and I don’t mean “radicalisation” in the way the Western media uses the term). Now he has set about on a “converting spree.” I don’t understand the way religion works with most Pakistanis. There is no moderation. They commit all forbidden deeds and find it impossible to control themselves and then their conscience takes over and they become radicalised. This is the core description for Pakistani people who “find faith” when they do not belong to a particularly religious family. Sahibzada Karachi Wala Pathan is an example of these types of individuals.

    I have stated this before but whenever I have seen Inzamam being interviewed on a Pakistani channel he often does not even say “Walekumsalam” to his interviewer, let alone Bismillah etc. But when he is outside of Pakistan he wants to make his trip a conversion mission. I doubt non Muslims will be impressed by someone who picks his nose or scratches his beard whenever the camera is on him, who says “Thanks to Allah” in the post match ceremony even AFTER defeats, who handled the ball, was given out, but protested uncompromisingly to both umpires and afterwards stated that he does not “understand the rules” despite being captain, who refused to play after being censured by an umpire, and who has a history of plenteous reprimands by the match referee for dissent against umpires or not playing in the spirit of the game.

    Let us not discuss about the match fixing allegations on Inzamam and his attitude before he became a “devoted” Muslim. I am obviously referring to that brutal, disproportionate assault on the guy who was calling him “Aloo.”

    I do not know which province or city Mr Abbasi hails from. I do have some indication of his personal Islamic beliefs however. I do hope he writes an article on the The Great Cricket Divide between Punjab and Rest of Punjab. I also hope he writes one on Tableeghism in cricket.

  • Omer Admani on April 12, 2007, 18:36 GMT

    I agree with EAMIRAN. Also, Asim Kamal deserves his place in the team and could give another 4,5 years.

  • Omer Admani on April 12, 2007, 18:32 GMT

    You say that choose a captain with ideas, some understanding of the game. You also say that select people at the top with integrity (that should include the captain). And, then, your recommendation is to make Afridi the captain? Think about it. There will be more fighting in the dressing room than outside. We need someone with reasonable sense who can keep his cool. And yet be inspirational. Our players-- none of them-- seem tactful, but the one-eyed man is no other than Younis Khan. The world will be laughing at us if we made Afridi the captain after what he did to the pitch and threatened the spectator. And, common, we know Afridi; he is neither mentally cool nor tactful. We will be committing the same mistake again by "hoping" something will come out of Afridi as we did with Inzamam. We should be analyzing the candidates in the concrete, looking for the qualities and requirements we seek versus what each individual can give. If it is still a huge problem, then select a player outside the team who has very good captaincy skills, even if he might average 30 with the bat or thereabouts. Good to see that we are finally looking forward though.

  • JAVED A. KHAN, MONTREAL, CANADA on April 12, 2007, 18:14 GMT

    My Dear khansahab and others, we have been talking about keeping religion away from cricket and now you guys are talking about divisions, fractions and regionalism?

    How many more fractions and divisions do you wanna make? Within Karachi, between Laloo Khet and Defence and from Nazimabad to Landhi? Come on please stop this. Just talk about Pakistan. Show some unity as a country.

    And khansahab to say: "He (Shoaib Malik) has an Indian Muslim wife (although it is rumoured they have separated now) which demonstrates his broad minded disposition." is a very personal thing which has nothing to do with cricket.

    Yes, she was in Dubai and originally from Hyderabad, India and from a VERY RICH family. And yes the marriage is over and there are many more things but, why do we need to discuss it here? Does it add to his qualifications? His marrying an Indian Muslim lady does not make him a broad minded cricket player.

    He has demonstrated his narrow mindedness as a captain by not only throwing away a match for his ego, pride and vanity but, later on he showed his remorse and vengeance in a very cold blooded way. That went on to prove that it was not just a spur of the moment reaction but, much more than that. That is why he is not considered by the selectors for the post of a captain, not at least in the near future.

    And Mohammad Yousuf (Ashaq its not Yousaf) is no doubt a senior player and he will still command respect from everyone not just because of his seniority but, because of his contribution and he will in any case contribute and share his experience even if he is not made the vice captain. So, why bother him with this token responsibility? Groom a vice captain, whoever he may be.

  • Ashaq on April 12, 2007, 18:05 GMT

    I would like to go back to the issue of sport and religion. Does religion enhance the performance of an athlete or does it inhibit it.

    In my view it can do both. If an athlete finds solace in religion, to help him gain mental focus,self discipline, and deal with the pressures of life. Naturally it will help enhance his performance.

    However if an athlete is forced to act pious, and has religion imposed upon him. The offcourse he is going to find such an environment restrictive,it will effect him emotionally. Therefore his performance will be be affected negatively.

    Although I have been admonished by Javed.A.Khan for citing comparisons from other sports. I do however find the ritualistic,and often superstitious behaviour off athletes from different sports quite fascinating.

    To give some comparisons Joe Louis legendary heavyweight boxing champion. Had an unorthodox method of getting ready for a fight. Rather than warming up in the dressing room by shadow boxing as is the norm. Joe Would go to sleep his handlers would wake him up just before it was his turn to enter the ring.

    Similarly Sir Vivian Richards whilst playing in the English counties. Would go to sleep in the dressing room. His team mates would wake him up when his turn came to bat. He would assess the match situation on his way out to the crease.By looking at the scoreboard. Two legendary sportsmen from different sports and eras yet they had a similar unorthodox ritual.

    Another example Michael Atherton whilst playing for Lancashire scored a century.He continued to wear the same pair of socks allegedly for the entire season they where his lucky socks. Similarly I read of a soccer player unfortunately I forget his name. Who scored a goal in the first match of the season. So he continued to wear the same underwear for the entire season. The undearwear for him brought luck. Marvin Johnson a lightheavyweight champion had a tendency to wear the same unwashed T'shirt and Jogging pants for the entire duration of a 12 week training camp.

    Whilst in the Corporate or business world. Going to sleep before a business meeting may be considered unprofessionsl and inappropiate.Also wearing the same smelly clothes. But in the world of sport no sensible coach would dissuade his athlete from such behaviour. As long as the athlete believes its helping him then it is encouraged rather than ridiculed. The main aspect of sport is Mental preparation.

    Going back to the religious issue If a player believes that wearing his religion as a badge off honour. Is helping him perform better. Then rather then inhibit this a topclass coach will encourage it. Cuz by inhibiting or ridiculing that particular athlete you take away one of his mental tools, religion and other rituals can be like a comfort blanket for that athlete. So if a cricket player believes that by reciting Azaan in public or offering prayers outside Buckingham palace.Is helping him then I dont see that as a problem. Rather it should be encouraged.

    To cite another example about religion and sport Doctor Norman Vincent Peale in his book 'The Power of Positive Thinking'.Tells the story of The San Antonio baseball team from the 1920s. The team had some great players and was expected to win the Texas leauge that particular year.The players fell out of form they lost seventeen of their first twenty games.

    Naturally with every defeat the confidence of the team was sapped.The teams coach knew that he had a large number of stars in his team. The problem in the team was not lack of talent. Rather it was psychological.They were believing they were failures.They were thinking of defeat rather then victory.

    It so happened that there was a popular Preacher called Schlatter in town.Who claimed he was a Faith Healer.So the coach Josh OReilly asked all of his players to lend him 2 bats each. He returned after an hour to tell the players that the bats had been blessed by Schlatter,and that these bats now contained a power that could not be overcome.

    The next day the players believing in the power of the bats. Played a match against Dallas. They simply overwhelmed the opposition.Rather then thinking of losing they came to the ground with a new found energy. They were simply electrifying. That victory gave them a renewed impetus which led all the way to the championship. Obviously there was no mystical power in those bats. But everytime the players played a match they believed they were getting mystical help. Therefore they played with extreme confidence.Faith can indeed move mountains.

    So in my opinon the real issue is whether religion is being imposed on players.P.C.B. should ensure that is not the case. As for those who willing participate in religious activity they should not be discouraged.

    In other sports such as baseball, basketball, Players hold prayer meetings attend bible classes.The coaches and management of these clubs do not see it as a problem.If the Player praises his lord and saviour Jesus Christ at a press conference he is not condemned for it.

    I dont think we as muslims should feel embarassment, or some inferiority complex about this. Let the Player do the Sajda after every century, Praise ALLah whether in victory or defeat.If this displeases the likes of Musharraf,Bush and Blair so be it.

  • Tahir Ahmad, Oakville, Canada on April 12, 2007, 17:44 GMT

    I can't believe why we talk punjabi, karachi, nwfp etc etc, I want the BEST of pakistan, don't care if he is form what part of Pakistan, what religion, just cricket. So please stop dividing.

  • Rauf on April 12, 2007, 16:03 GMT

    To Mohammed Munir - Sharjah, UAE.

    I agree with your Valid points about being Pakistani and patriotism.

    I disgaree with your logic about quota system for our national team. The moment you bring quota into the picture, we will have someone selected in the team purely on the basis of one's domicile. Wrong idea... although our current selection process is dubious at best.

    Quota system can be implemented at the grass roots level where children can be given an opportunity to learn and play cricket no matter what the ethnic, religious or financial background. Once everyone is given the opportunity to prove themselves thru the school/college/academy and FC levels, then select the best players in the national team.

  • Ashaq on April 12, 2007, 16:01 GMT

    Javed.A.Khan. For once I have to say I understand your point of view. I my self have encountered the sort off individuals you speak of. Brothers who Where selling crack and smack on the street. Suddenly they discover religion. Were as before they were using their thuggish behaviour on the street. Now they bring it into the mosque.Forgetting how misguided they were previously.They become extremely judgemental, condemning any one who dont agree with them as Kaffir.They seem to forget that religion is not just about outward appearance but it is primarily about striving to perfect your inner character.

    Unfortunately the brothers may have left the streets behind but the streets havent left them.

    However I have also encountered religious brothers who are extremely humble in character, tolerant and non-judgemental of others.

    So does that mean we should tar everybody who has a beard with the same brush. Label any one who chooses to wear a topi, turban, and have a beard. As being Taliban,Al qaida, extremists terrorists.

    I think that is quite unfair.Who are we to Judge the sincerity of others in their religious convictions.It is only Allah that knows whats in the heart of an individual.That also goes to the brothers who go around labelleng everyone and anyone as Kafirs.They need to realise that they dont have a monopoly on Virtuosness. Indeed I think It was A Sheikh from Egypt,who came to England in the earlier part of the last century. Upon his return he said "In England I saw Islam and no muslims.Whilst in Egypt I see Muslims but no Islam". Meaning that the virtues,of Human decency, Compassion, and Generosity e.t.c. were abundant among the non-muslims off England whilst missing among the muslims of Egypt.

    However I also think that it is perhaps human nature. That If we have a bad experience from some one belonging to a particular ethnic group. Then we condemn every one belonging to that particular ethnic group. Or if its somebody from a certain religious persuasion then we condemn everyone from that religious persuasion e.t.c. If we hear any allegation or rumour against them we readily accept it.

    We seem to have tendency to quickly condemn others on purely superficial reasons. Despite not Knowing any thing about them individually. I am perhaps just as guilty of that as others.

    I remember reading an interesting story about this issue by a British Officer during the Raaj.Unfortunately I cant remember the name of the article or author.

    The English officer was travelling across India. During his journey he stopped by a muslim town Being Jumuah he saw the muslims heading towards the mosque.So he decided to follow them and also have a look inside the mosque.

    Whilst he was leaving the mosque his wallet fell out. As he was about to leave the Town A young boy came running up,And returned his Wallet. He said thank you to the boy and said you are very honest.

    He offered the boy a reward to which he refused. So the officer asked him what his name was. The boy responded that he was Known as 'Chor' (Thief).The officer confused said why do they call you a thief, whilst you are very honest.

    The boy responded that "I am a pickpocket I was waiting outside the mosque today to lift someones pocket. At the same time I saw you come out of the mosque whilst you were putting on your shoes your wallet fell out. I picked up your wallet with the intention of keeping it. A thought pricked my conscience. If I steal from a Muslim then I am rightly labelled a thief. However it occured to me that if I steal your wallet. You will leave here feeling bitter. And that you would upon losing your wallet in a muslim town. Label all the followers of the prohet muhammad(peace be upon him) as thieves." I would ask brothers who are of a religious persuasion to reflect on this. If you behave in a boorish, obnoxious, and fire and brimstone manner you not only give yourselves a bad image.

    Your perspective on beards Javed Bhai is quite unique. How ever I dont think I am the best person to answer your question. I myself wear jeans and have no Beard .So naturally I dont see anything wrong with that. How ever If somebody wishes to adopt the traditional Islamic attire, and beard as a show of piety and humility. I dont see that as a problem either.

    Incidentally Javed bhai you referred to your views on Islam, segregation, integration,e.t.c. I would be grateful if you could post a link to the piece you did on that. I have forgotten which thread it was on. I think other readers will find it quite beneficial.

  • Awas on April 12, 2007, 14:00 GMT

    First of all a question for Kamran Abbasi. Can these posting be numbered for easy reference?

    Excellent last posting by Javed A Khan of Montreal (12 Apr 4:53am). Similar to what I said earlier (10 Apr 10:57pm). Can I just add the posters who earlier got upset by similar comments and made extremist remarks are just ignorant? And who gives them the right to say that so and so is a good Muslim or not? It is simply appalling and ignorance. No one can judge a person like this but God.

    Talking about beard being Sunnah. Perhaps it is, but definitely it was convenience of the time in those days. But why make it just a big religious necessity as the likes of Taliban have made it into. What about following other Sunnahs. For a start our prophet definitely didn’t wear shalwar kamiz? So nothing wrong in whatever dress you wear, it’s your choice. Such people pick and choose any Sunnah they like for their convenience and show. What hypocrisy!

    I totally agree with Javed that for a two minute conversation at the end of a match to pronounce that you are a good Muslim by saying “Bismillah……first of all thanks to Allah” is totally unnecessary and out of place. Imagine Rahul Dravid saying “Ram Ram….first of all thanks to all our gods” or Ponting saying “Hallelujah….first of all thanks to Jesus our saviour” I definitely don’t see even our mullahs, when they appear on TV “Bismillah…..first of all thanks to Allah for an appearance on TV” before answering a question. So something has definitely overcome our team which is not cricket….please country just wants you to play cricket and let’s not make our religion a Tamasha. It is perhaps that our cricketers are uneducated or ignorant or both. So, it’s the Boards responsibility to bring in some cricket ethics. After all they did decree that all interviews by the players should be in Urdu.

    As Javed rightly says about Farz which are must before we start worrying about other things. Can I add another point on this? Haqooq Illibbad are first and foremost before Haqooq Ullah. To clarify this point imagine for a moment God makes you a judge to choose who will go to heaven first between these two people (a) an ex-cricketer who loved and cared his mother so much that he made a cancer hospital in her memory and made treatment free for the poor even though that man was a womaniser (and remember there is heaven under the feat of your mother) and (b) a cricketer who leads a Jamaat for the prayers at the ground after a match and prays Tahajad every day. Well any answers? It may be difficult for some but not for God. So please let the God be the judge and not for us mortals to say that so and so is a better Muslim than the other.

  • Muhammad Asif on April 12, 2007, 13:51 GMT

    On one side we are playing with the nerves of the people & on the other side we are portraying ourslves as liberals. These are two contardictory things. And liberalism is all about repect. Instead of playing the blame game, focus yourself on fixing the problem. The time we are wasting in playing blame game can be well utilized to fix the problem. Last, but not least we are here to talk about cricket that how we can watch good cricket like 80's & 90's. Cricket would be incomplete without spectators. So how we can bring the spectators in ground is the alarming thing too. In my mind let the sponsors do this job.

  • Gul Khan on April 12, 2007, 9:44 GMT


    Nice and cute observations there. For a moment you almost sound like George Bush (with us or against us).

    Why cant the punjabis take any criticism. They are responsible for the cricket debacle. Now dont tell me you are the sensitive type.

    It seems to me that punjabis are the one with some kind of inferiority complex and that's why they have to keep resorting to their mediocre talent to justify there selection in the team.

    And please dont defend RANA, its a well documented fact that he also made it to the Pakistan Hockey team and then decide to switch to cricket. Now dont tell me that was talent too. The only reason he was in the team was because of his domicile and friendship to INZI BHAI.

    As for your stats regarding punjab holding 60% population, then it seems to me that the cricket team is most of the time made up of 90-100% punjabis.

    We all know what will happen next in Pakistan cricket. The punjabi players will sabotage Younis Khan's captaincy like in the past. And we will get the same old recycled mediocre club cricketers from punjab dominate the team.

    I agree with Munir perhaps a QUOTA system may be the only way to represent other provinces. And as for the cricket prowess of punjab the question is:

    HOW MUCH MONEY PCB HAS ACTUALLY INVESTED in the infrastructure, cricket grounds and cricket academies OUTSIDE punjab ...

    Lets get some stats on that one too!!!

  • Khizar Hayat on April 12, 2007, 7:19 GMT

    khansahb I agree with u in principal over captaincy and vice captaincy.

  • Mohammed Munir - Sharjah, UAE. on April 12, 2007, 6:36 GMT

    I am NOT writing this to hurt or target anyone in particular, so please do not get offended by this.

    Its really painful and distressing to read so many aforementioned comments about these issues of Punjabis, Pathans, Urdu Speakers, Karachi-walas, Lahore-walas, Peshawer-walas, etc. Seeing this blog, can we blame our politicians ?

    I consider myself ONLY PAKISTANI and that’s why I even do not ‘portray’ my family name to avoid any comments being taken in that sense, but on the other hand this blog is getting really acrimonious.

    I may sound a bit over-patriotic and ultra-nationalist, but it does not help much by advertising and wearing a t-shirt with the “Pakistan First” logo, until we live by it.

    While coming back to the ‘selection’ of our Cricket Team:


    I know such a system works in India, where there are many more centers, provinces, and much larger population.

  • JAVED A. KHAN, MONTREAL, CANADA on April 12, 2007, 4:53 GMT

    Ashaq (bhai) I would like to keep the focus of this blog only on cricket but, rightly or wrongly Pakistan's cricket has been associated with religion. Therefore, I would like to divert my views from cricket to religion only for the purposes of clearing the doubts of a few.

    First of all may be you have a goaty and you take my comments on a personal level, I am sorry if that is the case. I may have made a light hearted comment on Inzi scratching his beard but, I never said that one shouldn't have to grow a beard, imo its a matter of personal choice, and there is no compulsion in religion, so there is no compulsion in keeping a beard or shaving it off.

    As regards keeping a beard only on the pretext of Sunnah, I would like to quote someone's remark on this subject: "people in those days did not have Gillette laser blades, shaving foams and gels etc., and to shave off their beards they had to use swords or knives and it was hell of a job to shave daily and thats why they had beards." And not only the Prophets or just Muslims but everyone used to have a beard in those days, even in the days of William Gilbert whom you have quoted so gracefully. You get my drift? :-)

    What I wrote in the above paragraph may appear to be on the lighter side of the subject. But on a more serious note there are so many things which we call "Farz" and people have this tendency to ignore Farz and talk only about Sunnah and that too whatever suits them, they use it under the cover of an umbrella called "Sunnah." These same people ignore the basic ethics and morals in the daily life and indulge in sins like; lies, deceit, fraud, gossip, revenge etc., which is forbidden in Islam, they not only ignore it but, practice it without realizing that it is a sin or forbidden in Islam.

    I have seen this tendency among people who are self-proclaimed 'religious policemen' and are so often dressed in this 'show-off' outfits, emulating like Junior Osama Bin Ladin with their bushy beards and wear dish-dasha or a kantura which is nothing but an outwardly appearance which they refer it as Sunnah. And when they meet someone who is clean shaved or wearing a jeans or trousers, they not only call their dress as un-islamic but, they admonish them and even call them "kafirs" (you have sugar coated those words by calling "pop-stars and actors'). After hearing me talking at a gathering, a 17 year old Jr. OBL came to me and said, 'its a shame that despite having so much knowledge on Islam, you are wearing this 'kuffars' dress and no beard?" Poor kid was brain washed. You asked me about the authenticity of Mushy's comment on call for prayers and game to be stopped? First tell me where is it written that a Muslim cannot wear a Jeans or a pair of trousers? And must have a Mushy beard?

    Oh, btw the biggest fraud is the Pakistani Pop Star "J." or J-dot. And Inzi is a great fan of J. And J. is as confused as any Jehovah's Witness, he doesn't know who he is and what he is? He doesn't want to give up his pop culture and his singing (with music of course) only to make more money and at the same time he is a 'Tableeghi Ambassador." What do you call it, hypocrisy or do you have a sugar coated name for this?

    You may not agree with me but, the fact is these people are nothing but, religious "Show offs" and they do this show off thingi more often in large public gatherings or when appearing on TV etc. Do you think in their daily life when they have to communicate with people, do they "always" start their conversation or discourse with "Bismillah ....... First of all thanks to Allah ........ AsSalaamAlaikum?" If they do this, life would be extremely difficult for them.

    One of the TV commentators said, this cricket players "Huddle" is only a show off thing. They know they are being seen on the TV so they do this huddle, otherwise how many times do you see them in a huddle in the dressing room or else where?

    This is a show-off attitude and Ashaq (bhai) since you are calling it a Sunnah, lemme quote you a few of the Al-hadith for you.

    This one is by Hz. Abu Huraira from Sahih Bukhari.

    Al Hadith # 1617:

    1. Almighty Allah will first of all bring the show-offs to account for their pretentiousness.

    2. No virtue will be accepted without Ikhlas (sincerity), no matter how great it may be.

    3. A pretender who does good deeds for mere show will be consigned to Hell rather than being rewarded with Jannah.

    Al Hadith # 1619: (The Al hadith is too long to quote here and you can read it, but here is the commentary of it) This Hadith shows the consequences of different acts of show-off and informs us that such acts will be a cause of humiliation and disgrace on the Day of Judgment.

    Islam is very positive and very flexible, Islam is not Arab. Its not just a religion. It is not a culture. Its not mosques or minarets or buildings. It is not the glorious of our past. You might call it the science of being human. It is based on two things: Worship of Allah and generosity towards your fellow men. It is "A way of Life." Its the narrow minded and illiterate people who makes wrong interpretations and derives a meaning or restricts a meaning that suits them or their needs and use it to their benefit. They do not let their mind do any thinking and they have this "lakir ka fakir" mentality and they love to criticize those who are not like them or who do not follow their pattern of thinking. And some of them have brought religion in to cricket only to show-off and are ruining this sport.

    They can pray in any corner of the dressing room because, I believe a prayer is between an individual and his Allah and not to show off to others that you are so pious and so religious. On the Day of Judgment the accountability in front of Allah will be based on our sincerity and not hypocrisy and show-off-ism. Nor people who have witnessed them praying will be called by Allah to verify that they have prayed in true spirit to relate themselves with Allah to thank Him or just to show off to the people!

  • EAMIRAN on April 12, 2007, 2:54 GMT

    My comments to the "Coach and Captain: ten matters of choice" are as follows:

    1. Agree. In terms of merit alone, Pakistan's most consistent run scorer, Yousuf should be captain; however he has the personality of a wet rag and by all accounts appears extremely defensive. Not the brightest bulb in the team either. That said - who is? Poor captaincy/leadership material. 2.Agree; however laziness and "cerebral vacancy" has been ingrained in our cricket culture for years. There have only been a few exceptions here and there. Don't expect much on that score. 3.Agree. 4.Agree. "Direct Advice?" - More like a "Dunda". 5.Agree. 6.Agree. 7.Again with the World Cup. While I agree long term planning is imperative for the health of Pakistan cricket, this ovewhelming obsession with the next World Cup as a reference point is obtuse thinking at best. The PCB must concentrate on the here and now, and more so on our test cricket. That is the only way Pakistan can threaten to become world champions. 8. Agree with the slogan - disagree with the content. I have exhausted all the vocabulary in the English language when describing Shahid Afridi imbecility. As Captain? Contradicts points 1 (what merits does he possess? Oh yeah - Hits a six every fourth ball; however gets out on the third) and 2 (I don't think he has a single thought, let alone an "idea", in that caveman brain of his). It's either Younis - allright this guy is not Einstein; however he seems energetic, positive, confident and has some runs (in test cricket) and experience behind him, or someone new i.e; nobody within the existing team. The latter does seem tempting. 9.Agree. Aaquib may be a good choice; however a myriad of specialist coaches, as advocated by some readers/writers has the potential for disaster. As an example imagine Aaquib, Wasim, Waqar, or Latif as coaches. They could hardly tolerate each other while playing - imagine the fractured groups created by their conbined presence. 1 coach and a powerful and intelligent captain is what is required. 10. Agree.

    I would drop the entire team with the exception of Younis, Yousuf, Shoaib, Asif, Gul and Kaneria. We need to try new openers, though I can honestly say that I don't know who they might be. New middle order - Fawad Alam? New keeper (anyone), and some new quickies - Anwer Ali and Mohammed Irshad?

    Finally, is it just my perception, or is the ethnic bashing so proudly and dare I say stupidly displayed by some on this thread, restricted only to "Punjabi bashing"? It is true that all the openers tried so far, with the exception of Yasser Hameed, are from the Punjab and all have failed miserably. However, it seems that in domestic cricket the same openers are scoring prolifically. Infact more so than most other openers (someone please check the facts). The others who are scoring heavily are older test discards. Do we select them? What does it say about our domestic cricket? The only other young opener that I have heard of (do not recall his name), and one who seems to be scoring heavily is playing for KRL. He is also from the Punjab!

    As for Punjabi bowlers. We all agree Rana at best sucked.However to say that he was in the team because he was from the Punjab is ludicrous. I will agree if someone says his presence in the team was because he was so-and-so's bum buddy. As I've said many times before, the 2 best bowlers Pakistan possesses at this time are from the Punjab (Asif and Shoaib). Gul is a distant third, while Kaneria,after all this time, still remains a "potential". Without prejudice Pakistan's fast bowling stocks generally lie in the Punjab and the Frontier. The population is genetically bigger, taller, stronger,and with an abundance of muscular "fast twitch fibers", an absolute essential for fast bowling. This should come as no suprise as it has been mentioned by many professionals in the past. Ofcourse the above mentioned qualities may in fewer cases be exhibted in non Punjabi and Frontier populations - Sami being a classic example. Karachi's Anwer Ali, although not express, also appears to be an exciting prospect. The bottom line is that it would only be logical that a lot of the players are from the Punjab - demographically it holds 60% of Pakistans population. Now if the bashing still continues I would only guess that it comes from a deep seated inferiority complex.

  • Ayaz on April 12, 2007, 2:10 GMT

    OK, lets all calm down and sit together and smoke a peace pipe or something (if it's still legal) ha.

    Just like all the other die-hard and loving fans on this blog. I am just angry with the Pakistan team with the way they have played and gone downhill.

    I dont care if we have 11 players from punjab and I have nothing against them as long as they excel and make Pakistan proud; heck I say kick out anyone no matter their origin if they don't perform.

    Punjab has produced Yousuf, and the fast bowling greats of Pakistan as well as the current sensation M. Asif (we will even ignore his Bill Clintonesque faux pau - smoke but didnt inhale :)

    Anyway, the point being can we debate this issue openly. The issue of favoritism and bias towards one city or province. Perhaps our grass root debates (regardless of the yelling, ha) can reach our dumb ass cricket think tanks.

    The problem is if we never give any chances to all the wasted talent outside Punjab, then we will never know what "might have been" ... now don't anybody tell me that Karachi with its 12-14 million population cannot produce more than 1 good cricketer. Or how about a fast bowling gem from NWFP, heyy you need that fire in fast bowling (no pun intended, smile)

  • Khurram on April 12, 2007, 1:40 GMT

    i have a question for you Kamran.You mentioned long term planning when choosing a captain and a coach...did you mean a 20 or a 10 year plan ?Did u say NO ?OK then, I don't see MOYO getting too old to play in 4 years time..do you ? Why not make him the captain (not cuz he has the longest beared)because he is the most deserving candidate on the basis of his performance and class and pick the most talented and capable under 19 or under 21 and make him his vicecaptain and groom him around the most succesful captains?Don't think Imran would have a problem preaching cricketing and captaining lessons once in a blue moon.Matter of fact if i was PCB, i would ask Imran Khan to please dig back into his hunting stride for one last time and fetch someone like himself or Wasim or waqar. I don't buy Younus Khan's spongy attitude and overly intriguing smile as qulaification enough to captain more talnted lads.As for Rashid Latif ...thats one hellova mouth ..controversies are already too many.A team needs a calm and collective coach ( which Rashid is not).Also when we can have a coach and an academy for literally everything ..why not a captain's academy too?or more so a School for captains.Education can only help .Candidates from under14,under16,under19,under21,pakistanA and the national team,have 'em or make 'em attened ...umm maybe a weekly session? thanks for reading.

  • zeeshan on April 12, 2007, 0:45 GMT

    I think we all should give cricket a break please! Our cricket is just a minor image of our society as a whole. We are a disintegrating nation in every aspect of life and in all sorts of sports.Our record over the past 15 years specially is the prime example of this. We ought to concentrate on changing our lives and the society as a whole and then think about smaller issues like cricket.We are bound to keep on loosing like this unless we change our system and basic structure of cricket.I don't give so much value to the one-off win in the world cup.To prove that we are true champions we would need to display the authority all over the globe over a consistent and long period.Examples are west indies and australia and for that we need to go to the grass root level.changing one captain and coach with another wont do miracles and we'll be moaning once again after 4 years. One more thing i want to stress upon, Islam doesn't really ask people to play cricket and that too for a living.But if we do have to take it as a profession then we should try to ear a HALAL living by being more professional and competent.Tablighi HALQAs shouldnt be more important then the effot and practice which is needed to achieve success on the field. well if someone does want to follow tabligh as a true muslim then he should rather give up cricket and do 160 million muslims a favour.

  • Big Paki fan from Purdue, US on April 12, 2007, 0:42 GMT

    I think Shoaib Malik would make a great captain. If you see any of his interviews, especially the one hosted by Ramiz Raja 'Road to Worlcup' gives great insight to his dedication and commitment.

    And those of you who are talking about him throwing a match, that was a brave decision on his part against the continuing nepotism in Pakistan. He lost delibarelty after getting into a winning positon was a strong statement. By doing that he didnt bring the domestic 20/20 game into disrepute because the sponsors of the tournament had already underminded the credibility of the tournament.

    Shoaib Malik would bring a huge turn around in the attitude of our national team players. They are lacking intensity?

  • infobeat@london on April 12, 2007, 0:39 GMT

    Why doesn't anyone consider M Asif for captaincy? Yes he was one of the "drug duo" but then again, as already highlighted by one of the posters above, who's innocent in Pak cricket? Special thanks to Javed A Khan (Montreal), Ashaq and Wasim Saqib for keeping this blog so very interesting (and knowledgeable) to read.

  • Rauf on April 12, 2007, 0:29 GMT

    As I have always said in the past - Pakistan's downfall in cricket has been brought about by none other than Inzy. I still say there arent a whole lot guys who can bat like him but cuptany - not his area. And to be honest I cant think of who can lead the team out of this mess. Did someone say bring back Wasim Akram? Agree but for age. Pakistan has not had one of his calibre other than Imran. Coach ought to be from within Pakistan. Let's consider Javed Miandad! Good luck!

  • Mudassar Rana on April 11, 2007, 23:49 GMT

    sir, i totally disagree with ur statement vis-a-vis religiousity being the cause for failure! Inzi has been a tremendous captain if you look at what he has put up with in the last 6 mths! If that wasnt enough his coach was murdered as well! Hellfire that is a lot to go through. we have secular minded people in control of our affairs who run the team the same way that mushy runs the country! Secular people fail to realise that Allah is all wise and surely he can make laws for outside the mosque!

    As far as captaincy is concerned i would hand it to shahid afridi with yousuf as his vice captain. Afridi is a true fighter and would not give up any cause and would attack the opponents. As far as coach is concerned latif or aquib are both good choices both have clean records and deserve this honour. players like akram need not apply as they are tainted by allegations and do not have the persona of a imran khan or latif to stand up to the likes of england or the aussies.

    I think also waqar younis needs to be brought back as bowling coach because he brought about a great improvement in gul and rana and would do with others.

    we also need wholesale changes in the pcb it should not be used as the presidents toy with whomever licks his ass the best gets the job!(sorry)!


  • Ali on April 11, 2007, 23:26 GMT

    In my point of view, team and board should be given some rest. They should go on vications. Spend sometime with family. Take some fresh air and then come back. There is no need to rush for selecting coach and captain and as the shedule suggest Pakistan has some time before going for next tournament. Besides WC is not over yet. Our team needs some rest,specially, with wht happened at world cup and its after math. What I suggest, we should not come up with names for coaching and captancy but with criteria. We should define criteria for coach and captain and then evalute each member with it. May be we come up with some one who is never thought by any one. Who knows salman butt fullfill the criteria more then younus khan as captain but yonus khan turns out to be more suitable coach then captain.

  • Asad Khan on April 11, 2007, 22:50 GMT

    Add one more thing: Choose a well educated and professional national pitch curator. We need green, hard and bouncy wickets.

  • Usman on April 11, 2007, 22:04 GMT

    I believe that we need a young enthusiastic captain. I would prefer Shahid Afridi or Malik. As for coach I think Rashid Latif should take the job but we most have seperate bowling coachs (maybe Aaqib Javed, batting coach and fielding coach.

  • Salim Sachedina, Toronto, Canada. on April 11, 2007, 21:40 GMT

    At this stage when we are talking about wholesale change at the top of Pakistan cricketing side - the Captain and the Coach - I am old enough to remember, in my opinion, the greatest Pakistani captain - A.H. Kardar. The greatness is not measured by successes at World Cup (Imran Khan) alone. Imran Khan won the Cup with one of most balanced Pakistani side in history. However, Kardar, took a young Pakistani side made of older displaced players (due to the partition) and younger untested players (Hanif and co.)and led them with dignity and stature and no-nonsense attitude. The classic win at the Oval (Fazal Mahmood with 12 wickets in the match)and tying the series with England was a wonderful testament and achievement for the young side. Today, the fact that we are considering people like Afridi to the position of dignity that Kardar once gave to this side is an unfortunate measure of how wrong things have gone in Pakistan cricket. This man (Afridi)is the most unreliable cricketer there ever was. His performance is so inconsistent that his inclusion in the Pakistani side is a big question mark, let alone letting him lead the side.

  • Mansoor on April 11, 2007, 20:39 GMT

    Karman, you've summerized most of the points nicely about what has been said by different people at different times but surely you don't think that Shahid Afridi would be made a captain when he isn't really even in the team (Well he would have played more if Pakistan had progressed but they didn't so...)

    On the matter of Coach. I think that having two or three is just going to confuse the already confused Pakistani team unless they can all work together ... <-- that just makes me laugh

    Aaqib or Rashid are both good although Rashid might the exact opposite of Bob in trying to straighten the players. I think the age of the coach matters. The way our culture is, people generally disregard the coaching/advice of ones younger, dismissing it simply as unthoughtful

  • Showkat Jan on April 11, 2007, 20:26 GMT

    SHAHID AFRIDI as CAPTAIN. Simple as that !!! He will take anybody on. Ask Ricky Ponting and his whole team. WASIM AKRAM as COACH. Absolutely Brilliant choice. IMRAN KHAN as CHAIRMAN. Time to dominate again!!! With these three up front, let us all enjoy the cricket for at least next 4 years. Forget the past, and let us look ahead. There is so much to enjoy in the future from Pakistan Cricket. Inzi, thanks for those exciting match winning innings and nearly 12000 runs in ODIs. Sad Departure, but the whole world will remember you for years and years to come.

  • Pakistan Cricket Lover on April 11, 2007, 18:19 GMT

    Be bold be dynamic and be a risk taker. The team in world cup is that all the talent that the country has to offer. Fire all the players and coaches set an example. Start from the scratch. Get new young players with a winning attitude. You can only win if you have a desire to win and play as a team. Pakistan cricket has been lacking these attributes. Forget the retired players. After retirement what have they done to help. They only know how to criticize but never have they ever given any solid suggestions to fix the problem. These guys only want to be in the media. How to fix the mess. get rid of the mess and start all over again. Fire them all. Also someone needs to investigate the first match of the world cup Pak vs WI. Pakistan threw that match. Who got paid nobody will know. The person who knew ( Bob Woolmer) was murdered. In London the stakes were 1 to 95. People made millions on this.

  • guymed on April 11, 2007, 17:20 GMT

    Agreed Salman Butt for captincy, You Need Brain with talent and youth. Coach I think Javed Miandad with Aaqib Javed are the right choice. But nothing matters really except what MUSH and Nasim want.....Idiots

  • Anand Srinivasan on April 11, 2007, 17:17 GMT

    I am surprised at the comments on regligious practices. So what if the captain starts an interview with "asalam allekum" or uses "Inshaallah"? I have never heard anywhere that religion should not be practised when playing a sport. I think every Pakistani should be proud of the fact that their cricketers are not shy of presenting their faith to the entire world. I would treat this as a great service to Islam and not as something to criticize.

    Stop considering this an English sport where only Engligh rules as a language. Asia is now the dominant force in Cricket. It is not a prerequisite to know the language to play the sport!!!

  • Sawliha on April 11, 2007, 16:31 GMT

    I am all for Malik as a captain. He is the most consistent player, along with Mohd Yousuf and is young and energetic. As someone said, he is a 3-D player. Aaqib Javed should def coach the Paki team. He has proven himself and I am sure under him, our pace attack will resurge. However, I also believe that we should have a fielding coach and a batting coach as well. And Afridi can barely secure a place in the national team, let alone be the captain. But you never know, maybe captaincy will improve his constant inconsistencies!

  • Pak_US on April 11, 2007, 16:15 GMT


    STOP PRAISING AFRIDI! You make no sense!

    We have enough posts here that have explanations - why he is a LOSER - You need to go through that!

    Don’t compare afridi with others. (like someone was saying he is like G. Smith when he was young!)

    I am copying some posts here… go through that!

    Posted by AFRIDI - part II: In the world cups: He played 10-11 innings – highest score is 37; avg is 11; took 4 wickets; econ was 5.34

    * Last time he scored a century was in April, 2005. He played 27-28 matches after that. * Last time he scored 50+ was @ SA 2006 after playing 22-23 matches. * out of his 193 wickets; 121 came against aus, ind, NZ, SA, SL and WI. And his avg against them are aus (33.96), SA(53.22), Ind(56.5), NZ(59.89), SL(42.1) and WI(34).

    Posted by: khansahab at March 26, 2007 6:46 PM

    Afridi is always a gamble. Do not be fooled into making any certain remarks about Afridi. He is never a key player before any given match; if he scores only then he is a “key player.”

    I believe you err in your report on possible captains of the team. Jayawardene and Lara, even Fleming are decent captains but are not overly aggressive or condescending in their personalities or playing style, like Graeme Smith is. Afridi as a captain? Since when did he cement his place in the Test side? You are only recommending Afridi’s potential as a captain because he made 49 in that Twenty20 match against Peshawar. I can only say that Afridi can captain Pakistan in any Twenty20 tournament. That innings of 49 was the only remarkable or outstanding innings he played in that tournament. You can’t base your judgement on one solitary innings. Afridi has to improve his game if he is to be promoted to captain. Yes, owing to the current mayhem and desperation he might be made captain but I would equate that to how Inzi was the natural choice after Anwar, Akram, Latif and Waqar were sacked. Inzi was naturally the most experienced player then, and Afridi is the most experienced player now, so he can only be captain from that perspective. If you ask me Afridi only just makes his place into my preferred ODI side as well, and that also only because over the past two years his bowling has improved. Pakistan has plenty of spinners who can bat such as Hafeez, Malik and Afridi. When you say Afridi is a “good fielder” you probably do not take into account the many catches he drops. His ground fielding is good according to Pakistani standards but he isn’t the safest catcher of the ball so I wouldn’t say his fielding prowess is a factor I would consider if I would want to include him in my team. If Razzaq improves his form I would keep him in my team instead of Afridi if I had a choice, because Pakistan could really do with a good medium pacer who can consistently score 25-30 runs in ODI’s.

  • Raza Zaidi on April 11, 2007, 15:37 GMT

    I agree with most of the stuff you have said...but Afridi as captain???!!!! Come on now!!! He is a hot-headed failure whose place in the side is and should be far from secure. Secondly, his on field conduct has been questionable, to put it mildly, in the recent past. He was caught on camera deliberately destroying the pitch, which is a clear indication of his ill character as a person and as a player. Secondly, he was recently banned for shoving his bat into a spectator, which points to hot-headedness and irresponsibility. I'm appalled that anyone would consider such a person captain material.

  • Hamayoun on April 11, 2007, 15:37 GMT

    I am religious and a cricket nut. I cannot understand why Kamran Abbasi thinks the two cannot go hand in hand: this is not the first time he has mentioned this. In case he did not know, Pakistan was actually created on the basis of a homeland for Muslims.

    Or maybe Kamran wants to go back to 20 odd years, where the players were not know for praying, but were well known for womanizing and drinking. And get a captain who's still into that stuff.

  • Shahid on April 11, 2007, 15:34 GMT

    i have seen quite a number of people suggesting Shoaib Akhtar as a captain and everyone is entitled to their view point but i dont think we need a captain who keeps breaking down mid series/match. I think our ouster from the world cup has a great deal to do with dilemna called "Shoaib". After 99 we have never found him fit and firing for a whole series (except English series in PAK). It is really deplorable how he has played 10 years of cricket and he cant get his priorities straight. We need to find a very balanced captain who is neither tableeghi like inzi, nor charsi like Shoaib. On another note i think we need to move beyond Shoaib.I sincerely hope that Shoaib is not brought back into the team. Discipline is most important and ousting shoaib completely would be the first step.

    Thanks Shahid.

  • Ashaq on April 11, 2007, 15:11 GMT

    Javed.A.Khan you ask whether I would endorse the idea off the Indian team engaging in Pooja before a match at Gaddaffi stadium.

    I dont see why that should be a problem.They say that 90% of sport is mental to which I fully agree. You say that "all those who use religion are simply insecure about their faith". That is not necessarily the case. Athletes from various sports use different tools to focus their minds and help deal with the pressure, Fear of failure, nerves e.t.c.

    For some its the use off a sports psychologist.For others it could be NLP (neuro linguistic programming)or Hypnotherapy, Yoga,Tai Chi, Faith healers e.t.c.

    For many others be it baseball,boxing or basketball it is religion that helps them gain that mental focus and discipline. I even came across a boxer in the gym who believed his form was due to the use off pyramid crystals.I dont see any off these as being detrimental to an athletes performance. If the athlete believes it is helping him whats wrong with that?

    You Javed Bhai also state the news that Mushy wanted a cricket match to be stopped for congressional prayers. How valid is this allegation.

    So far I have heard various allegations being made concerning the religion and the team.None in my opinion stand up to scrutiny.

    Lets have a look at some of them.

    One of the consistent allegations is that only players who are religious and have beards are being selected in the team.

    Well if that is the case then how does one explain the appalling treatment of Asim Kamal this guy is religious and has a beard. The number one bowler in Pakistan domestic cricket for the last few years has been Fazl.E.Akbar. This guy also has a beard and is religious. How does one explain his exclusion if religion has been the criteria for selection. Similarly Yasir Hamid is religious and has been on Tablighi missions. Yet he was inexplicably left out of the worldcup Squad. How does one explain the fact that the majority of the guys in the squad have no beards.

    So has Inzi really been selecting people on the bases of religion? Danish Kaneria a Hindu has consistently been cited as a match winner by Inzi before every Test series over the last few years.Although Kaneria is yet to live up to such expectations. Whilst the number one bowler on the English county circuit over the last few years has been Mushtaq Ahmed. Why was Mushy over looked in favour of Kaneria despite his Tableeghi credentials.He was not even included in the squad during last years tour of England.

    Next allegation Waqar Younis was removed from the squad because of his Aversion to the Tablighi clan in the squad.Mushtaq was included as assistant coach cuz off his association with tabligh. According to an article to which you yourself posted on a previous thread. It was Waqar Younis himself who invited Tablighi missionaries in to the squad for preaching missions, During his tenure as captain. He has attended the Tablighi Preaching missions.He was the first one to begin each postmatch interview with the words Bismillah.He also attended Hajj last year with the tablighi group of Saeed Anwar.

    Rather then it being a Tablighi conspiracy against Waqar could it not simply be a clash of personalitys? Mushtaq Ahmed going by the statements by both squad and supporters at Sussex is extremely affable guy. He has less of confrontational approach and is very popular. It wasnt just Inzi who wanted him in the squad it was also Bob Woolmer. I think an issue of personalitys here has been turned into a religious conspiracy.After all what religious agenda did Bob have.

    I also remember allegations on this very Blog. That Shoaib Akhtar had been excluded from the squad to South Africa because of his Non-Religious behaviour. Inzamam insisted it was due to lack of fitness. There was a big campaign by both supporters and Journalists on behalf Shoaib. So what happened Akhtar went to South Africa and got injured proving the religious conspiracy theory invalid.

    Similarly we had questions being raised about the exclusion of Shabir Ahmed from the squad to south Africa by both fans and Journalists. Inzi insisted that he wanted Shabir Ahmed sent to south africa. He also got injured. So we then had the allegation that Inzi had insisted on Shabirs inclusion due to religious reasons. Although Shabbir had been unfit.

    It seems to me this whole religious issue exploded when Yousaf converted to Islam. A number of Enlightened journalists in Pakistan. Seemed to be extremely offended insisting that he had been forced to convert or that he had done it so he would have more chance of becoming captain. These Journalists also insisted that religion should be expunged from the team because it was portraying an extremist image of Pakistan.

    Well any one who still believes that yousaf was forced to convert is seriously deluded.As for him doing it to become captain, well he captained pakistan whilst still a christian he was vice-captain for 2 years as a christian.Before resigning to focus on his batting.

    Finally last but not least we have those misguided souls who believe we should force all players to be clean shaven, and stopped from praying.because it represents an extremist image of the team and pakistan. Well first of all the beard is a sunnah of all the Prophets peace and blessings be upon them. So who exactly are these people mocking. If it is acceptable to adopt the fashion and hairstyles of popstars and actors and other famous personalitys in the west. Then why do these people denigrate those who choose to adopt the sunnah of the prophet peace be upon him. Did having a beard affect the batting form of Yousaf in 2006 did a beard effect the form Inzamam in 2005. Even the very first Icon of cricket W.G.Grace had the fullest of beards.

    However looking on the flip side of the argument. If players are being forced to pray or having religion forced on them.Then that is clearly wrong but there seems to be no clear evidence to support this assertion. Even those who have an association with the team contradict each other. PJ Mir talks about focus on religion. Whilst Ehteshamuddin Who accompanied the team in south Africa said that he did not see any greater focus on religion.

  • Ammar Khan on April 11, 2007, 14:59 GMT

    HMMMMM !!! Okay I Analysed the whole thing and although I feel ANGRY people should blame religion & I think religion is good for the team but I see a PROBLEM ARISING.

    1) Who Leads the cricket team and Who leads the PRAYERS (this is a burning issue in my opinion) ?

    See Younis doesnt want the Job because he says that he 'wants the same powers Inzi had', Inzi had both jobs, lead 'team' and lead 'prayers'.

    I feel that Younis would like to lead the PRAYERS (or PLAYERS) as well, I saw footage of PAKI players praying and Yousuf was leading the PRAYERS, see the problem ANYONE.

    2) Who do players respect more, leader of 'team' or leader of 'prayers'. Maybe the selectors rather than electing the captain and coach, also should appoint the leader of prayers, (MUSHY) maybe used.

    Younis wants RESPECT from players but he doesnt have it, he wants what INZY had a SINGLE UNIT, I guess he can grow a BEARD (no offence, I love ISLAM, its just a thought).

    I dont think Younis should take the JOB, the only person that is likely to succed as captain from players perspective is Yousuf (he has RESPECT and he's the No 1 player in the team). Anyone else will not last in the job.

  • Amyn Habib on April 11, 2007, 14:54 GMT

    Yousuf is the best player in the team. He has shown discipline and talent and has elevated his game in recent years. While it is true that he is a quiet man and his leadership abilities are unclear, I think he has the ethic of wanting to excel, and therefore is the most deserving and should be given a chance as Captain.

    As for Coach, I think Pakistan will have great trouble recruiting a foreign coach…

  • WASIM SAQIB on April 11, 2007, 14:34 GMT

    Ayaz boy,

    Dont be so over sensitive,I didnt started it go on the previous blog and see who did it, the only point I tried to make after getting sick and tired of all the racial slurs against Punjabis and players from Punjab I decided to show you guys a mirror. I never defended Rana, Hafeez, Imran Farhat,or Nazir,or Razzak. Dude if you are Hallucinating thats your problem,Read my entries carefully,and put on glasses if you have to, Rana naveed :I always said he should be axed Hafeez :I always said yasir hameed should have been given a chance. Kamran Akmal :should be given another chance as the replacements we have are no better than him. Rao :keep your facts straight,he was as good as Umar Gul,look at the record for 2006-07.If you consider his performance bad then bring Umar gul and Sami into the list too as one was at par and the other one was way behind Rao. Imran Farhat:Again never mentioned him on any of entries.He has been axed long ago. Imran Nazir:Him and Afridi never liked them players of this breed are a big risk fot the team. Razzak: Always been saying he should be axed.Even before the WC Go check my entries. My problem is that your list only contained players from Punjab and that clearly shows your bias and prejudice. You failed to include Younis khan in the list who is averaging 19 runs an innings.Even the so called big fat lazy Inzi is averaging better than him. Your list included Razzak but failed to include Afridi,he averaged a mere 9 runs per match in 2006 in 2007 he is averaging only 19. Can you explain why these players failed to make your list You guys are clearly demonstrating double standards as far as merit is concerned. Umar gul,Sami and Kineria didnt performed any better than Rao,but surprisingly they didnt make your list.

    What you guys fail to understand is that I am trying to advocate that merit should be the same for all the players regardless of their domicile and the replacements should also come in on the basis of merit and regardless of the domicile. Asim Kamal should be in the team,I was the first one to demand that,Yasir hameed should come in, Fawad Alam should come in.

    I dont carry any prejudice,as I cheer for a player bcz of his skills not for his ethnicity or race, but when you guys on one hand talk about merit and then advocate to make Afridi the next captain or Younis the next captain,that is simply laughable.

  • Muhammad Asif on April 11, 2007, 14:23 GMT

    The answer to all these questions is one simple word "Respect". Respect yourself, so that others can give you respect. Respect yourself means "Do what you expect from others in return". If I want that my views should be respected, do respect others views.

  • Tahir Ahmad, Oakville, Canada on April 11, 2007, 14:09 GMT

    All good and valid points. For some reason i still believe that nothing good i going to come out of the current situation. I still believe that the most important value that is needed is professionalism. The leadership of PCB lacks capiable "Leaders". How could you have a chairman of the "Cricket Board" who never knew about Mush's runnig with the bookies?? and he still is the chairman. Pak cricket has gone full circle since WC of 2003. same should be expected in the future, after the first tour of so same people will be back running the show. I should start looking at golf or ice hocky or even currling.

  • Blue Devil on April 11, 2007, 13:01 GMT

    This is in response to the comment by M. Saqib - Kamran made a good point about the religion factor. Inzi and his cronies are guilty of creating a contrived culture of self-righteous piety - that is not the true spirit of religion. It is simply self-righteous nonsense. If you think growing a beard and forcing people to pray makes one a good Muslim, then you're an idiot. The fascist mullahs of Lal Masjid also are apparently spreading 'Islam'. Please, give me a break, and start using your brain. We, the 90% of pakistanis don't have a quarrel with Islam - we are already Muslims, and we don't need any self-appointed tablighis to 'convert' us to their concocted version of Islam. Your understanding of religion is pretty warped, and most pakistanis are not buying it.

  • Mubasher Ali on April 11, 2007, 12:35 GMT

    Bob Woolmer's reign as Pakistan coach represented one of the most successful in Pakistan crciket history. So, to rule out a foreign coach is premature. The best candidate for the position has to be Dav Whatmore. He has proven success with asian players, and has the ruthless streak that if Bob had a flaw, lacked. Furthermore, let's hope that the authorities confirm what everyone now suspects, that Bob Woolmer died of natural causes or an accident, clearing the misconceptions that the press have created regarding coaching Pakistan Cricket.

  • Yousuf on April 11, 2007, 12:06 GMT

    Good article.

    My vote would be for

    Shoaib Malik - as a Captain Aqib Javed - as a Coach

    These two names fall under the category of 'reliability', 'producing positive results' and 'young/dynamic'.

  • farzal on April 11, 2007, 11:06 GMT

    what about ex PIA CEO Tariq Kirmani as coach? Isn't he looking for a new job? We have a habit of appointing due to political reasons so why not Tariq? He had no experience of running an airline, and cricket team of 11 players is much easier to manage than an airline with 30+ aircrafts and 100s of employees.

  • khansahab on April 11, 2007, 10:53 GMT

    Wasim Saqib, Thank you for correcting my erroneous belief as regards the birthplace of Wasim Bari. I thought he was born in Lahore and I suppose I can’t be blamed because it was stated on a TV programme. I have just checked on cricinfo and yes he was born in Karachi. However, that does not mean the Pay&Dosim has been filtered from his mind.

    You don’t seem to know what you are chatting about. Whereas I understand your stance if you want Afridi and Sami out of the national team, you appear to be confused about Asim Kamal’s predicament. You think he should be a regular member of the team and yet you do not understand why he is not. In other words you are a clown. Dude, PUNJAB BIAS. If Asim or Fawad Alam were from Punjab, they would have been frontrunners in the captaincy competition now. Someone rightly commented that Punjabis do not understand politics. All they understand is parochialism. But there is a difference between politics and parochialism. Don’t tell me you are so dumb that you don’t know about the complaints Pathans and Urdu Speakers have with Punjabis because Punjabis always speak in Punjabi even amongst people who don’t understand their language. Do you not see that creates barriers and differences as in what has happened in the case of Asim Kamal? Dude, you need a reality check. I suggest you cool it down and wake up and then have a debate with reasonable and judicious individuals.

    Finally I refrain from being too pedantic on individuals like you who are enriched with Pay&Doism but this blog is read by people from all over the world. Hence like most reasonable and judicious individuals I try my best to ensure that the mental, reasoning and language standards on this blog are high so that the rest of the world does not think that all Pakistanis are Pay&Dos. Thus I find myself compelled to instruct you that the right phrase is “Did you ever think” not “did you ever thought that may be Asim was absorbed in the match......” Please learn the fundamentals of the English language before coming on this blog and making a clown of yourself. It is ironic that I call you a clown and “Ayaz” has commented “Wasim Saqib, you made us all laugh today.”

    Finally I state facts and am not racially biased. I am aware of the insecurities of Urdu Speakers and Pathans but the whole issue at hand stems from the fact that there is a bias against Pathans and Urdu Speakers which circumvents their inclusion in the team.

    Wasim Bhai, tussi gal samaj aai? Mainu Punjabi nai aandi hai, maafi.

  • qaisar sheikh on April 11, 2007, 9:54 GMT

    one thing we all are forgetting is selection com. and yesterdays AD_HOC com.meeting is making me worried about selection because they are considering those age old horses for this job who dont know the requirements of modren cricket apart from aamir sohail. PCB plz be sensible chose the selection com. from recently retired players who have played modren cricket.

  • zoya hadid on April 11, 2007, 9:34 GMT

    my refrigerator would make a better captain and batsman than any of the batters in the pakistan lineup. My vacuum cleaner, by the same rationale, is a much better fielder than the idlers in the slips or the dozing ducks in the outfield. And i think my waste bin would make a more honest pcb chairman...than..well the past/current waste matter...

  • tarak on April 11, 2007, 9:32 GMT

    religion should play an important part in pakistani cricket as luck is as important as skills are in winning matches. there is no harm in openly claiming mighty Allah as the reason for winning matches as Allah is required and only a fool will argue against the fact that the maighty Allah is responsible for the sides victory . copying western culture is stupidity . lets not get popular by denouncing our own culture. Pakistan cricket needs a strong hand like that of Imran bcos Pakistan is super talented and needs foremost Gods support and a strong charactered leader. Mohd Yousuf has all of that. he is a great performer and he is God's chosen man.You dont need to be flamboyant like Imran but Yousuf is a silent performer. He can control the team and bring religion to the game as never before . let the almighty be praised and choose Yousuf as the leader

  • Jibran Afgan on April 11, 2007, 9:31 GMT

    To be honest, given how lethargic our team appears, we might as well test Afridi as captain in ODIs, hopefully the added responsibility will give him some consistency (though I doubt it). One thing is definite, though, if we don't implement some radical changes into the team we'll be in the same situation after 2011

  • Khizar Hayat on April 11, 2007, 9:30 GMT

    1-If the sentiments expressed overhere are shared by the national cricket team, then the next captain is in trouble and Younis Khan would be the worst. No one can then unite this crowd of stars; 'team would b a misnomer'.

    2- I once heard Hafiz Kardar saying in a PTV interview that a captain must b a dictator since it is he who is made responsible for every mishap. I totally agree. I wonder what is the job of a coach in cricket. In Imran's days we had always a dummy coach. For Games like football it is the coach which is important and thats why captain is dummy. you can't have an all powerful coach and captain at the same time. Due to the peculiarity of cricket, especially communicatin problems on the field for coach, there must be a powezrful captain. Coach can be replaced by specialist trainers who are powerful just during training sessions.

  • Andrew on April 11, 2007, 9:23 GMT

    Ayaz it is very easy to critisize players. Im sure they do there best most of the time. They need to show more discipline, and the selectors need to give players with potential a longer go in the team. Taufiq Umar, Salman Butt and Imran Nazir were all dropped after doing well and the start of there careers. And then having a few failures and being cast aside. While others continually show poor form or up and down form and remain. Razzaq, Akmal, Sami. It doesnt matter where they come from, the idea is to pick the best XI in the country on form. On Inzy he has given monumental service to Pakistan cricket and should be afforded the courtesy of playing at leat the home tests in the coming season. They have the talent they need the right person like Imran did, to bring this team together and mould them into the top 3 team they are.

  • khansahab on April 11, 2007, 8:53 GMT

    My jaw dropped at this comment of Dr Shahid Faruqi from Detroit on the previous thread: "BTW Inzi is Multan born urdu speaking"

    Surely this is a joke? I heard Inzi has Bengali roots but he seems a proper Punjabi to me? Can anyone confirm this? If that comment is true it will as big a shock as Woolmer's death.

    Mr Khizar Hayat, what is "merit" to one person is not merit to the other, especially since all the major contenders for captaincy have grey shades to them. I am a former Karachiite of distant Pathan origin, but I want Younis to be captain and I see no clear contenders for vice captaincy. I would probably choose Yousuf because of his change in personality but he must be there to gel the boys together, get them behind Younis and act like a "big brother." Younis (captain) and Malik (senior player) have to be involved in decision-making. Younis has to be tried for a while and after two years if he proves his supporters wrong, surely Malik must be made captain. Malik would probably develop his maturity and acumen and well as his "ethical and professional standards" by then. Do not forget that Malik has only played 29 Test innings so far and his batting position has been shuffled about too often which has affected his consistency. His role needs to be more definitive before he can be promoted to captain or vice captain. I don’t have any spite for Malik; in fact I think he is a reasonably broad minded person- compared to Punjab standards anyway. He has an Indian Muslim wife (although it is rumoured they have separated now) which demonstrates his broad minded disposition.

  • Naeem Baig on April 11, 2007, 8:30 GMT

    Well, I think we can all count on the following facts:

    a) the next captain will be (and has to be) from Punjab

    b) if the choose Younis Khan then all the senior players (a.k.a players from Punjab) will not co-operate with him

    c) in terms of any long term strategy, you can almost count on all the cricketing powers in Punjab to promote their regional players and policies.

  • M. Kalil on April 11, 2007, 8:26 GMT

    I guess Mr. Wasim Saqib exemplifies the punjabi dugga stereotype and mentality that we are all so used to... Good for you dude, and I am sure that cricket is going down the drain just like hockey did thank to the swagger and leadership of our favorite province.

  • Ayaz on April 11, 2007, 8:16 GMT

    To Wasim Saqib,

    Dude, before you start this political BS you need to take a look at yourself. You start your original post by mentioning 'merit' and then telling Kamran and others to get off the case of players from Punjab.

    Well! boo hoo hoo, now how many players from *Punjab* are playing on the basis of this so called MERIT. The fact that we sent a Punjab XI to the world cup is more than reason enough; heck even our umpires, commentators, cricket academies and pretty much everything else is from Punjab too.

    What else do you want ...

    Why don't we kick out the 1 player/rep from Karachi and 2 other pathans from the team too ... so that you can have your Punjab players regain their swagger and leadership, smile.

    Can you seriously write and defend on this blog the merits of:

    Rana Naved (a joke) M. Hafeez (a bigger joke) Kamran Akmal (I can drop catches but they wont drop me) Rao Iftikhar (mediocre joke) Imran Farhat (opening joke) Imran Nair (ha) Razzaq (I used to be an allrounder, now I neither bowl or bat well) Azhar Mamood (haha)

    Even Inzamam is big, fat and lazy who should have retired after the last world cup along with others.

    So there you have it. Nine active players from Punjab with little or NO merit and you talk of merit.

    Nice one.

    You made us all laugh today.

  • Khizar Hayat on April 11, 2007, 7:59 GMT

    From the 350 plus opinions I've a strange ethnic imression: - Punjab advocating Malik and afterwards Razzak - Karachiites and Urdu speaking favoring Miandad, Rashid and afridi and strongly criticizing Imran -North is for afridi and then Younis. Come on buddies think on merit.

  • Paul on April 11, 2007, 7:55 GMT

    'Leave Cricketer's religious practice alone.' CRICKETERS- that's what they're being paid for. If you want an Imam, fine, but you better be a mosque, not a national cricket team. No one has an issue with the religion of most of the team's players, we'd just like them to be as committed to their cricket as their religion, given the former is what they're paid for. Not too much to ask.

    Afridi for captain!

  • Imran A Javed on April 11, 2007, 7:48 GMT

    Does anybody know that Jalal-uddin is the only professionally qualified coach in Pakistan after the death of Wasin Raja. Why not try professionalism in Coaching. The Captain issue is a bit tricky, here we have to think out of the box. This seniority thing does work. What about name of young and smart players. We must think of names like Sulman Butt, Faisal Iqbal, Imarn Farhat

  • srivathsan on April 11, 2007, 7:45 GMT

    I agree with most of your views.I am glad that some of my views have also been considered.What you say is equally aplicable to indian cricket also except point no. 3.Our fellows never pray at all,let alone over do it.As regarcaptaincy,younis kahan is the right choice.He is intelligent,level headed,sportive & a great batsman besides a senior.Though seniority alone need not be the qualification,but being one with other things satisfied will be a plus point as he can command respect from team members.Do you think shoab malik can control shoab akthar?.malik fits the bill as suggested by you but he will have to be groomed.He can be made crown prince.Afridi is not a good choice because he acts impulsively.As observed he goes mad with rush of blood & it is dangerous .Mohd.yousuf-i agree with you.He does not fit the bill. Coming to coach,Aqib javed with Wasim akram/waqaryounus will be ideal.abdul qadir is not a bad choice.But not rasid latif.His loose tongue will spoil the soup for pakistan.Imran khan be made pcb chief with a host of reputed ex players as a standing committee.Pakistan cricket with your other suggestion being accepted will shine once again.

  • Aurangzeb Khan on April 11, 2007, 7:33 GMT

    In my opinion, Mohammad Yousuf is the best candidate presently for Pakistan Captaincy. And I believed this when "Mohammad" was not part of his name.

    My reason is that he not only understands the game well, but in the recent past has been a good example by performing. He has the nerves and ability to lead from front. Moreover, he has enjoyed respect of his peers in the past and in present.

    Mohammad Yousuf is a much better choice over Younas Khan. Younas Khan is a hyperactive personality who can easily get on one's nerves. Mohammad Mousaf has much better communication skills.

    It will serve that Mohammad Yousuf is appointed the captain and then, before Summer tours kick in, he sits with the great captains of the past, namely Imran Khan and Mushtaq Muhammad, to lectured on how a captain can become from good to great.

    A note here. With all that is due to Imran Khan, those who played with Mushtaq Muhammad will tell you how shrewd a captain he was, and the ability he had of turning odds in his favour. In his day, Pakistan cricket teams achieved many first times, such as first time winning a match in Australia, and many more.

    His shortcoming is that in the past, the powers that be would have ignored him because of his religion (being a Christian), and will again ignore him for his religion (being a devout and practicing Muslim).

    As much as liberals claim, they just cannot see past someone's religious belief.

  • Ali Bokhary on April 11, 2007, 7:13 GMT

    This message refers to the statement made by a gentleman called umar. He has stated that victory comes through Allah and Allah is pleased when you say a lot of prayers. This shows that Allah is happiest with the Australians becuase victory comes to them most often. While for prayers, the Pakistanis are indeed the world champions. There has to be a problem somewhere. Either the Pakistani players are not saying enough prayers to please Allah or the prayers they are saying are not the ones that Allah wants. For the former, probably there is a need to induct some mufti as the captain and the Khateeb of Lal Masjid as the Manager/coach and for the latter the Pakistani players should turn to christian like the Australians. In short there has to be some problem which we have not been able to figure out. Perhaps Allah does not want us to advertise our spirituality the way these cricketers do. Perhaps he wants us to limit our spirituality to ourselves and not to impose it on others and advertise it to acquire some kind of supposed honour. If Allah is to be dragged into sports which we have, perhaps a better strategy is required becuase the earlier one failed. Allah is surely not pleased as yet.

  • Aurangzeb Khan on April 11, 2007, 6:46 GMT

    In the past Pakistani cricket players were pointed out for some loose moral behaviours, such as staying late night in discos, perhaps drinking and getting involved with girls as pointed out by Intikhab Alam. This resulted in players coming out for the games sleep-deprived and with affects of drinking. Obviusly, this would effect performance. This was lack of discipline, and needs criticism.

    Still, our Pak Cricketers are free go to discos and drink if they so desire, and even indulge with girls, as long they do not violate discipline and come to the hotel by bedtime.

    So, just because the team was criticized for such lack of discipline, does not make any justification for criticism of there practice of religion. I am at total loss to understand how public prayers, or preaching would have negative affect on a player's performance. Certainly, staying out late at night, regardless of whether in a disco or elsewhere, and drinking or indulging in girls will have negative influence. Obviously, this is the same "overly pious" (wonder what that means) has given very concentrated performances, while they were still practicing and preaching religion. This was the period when Mohammad Yousuf beat Viv Richards' record. So, what is the point?

    Nevertheless, it is a player's basic right to practice and preach what he believes, the way he likes. It is just not anyone's business.


  • Adnan Butt on April 11, 2007, 6:45 GMT

    Its so sad that intellectual peoples are out side Cricket board

  • Omer on April 11, 2007, 6:42 GMT

    Thanks to Ashid who posted such good comments. You just explained, with facts, what I wanted to say ..and what we should realize...Thanks a lot Sir...now I feel that seems like some of us are even ashamed of saying that we are muslims.. guys please have a look at his responce to this blog: you can find it under: Ashaq at April 10, 2007 2:43 PM

  • me on April 11, 2007, 6:37 GMT

    I think Younis should be captain and Afridi should be Vice Captain. These two are aggressive and afridi has been a great captain in the 20/20 matches..even his batting was good under pressure and led them to the final. Younis is energetic and has a positive outlook to everything and costantly keeps encouraging the team. For coach i would have Wasim Akram and Aaqib Javed, Aaqib being the head coach. Also we should hire a fielding coach as well like South Africa. I think that Afridi should take up Inzi's spot in test and one dayers and inzi's form isn't great. Both Younis and Afridi are good fielders and afridi is a great bowler, batsman and fielder. As i was reading these comments, some people said that younis should be dropped. If u keep dropping people from the side how are you supposed to establish one team for the next world cup. For me Younis for captain and afridi for vice captain seem the best choice. Shoaib malik has already threw away a match so he cant be trusted for the job. Maybe later he can be one.

  • Abdullah Basha on April 11, 2007, 5:37 GMT

    I appreciate Mr.Umer (April 10, 2.48am)and thank him for his excellent analysis and a slap on those who are yet to understand the beauty of religion and the wonderful effects it has on our lives. Let those who are still in the dark, come out into the light(Noor) and see its beauty by being in it and practicing it. May Allah (SWT) guide them to light. I only wish, there are many more like Mr.Umer, in the society holding the TRUTH high for others to see.

  • WASIM SAQIB on April 11, 2007, 5:33 GMT

    Mr dude from North Pakistan:

    You mentioned about some lake of gene,probably this lake was in North Pakistan,but you know what, it has dried up and now you will only see Akhroats and Naswaar over there. Dude get over your complexes,if you want to compete,dont hide behind false accusations and racial slurs try to prove it through competence.

  • Mohammed Munir - Sharjah, UAE. on April 11, 2007, 5:32 GMT

    Younis Khan lacks any real command and control on the players, plus he himself in not in the team on pure merit and an inconsistent performer. Someone like him is only ‘accepted’ by the ‘boys’ because he takes them to a movie, plays Diwali crackers (Champion Trophy, India) and buys them sweets and toys.

    Most importantly, he does not have any confidence and is reluctant in accepting the captainship.

    Naseem Ashraf has a list of ‘failed’ achievements to his credit, so let him select Younis Khan as captain and add to that list. He is anyways unaccountable for all the crap.

  • M Saqib on April 11, 2007, 5:25 GMT

    Here we go again. Kamran and party... why is everyone in Pakistan all of a sudden a secularist. I thought more than ninety percent of Pakistan was Muslim but I guess there are more secularists now then Muslims. Anyway what is your quarrel with Islam ? two of your best batsmen in history are good Muslims... so where is your logic? And when did Inzimam or anyone else for that matter used Islam as a criterion in choosing players etc. Yes they do pray five times together daily as all Muslims MUST do.. its not a choice its FARD. so if you have a problem with that then you have problem with Islam... Just change that aspect.. please don't dilute Islam.

    So I ask a question can you not be a cricketer and a Muslim... ???? I mean what is the big deal if a guy decides to follow his role model PBUH and keep a beard and pray in congregation daily that is Obligatory.. why all securalists must make a big deal out of it.. ????? why is this an issue ???

    If world cup failure was due to this then please explain Pakistan's failures in 2003, 1996 and before....

  • WASIM SAQIB on April 11, 2007, 5:22 GMT


    I strongly suggest that next time you read my post Please put your crack pipe down as it seriously effects your reading comprehension. You have stated that I appear ugly and pathetic defending Razzaq’s and Rana’s 2006 performance, I think your insecurity is causing you to hallucinate,nowhere in my any post I have defended these two players,infact I have repeatedly demanded that they should be axed from the team. The only reason I posted their stats was that I wanted to compare their performance with that of Afridi and Sami, the differnce was marginal.

    When I pointed out in my post that all the selectors were from Karachi so why blame Punjab for discrimination,your response was,"If Wasim Bari lives in Karachi that does not mean he can’t have the Punjabi mentality. There are lots of Pakistanis in the UK but they don’t adopt the British way of life! So the idea of Wasim Bari living in Karachi and having nothing to do with Punjab bias is plain dumb I’m afraid." For your Kind information Wasim Bari was born in Karachi in 1948 and has lived all his life in Karachi,now if you want to disown him thats a different issue,also you failed to mention about Ehtesham and Iqbal Qasim or you want to disown them too.Dude I know you are Khan but this was even dumb by your standards( You Know what I mean). This one is hillarious,In support to your allegation that punjabi players exercise discrimination against minority players,you quoted the example of Asim Kamal ” Punjabis ostracised Asim Kamal when he was in the national side. I saw on many occasions that Rana Naved, Mohd Khalil, Shoaib Malik and Kamran Akmal sitting together and chatting and Asim Kamal sitting alone near them, looking bored and embarrassed. Players from minority areas are excluded and not treated with the respect and attention that players from Punjab are treated." Probably he was crying too,or may be be he was not hugged enough when he was little. Dude this is height of insecurity i am amazed at your perception,did you ever thought that may be Asim was absorbed in the match,Asim Kamal is a wonderful player and if you look at my previous posts I have been constantly critcizing the selection because Asim deserves to be in the test team as a regular member.

    Finally you accused me of talking Politics, I despise politics,if you go back to the previous Blog you will see that my post came in response to racially biased comments posted by Merit,Merit (Nadeem),Ayaz and yourself,and just to bring out the truth I posted the Stats of all the key players,which clearly showed that the worst performers were Younis and Afridi and not the Players from Punjab.I also urged time and again not to make it a case of provincial prejudice,the language used for Players from Punjab was also a key in prompting the response,if you like to dish it out you should be prepared to take it too.

  • JAVED A. KHAN, MONTREAL, CANADA on April 11, 2007, 4:37 GMT

    When it comes to agreeing, we tend to disagree. "WE are like this ONLY." It is good to see the response from so many people. I would like to pursue this debate a little further by responding to the comments and concerns of a few posters. Obviously no one can reply to everyone and not everyone would ever be happy and satisfied. That would be an ideal situation which does not exist on the planet called - Earth.

    Some people are talking in abstract i.e., describing the qualities of a leader, captain, coach and not coming up with any concrete name or a suggestion. Also, some people are criticizing the probable candidates and not coming up with an alternative suggestion or a name. Some people are saying: "Bring back Imran Khan, Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis" as if they are all standing on one feet or on the tip of their toes and ready to jump in and say "hi - hi Sir" the moment their names are called. Imran Khan's only ambition is to become the President or Prime Minister of Pakistan and he will NOT accept any post related to cricket! That will be below his dignity or his ambitions. And I don't blame him for that.

    PK at April 10, 2007 9:55 AM says: "I think the simplest and best way out is to ask Imran Khan as to who the next captain should be?" It appears like a real PK tunn suggestion and lemme tell you PK that Imran is not worshiped like Tendulkar is, and he has already spoiled Younis Khan, Mohammad Sami, and a few others by praising them too much, he is now doing his best to spoil Salman Butt and Yasir Hameed. And for your info. he has not discovered Wasim, Waqar or even Inzi. I think the best thing for Imran would be to rediscover himself as Imran Khan the cricketer rather than Imran Khan the politician.

    Now, Ashaq (bhai) I thought you would bring up the subject of boxing and basket ball once again to support your views on religion and sport. First of all I am not trying to disagree with you totally and your points about Holyfield and Naseem Hamed are well taken, and your views about the reaction of journalists towards Islam is also right. You also know about my stance on religion, integration, segregation, patriotism and you have acknowledged it as well. Also, I have disagreed with others on this blog that the team lost "due to arrogance, decadence, incompetence and too much of religion etc." I had reiterated, that the team lost because a) due to the absence of three key players, Akhtar, Asif and Afridi. b) due to the poor performance of the middle order Inzi, Yousuf and Younis. c) claiming that they cannot play on green top wicket is lacking in professionalism.

    However, on this issue about the influence of religion, lets restrict it to cricket only and not compare it with boxing or basket ball, or even soccer and ice hockey, the rules for all these games are different and the expectations are also different. The conversion of Mohammad Ali the great has changed the boxing world completely and all those who bring religion now are simply insecure about their faith and religion.

    However, I do agree with the notion that this current bunch of world cup losers have done more about Tableegh than anything about cricket. Unfortunately, the post 911 era has brought more sense of insecurity as well as retaliation at the same time among many Muslims. I cannot discuss all those details on a cricket blog but to sum it up, I don't think Kamran Abbassi is against the practice of religion, he has very clearly explained it by saying: "While Pakistan's players have every right to be as religious as they wish, they must know that their job is to win cricket matches." Unfortunately the opposite is happening too often. The news that, the bowling coach Mushy suggested this idea that if it is prayer time, the match should be stopped and prayers should be conducted in jamaat and all players must say their prayers. Sounds great if you are playing in the street. But, when you are playing a world cup match you cannot dictate or make your own rules.

    During the last tour of England, just before the play the Tableeghi's gathered on the ground and offered a congregational prayers on the field. Do you think the Pakistani Mullahs would appreciate if the Indian team comes to Lahore and before the match they start Durga Puja or bring a statue of one of their Deities and worship the idols on the ground or break coconuts. Would you endorse that idea?

    Saima Kamal, you think that appointing Javed Miandad would be like "A step backwards"?

    Is this what your definition of SUCCESS is? Lemme clear this misconception with an example. We all know that we have a reverse gear in the car, right? We don't drive in the reverse gear all the time, right? But, there are situations when, in order to go forward, you have to go backwards. Example, when your car is parked in a garage or against a wall, when you come to a dead end etc., you use the reverse gear. So, in order to go forward sometimes you need to go backwards. Going back to Javed Miandad to learn the basics is not a bad idea. Also, haven't you heard the famous quote on Chinese philosophy that "they go one step forward and two step backwards." In today's world, they are a force to reckon, fifty years from now it will be China and China only.

    Another misconception about success is related to promotions and climbing up the management ladder or going upwards, which does not necessarily means you are growing. If you look around and increase your (market) potential you are growing too. There are people who can work and grow up to the extent and within the parameters of the given task. There are those who shrink within their parameters. And then there are those who expand the parameters and boundaries and keep growing and expanding, not necessarily by going only upwards or forward in a straight line. This is called Dr. De Bono's Lateral Thinking. I can offer free lessons to those who are interested in learning the concepts of Lateral Thinking for Management.

    Fahad at April 10, 2007 12:22 PM .....nice way to start and end your post Fahad. Is that what you learn from the Tableegh? It shows your upbringing and your tolerance towards others. You could have expressed your views in a more sober manner. However, if you are so impressed by Inazamam's preaching go ahead and join his T-Team in Multan.

  • shah on April 11, 2007, 4:33 GMT

    i think the 2 people who can become captain for the benifit of pakistan is shoaib akhtar and shahid afridi the reson for not choosing shoaib malik is becuase he threw away his chance by throwing away one game showing his personality. i say akhtar because pakistan needs someone who is agressive can look in the opponents straight in the eye and the desire to be a captain even if only 1-2 years of play are left. someone who can rip apart the opposite team and show the mates how its done leading by example and ofcourse can speak proper english although his past undoings make this very unlikely. the other choice is afridi this is because he has had experience as captain and captaincy tends to alter his game to be more sensible and maybe it will turn out to be the right gamble n he starts playing sensilby n starts taking his bat to the pavilion from the time he walks out and i have a very good feeling that if made captain we will see a changed afridi

  • sabi on April 11, 2007, 4:21 GMT

    i dont understand how people are recommending salman butt, i like him as a player but for god sake he haven't even made his place in the team so i guess it's true for pakistani cricket, who ever is struggling in cricket he becomes the captain. Again i would say there is only one obviuos choice it's "SHOAIB MALIK"

  • nadeem on April 11, 2007, 4:18 GMT

    one possibility coule be captain being younis with malik as assistant captain.

    Coach rashid

  • ammar on April 11, 2007, 3:34 GMT

    Pl try to think from a mind of a muslim first before making objections on the positive change of attitudes of players towards Islam. Religion is not a separate part of a muslim's life whether its cricket or bread earning. To practice Islam and to spread the divine teachings of Islam is the prime responsibility of every muslim. So pls try to use yr brain power in addressing real causes and do not blame religion. Yes its a badge of honour for every muslim in every aspect of life.

  • Zuhair on April 11, 2007, 2:50 GMT

    Well, i almost completly agree. What about Imran Khan as coach Mr kamran? I think he is the only one who really can turn around this team? AS for captain its malik all the way.

  • Euceph Ahmed on April 11, 2007, 2:28 GMT

    Here's the text of a letter that appeared in DAWN on October 28, 2006. I thought this might be of some interest in the context of the religion debate:

    Mixing cricket and religion

    IN the 1990s Dr Nasim Ashraf, the new PCB chairman, was very popular among the Saudi Wahabi/Salafi circle (extremists by present standards) in the masjid of Eugene, Oregon.

    He used to invite almost the entire masjid-going community to his home in Roseburg for Iftar dinner once in the month of Ramazan. Iftar dinner was followed by some religious discussion and Salat-i-Taraweeh in his home.

    I have personally attended two such Iftar dinners in Dr Ashraf’s home. During that time he was also supporting the Mujahideen in Afghanistan. What a metamorphosis. Machiavelli must be proud of him.

    FIDA MOHAMMAD Associate Professor, State University of New York, USA DAWN, Letters to the Editor, October 28, 2006 Saturday Shawwal 4, 1427

    Brothers... trade your jihad for a fashion show. Now fielding "enlightened moderation". Howzzatt???

  • sri lanks will win the world cup on April 11, 2007, 2:16 GMT

    what you guys are planning for, next thing for paki cricket is "pakistan will not be in 2011 WC" so dont worry make all 11 palyers capt. that's the way to go for pakistan. that's what DADA inzi told me once.

  • Junaid Siddiqi on April 11, 2007, 2:13 GMT

    Captain should be Younis Khan. Vice Captain Mohammad Yousef. Chief Selector Amir Sohail. We need a strong Manager/Coach like Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis etc with the team who can handle the on field and off field issues equally well. Aqib Javed can be a good bowling coach and Javed Mia a good batting coach but we don't need them to be with the team full time. And finally don't blame religion for the defeat. Being more religious is a badge of honor for a Muslim.

  • kami on April 11, 2007, 1:03 GMT

    I say bring back imran farhat as captain. That dashing fighter with an open stance will bring glory to pakistan. Also, we need to have spin queens like bangladesh. How about we play danish, mushtaq ahmed, and arshad khan in one days? And we can make danish kaneria the vice captain to promote the idea that pakistanis are accepting of other faiths. What do you guys think about that?

  • Hasan on April 11, 2007, 0:59 GMT

    I apologize I meant Yasir Hameed and Salman Butt as the other left handed opener not Shoaib Malik.

  • nasir doc on April 11, 2007, 0:29 GMT

    Let me throw in my point of view in the ongoing debate about the religion factor. The fact of the matter is that the display we saw was of religosity and not of religion. The difference is big.Piety without values that resonate into action, without scruples that translate into a more poignant ethos is religosity and the result is there for all to see. Religosity makes you intolerant and the overwhelming emphasis is there is no truth other than what you were raised to believe in and the entire world has ganged up against your beliefs.To further put it in perspective religosity is like staging Hamlet without the Prince of Denmark. I hope against hope that some deserving person did'nt get overlooked for belonging to the wrong sect.

  • AhmadRash on April 11, 2007, 0:23 GMT

    The problem with us is we like to criticize what we cant do ourselves. We are so pathetic that we like to criticize Inzi bhai on his religious convictions. To you these things might not matter but how many times has he been caught drinking, doing substance abuse or partying in night clubs like many of our other heroes. He is one of the three people (Including Yousaf and Younis)who truly deserved to be selected. I am a big fan of Abdul Razzaq but he along with Malik are not much help with the ball lately. He seems lethargic. The success during Inzi's captaincy was based on our three main batsmen and Asif and sometimes Shoaib Akhtar. Afridi in recent times has proven himself to be a more dangerous bowler that Malik or Abdul Razzaq. To all you die hards questioning Inzi's integrity based on Justice Q. Wasim was handed a more severe punishment compared to Mushtaq and as such he can never be coach or in any responsible position. If it is proven that Inzi knowingly violated it he is guilty. But this report was not for the captains but for PCB. Inzi may have gone the extra mile in support of Mushtaq but he did not sign his contract. All such responsibility lies with the board. As for Sarfraz Nawaz I would say he is as much responsible. He never shies away from media but when he alleged Dr. Nasim paid no heed to his reservations why did he not go to the media. Instead he waited for all of it to become a big controversy so he could have his fifteen minutes.

  • Hasan on April 11, 2007, 0:15 GMT

    First of all, for those players and fans who are consoling themselves for this fiasco by saying India is also no longer in this world cup, I would have to say that is a lame, pathetic excuse. India lost to Sri Lanka- a team that is almost certain to play in the semi's and Bangladesh which is a test nation and has gone on to even defeat South Africa (The number 1 team in ODI's right now). And dont be surprised if Bangladesh gives England and the West Indies a hard time as well. Where as we lost to the West Indies which is the most over-rated team in the Super 8's and Ireland that has failed to win a match since then (They didnt even beat Zimbabwe- it was a tie). I am a die hard fan too but one has to face the facts. We did not plan well and this was a disaster waiting to happen given the incidents since the infamous Oval test. Moving on to the topic of this Blog, I am surprised to hear names such as Intikhab Alam for the position of the coach and Aamer Sohail as the selector fro recent articles in Dawn and on CricInfo. Have we not learned anything from the past. How old is Inthikab Alam anyway and how fit is he to be there running around in the field for fielding drills etc. This is 2007, we cannot adopt something that was succesful 15 years ago. I think it is time the PCB acknowledged Wasim and Waqars services and brought one of them back for the position of the coach. Yes, they were controversial figures but then again who has been completely innocent in the Pakistani team ? Wasim and Waqar both had good leadership qualities and are both highly talented and played recently. Why should we waste their skills by ignoring them while they take up assignments to coach other teams. Wasim has played with many of those in the current team such as razzak, afridi, yousuf etc and I think they all respect him. If we need a supplemental batting Coach then we should utilize Saeed Anwars services. He might be able to atleast solve Pakistans opening dillemma since he was probably the best opener Pakistan has had and was a relatively drama free cricketer. Rashid Latif was too controversial to be made a coach but I think he might be a good selector since he has academies set up and is motivated to bring in fresh blood. And now to perhaps the most important aspect- the captaincy. I am really surprised people are mentioning Yousuf- He might be Pakistans best batsman right now and most experienced but that does not mean he deserves to be captain. He will be worse than Inzi. He has no authority, no aggresiveness and he cannot lead from the front. Younis might be slightly immature but I think he should recieve some training from former greats and be told to take the game more seriously and be appointed for atleast a year with Shoaib Malik as his deputy. Lastly, Yasir Hameed and Shoaib Malik should be brought back as openers- It would also provide a good right-left combination (Did anyone else notice that we didnt have a single lefty playing in this WC). Imran Nazirs lucky hundred against a depleted Zimbabwe attack doesnt mean anything. We need solid openers and the two mentioned above have the best technique from the lot tested in the last 2 years and should be given a long run. Also Asim Kamal should be brought into the middle order to replace Inzi. Good luck to Pakistan cricket. Lets hope they move forward and the PCB does not choose incompetent and inept selectors, coach and captain

  • Mohammad Athar Hameed on April 10, 2007, 23:38 GMT

    I think younis should not be in one day side. He is Test player. He should only play test. For one day we need some young blood their are some player in Sialkot(Sehzad Malik ) and Hyderabad side(Athar, opener) They have done very good last season, I think we need agressive Captain.Go Afridi!!!

  • hamza on April 10, 2007, 23:33 GMT

    i think Razzaq and Mo Yousuf should step down from odi cricket...i dont think they train hard enough and they are the worst fielders in cricket at the moment...we need young people in odis and even to an extent test cricket who train hard work on their fielding, fitness and runnign between the wickets (the most important aspects in cricket these days) I think whoever out of afridi, shoaib malik and younis train the hardest should be made captains because a captain has to lead from the front not only on the pitch but also off it and inspire other team members to work hard. it would be interesting to see how many of our current pakistani professional cricketers would be able to beat an australian or south african counterpart in a marathon race or some physical activity...i dont think anyone wouldbe able to do that...these things dont require natural talent they require hardwork...the pcb should conduct stringent fitness level tests on players before selecting them...im sure mohammad yousuf and the likes would not pass

  • jojo27 on April 10, 2007, 23:04 GMT

    We play one sport (cricket) We even suck at that. Since Pakistans exit I've watching the super 8 and observing South Africa , Australia e.t.c Our game is years behind them , I just hope one of these days we get a young, energetic and confident team who at least trys to perform at a world class level.

  • WASIM SAQIB on April 10, 2007, 22:57 GMT

    Shahid Afridi Captain of Pakistan team on second thought I think its a great Idea, bcz thats the only way to get rid of this sucker for ever,during his 10 year career,he was dropped countless times but somehow the guy keeps on making back to the team and mind you not bcz of his performance only bcz of his popularity. Is it bcz of the Ad revenues he brings in or he knows some damn good pir only he knows.

    His 2006 test and ODI averages are 16.33 and 9 only in 2007 he is only averaging a mere 19 runs per innings.

    With such a poor record I think he is the only player in the world who keeps on coming back ,but then again we are talking about Pakistan and Pakistanis here anything is possible and stupidity has no limits.

    In his 10 year career he never learned from his mistakes,he is still the same Akhroat devoid of any brain.The recent example of his scuffing the pitch and waiving a bat on a spectator just before the WC without careing for the consequences,is the biggest indication of his mental maturity. So making him the captain will be doing a favour to Pakistan Cricket as history shows that Pakistanis do not forgive the Captains for their blunders,once you fall from the throne of captaincy you are doomed forever. All he has to do is lose a couple of series and just play his natural game,and he is history.

  • Awas on April 10, 2007, 22:57 GMT

    “Bismillah…..first of all thanks to Allah”. At the end of a match, at a presentation ceremony, the way Izamam begins looks really out of place. Why make religion a showpiece at a cricket stage? After all it’s just a game of cricket, it a show, an entertainment a place of fun for cricketers and spectators alike. Ever since Izamam started doing that it indicated to me that the culture within the team is changing, putting more emphasis on religion and less on the job they are paid that is cricket.

    I certainly don’t see any Christian teams beginning with the name of Jesus or Hindus beginning with Ram Ram before being interviewed at a match ceremony. Why do we have a need to prove to the world that we are such good Muslims? If, say, Hindus start with their religious mantras, before being interviewed, it would look silly to us. So let’s not make our religion a laughing stock to the world at a cricket ceremony. Surly, we can say Bismillah and thank Allah in our heart and not make religion a show at a cricket stage.

    Various posters have mentioned it’s good that Inzamam is religious or Yousaf for that matter. Who gives us the right to judge that so and so is a better Muslim than the other? Just because one can show on a world stage the he begins with a name of Allah makes him a good Muslim? God might like a quality better in one person than another even though he doesn’t pray for the show. Holding a Jamaat in the ground just after a match doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a good Muslim. This is not a matter for you to judge but only God.

    So, religious posters please stop behaving like judges of Islam.

  • nanga parbat on April 10, 2007, 22:54 GMT


    please grow up and stop using the religious beliefs of the pakistan players, and their "public display" of them (i assume by that you and others mean praying in front of white non-muslim ppl with whom you have an inferiority complex (a colonial hang-up no doubt)). that vacuous imbecile pj mir even used a camera phone to video the team praying on a plane, and is prepared to give it to the pcb as evidence of heaven knows what. with friends like that...

    half the time you moan about akhtar and his ill-disciplined lifestyle, the other half you whinge about the adverse effects of the islamic beliefs of the players on their cricket (though of course not when they win).

    if only the team was made up of pseudo-intellectual, secular, middle class doctors, eh?

    the reason we lost is because of cricket reasons: we can't play on greentop wickets, even against club attacks. let's develop the techniques of our players at home on more bowler-friendly wickets, rather than look for red-herrings like religion to tout our own secular beliefs.


    nanga parbat

  • naveed on April 10, 2007, 22:31 GMT

    well kamran this is a best topic to discuss.but why we are wasting our time because we know PCB never listen anyone.when a doctor is chairman of PCB how can u expect a better and bold decision.captaincy of pakistani cricket team is most diffucult becoz we have uneducated players.we dont have any decipline in our team.so who should be the next captain in this current situation.we donot need to prepare for next world cup when we be a beetr team we will be automatically a better team.first of all look at the players who can be next captain. 1.younis khan,, if we look at his performance in the world cup anyone who has a common sense can judge that he deliberatly not play well only. so he should not be captain and also he dont desreve to play in one day team. 2.muhammad younis,, thx that we got rid of inzi and he is also same like inzi.to slow and great players but against weak teams. 3.shahid afridi,, he didnot learn batting in 10 years how he will become suddenly a good player when he becomw captain of team. 4.shoaib malik,, he is a good player and should bat at no. 3 or as an opener.he is young and energatic and can lead the team well. he is also a good choice. 5. salman butt,, atleast he can speak english,, we dont play cricket in pakistan we play in whole of the world and everywhere we have to speak english.he can talk with ampire during the match also and can with officials also. i think that he is best choice.we select best player and senior players everytime and we lost everytime so lets think a new vision and do some thing different. and coach is only one choice WASIM AKRAM.give him a chance he will prove himself same like he prove himself when he was captain. salman butt or shoaib malik captain and wasim akram coach i am 100% sure pakistan will become the best team in next 3 years. in selection commettee plz appoint those people who has some cricketing sense not those who come on TV everyday and critisize board everyday only becoz they are not on any position.

  • Wasiq Khan on April 10, 2007, 22:30 GMT

    How about Mr. Kamran Abbasi for a coach? and why not?

  • saad on April 10, 2007, 22:26 GMT

    kamran wrote: "..Now is the time to patiently build a team to win the next World Cup and not get in a sweat of desperation about winning the next tournament in Malaysia. ".....

    What i fail to understand is that why does our goal have to be WINNING THE WORLD CUP ? we need a good team and thats all.... If you look at where the worldcup stands right now.... SriLanka, Newzealand, Australia and S.Africa are all potential winners..... Three of these teams are gonna have a bad day, either in the form of Semi Finals or the Worldcup final...only one will win... but for me...all 4 of them are winners!! .... loosing in semis or the final wont negate the good work that they have already done... This is wat we need to understand...WINNING THE WORLDCUP is the stupidest aim one can set.... pakistani supporters need to grow up... pakistani players need to grow up...and ....i guess...pakistani column writers need to grow up as well!

  • zazz on April 10, 2007, 22:25 GMT

    I think shoaib malik is the best choice. After inzimam he is the only player, who has many times shown his ability to play under pressure. The current form of Younis khan and m. yousaf does not make them good candidates for captaincy. Aaqib javed as bowling coach and Rashid Latif as coach may be better options.

  • Jawad on April 10, 2007, 22:16 GMT

    Well,I think the more burning issue at this time is to worry about our lack of backup resources at the grass root level.The basic fault is that our players are not technically sound to play on green wickets and flourish only on dusty sand pits.Proper coaches should be implemented at first class level and stengthen the PCB cricket academy. A coach will not make a horse out of a donkey and besides test players should be able to function without a coach.If John Buchanan were to be removed from Australia's coaching postion would that make it a poor underperforming unit,certainly not.Ponting would play the way he does and Mcgrath would bowl the way he bowls best.Selecting a captain is a lesser matter.Currently there is no obvious choice as all contenders are rogue and dont have a uniting influence.Probably Pakistan needs a Stephen Fleming who so expertly captains a bunch of very ordinary players but make them a fighting unit.We are devoid of trump cards like wasim,waqar,saeed,saqlain etc and who would come to rescue the team in dire situations.Times have changed and investment should be long term with no immediate goals.Let South Africa drub us in the home series,dont worry about the 20/20 competition,its time to think about the future of Pakistan Cricket. No one has the heart to take another world cup defeat like this.

  • Amit on April 10, 2007, 22:15 GMT

    Bring Wasim Akram back. Like a few of you guys have said, I think Akram should be the bowling coach(or even the main coach). Bring him back, and hope that the fire, the flair and the passion that attracts people like me to become a Pak fan will come back.

  • Atif Naeem - calgary on April 10, 2007, 22:12 GMT

    I think we should bring forward our senior national heroes in the PCBA committee rather than giving authoritative seats to in-power army officers who love to enjoy offcourse having the power but also being under the limelight.

    The evolvement of PCBA towards the giving the seats to senior cricketers sitting in home with true cricketing sense and understanding is much desired - this change if brought would be much healthier for pakistani cricket !! Let me know if you guys agree.

  • Asad on April 10, 2007, 22:06 GMT

    As I mentiond in one of my comments, that these guys are the product of the society in which they grow up.And when was the last time anybody in Pakistan had any respect for authority,foresight,personal responsibility and sense of shame.Like almost everything else has gone down the drain ,cricket is right at the edge.Aiqab was successful with bunch of teen agers,no matter how good he is these are no teenagers.Coach along with the captain needs to work on winnig strategies and understandig the weaknesses of opposing team and individual players.On top of these you need to have specialty coaches in bowling, batting and fielding.And ofcourse physical fitness.After all this indvidual players need to be held responsible for thier performances.In these days of commercialism no matter how much you talk if you don't hit the pocket nothing works.How is this gonna work; 1-Get rid of state handouts.Contract out PCB to a private party,if money is on the line everybody gets in line. 2-Have to have a robust domestic structure to have decent players in the pipeline. 3-Get over the crap that good players are good coaches.(Aiqab was ok bowler.) Does not matter who is coach/captain,its matter of changing the mindset and your whole outlook.But at the present we people as a whole are going exactly in opposite direction.Thats unfortunate but I am an optimist. Asad. USA.

  • Hussain on April 10, 2007, 21:44 GMT

    The main problem with foreign coach is language most Pakistani players can not properly speak English language this creates a communication breakdown between coach and players so it is very important to have coach who can not only understand the culture of Pakistan but also can communicate with players in Urdu.

    Well in this current crop of players, apart from one or two I don’t think anybody is capable of being a good captain. Some players naturally have good cricketing brain, in understanding situations during the match and also making players feel more comfortable in expressing there concerns. If younis khan does not want captaincy then it should not be given to him, instead it should be given to Mohammed hafiz because he is a good batsmen and I believe added responsibility will make him better player. I would like to hear your thoughts about this.

  • Zakir Mahmood on April 10, 2007, 21:39 GMT

    We have seen numerous postings regarding the topic of Pakistan captain. The very issue is not new, however, there is a need for new face. The one name I have not seen mentioned is that of Shoaib Akhtar. He should, at a very minimum, be a consideration.

    The Pakistan team is, understandably, down and out right now. The humiliation is evident. And thus, the need for someone to come in and jolt the team into life – and who better than Shoaib Akhtar. I, for one, believe his appointment as captain will see him transform himself to a totally committed, take no non-sense captain intent on taking care of business. And if the focus is on cricket, and not religious sermons, you need not worry.

    Shoaib Akhtar is a firebrand. If ever, we need one now to lift the team out of the rut, demonstrate passion for the game as a leader, and deliver. For this, he must at least be considered for the spot.

  • Venu on April 10, 2007, 21:17 GMT

    What is Moin Khan doing these days? I always thought he was a fighter and had a great positive attitude in the field. He is the sort of coach a sub-continent team needs.

  • Razi Usman on April 10, 2007, 21:05 GMT

    One perrineal problem of Pakistan cricket is undue praise and accolade heaped on players. Take the example of M yOUSUF everyone in PAKISTAN thinks he is a great player. He made x number of runs in 2006, where on home grounds in irrelevent innings and slow flat tracks or weak oppositions like England. Can anyone give an example of a daring innings by yousuf against heavy odds and quality opposition lik Australia and SA. Infact he ahd been instrumental in a number of defeats in ODI's with his slow batting. Pakistan lost the world cup not by loosing to ireland as any team can slip and have one bad match. The world cup was lost when Yousuf and Inzimam the so called powerhouse OF pak batting could not see the mounting run rate and so meekly surrendered to a weak West indian team. Pkistani fan and especially Commentators shoud understand that greatness comes from performing when it matters and not piling up runs in boring matches in Multan, faisalabad and Banglore.You can kick the butt of statistics easily in your comfort zones but what matters is rising to the occasion when your country needs you. With this token Izi, yousuf and younus are not great players at all. If you need examples look at Kallis. Pollock, Dravid, Ponting, Clark, Symmonds,Haydon. Our players belongs to the club of Sarawans, Chanderpauls,Vaughns, Flintoff ie with fluke performances and disproportionate praise from their countrymen whcih can last a life time

  • RAZA on April 10, 2007, 20:27 GMT

    Captain Shoab Malik Vice-Captain Younis Khan Coach-DAv Wathmore bowling coach Waqar Younis Chief Selector Rashi Latif, selection group Aamir Sohail and Ramiz Raja, all three should be paid and travel to all parts of the country, sindh, punjab, baloch etc etc and the team should be comprised of existing international players, Domestic and Under 19 players, no more razzaq no more afridi no more o recycling of players, fresh blood, whers mansorr amjad, and najaf shah, weres abdul rauf. Its time to start fresh, let DNA stay but the core of management should be whatmore and latif!!!!

  • Syed Muhammad Azmat Shah on April 10, 2007, 20:09 GMT

    New Oneday captain should be Like Ricky Ponting who can lead from the front. Younis Khan should not even be the part of Pakistan Oneday team.I hope and pray to Almighty ALLAH that he isnt made the captain of Pakistan Team in onedayers.I love his batting in Test Matches, but hate him in onedayers.Each time i hear people saying that Younis Khan is going to be Pak's oneday captain, i just start shivering .Please Mr PCB chairman, dont even think of even including Younis in Oneday team.We lost this worldcup only because of Younis. A onedown postion is a key one, and there he faultered on both ocations.Please younis if you have some sense and loyality for this Nation, then retire from One day cricket.

  • Pakistan fan on April 10, 2007, 20:00 GMT

    Inzamam's latest comments that WC would have been called off elswhere shows his ignorance, lack of knoweldge and poor educational background. The WC and similar events are planned years in advnce and is administered and run by the same body where ever the event is organised. There is too mcuh at stake fincially and otherwise to call off an event after a death however tragic it may be. If inzamam cared to read how Olympics 72 carried on after masscre of Israeli sportsman. The show must and should go on is the international battle cry. Pakistan team shoud get out of the lethargy , ignorance and wearing their religion on their sleeve. Bringing ALLAH in to every match and offering sijdas after a century looks extremly ridiculous.The cricket team should appear a happy determined bucnh of players who can enjoy themselves and show guts and fighting qualities. controlled aggression when needed and be aware of the world around them.

  • raza on April 10, 2007, 19:56 GMT

    It is high time PCB realize that they are running a cricket organization not a religious madras. I had mentioned in my last letter to that it looks that you have to pass the madras test before you are selected in cricket team, and now people like you are suggesting names like Shahid Afridi for captaincy, this is totally unreal, do you seriously think that he deserves to be in the team, forget about the captaincy, with thinking like this and cricket writers like you soon Pakistan cricket team will be relegated to non test playing team. Ex Pakistan cricket fan

  • Tay'yab-Ali on April 10, 2007, 19:36 GMT

    Both Afridi & Malik are ideal canditates, but can they command a regular test spot?

    PCB must appoint two captains;as no individual is is suitable to lead the side in both forms of the game.

  • Zarak Khan on April 10, 2007, 19:05 GMT

    Sarfaraz Nawaz should be the next coach. He goes against the grain in everything he does. Therefore, I believe he will be extremely successful because he will undo everything the current PCB and their sycophants stand for.

    Imran Khan should be persuaded to give up politics and take over as PCB chairman while continuing his Shaukat Khanum Cancer hospital project. Nasim Ashraf should be deported back to the USA from Pakistan on a PIA flight economy class.

    Except for Mohd Asif and Salman Butt the entire Pakistan team should be disbanded. The new team and captain should be selected based on the 2006/2007 domestic cricket performances.

  • Ghalib Taimur on April 10, 2007, 18:44 GMT

    I dont know why guys like Malik and Afridi are being considered as captain.Both these guys dont even justify their place in the team.These guys are just subcontinent players or as Rameez Raja calls them flat track bullies.We need to build a team tht can win in any conditions which is where we require batsmen with gud technique and the only thing the board has to do is give them time to establish themself and gain experience.For captain my choice wud go to Salman Butt.Firstly cuz he is well-educated and can easily command repect of other and i think will be a sep in the right direction for the future.Younis is gud but does he deserve a starting lineup in the ODI team?His form in ODIs isnt great and Pakistan wud rather try sum1 else in tht position.The selectors have got to be prepared to take risks and thts why id want Aamir Sohail to become selector.He did a great job after the 2003 debacle and hes got another one on his hand here.I also think selection shud be a paid job and selectors shud personally go out and search for talent rather than juss looking at statistics.I think apart frem Aaquib Pakistan require a batting coach cuz tht department is weak.I thought Mushtaq Mohd made a gud coach..Also a fielding coach long term is needed.

  • JAVED A. KHAN, MONTREAL, CANADA on April 10, 2007, 18:24 GMT

    It cannot be a coincidence that Osman Samiuddin also writes an article on cricinfo immediately after Kamran Abbassi on coach and captain selection. Ref. his article dated April 10, 2007. He quoted Nasim Ashraf addressing the press: "We don't want to take any decisions in haste." It goes to prove that Nasim Ashraf has either been reading or referring to Kamran Abbassi's point number 10 on this thread. This is a good sign. But, that is not a holy word from the Gospel. That man can change, twist and turn his words and statements by 180 degrees. Just a few days ago he said, there will be no foreign coach and now he is saying Pakistan will not rule out the possibility of hiring a foreign coach! What was the need for that "hasty" comment?

    Once again it cannot be a coincidence that Osman Samiuddin is also using the same photo of Aquib Javed as Kamran and he has hinted that, "Aaqib, who has expressed his interest in the job and has the support of Imran Khan, is also the preferred choice of the chairman." So, he is a strong contender that means a decision is already there in case of selecting a local coach and, Aaquib is the blue eyed boy. But, I would certainly approve of him over Intikhab Alam any day to be the coach of Pakistan team.

    As regards the post of Captain, strange enough that Osman Samiuddin did not even mention the name of Shahid Afridi, but recommending Salman Butt to be the Captain! Its like talking about the museum of a non-existent person. That poor guy is out of the team for the last one year and suddenly he is considered for the post of a captain? He is too young and not ready for the job. As regards Shoaib Malik, no way! And people make me laugh when they recommend the lost soul, Abdul Razzaq to be the Captain. I wonder what the mystery was about his injury just before the world cup and where is he now?

    Selection Committee: If arrogant and brainless people like Amir Sohail - the slow motion commentator - is included in the selection committee then one may expect anything to happen. As regards other members, I have no clue about Salahuddin Ahmad's cameo role in Pakistan cricket. I have only read a few articles that he wrote, which imo leads to controversies and regionalism. Salim Jaffar, I remember him bowling the dreadful last over in the World Cup match in Lahore against Australia and Steve Waugh hammered 19 runs of that over and that was the exact number of runs by which Pakistan lost that match. Never heard of Salim Jaffar after that until now. So, he is back after his visit to the Mars? Shoaib Mohammad seems to be fine decent person besides, he is also very calm and composed. Naushad Ali has certainly past the age of retirement for that post.

  • Hassan on April 10, 2007, 18:07 GMT

    Instead of selecting coach, captain and selection committee, the ad-hoc committee needs to come up with proper constitution that gets approved by Pakistan senate and national assembly. And then based on that needs to hold elections to get PCB officials and so on.

  • Waqar on April 10, 2007, 18:03 GMT

    I'm sorry Kamran, but Shahid Afridi doesn't merit being labelled an intriguing option. We don't need a captain who is a hit or miss, somebody who flatters to deceive most times he's out in the middle with the bat. Going with him in a way actually promotes flair over consistency in my opinion.

    At this point I don't think there are lots of choices aside from Malik or Younis.

  • outspoken on April 10, 2007, 17:19 GMT

    Well Kamran, what you are asking for is exactly what you will not get in Pakistani cricket. Remember that Pakistan is a hierarchial society. The eldest and most experienced has the last word and advice of the younger are not considered. I doubt if someone like Shoaib Malik, Afridi and Butt have got the heads to manage players like Inzi, Yousuf, Akhter and Younis. Can you even imagine someone like Malik or Butt giving Inzi a piece of their mind on a dropped catch or rash shot.

    If that cannot happen, then they cannot be captains. Unfortunately Pakistan does not as a nation nurture leaders. Leaders in our country are born as result fo consequnce like Inzi. Neither are we South Africa nor our players are professionals to accept correction from a junior player. Malik, Afridi and Butt should be made vice-captain to the only obvious choice for captaincy which is Younis Khan. Making anyone else captain will be even gloomier than this guy whose place in the one-day side is questionable at best.

    As far as a coach is concerned. Pakistan needs not a coach but a psychologist, trainer, coach, doctor and friend in one. That we cannot have so whoever is made the coach (other than superman) is bound to fail. You need players who will listen, put doen their egos, and players who know the concept of team work to make a coaching strategy a success. Aqib us unproven at the senior level, he hasn'r even lead Pakistan in his days I doubt if he will be able to build any rapport with the players, many of whom are just a few years younger than him.

    i predict many years of turmoil in Pakistani crciket until changes are made where they are needed the most, at the junior level. Coaching has to be improved at junior levels where a culture of team work and listening to the coach has to be grown. Potential leaders should be identified and not only coach for cricket but most importantly in man management for being future captains.

    Any changes to the current national tram set up will do nothing and can be termed nothing more than cosmetic changes.

  • aamer javed on April 10, 2007, 16:54 GMT

    i have not read all of the comments posted above but why do we associate younis khan's success as a captain to just those 2-3 matches he was captain in? Most of us say we are not consistent in our opening pair selection to give them time etc etc, well its not that Younis captained the team for a full year, so judging his success as a captain on those 2-3 champions trophy matches. Now, that being said i still think the new captain should be someone less then 25 of age. Afridi seem too pathan for this jo with his temper so shoaib (i think) would be a wiser choice. But as someone said above, we cannot run any organization in this country, so i am going to keep my fingers crossed.

  • azeem on April 10, 2007, 16:52 GMT

    This is my view on this; Head coach;aqib javed Captain; Shoaib malik or Razaq for captain and vice captain. bowling coach; waqar younis

    We need to get coaches for each department. Also what most people are ignoring is that while changing the team, we have to also change the picthes we play on at home.I suggest the PCB follow what the BCCI is planning to do and make cricket a tougher sport to play in.

  • Nash.. on April 10, 2007, 16:51 GMT

    i liked the words "lazy preparations" , "fearfulness" and "cerebral vacancy".. so much inzii... good he's gone!! Kamran.. u are so true about pakistan cricket.. i think u shud be made the chairman of PCB!!

  • Shuja Haque on April 10, 2007, 16:38 GMT

    We need to make long-term investments and radical changes in our infrastructure. This means cutting down on the number of teams playing first class cricket, i.e. something like Australia.

    We need sporting wickets; India has already taken the lead in this. I read somewhere in one of Nasim Ashraf's early comments following the Ireland defeat that he was investing several million dollars in relaying bouncy wickets and that he had sought expertise from South Africa?

    By the way several of us who watch MLB in the USA have been saying this for several years (before this blog came into existence) that Pakistan need a baseball coach to help Pakistan with fielding.

    I watched both Mudassir Nazar and Aquib Javed on Geo's "Bolain kya baat hai" - and Aquib appeared streets ahead of Mudassir in his ability to articulately describe his views. Mudassir struggled to answer simple questions and got tripped by his own reasoning at times. Aquib appears to be the most logical choice from what is on offer from within Pakistan since we are not going to hire a foreign coach at this time.

    Yunus Khan appears to be the least complicated choice for captain as most of the other names suggested are wild picks given the need for stability in rebuilding Pakistan over the next few years. In this respect Salman Butt or even Hasan Raza or another youngster with leadership qualities may not be a bad choice as Vice-Captain someone to be groomed for the future.

    And finally we need a board that is not adhoc and has the mechanisms and the system in place to analyze and process both our setbacks and our future strategy for putting together a vibrant Pakistan team.

  • Amir Hameed on April 10, 2007, 16:36 GMT

    Javed Miandad has been given multiple chances to coach the national side in the past but he was unable to deliver and therefore, in my opinion, does not deserve to get the coach's job. He was an excellent batsman and improviser of the game but that alone does not qualify him as a coach. I believe that one of the traits of a coach should be personality which Miandad lacks. I would prefer Aqib or Mudassar over all the other coaching candidates. One of the requirements for a captain should be that he has a permanent position in the team. Shahid Afridi has not been able to reatin a permanent position in the team so far. Let's admit that he is not a test class batsman. On the tour to WI last year when Younis was captain for one test match while Inzy was serving an ICC ban, Shahid Afridi gave a hard time to Younis and Inzy also sided with him (Afridi). I am not sure what qualifies Afridi as a captain.

  • Furhad Yaqubian on April 10, 2007, 16:28 GMT

    I agreee with your assessment. I would opt for Intikhab Alam as the Manager, Rashid Latif as coach with Zaheer Abbas as the batting coach (only). I would recommend Aqib Javed and Waqar Yonuis as the bowling coaches with Intikhab Alam coaching the spinners.

    The captain should be Shoaib Malik as he is currently the most intelligent cricketer in the team. You have to bring back Salman Butt, Yasir Hameed, Imran Farhat, Hassan Reza and Asim Kamal. The " higly talented " but " non - productive " Younus Khan must be made to justify his continued presence in the team.

    All is not lost - despite the doom and gloom! If one plans properly the future can be bright. Inzi, Rana Naveed and Azhar Mahmood should be made to retire - not to be seen again. Md. Yousuf should be told to shave and appear like a cricketer instead of his Talibanesque like appearance on the field. We do remember not too long ago when he came into bat, his " In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost routine" and so it should NOT be too difficult to tell him - religion is private and personal and should NOT be flaunted on the field. This principle should also be applied to the rest of the team. The team selection should be based on cricketing ability ALONE and NOT on how many rakats of namaz and dooas one reads! The " paindoos " of the team should be encouraged to take up another profession and/or go Afghanistan where they can link up with their brethren and serve the cause of Allah - United States and coalition forces notwithstanding!

    To me the future is bright and Pakistan deserves to bounce back to the top of the criketing ladder in World cricket - provided some tough decisions are taken NOW.

    I would also obtain the services of PT and drill instuctors of the Pakistan Army from Kakul and drill these cricketers the way new Pakistan Army recruits are treated ( meaning extensive physical fitness routines and extensive batting/bowling and fielding practice until they are whipped into shape - no holds barred ). With this basic but much needed methodology - the Pakistan team can then take on the best. We owe this to the memory of Bob Woolmer and above all to the cricket loving people of Pakistan. Best Wishes Pakistan!

    Furhad Yaqubian Toronto, Canada.

  • Abdul, Bristol, england on April 10, 2007, 16:25 GMT

    Dear Mr. Abbasi With regard to your 3rd point, you along with your other media colleagues e.g. Pervez Mir, Rashid Latif, seem intent on highlighting some obscure idea that the religious piety of the team is what led to their downfall, and was a means of the players losing their focus. I find this thought absolutely absurd. Becoming more religious has actually allowed them to focus more, a point which was expressed by Inzamam, Afridi, and other cricketers who i have heard speak on the matter. Individuals like yourself do not complain about religious beliefs when we beat England at home, or draw with India away, but as soon as we perform poorly in the world cup, your limited memory leads you to blaming religious beliefs as the reason for failure. I would like to point out that since religious beliefs have been more common practice in the Pakistan team, topics such as match-fixing, team in-fighting have become less prevalent. Ok, i accept they haven't gone away, but you cannot deny they are less common than before. And with regard to people being 'ostracised or made uncomfortable for not being as pious as the most pious member of the team', i think you should perhaps take a wider view first before stumbling on such a conclusion. Individuals who were ostracised from the team include Shoaib Akhtar, who was not ostracised at all because of his lack of piety, but because of his behaviour and lack of respect towards others. And to further disprove your point, players such as Younis Khan are not amongst the most pious player, yet he is still as respected and as integral as Mohammad Yousuf. Hence, to conclude, i would like you to understand that performance and religion have no correlation whatsoever. And as for religion being a 'private matter', well, muslim men read together, in groups, so for a group of men to not pray in a group and perform the prayers individually, would be quite odd. Hence, rather than it being the public spectacle you see it as, it is a merely due to purposes of convenience. Look wider than religion as a reason for poor performance; our batsmen cannot play balls above stump height or swinging deliveries, our bowlers have pace with limited control, and our fielding is a shambles. Cricket is cricket, not religion.

  • Jawad Abbasi on April 10, 2007, 16:17 GMT

    Choosing a captain for the Pakistan team has always been a perplexing task for the board. In a board room where seniority is opted as a criteria for a captain, the PCB has failed to give results. The guiding role of a captain is necessary on the cricket field and only a man of great merit should be able to attain this position. Ideally, a captain should be well versed in the workings of the "science of cricket" and also possess exceptional cricketing skill. I am sorry to say, no such player exists in the Pakistan team at this time. Younis Khan, and many other potential players are great on the field SOMETIMES, but they lack consistency. Those quick fielding decisions and batting order changes sometimes determine the outcome of a match. We learned from the likes of Inzamam that he is the type of captain we DON'T want again. At this point in time, I cannot come to find a captain that fits my criteria, but hey, that's just me. However, behind a captain and a great team, lies an even better coach. Bob Woolmer was brilliant, but we need something better. Someone who can communicate effectively, withstand the external pressures of Pakistan cricket and someone who will fight till the end. This someone, I believe, is our very own 1992 World Cup winner, Imran Khan. Some may be shocked at why I say this , but who better than a living legend like Imran Khan, maybe assisted by Waqar Younis, Wasim Akram and Aqib Javed as extra bowling coaches? This coaching team would be a dominant force, and could perhaps lead the Pakistan team back on the path of victory in the future.

  • Muhammad Adeel Suhail on April 10, 2007, 16:10 GMT

    AOA People

    Everyone posting their views about pakistan cricket which is under the cloud of Match fixing alegations, for those people who favours Wasim akram as a coach, shoaib malik as a captain, hahahah its really funny people waisting their time in posting these type of opions, Wasim is banned by justice Quyyum, and according my my releiable resources Shoaib Malik also involve in the match fixer bookies, so it cant be possible is there is an chances that shoaib will be appointed as a captain, for the people who favours shahid afridi, its really shame for pakistan cricket that player like shahid will be appointed for captaincy, the people who hate younis khan, they are fool, they dont who about cricket, he is the most fit player in the team, and the coach like javed maindad, he is the best in this business, no one honest like him, so i always favours these two people for building the pakistan cricket. if these people will be appointed inshallah, you will see............. this is time to make changes and build pakistani time.

  • Day_tripper on April 10, 2007, 16:02 GMT

    bismillah irakhman nirahim. First of all thxz to Allah. We perform bad in world cup. Youngsters under pressure, also they not prayz with me five times, only three time they prayz. Inshallah, we have good 11 muslims for next squad who prayz five times.

  • Anjum Niaz on April 10, 2007, 15:58 GMT

    Like the false past glories of out ancestors, Kamran sahib has made the the 80s and 90s as the glory days of out national team. Infact, the 1992 win was an overachievment and not deserved. Pakistan has never beaten a worthy opponent out side the country.The only consistent achievment was wins over india which come to think of is not a big deal as bangladesh team showed recently. On grounds of skill, athleticism, sportsmanship and character, our teams have always counted at the bottom rug like our country Pakistan which sits on a comfortable 134 on the list of most corrups and out of character nations. Change of captain, players, president or map of pakistan will not change a thing, it is highly unlikely that pakistan will ever win another world cup in cricket. As far as talent is concerned, I assert that every ethiopeans have alot of cricket talent, but of what use is it if not nurtured procalimation of abundunt talent is not more than a rhetorical bull. So every one lower your expectations, enjoy the game between all and any team, watch cricket and not worship only your team. Lack of planning, success, skill, effort and sense of direction in cricket is only a mirror that shows you the real image of our entire nation and its not a pretty picture. cheers

  • shakaib on April 10, 2007, 15:58 GMT

    i am extremely shocked by your first 3 comments: 1-Inzamam was a wonderful choice when he was made a captain. He lifted a team which had lost to zimababwe and were eunderdogs when he took the team to india and actually the team rose to number 3. He was a great captain and one world cup fiasco cannot write all that off. Think sensibly. Religion has nothing to do with the team not performing well and rather pegged the outrageoud players down to a certain routine, so wont buy P J Mir's crazy comments which have been widely criticised by most of the people. Same "religious" team has performed very well. I being a muslim have taken some of the most difficult exams while fasting, so i know that religion gives you strength and does not make you weak.

  • Khalil on April 10, 2007, 15:40 GMT

    I think the real issue to be addressed is the lack of professionalism within the Pakistani team. There are plenty of examples where the team have been up "partying" before crucial matches. Its not that they shouldn't be allowed to let their hair down - but there is a time and place. They also show a complete lack of discipline at times - and seem focussed on showing off individual talents rather than acting as a team. All the comments about having a manager in tune with current practices are very valid.

  • Feroz Faisal Dawson on April 10, 2007, 15:36 GMT

    I am a Malaysian who has been supporting Pakistan since 1981, when I was 15. I supported Pakistan instead of India because I was an opening bowler. I would just like to say that I don't trust the Pakistani Team and game anymore, officials and players alike. Even if Pakistan won the next 10 Test Series I still would not trust them. The only players that I have any sympathy for are Inzamam and Yousuf, they have carried this team since 99. I cannot believe anyone in their right mind would suggest Younis Khan as the next Captain. When this entire team is replaced by bad form or age, then only can I see any hope for Pakistan Cricket. So in 6 or 7 years then maybe I will start taking Pakistan seriously again, and that only if you are lucky with the new batch of players, they can be corrupted too, as we have just been reminded in the most horrible manner. I truly wish Pakistan all the best of luck, and I hope they can still beat India wherever and whenever. If the Pakistan players had an ounce of conscience they would have done the right thing and retired from International cricket. The PCB cannot control the bookies, nor can President Musharraf. Yet England, N.Zealand and Australia continue to play to the ethics critical to the raison d'etre of the game. The game in Pakistan has lost all meaning, and that is a small tragedy in the context of the history of Cricket.

  • Hasan Jafar on April 10, 2007, 15:34 GMT

    Shahid Afridi is not good enough a player to be selected for the Pakistan Test team - so his captaincy is a moot point. I have no problem with Shahid Afridi playing in the One Day side. ODIs are so unpredictable that a player like Afridi who can bowl reasonably well and sometimes bat too can be accomodated in the team as a gamble. I am writing here to voice my concern about making Afridi the captain - he is a club level player at best.

  • nav on April 10, 2007, 15:33 GMT

    Religion for me is not a concern and neither is having any coach other than Javed Miandad. As everyone seems to forget with all this match fixing the main person who's keeps gettting blamed for fixing games is Dawhood Ibrahim not forgetting that Javeed Miandad's son is married to his daughter, so on this basis he should not get the job as any loss will always be speculated as a game that was fixed as Miandad is close (speculation) to the D MAN himself

  • Ali Ahad on April 10, 2007, 15:32 GMT

    I think the new captain either Yousuf or Afridi and the role for the vice captain can be filled by either Malik or Razzaq. For the coach you need someone who knows man management. I know Pakistan produce great players but a great player cannot be a great coach. I would either bring in Dav Whatmore, Asif Iqbal, John Dyson or Mushtaq Mohammad because they are pretty good in man management. Also, bring in bowling coach, either one of the two W's will be the best fit. We have tried Waqar before I will stick with him and a psychologist to make the team mentally strong. Lastly, give authority to both coach and the coach to make the final strategy before the games.

  • Amyn Habib on April 10, 2007, 15:28 GMT

    In some sense, perhaps, Pakistan cricket fans have the team they deserve.

    One would think that it would be obvious even to the meanest intelligence, even to a five year old child with water on its brain, that the Captain should be a high quality player, exude high standards of professionalism, confidence, an ability to perform under pressure and leadership.

    Let us now examine the proposal to make Afridi the Captain. Well born and well connected, true, but alas with no cricketing talent. Among the mighty one’s great strengths are the ability to score a 50 about every 20 times he bats, a complete inability to bat under pressure, and average bowling skills.

    And what high standards of maturity and professionalism he has exhibited. True he swung his bat at a spectator, but he showed great restraint and did not actually hit him! (that’s a really good one). His remarkable insights on how the ball needs to be worked, his retirement tantrum, all of these indicate the maturity and professionalism one looks for in a great captain.

    Pakistan Cricket is really mysterious. You may thought things could hardly get any worse, but you are wrong. Yes, indeed. Let us gamble a little and crown the village idiot the king. And while we are at it, may be we should make his Sugardaddy Wasim Bari, the major architect of this mediocre team over the last decade the Chief of PCB! Let the celebrations begin!

  • WALEED on April 10, 2007, 15:22 GMT

    hey guys .....i dont think that afridi can be an odi captain but he can be a 20/20 captain.........for ODIS plzzz choose a captain lke grame smith ,who is young and n excellent player with good ideas.........why not try mohammad asif for that.........or fawad alam the best player of the 20/20 world cup.......

  • Aqif on April 10, 2007, 14:56 GMT

    1) Shoaib Malik for captain. Younis lost his chance, yousufs way too soft and afridi is a time bomb with the timer gone wrong. I cant understand why would anyone say that Yousuf needs to be captain because he is our best batsmen. errr..mm what?! 2) I am afraid I feel a racist/discriminatory tinge in everyones entry here. The team needs to focus on cricket, thats what they are supposed to do, true. Whether they pray combined in flights or not is their choice. Similarly, to keep a beard is Yousufs choice and I dont think anyone here has the right to say he cant be captain because he is over religious. (some one mentioned that too about Afridi). To start a sentence with Bismillah was Inzis choice and no one has the right to taunt that. This blog is becoming just as polarised as Pakistan is. Anti and pro religion. Lets rise above this matter with intellect not racism tainted gibberish.

  • yousaf on April 10, 2007, 14:54 GMT

    In regards to the future of pakistan cricket and the inability to paly on green wickets. My suggestion is that you open up an academy for the U17's and you base that academy in either the UK, Australia or South Africa. You nuture the the talent there and then after 3/4 years along the lines you will have batsmen who are atuned to palying on green seaming wickets and there will not be all this huff n puff that we cant paly on green wickets............ Enough said and before i go I think Inzi should be made the captain of the National Gulli Danda team...............

  • Ashaq on April 10, 2007, 14:43 GMT


    The issue that religion and sport should not mix keeps coming up.

    I remember a similar debate taking place among Boxing afficianados. Several years ago.

    Now Boxers being an extremely religious bunch it was never seen as a problem traditionally. You had guys like Evander Holyfield entering the ring to gospel music. Many boxers having verses of the bible written on there shorts. Still others with the Crucifix and images of Jesus Christ and virgin mary tatooed on there bodies.We had others such as Trevor Berbick, Bonecrusher Smith,George Foreman Who had become ordained Christian Ministers Whilst still competing in the ring.

    In boxing publications you would have and still do Stories and Interviews with Boxers. About how they had been saved by Jesus from a life time of crime, gang violence, drug abuse e.t.c.

    The Boxing Journalists would wax lyrical about the upright Christian Fighter. Evander Holyfields Victories would have headlines such as 'Christian Warrior Emerges Victorious'or 'Christian Crusader Triumphs again' e.t.c.

    Now none of these Boxing Journalists seemed to have a problem with the mixture of religion and boxing. Indeed it made good copy.

    Suddenly you had a young Prize fighter from Sheffield England off Yemeni origin. Called Naseem Hamed. Who started Playing the Azaan before entering the ring. Who would recite the Kalima before his Postfight interview. He would get on the ropes after every Victory and shout Allahu Akbar.

    All of a sudden we had these respected journalists stating "sport and religion shouldnt mix." "Religion should be a Private affair." "Naseem Hamed over does this religion thing."

    You had the letters pages of Boxing Publications filled with angry and incensed boxing fans.About the overt displays of religion by Naseem Hamed.

    Indeed Post september 11 we had the Editor of a leading boxing publications stating that Naseem Hamed, Should not fight in the United States again. Because this would be offensive to the American public. A ridiculous assertion considering the fact that Naseem Hamed was neither a member of Al Qaida nor behind the 9/11 attacks. He was secular in appearance spoke with a yorkshire accent. You certainly wouldnt describe him as overtly religious in his private lifestyle either.

    How ever Naseem Hamed went into virtual retirement. Now the same Journalists who were saying sport and religion shouldnt mix.Religion should be a private affair. Are once again writing stories about the Devout Christian fighter saved by his faith from a life off crime e.t.c. We have Journalists waxing lyrical about Dmitry Salita an orthodox Jewish fighter from New York.Who refuses to Fight on the Sabbath. They talk about the great spirit and faith of Ebo Elder a Born Again Christian Who gets on his Knees and Prays Between Rounds. During rounds he shouts at his Opponents "Jesus Loves You".

    NO sir sport and religion mixing was never a problem for these Journalists. What they really meant was that ISLAM AND SPORT SHOULDNT MIX.

    Now to see such blatant hypocrisy and double standards being displayed by journalists and fans in the west is not surprising.

    What I do find surprising is such hatred towards Islam being displayed by Muslims.According to these people Pakistan did not lose in the world cup due to a lack of professionalism, wrong strategy, wrong team selection e.t.c. They only lost because we had guys with beards,who prayed 5 times a day.

    I think Muslims should get over this Inferiority complex. Indeed we should state that we are neither extremists nor terrorists how ever were muslim and we are proud. If the western media dont like it they can get stuffed.

  • Sohaib on April 10, 2007, 14:37 GMT

    no better candidate then Afridi

  • Andrew on April 10, 2007, 14:34 GMT

    You cant have players as captain that arent assured of a place in the team. Everyone is saying Malik but he isnt good enough as a batsmen or a bowler. They have the talent, they have to work harder as the Sri Lankans do. They need to stop changing teams all the time. Otherwise they will never have suitable players to become captain. Younis is the next best option and Aaqib should be made coach. Discipline should be the key word.

  • nasir on April 10, 2007, 14:33 GMT

    No changes will make any difference to Pakistani cricket unless we undergo a mental change as a nation. Look around us which institution is working in Pakistan?

    How can we expect cricket to be any different. You can bring in any coach, change the captain do what you want, nothing will change. Pakistan will continue to be inconsistent and fail to win against the mightier nations.

  • Reehan on April 10, 2007, 14:26 GMT

    The brilliant on one day and useless on the next Shahid Afridi should be the next pak capt. He most properly represents the best and worst of pak cricket. He is moody, ill disciplined and on his day like this pak team downright brilliant. Granted he would lose more matches then he would win but the ones he would win would be lit by the fire of his brilliance. The guy is the personal emboidment of pak cricket. Forget coaches( respect to Bob tho!), modern tactics and fielding. The pak team was never any good at them. We need a fearless leader with mojo and Afridi is the phoneix which can arise from pak's current debacle. No doubt he will lead them to newer ones but for sheer entertainment value I wish they would give him a shot. Coaches have no place in pak cricket since the players do not take notice of them. Bob was the best coach out there and the players still played up to their reps of being unpredictable. There was a lot going on around the pak camp, with Hair, durgs etc but the players have historically only ever responded to dictators( a bit like the country!) - eg the Great Khan. Could Afridi be the next one?

  • Ammar Khan on April 10, 2007, 14:21 GMT


    This is disgracedul how people are HIGHLIGHTING RELIGION as a PROBLEM in the TEAM and why M.Yousuf shouldnt be captain, purely because they LOST, come on look at the THE REAL REASONS for the defeats.

    1) It was on the cards for a while, the whole CUP was a debacle with the way SHOAIB AND ASIF issue, they should have been LEFT BANNED. It was clear that the PCB hierachy felt we won't win wihout them.

    2) Team Selection (Dropping Hameed, Abdur Rehman, Butt and picking Nazir (OK he clikced after they lost), Kaneira etc.)

    3) Fitness and BASICS (feilding, running between wickets.)

    4) LACK of MENTAL STRENGHT, IRELAND had NZ and SAF in trouble in the matches they played, from memory SAF were 8-98 and NZ 7-135. Now as a i recall Kamran Akmal and Azhar Mahmood were going okay until both played the same HORRIFIC (pull shot). END of story those two don't get mentioned anywhere criticially.

    5) We need to hang the real culprits and not INZI as this is the easy way out (LETS remember he did a lot if you look at where we were when he took over and where he took us too, I accept the WC was bad).

    The solution lies in establishing a COMPETITIVE DOMESTIC CRICKET CULTURE and not the current farce, theres no use tryiyng to treat the branches of a tree when the problem is in the roots.

  • Lala from USA on April 10, 2007, 14:13 GMT

    Kamran Sahab, I woke up 4.30 in the morning US central time (Texas), read your blog and spent time in writing a long comment about Shoaib Akhtar as the new Pakistani captain. Disappointing to see that you posted several other comments since then except mine. You may not like Shaib Akhtar but these are one cricket fan comments from USA who spent $200 to watch cricket world cup live on TV, drove several hours to Dallas to watch Pakistan/West Indies match live in the Funasia movie theater and was so disappointed to see Pakistan loose in the first round. Please be fair and publish my comments even if these may not be of your liking! Lala

  • Taha on April 10, 2007, 14:04 GMT

    A great job in narrowing down the predicaments Pakistan Cricket is in right now. However, I'd like to add that choosing a leader is not an easy task. I believe everyone wants a leader than can produce results and Imran Khan has been the prime example. Nonetheless, he has been the only role model as a leader for Pakistan Cricket. Has anyone ever wonder what was Imran Khan's secret?

    1. He lead by example: Made his way into the team as a bowler and gradually become one of the most effective allrounder in the world. He worked hard, gave more than just 100 percent on the field and proved he was the complete athelete. This is the most effective way to be a great leader because you have nothing more than your credibility as a cricketer on the line.

    2. Imran Khan was the 'Go to guy': From the two great W's to the former captain of Pakistan, everyone still praise him because he would be the one with the most effective advice on the field. Nonetheless, the still gets praises because if you had a problem, he had answers.

    3. A great motivator: As we have seen in recent times, a captain's attitude towards the game sums up his team's effort on the field. A great leader not only manages the team but also encourages the team to try harder and think in a 'can-do' state of mind i.e. play positive because the game is not over until either the last ball has been bowled or your team has gotten all out. Therefore, you the tale of the 'CORNERED TIGERS".

    Furthermore, the ability to recognize talent is an added skill, however, its not a must.

  • zeeshan raza on April 10, 2007, 13:59 GMT

    PCB should listen to the former captian Imran Khan, who was the founder of 1992 world cup squad....PCB needs to listen him because he is sincere and doesn't need glamorous PCB salary packages..or no authority,he is loyal to country ...Inzimam made a stupid mistake and he never listened to Imran Khan's advises... Any way we need two coaches ...one bowling coach will be Aaqib javed as Imran Khan recommended him as well...and his coaching record for Pakistan Under19 is awesome...and please appoint Zaheer Abbas as abatting coach..he has good record in test and one day ... Zaheer Abbass has average of 46 in Oneday and awesome batting record...Nasim Ashraf PCB CEO has said somewhere that he wanted to appoint some American Baseball coach for Pakistani cricket team ... I think it will b good as well....Pakistan need two teams different for one day and test....one day must be full of youngsters and captain have to be some young cricketer...like Shoib Malik or Afridi...and make younis khan for test cricket captain...team must have a discipline like Australian teams...but these all discussions are useless because no one is going to listen us...May ALLAH help Pakistan and everything happening out there

  • mustafa hasan on April 10, 2007, 13:50 GMT

    After all is said and done what happens when they go out to the next world cup and bomb out again? Remember what "ALLAH WILLS HE DOES" in every aspect of life all we humans can do is try. And this team tried too. Furthermore, records aside! I would rather have 11 - Shahid Afridi's in my team than a whole bunch of pussies wagging their tails. Because when Afridi walks to the pitch the opposition knees are shaking and they are trying to get him out quickly whereas when others walk to the pitch their own knees are shaking. "Attitude is everything" if there is a way to teach that than any team can become dangerous and world beaters. It has to come from within no matter how much you change the setup the system etc. etc no one else can perform for you once you are on the ground. Good luck to all. MAH.

  • J Ahmad on April 10, 2007, 13:44 GMT

    Good one Kamran! Very valid points indeed. I would like to second Mr. Ejaz Mahmood's post. Apart from Hafeex at number 6. I don't think a BATSMAN with an average of 18 odd commands a number 6 slot. Better get in a genuine batsman.

    Afridi to Captain as i've mentioned a few times earlier on your blog. Everything in Pak cricket has been on Adhoc basis. We have never thought of nurturing a captain. There can be no better example than Waugh-Ponting. Just look at Ponting's captaincy record. The guy hasn't lost a single World Cup match.

    Anyway, with a captain like Afridi, we need another 20 something youngster to be his deputy. I don't care what their DOB says but Razzaq, Malik and Rana are definitely NOT 20 something. Someone like Salman Butt could be a candidate or even Imran Farhat or even Imran Nazir. Nazir has had some captaincy experience in the past.

    And please tell the players what their main job is. It's to win matches for Pakistan. Tableegh can be left to the appropriate people. Loosing and saying "It was all God's will" is not right if you don't put the effort in the first place.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEhblFiZI4w The video highlites the problems we are facing in a comical way.

    Yousaf and Younus should concentrate on their batting and try to stabalize the order.

    And please get those quicks from the under 19 WC winning squad and through them at the deep end. At least they don't have fitness issues, crocked elbows or drug problems.

  • Khalid Arif Siddiqui, Jeddah - Saudi Arabia on April 10, 2007, 13:32 GMT

    I personally feel that the board should fix priority and then start working according to it. Naming a captain now should not be the priority, firstly we must decide regarding the sellection committee, then finalize the coach's appointment and after these steps we should get inputs from the sellection committee and the coach regarding the most suitable candidate. It could be some one who might be different than what everybody is thinking or maybe any one from the three that you have mentioned, but naming a captain now dosent seem to be important at this point in time.

    As regards the educatiopn level of our current lot, I totally agree with you that it is really very very low and this is one main reason for their inability to learn. For instance Inzamam who has been p[laying International cricket for the last 18 years and yet he cannot speak English and to add to this he even cannot speak properly in Urdu when faced by the press. This really has to do with the lack of learning desire and low level of education that he posseses, so is the acse with almost all our cricketers barring a few like Salman Butt, Imran Farhat, Asim Kemal....they are so few that you can count them on your fingers. I would therefore suggest to the board that they should pick talented young cricketers and arrange some sort of scholarship for them so that they can carry out their studies as well and also devote time to learning the art of cricket. This is the only way that we can upgrade the level of education amongst our cricketers.

    Now coming to the appointment of Coach, this is also a very important matter and the board has to seriously look into it. I personally feel that we should have a foriegn coach untill the time that we have sufficent number of qualified local coaches. Mentioning Intekhab and others is really foolish as Intekhab was nothing more that an exective messue of the team while Imran was calling all shots and it was only due to Imran that our team was doing well and not because of the coach so we should just stop taking about him. Aqib is a good choice but he too is a soft guy and we do not need another soft guy for we have seen how Woolmer failed only because of being soft. What we need is a character like Greg Chappel or Dave Whatmore ar maybe some one like Boycott with Waqar younis as their assistant coach. If we appoint a local coach who is not qualified than the same thing will happen as in the days of past local coaches who lacked the technical knowledge professional coaching. I would like to quote here what Greg Chappel recently said about Indian Cricket " You cant be like Australia if you work like Zimbabwe". PCB should take a note of it and start rebuilding with this as their turn around slogan. All the former cricketers keep talking of the disadvantages of foriegn coaches and try to paint the language barrier as big hurdle that the local players face due to their lack of understanding of the the coaches language. This statement only makes me laugh as most of the top football coaches are either Brazillians and Argentinians and the dont have this problems while their coaching assignments in foriegn countries. saudi Arabia has had many Brazillians as their coach but they never faced any problems in coaching the Saudis who do not speak any other language except Arabic. These Brazillian coaches done wonders with the Saudi teams and now the Saudis are a regular feature of the Football world cup. Why then we talk of such problems in Pakistan, the problem does not lie with the coach instead its the absence of accountability in our system. The players know that they are semi gods and no body can dislodge their positions so they do not care to learn. Appointing a local unqualified coach will not solve the problem, what we really need is to bring in an Australlian as our coach, strengthen his hands and make him a part of the sellection committee.

    Lastly I must also add that all the Salims, Baris and the jokers working in PCB should be sacked and replaced by people like Majid Khan, Asif Iqbal, Hasib Ahsan, Pervez Mir, AAmir Sohail, Shafiq Ahmad and the likes of them. Dr. Nasim Ashraf also has to try and control his big mouth and speak only after thinking what he should say...not like his regular and stupid outbursts.

  • Saima Kamal, USA on April 10, 2007, 13:22 GMT

    Here is my tu'penny's worth.

    1. The captain should deserve his place in the side. Do not choose someone who would not be in the team on merit. Such a captain is invariably weak and can never lead by example.

    2. Inzamam was too laid back, but we should not go to the other extreme and appoint a maverick like Afridi or Shoaib Akhtar. Shoaib has shot himself in the foot through his association with nandrolone. Afridi is dynamic but does he have the calmness and the consistency?

    3. After the debacle, there should be some changes in the side. A batsman should come in to replace Inzamam. Maybe that person could be chosen with the captaincy in mind? Someone mentioned Misbah ul Haq. Asim Kamal also comes to mind

    4. Javed Miandad as coach would be a step backward. Choose a former player with professional coaching experience. Aqib Javed fits the bill perfectly. He won the world cup with pakistan and has had success as a coach.

    5. Bring in players who are technically correct. We have had our fill of hit-or-miss mavericks.

    Saima Kamal New Jersey

  • zakirali on April 10, 2007, 13:16 GMT

    for me shahid afridi is captain and malik will bi wicecaptain Rashid will bi head coach and waqar will bi owling coach

  • ubaid Younus on April 10, 2007, 13:14 GMT

    I think terming next worldcup win as a long term goal is the same mistake we did some four years ago. lets for a change make; development of selection process, and establishment of a 30 member technically correct team as out long term goal and use all the resources(Academies, first class cricket, coaches and trainers) for this goal and I am sure the wins will come as by product and so would consistency. Lets do not take decisions and make policies instead. Apart from the results in World cup, in recent years, Pakistan has emerged as a very competitive test side with Inzi being the inspirational captain, and he should continue to lead the test team.

  • Zahid Mahmood on April 10, 2007, 13:12 GMT

    Well, PCB has a ton of issues to handle and I feel that it should strat with a plan that should be looking at the future - may be as far out as next world cup and not try to fix things for the next upcoming tour. We need to see some new and young faces in test and One day sides - players who we should give a fair chance to develop and blossom. There should be players like Salman Butt, Fawad Alam, Zulqunain Haider etc who should become a permanent part of our team - and even the likes of Misbah ul Haques, Hasan Razas shouldnt be considered. Lets work on developing a team with average age of not more than 25 and we as Pakistanis must learn to live with the fact that this team will loose and eventually will start winning. As far as coach is concerned, I would strongly vote for Aqib Javaid who should be supported by a batting coach and a fielding coach. I also feel that for now there is a need for two separate teams - one for tests and another one for ODI with two separate captains. I do not see how Younis Khan can be a candidate as other than displaying a cheerleader type attitude in the field, he has failed to impress me with his leadership skills and his personal performance. I cant seem to justify him in the ODI squad at all. When we talk of Shoaib, he could have been a contender but he has shown his immaturity in domestic cricket when he intentionally led his team to a defeat. A person with such attitude should not be our captain and there is no way that one should ignore his actions in that particular match. We need a captain who is a cricketing mind and understands the game of cricket. From what I have seen in 20/20 and some domestic cricket matches, I feel that Shahid Afridi is the best candidate - at least for the one day side. He is excellent in his understanding of the game and have this gut feeling that with the responsibility of captaincy on his shoulders, he will become more responsible as a batsman. He is an excellent fielder and a great bowler for one dayers - I even feel that he is a good leader. PCB has to make sure that if any of the senior players have any problems playing under Shahid, they should be replaced so that he does not have any forces working against him. For the test side, I will gamble with Salman Butt - you might think I am crazy but lets think of future - he can be exceptional as an opener and I feel that he could be a good captain under the coaching of Aqib Javaid. May be my opinion is bit extreme but its about time that such extreme measures are taken for the sake of future of Pakistan.

  • Umer on April 10, 2007, 13:06 GMT

    Mr. Abbasi, a well thought out article with very valid points, but do you really believe that this “ad hoc” committee will take (the right) decisions for the betterment of Pakistan cricket? I think we both know the answer, nevertheless we should keep on articulating our concerns and ideas until someone, somewhere gets the message… Ps. Not sure if you already have, but we need this to be published in our local papers

  • Omer on April 10, 2007, 13:06 GMT

    Definition: Captain: A role model in all aspects of the game and who has earned the respect of all others. Coach: Just to coach, the one who has knowledge. Just like a teacher, even though not good in practical fields but good in teaching. Muslim: A one who applies Islam in all aspects of life. BTW, Islam tells us to be faithful with our professions. So for Allaah's sake, stop discussing about Islam and its effects on our circketers. Rather our cricketers should be taught to be more islamic because this is the only way to success. If they are not giving their 100% it means (Allaah forgive me if I am wrong) whatever they are earning from the their job is not 100% halal as well. In my view, if I follow my definitions, Aqib Javed should be the coach. Captaincy is a bit tricky, Younas is not a consistent performer plus doesn't have the respect from other members. Afridi, please forget it. Captacincy is about patience and he doesn't have it at all. Shoab Malik, hmmm..I am not going to judge him on the basis of what he did in domestic cricket. Any one can make mistakes. But the problem is the respect. He is a role model in terms of fielding, fitness. He is a allrounder so knows all the aspects of the game. A tough character as I saw him play some good knocks under pressure. In my view he is confident as well as he made that bold decision of pulling out of that match:). But respect... This is getting longer... But I have only one suggestion which I feel is going to work in our country's culture and cricket. And that is "Make a senior player the captain, like Yousaf, and make a guy like Salman Butt or Shoab Malik the vice captain. Let the team get aquainted with this guy as VC and then after 1-2 years make him the captain because then it will not be that much un-acceptable for other members. I say make Yousaf captain as I can feel that he is a good muslim and he will even accept if later on they give captaincy to some one else. As this he has faced before as well and still he performed with out complaining.

  • Mobin on April 10, 2007, 13:05 GMT

    "Now is the time to patiently build a team to win the next World Cup" this is the same mistake we made after 2003 WC. Lets not think about world cup right now. worry about it 1 year before world cup. Right now we have to take Pakistan cricket forward, lets have discussion about possible 25 to 30 players who have potential to represent Pakistan. Pointing is a great captain because he has a great team to lead. once we build a great team then we wont be so much worry about captain.

  • Shahid on April 10, 2007, 13:04 GMT

    Kamran i agree with most of your recommendations but the only problem with having Malik or Afridi as captain is that, after another 2 or 3 years (close to the world cup) we might again have senior players lobbying in the team against the young captain. And from our past experience we all know it is a crucial juncture of time to be throwing any player out of the team. Before choosing a captain we need to be very clear in our minds about our backup plan if something like this occurs. We need to have a pool of players whom we can insert in if we have an in form senior player playing dirty politics in the team. We also need to make sure that we have a strong vice captain from a different department. For example if our captain is a batsman then our vice captain should be a bowler. This would help us in a case where our captain is out of form and we need to replace him right away so we will have a captain who is ready to take the bull by the horns. Also we need to have a coach who is strict about discipline in the team and i think Rashid Latif, Aaqib Javed and Aamir Sohail are the true choices in that regard. Another thing that we can do is to appoint captain and coaches on yearly basis and for task oriented purposes (this is very true in case of coaches). For example we need a batting coach who can give us two good openers and i think Aamir Sohail will be a good choice. So in this way we need to tell Aamir that: OK Mr, you have only been appointed for a year in order to get us two good young openers and that is your only job. I personally think that Waqar was doing a good job as a bowling coach and he should be brought in as a bowling coach but it is really hard to make a choice between Aaqib and Waqar. I still believe in what you said in one of your previous blogs "Australia is the only hurdle" that the same Pakistan team is good on paper and we need not make any drastic changes. We just need people who can help the team in following areas and really these are the only problematic areas 1- Help us in nurturing not only physically but mentally strong players who believe in this assertion of mine "The best way to defend is to attack" 2- Help us find technically good young openers. 3- Help us groom at least 3 backup leaders in the team from different age groups. 4- Help us with our fielding.

    Imran in one of his interviews said that "we need to have only six teams who play our domestic cricket" and look at India they have already listened to Imran and Zee Group has already come up with a plan. Act Fast PCB, plz act fast before its too late.

    Iraday jin k pukhta hon, nazar jin ke Khuda pe ho talatum khaiz mojon se wo ghabraya nahin kartay.

    Allah hafiz Shahid.

  • Pakster in the Mix on April 10, 2007, 13:02 GMT

    Its simple guys, captain - yunus khan v captain - shoaib malik (captain in future). coach - javed maindad, assistant coach - aaqib javed (future coach). Now lets shut it and move on.

  • Rex Woods on April 10, 2007, 13:01 GMT

    The article makes very good sense, except on one point. The captain should be one who is an automatic selection in the team. Shahid Afridi is not, neither for batting nor bowling. He is too inconsistent. Therefore, either Pakistan will face a situation in which it is mainly carrying a passenger (if Afridi is selected no matter what his performance), or it will face on in which the captain is dropped in three matches out of four (if Afridi's inclusion is based on performance). Do you like either scenario?

  • Ali Mirza on April 10, 2007, 13:00 GMT

    I believe waqas younis is the perfect choice as a coach with support of Aqib Javed as Bowling and Mushtaq as batting coach.

    And for the captain I should say its worth to gamble on shahid afridi as captain for next 2 or 3 series and then let the nation decide.

  • Naeem on April 10, 2007, 12:59 GMT

    Pick a young captain and young manager - Malik did a good job captaining his side in pak-domestic cricket. Aqib Javed - World Cup Winner plus some coaching experience. Bring in specialists - eg Trevor Penny is the specialist fielding coach for SLA. Pick for the future - not the next 12 months (good point by Kamran) - so players who are 32+ and not world-class should be put aside for up and coming youngsters who are hungry and untainted by the old-Paksitani way. Stay clear of those who dont have a genuine interest in Pakistan cricket - avoid Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Mushtaq Ahmed etc. players with clouded histories and they have not demonstrated a dedicated conviction to Pak-cricket over the past few years.

    the future of Pak cricket

  • Mustafa Moiz on April 10, 2007, 12:57 GMT

    AFRIDI??? He should be dropped from the side and you pick Afridi for captain? If there are people who could captain they are Younis Khan, Abdul Razzaq and Shoaib Malik. Malik is the best but whoever it is should drop Afridi. You ARE related to people at the PCB...

  • Taimour Khan on April 10, 2007, 12:49 GMT

    Afridi must be the Captain of pakistan cricket Team. Because he is fearless. And we all believe that once he has the responsibility on his shoulders, will definately improve his batting. & i appeal all pakistan cricket fans, to Keep all coward players/ management OUT OF TEAM. Especially, Younas does not fit in One day squad.

  • Haroon Rashid on April 10, 2007, 12:43 GMT

    There were some disappointing points on choosing good captain. First of all we are Islamic Country and our sportsmen are our Ambassadors of Islam. I am sorry but cricket is just a game.

    I have not seen them praying during a cricket match. They do it privately and I think Islam makes you more disciplined. For Fajr prayers you need to go early to bed.

    Secondly I believe core in every leader is he should be the best and well respected in the team. Now Inzi in current scenerio was the best choice. If you give categorise to get to best captain. I will give around 50% to Well Respected And best in the team Category.

    Over all I have realised how shallow you and Mr PJ Mir were in commenting Islam and Cricket are separate. I think you dont take cricket as game or you were die hard ignorant Pakistani Fan who has taken Ireland defeat very badly.

    May Allah show you the right path


  • Haroon Hashmi on April 10, 2007, 12:42 GMT

    How can we expect anything from an organisation whose chairman does not have a merit criterion for selection other than the fact that he is a good friend of the General. Even the constitution will do nothing bcos majority will be "nominated" by the president. Those of us who believe Pakistan will do good in the next world cup are living in fools paradise.

  • haroon (south africa) on April 10, 2007, 12:38 GMT

    good players do not neccessarily make good captains

    sometimes you need an above average cricketer, with a level head and people management skills to captain / manage a team ......

    dont look at the rankings, start from a zero base ...... evryone equal no seniors , no juniors, you get seniority when you perform consistently and then review

    so who you have as captain now should be someone with good management and communication skills, if that preson is the best cricketer in the team then good, and if not thne he must at least be worthy of a place in the starting line up, you dontwant to carry the captain either.

    simple good cricketers do not neccessarily make good captains

  • Sajjad on April 10, 2007, 12:32 GMT

    I had previously said that the religion factor is a major factor of the poor performance of the team and Mir,s statemants have vindicated that. Therefore the first thing to do is to make religion part of the person not the team. A player who has some sort of formal education should be made captain. Why was Imran Khan Pakistan's best captain coz he was an educated person. Wasim Akram was also a great player but not a great captain because of this reason. The captain should also be young about 25 or 26 years old, if Younis Khan or Yousaf is made the captain, its going to be the same mess. Aqib Javaid will be a good choice as a coach.

  • Ghulam Muhammad on April 10, 2007, 12:31 GMT

    I think we have had enough of Shoaib Akhter. Shoaib Malik and Shahid Afridi too young to be accepted by the senior performing players because you can not expect harmony among our team contrary to western teams. You have to look out for a dominating head in the form of a captain or a coach or chief. Imran Khan's power as a team captain suits a person who can suitably use that power as well. Its hard to see Imran accepting the responsibility of a team coach or advisor. Wasim Akram had conflicts with current players of the team and is also busy in delivering his comments with foreign teams. I don't think after 1999 world cup people like him that much. Aaqib Javed is the best choice for a team coach, and Javed Miandad can be requested yet again for batting advice. For Captain, just one note. there should be one Captain in the team for a match at least. :)

  • adeel khan - uae on April 10, 2007, 12:27 GMT

    and about coaching , we need aqib only if captain is shoaib. the only reason with aqib success is when team respects him n with senior player as captain , there will be always fight for "my way is right way". And for GOD sake , dont count rashid in , he is khalifa(lordy person) No 1 .

  • farhan shafiq on April 10, 2007, 12:25 GMT

    with younis khan not motivated to take captaincy then we should leave it at that. he also carries with him a below par average in odis. with shahid afridi's inconsistency their is no point in picking him. shoaib malik definatly has a future in captaincy but at this point he is still too young and will not get the support from the rest of the players. that leaves us with mohammad yousuf who has the experiance , is the number one batsmen in the side and is the only one who can lift this depleated pakistan side. another player that comes to mind is someone as experienced as mohammad yousuf and is a proven match winner whenever he plays. If he manages to leave aside his injuries and dopping scandal behind him he could be exactly the kind of player pakistan needs as caption. this man is shoaib akhtar

  • adeel khan - uae on April 10, 2007, 12:23 GMT

    "Religion is a badge of honour and should be displayed" correct statement , however one should keep his focus on the job on hand first and when u wear this badge , the expectation increases n that where ppl from pakistan cricket failed.

    i think theres no point in taking yousuf , younis in consideration. the only criteria one should have for captain is someone with cricketing brain and consistant for team. biggest example stephen flemming ( in presence of astle), mark tayler (in presence of boon)and micheal vaughn(in presence of freddy), these are the players who matured as cricketer with there captainship. With that criteria we hve only 2 players, Shoaib Malik, and Razzaq. Razzaq lack personality and thats where shoaib can be counted , for me throwing a match can tell how far he can go if is right , and thats the kind a guy we want. big vote for shoaib malik and big vote for elimination of younis, kamran , hafeez, and rana.

  • Fahad on April 10, 2007, 12:22 GMT

    Bloody fool, You thought Inzaman was a mistake, the man who lifted pakistan during TRYING TIMES, was the PILLAR of STRENGHT for many youngsters to fall back on when in NEED, the man with such guts to stand up for the PRIDE of his COUNTRY and against all odd, do you think lesser souls could have done that, rubbish .......Inzi was a gift to pakistan cricket as player and as CAPTAIN! UNDERSTAND

  • Rauf on April 10, 2007, 12:22 GMT

    All good points but unless there is a profound change in Pakistani cricket, top to bottom, these will just be applied as patches although the wound is still festering.

    Take advise of a respectable person in Pakistan cricket who is not tainted with scandals and has actually lead a Pakistani team to a world cup victory.

    What have we got to loose? We are already at rock bottom.

  • Usman on April 10, 2007, 12:09 GMT

    Afridi as captain?

    Wasim as coach?

    Then why not make Salim Malik the manager, and Mohammad Azharuddin the batting coach? I know he's Indian and all - but he'd fit in nicely don't you think? If he's not available then Mark Waugh might be. And of course how can you go past Shane Warne as bowling coach?

  • Nabiha on April 10, 2007, 12:07 GMT

    Really not feeling the choice of Butt for captain..as he's not a number one player for the team. You need a person who's always going to be selected in the team for their cricketing skills not captaincy skills. Otherwise were going to be like England..Having Vaughan as captain..when clearly he's a naf player. You only have 11 members on the team, we can't risk to give up half of the team on players who are senior and the selectors are to scared to drop because of the caos it will cause.

  • NOMAN PALEKAR on April 10, 2007, 12:06 GMT

    Everyone is thinking about coach and captain, well yes we need to have a thinking, agressive and "leading by example" captain, a tecnically and tectically sound and realistically imaginative and ambetious coach.But.............a part of these two very critical positions, the more important and critical issue for the future of Pakistan's cricket is the leadership and composition of Pakistan Cricket Board.With this I mean right from the top to bottom, from chairman to the selectors. We need to have thinking, tecnichal and experienced (in cricket not in politics)people in the board to have long term and consistant success.

  • Abid on April 10, 2007, 12:06 GMT

    Two observations: Lets make changes from the top! Since we can't change our esteemed chairman, maybe the first thing that can be done is the appointment of a professional selection committee. Why the hurry to appoint a captain/coach? Pakistan's next international assignment is not till September.

  • Salman Durrani on April 10, 2007, 12:03 GMT

    Batting Coach: Javed Miandad Fast Bowling Coach: Aaqib Javed Spin Bowling Coach: Abdul Qadir ODI Captain: Shoaib Malik

  • Faizan Bahadur on April 10, 2007, 12:01 GMT

    Assalam O Aalikum. I think the points that you have made are true.If not all then most of them.Inzi and the influence of Mushtaq Ahmed did overdose the religion in the team.Its good to be religious but it should be the personal practise and believe,not the badge. The conversion of Mohammad Yousuf had already sent very good impacts on the world that how much can religion makes a difference,when he broke the record of great SIR VIVIAN RICHARDS.But somehow the overdosage has tarnished them very much also. I think the obvious choice would be Younis Khan as captain.Many people thinks that his tactics that were used in Champions Trophy were very defenssive specialy wen s.africa gone to make some 200 odds after 40 for 5.But its really not fair to judje someone in only three matches.Because everyone is not born captain.The good thing about Younis is he is a qiuck learner.That will help him in being good captain as well. After him i think it will be a big mistake to think of a captain of someone like yousuf,razzaq aur afidi.The former one is i thnk the reflection of inzi's captaincy.May be worse than him.And the later two,first of all has to cement there place in both forms of game.Even if they do,I dont think they have enought attitue or knowledge about the game. So who's left.Shoaib malik and might be Salman butt.As many would think if S.Africa can why cant we make a young player captain.However,we should notice that Greame Smith was young but a talented and developed player which is not the case with Salman Butt.He should first work on his technicals flaws then something can be done about captaincy.Obviously a man to look for the future,both as player and as captain.So my coice for the vice-captain will be Shoiab Malik.However,he has made a very bad impact by throwing the game when he was captain of Sialkot which the foreign media will expose immensely.So be careful about that also.We already have a doping controversy,infact a tregedy,cant afford match-fixing allegations by others.Offcourse if its by Sarfraz Nawaz,who cares.

  • fromnorth pakistan on April 10, 2007, 11:38 GMT

    Kamran you and most of the members of your blog who are not from Punjab are coming up with psychological............MR.WASIM SAQIB.I understand your feeling, but it is reality or fact that PUNJAB had never ever produice good leader in any field (politics, spotrs etc...)YOU know their is a speciall GENE for that and you people lake that GENE.

  • kamran on April 10, 2007, 11:36 GMT

    good to see atleats there is ome faith remaining in some of the readers for standing up and fighting for islam coz people like PJ MIr and you mr Kamran Abbasi dotn realise that criticising your religion is actually insulting yourselves coz when youc ome down in London or New York when they see that you are a paki they say ohh u a muslim !!!!! dont udnerstand that if someone practicies his religion why are u ashmed of it if u are so ashamed I dont want to say it thought but......... anyways there is no shame in practicing religion and as much as you people in media and board stop it the more peopel will know about it the more poeple will read about it the more the people will start practicing it you cannot oppress islam .........and if you oppress islama nd if spomeone stops u like me I m happy to be called a terrorist!!!!!!!!

  • Teece on April 10, 2007, 11:34 GMT

    Please! As an Australian who sees Pakistan self-destruct so routinely, I'd love to see Pakistan as a team and as supporters to open their eyes.

    Take a look at any successful team in any sport. They don't allow lack of professionalism. They don't allow players to turn an important campaign into a self-aggrandising festival of who can be the most religious. Anyone who did that in Australia would be laughed off the field.

    Everyone over here rates your players as very talented and entertaining when in form, but come on! Get a group in there comprised of coaches and advisors who didn't necessarily score 10 000 Test runs or have a brother in the clergy. Get fielding coaches, consult baseball, get fitness trainers, nutritionists, specialist bowling and batting coaches. And get a captain who is tough but encouraging, enterprising, instinctive and flexible.

    It takes a certain type of person to be a good coach or captain. Great players often know the game but don't possess the analytical or communicative skills to enhance the team. John Buchannan had a modest cricket career but was a very successful coach.

    And enjoy the game! Or at least look like you are. This especially goes for Pakistan fans, who need to realise that every time they burn effigies in the streets they make it harder on their team. Stop the infighting, and we hope to meet you somewhere in the Semis or Final of the next World Cup.

  • Faridoon on April 10, 2007, 11:33 GMT

    Oh, what is wrong with you people? Afridi for captain??? Sure everyone loves the guy for his explosive batting but your captain must be a level head, not a hot head! Check out the guys record, banned for pitch tampering, banned for shoving a bat at a spectator... now captain?? nah!

    I think Yunis should be given a run, he has been the heir apparent for some time now. Shoaib Malik or Salman Butt definitely stand out as two guys who are very level headed, always calm and collected in pressure situations. Malik more so than Butt. Either one could be made vice captain and groomed for future captaincy.

    So what if Malik is into one-wheeler antics. On the field he has shown that he can remain cool under pressure. I remember him playing against Andre Nel and his bullying tactics and staying cool as a cucumber.

    Abdul Razzaq is also another cool cat and should be considered a senior in the team, so give him some responsibility. Did he ever turn 25 though, it seems he's been in his mid 20s for decades!

  • Yas on April 10, 2007, 11:33 GMT

    Posted by: Umer at April 10, 2007 2:48 AM

    Assalamualikum You dont understand do you. Religion is a badge of honour and should be displayed....you dont understand that victory comes only through Allah.....You sound like the president and the PCB chairman seriously people need to understand that you can not even move a finger by your self. Atleast be thankful to Allah. And why blame religion for the bad performances....why not blame the pressure everyone put on the players back in pakistan. Maybe if you started praying and read the quran and understood what islam is then you would understand what the pakistan players understood.


    See its people like you with that mentality thats ruining Pak cricket through and through. Tell me what place has islam or religion have on the field, ill tell you NOWHERE!!!!. Its a shame that Inzi the mullah couldnt and didnt realise this and therefore made a mockery of Pak cricket to the rest of the world. So what hes apologised etc etc, anyone can do that but i dont think hes very sincere as a person. Seems to me that if you have a Taliban beard and pray 5 times a day then your automatically in the team. Im sorry to say its people like this that give us muslims a bad name in the media etc.

    Dont get me wrong im not saying islam is bad etc etc, of course practice your religion but do it in private...no need to make a goddamn bloody big show of it really and its this sort of village mentality that really annoys me about Pak cricket. If i was the chairman i would demand all players shave those stupid and ridiculous beards off, cricket isnt a religion, its a sport simple as that.

    I think Kamran summed it up with point 3 of his article and i cannot disagree with his sentiments...well said Kamran.

    I just hope that Pak cricket take their time and appoint a captain who will put some fire back into the side and also a coach who will make a difference. Shame that Bob isnt around anymore because i honestly think he has been one of the best coaches we have had for a very long time. Pak cricket needs to get back to basics and that means going back to the drawing board. Personally i think the captain should be given on a trial basis to Afridi, i think at least he shows some passion and fire and maybe a god send for Pak cricket. Coach wise??, hard to say but it should be someone with some sort of pedigree. Id love to see Imran Khan as a coach but that wont happen. How about Wasim Akram or Waqar Younis as coach??.

    Im just hoping that whoever we put in charge can bring Pak cricket back to life and put aside all these silly problems we have been having for some time. As i said before Islam has no place on the cricket field and i really do hope that now we no longer see islam being promoted rather than Pak cricket.

  • Syed Jafry on April 10, 2007, 11:30 GMT

    I read a report posted in cricinfo today about Inzimam appearance in the Assembly. He stated infront of the committee that "had he known the Justice Abdul Qayum report about Mushtaq ,he would not have recommend Mushtaq as a ASSTT. coach". I donot agree with him. He is just lying and making fool to the committee. He is not so innocent that being in the Pakistan cricket for so long he had no knowledge about commission's report. Committee should not accept this excuse and should stand him guilty of this act of favourism in the the case Mushtaq Ahmed.

  • Muhammad Asif on April 10, 2007, 11:28 GMT

    Religion is one's life style While praying publically or privetally or having beard or wearing Patka or wearing Cross or making a Cross or making Sajjedda are different parts of one's life style. So instead of talking about one's life style, We should restrict ourselves to discuss one's cricketing abilities, atleast in criket blog.

  • Lala from USA says Shoaib Akhtar the captain on April 10, 2007, 11:26 GMT

    I read the blog and comments with interest. Surprised to read that most are recommending Younis Khan or Afridi as Captain, when either of these two is not an automatic selection for Pakistan 11. Younis is more of a test player and Afridi an OD player. The indispensible, senior and polished player who is automatic choice when available is Shoaib Akhtar. Inzi tried his best to sideline him but failed. Shoaib was the only player selected in world eleven both for ODI and test. I know he has some attitude issues in past but so did Imran Khan. If doping issue is not there anymore, give Akhtar the responsibility of captainship and you all may be surprised. Shoiab Malik should be the vice captain. With Yasir Hamid and Salman Butt as openers, Younis Khan one down in Test and temporarily in ODI till we find a reliable youngster for this position, Yousuf #4 position, Faisal/Raza/Asim at #5/6, Malik/Afridi/Razaq for #6/7, and lower order to be wicket keeper, Akhtar, Sami, Asif, and Kaneria. What about this Pakistan 11 for both ODI and Test! Do we need arrogant and khushamdi selctors like Bari......Consider Miandad as Chief selector. As for as coach is concerned Rashid Latif will be a good choice. He has respect of all players particularly Shoaib, Younis, Yousuf and Afridi. Miandad and Latif are two genious and sincere ex players with proven record, whose services PCB must utilise for future. As for as Inzimam is concerned, he should retire from test and ODI and do full time tablighi work. His comment after Ireland loss that may be Allah did not want us to win were disgrace to all Pakistanis and suggested that Allah wanted clean shaven Irish to win on St. Patrick day not darhri waley pakkey musalman Pakistani team ke jawanoon ko....For God sake keep religion and sport seperate. Lala

  • chudhary on April 10, 2007, 11:24 GMT

    Making Younis the captain would be a mistake, it should be either Yousuf or Malik.

    Pakistan has won just one test series against SA in our history, i think Yousuf was the captain in the test match which we won.

  • Harish on April 10, 2007, 11:16 GMT

    I am an indian but take active intrest in Pakistan cricket. I belive a captain should be same in both form of game Test and ODI. The only one who can maintain that position right now is Mohd. yousuf. Make Shoib Malik as vice captain. After 2 years Yousuf should make way for Mallik as captain in ODI as a preperation for WC stage in 2011(this is similar scenario to India where Dravid is captain right now and vice captain most likely yuvraj, VC shall take over after 1 or 2 years) Factors that go against Afridi is , he is not certainity in Test. secondly there are too many serious discplinery cases against Afridi in past ( bat wielding, digging the pitch,sledging umpire in WC 2003)to be ignored easily , not a role model for captain. Younis Khan is fit for only TEST. His age, form in recent WC also goes against him. Coach should be seperate for batting and bowling. I think for batting , Rameez raja (if he is intrested, but i doubt) could be a good one.he was consistent in 1992 WC as opener. Other option could be Saeed Anwar ( but I think he is too religious kind of soft person), Zaheer abbas I don't know why he is also being ignored. Bowling coach options are too many starting from Waqar to Akram to Aquib javed.

  • Ramzan on April 10, 2007, 11:16 GMT

    I wonder why you have excluded M. Yousuf from being captain..I do agree that younus khan failed in the chance he was given, but when we select a captain we have consider the amount of pressure he may receive...Younus and Mohd. Yousuf play v.well under pressure..I don't think it can be done by Shoaib malik or Afridi... I don't know about coach...but W.Akram or Waqar should be apointed as bowling coach (I know pakistan as a team who do well when it is fast bowlers' day)

  • Nasim ASHRAF on April 10, 2007, 11:05 GMT

    Kamran Sahib suggestng Afridi as a captain is nonsense. His behaviour in SA was deplorable. Younus Khan is presented as an obvious choice but I think he comes across as someone waving shouting in the field and pretending as a thinking captain but in fact has made silly mistakes in the past. He has shown many a times his recklessness in throwing his wicket away when patience was needed. Razzaq has past his sell by date, don't go by his age on the papers. Unfortunately there is no leadership material in the team we have at the moment. I agree with you that education plays a vital role in the making of a good player and as such a good captain. Majority of our greats of the past, bar one or two, had reasonably good education which helped them to be what they achieved. It's not just good enough to play good cricket but how well you represent your country. Also what use be Inzi and his colleagues to the service of cricket in this country after they retire or were made to retire? Nothing, I guess. Their communication skills in Urdu and English are worthless. Lecturing, coaching, commentating, writing ....?They can't even give a proper winning or losing speech of few words which should be usually the same for most of the occasions. Our Inzi's laments the fact that he got a green top wicket and lost the toss hence the match. Well Ireland also got the same wicket and you had a new ball, then why they were able to chase the score successfully despite the Umpire's silly decisions in favour of Pakistan? Unfortunately players and captain have held Pak fans hostage and demanded flat tracks in Pakistan where they could maul the opposition and add few more years to their cricketing life. Inzi appears to lying when he says that he was not aware of Mushy's verdict. How come? Inzi you were also named in the report. Inzi is also responsible for the ending Asim Kamal's career who had a potential to become a solid batsman of international repute. Regarding coach, well Miandad should not even bother sending his CV. He is as useless as they come, again lack of proper schooling, it's not just about cricket. He should join the local political party in Karachi. I am in consultation with John Wright, Steve Waugh, Martin Crowe and couple of Pakistani's. I will announce very soon the team which will be fielded in the next Pak outing. Please keep it a secret. 1. S Butt 2. Farhat/Hafeez 3.Younis 4.Yosuf 5.Shoaib Malik (C) 6.Hasan Raza, Asim Kamal 7.Afridi/ Hafeez/all rounder 8. Find a new wicket keeper 9.Gul 10. M Asif(VC) 11.Rao Iftikhar, Khan Bahadur 12. Kaneria(too predictable) Hunt for a new spinner.

    This is my team but I leave it to the selection committee as I don't meddle in selection affairs.

  • Muhammad Waqas on April 10, 2007, 10:57 GMT

    I think the best choice for pakistan for Catain is Shahid Afridi because he done quite well Domestic tournment. As you know Afridi was the powers for Habib Bank to 531 Pentangular Cup 2007. Wasim Akram should be the bowling coach.

  • Mamoon Qureishi on April 10, 2007, 10:52 GMT

    The best solution in my mind is to have a few teams four - five with each potential captain to lead and have a domestic tournament - real abilities in real situations and not on paper. Afridi's record as captain is not that bad or brilliant so yes an 'intriguing' choice - he lead a team to india - in a 'A' team competition Pak got bowled out for about 98 - ok that doesent say much - but i think india 'A' only won by 2 wickets so that is interesting captaincy i must say and also the last 20 - 20 domestic tournament he did put his mouth and bat together - so i dont know but a pool of players playing under potential captains and potential coaches and managers with each individual from the players to officilas being evaluated - would definately help as Pakistan has no international assignment for a while so i cant see why this cant be given a go. Last time we did something like that Wasim was the captain and people like Basit Ali, Aamir Nazir and a few came to the lime light and went to West Indies - the matches i am referring to are the flood relief matches in which Basit pasted wasim and waqar - now thats how you find match winners and not discussing people. I am sure the U 19 world cup winners will prove a point or two and in the tournament it should be round robin and on different kind of pitches. Atleast it should give you a strong side for the 20 - 20 WC in SA

  • Zed Fazel. Leicester.England on April 10, 2007, 10:50 GMT

    You are following the same pattern that you critize for the selection of a captain. In your list Nos 1 & 2, you give the basis on which a captain should be selected. Yet, when it comes to your list No 8, you say:'Shoiab Malik's time will come. Why? To me he is the most dynamic and an intelligent cricketer. If a team has to be developed on a long term basis, he is the ideal candidate.

    You yourself are displaying 'double standards'. Are you also afraid of offending some seniors in the team?

  • Kashif on April 10, 2007, 10:39 GMT

    hey, i have another idea make afridi captain, malik vice captain. nothing unusual here. but doing so would mean that yousuf and younis who are senior players, they get annoyed. so, make yousuf the COACH, and younis asst. coach!!! i mean cant a person be a player and a coach at the same time? he is the best batsman we have, and he should be transferring his skills to others. :D

  • jamaluddin on April 10, 2007, 10:36 GMT

    i don't understand what is mentality of board and chairman.Team played bad mean very bad but still looking those people to play with heart of nations again.nothing new in his press confrence all same people who attached with sources and now again they appointed. every one is talking about captain/coach but no one can realize that our strenght we need fresh blood no one looking for UNDER 19 team .who took two world cup for pakistan but we couldnt chose any players.I request to PCB to choose your team from U-19 pakitan need fresh blood and agressive youngsters.example is BANGLADESH his avg age is 21-22. for captain plz don't chose again younis khan. I know he is good players but not a good captain we need agressive and attacking captain and sure younis is not like that. Afridi i think is best choice now and second option is Salman But he is young please think about your future. in 2003 after defeated again we annouce new team but after that same face how many times we rely on these players who collect money against play

  • H.Malik on April 10, 2007, 10:34 GMT

    Dear Blogers ,,,,, why all of you are confessed with Just looking at the limited people with the current team , NONE of them should be considered for the Captain Job ,,,,,,, 1-YOUNUS is not fit for the job nor he will be considered by the people or power to be who have control over the team , after his "Dummy Captain stance" and he is not fit for the team harmony ,, All of you are forgetting the infighting during previous WI tour in which he too was involved ! 2- YOUSUF, the more he is left to work & excell on his batting , the better it would be for the team , you bring him in and you have another Maullana INZI at the helm . 3- AFRIDI , has no brain and is a walking bom shell ready to explode any moment , All of you are here again forgetting the late incident in SA where he got banned for 4 ODIs and he was also involved in the in fighting during the WI tour I mentioned earlier . 4-SHOAK MALIK , the moment you put the cap on his head , the very next your whole team will be subject to MATCH Fixing and IIC ani corruption team will be out and about where ever your team goes , ALL OF YOU are again forgetting HE IS A KNOWN & PUNISHED TOO , match fixer where no money was involved but team placing was in question , you can bet your last penny , he would be tempted to do it again when Millions of $ are at the offer ---- GENTS GET INTO YOUR SAENSES AND STOP PEEPING INTO THESE CULPRITS ,

    WHy Do You all , not look at the Leaders of past 3 or 4 years of our under 19 teams , Let us put them togehter and find one who perhaps could be a "GRAHAM SMITH" for the Pakistani team also !!! South Africa dumped their captain Pollock , overlooked the starlets of Jack Kalis, Garry Kirsten,( Top calls batmens far supperieor than Younus , Yousuf or Afridi, Shoaib Put together ), Rhodes ( best ever fielder the world has known & a handy batsman too , non one in our team can even reach a fraction of his calibre ),,,, all these supper stars were Dumped away and a new Blog called Graham Smith ( with just one WC match to boast about his achievements!) was choosen to lead these guys and they have never ever looked back ,,,,,,,,, may be Hassan Reza , May be Sarfarz ( winner of 2006 under 19 wc leader ) is waiting in the wings to be THE ANSWER ,

    I I were at th ehelm of the cricket , I would wipe the slate clean of all these primadonnas YoYos & retain no more than 2 or 3 and then have the rest abd best of under 19 & under 17 teams to make uo the National team and just back them up to the tilt , Give them performance based incentives ( like indians have just announced) , Give them a coach they are familiar working with ( Aqib Javed comes to mind ) , I am sure they will be raring to go and perform . Take it easy with them and support them for initial 2/3 years and I bet no one will have any bad thing to write about any single one of them

  • Jibran Afgan on April 10, 2007, 10:32 GMT

    As some people have already mentioned, we seriously need radical changes in terms of domestic cricket if we want to be anywhere in the future - especially in terms of pitches - the current typical subcontinent batting paradise tracks will get us nowhere, no wonder our overseas record is abysmal!

    As for the new coach, like many others who have posted here, I think we should go for Aqib Javed, someone who seems willing to use modern techniques, and someone who will be able to communicate effectively with the players. He has had a lot of success as well with the U-19s, which is an added bonus because he knows which untested players are most likely to be successful on the international stage

  • Adnaan Haq on April 10, 2007, 10:30 GMT

    PJ Mir is the biggest idiot i have ever known after Musharraf. Lets not forget that pakistan is a muslim country which is proud of its culture and religion. Relgiion has been the only thing that has held the team. And what about Mohammed Yusuf? It was the late Bob Woolmer who said that his conversion to Islam had greatly influenced his cricket for the GOOD.

    So this STUPID and PATHETIC comment by PJ Mir (the limelight seeker) is unjust and hopefully, that idiot will be sacked.

  • Yusuf on April 10, 2007, 10:30 GMT

    I would hail the management if they spring surprises. But unfortunately we will have to make do with same old pathetic pattern. The guy we most expect to be captain will be a captain. Yes i am talking younis Khan. The guy who laughs like there is no tomorrow after dropping a catch in slip. I am not sure who the coach will be but thats only a formality, this team doesnt need one, they dont learn or perhaps they were taught everything in the womb.

  • Adeel on April 10, 2007, 10:30 GMT

    I have read ppl talk about how careers of players have been destroyed and they have named some very prominent names as well, but nobody seems to remember Mohammed Wasim. He debuted at the same time when MOYO did and started off pretty well as well. He has been performing pretty well at domestic level but has not been selected since 2000.

    Both of his last test and ODI innings 29 and 44 respectively were not so bad to completely drop the guy when both the matches have been won quite comprehensively as is the norm with Pakistani selection. Here was a guy with a batting tech made to open. He was a thousand times better than our current lot of openers combined + a variety of middle order batemen (Faisal Iqbal, Bazid Khan etc).

    If he had been given the number of oppertunities like all the PARCHI Players he might have blossomed into a force like MoYo by now and might proved himself to be an able captain as well.

  • Haider S on April 10, 2007, 10:27 GMT

    Get Greg Chappell in....I am sure after his lousy sub-continental stint he will be more than eager to pounce on a team like pakistan....and then let him choose the best captain...a person who can get along with him, make the team work hard and ask PCB to mind their own business (ie ???, just like Imran Khan did).

  • Tariq Ashfaq on April 10, 2007, 10:25 GMT

    Dear Kamran:

    its not about changing the faces any more or i would say making escapegoats once again. we should build a new team under influence of people like Wasim, AAqib, Waqar and Imran Khan. why are we ignoring people like Imran, who was tryly the match winer for pak cricket.

    I agree with Imran that we need to change the structure of Pakistan Cricket for once and for all. Secondly people like Nasim Ashraf should not be running the show as he have know knowledge or passion for the game. We need to rewrite the whole structure and change selectors.

    Coach: well to be honest i would like Coach Cum Manager for our team and wasim is an ideal choice. but due to history aaqib will not be a bad choice.

    Captain: i dont know about this one. obvious choice is younis but to me we need to groom a new captain. in my suggestion we need some 1 young and who should not come with a package. Fawad ALAm the khi all rounder who played briliantly in domestic cricket can be considered.

    Rest as we all know will be taken care by Nasim Ashraf. He feel what he thinks is best for pak cricket. Useless

  • qaisar sheikh on April 10, 2007, 10:25 GMT

    well, i think we should consider only three players for the captaincy role.shahid afridi, shoaib malik and salman but and in my opinion try only these three one after other to choose the best. for coaching aqib is the best choice with a positive senior mind to help him make strategies as assistent and the team manager should be a legendary batsman like zahir abbas whose role should be helping batsmen here and there apart from his genuine job.

  • Ali Majid on April 10, 2007, 10:19 GMT

    Uncharacteristically, I am going to keep this short. Aaquib Javed for the coaching position and Shoaib Malik (yes...Shoaib Malik) to be named captain. Younis Khan should not even be considered as he was Inzi's right hand and in a way part of the previous regime. If he was captaincy material should he have not been in Inzi's ear constantly when important decisions were being made. When things were going horribly wrong Younis was there as well and as the vice captain has to shoulder a lot of the blame. What makes people so sure that the same problems that plagued the last eight months of Inzi's reign will not be repeated again. Also, after the entire "dummy captain" fiasco the signs look to be extremely negative in the sense that a hot headed and on occasions impatient guy is not the ideal choice to lead the team on the international stage (and if people have forgotten the guy is very controversial.....remember his training ground bust up with Inzimam at the last world cup). Shoaib Malik all the way. Committment, dedication, enthusiasm, responsibility (the guy knows how to fight it out even in the face of tremendous adversity), a great cricketing brain, a guy who is not laid back but held back (in the sense he can keep his emotions under control under intense pressure). He is also capable of thinking on his feet and changing his game depending on the situation. Afridi is likely to be a disaster as the captain. Under him the next thing that you will know as that the entire team is having a go, with the bat, at members of the crowd while making their way back to the pavillion. That wasn't so short after all eh....not so uncharacteristic after all.

  • Ishfaq M Bhatti on April 10, 2007, 10:10 GMT

    hi all, well the issue of the coach and captain, i guess the PCB has to revisualize their target objective, i mean by doing this what they want to achieve, my main concern in PK cricket is the batting factor then the bollowing, the Pakistan bollowing department has extensive capabilities to bold out any team...and that’s what we all observed in world cup and before...the bat thing is worst factor in our team..so i guess the focus should be produce solid batsman who can contain team. my view pak haven’t find any reasonable opener since the departure of amir/saheed which makes things worst in winning matches, well the yousif/younis came to crease almost within five overs of the innings which make them nervous and they loose their wickets which leaves us with affridi and razaq..both are luck players. so i guess finding right balance is the main concern here, top four position in the batting order should be changed, the yousif and younis is what i believe are more test players then the ondayers, however the bollowing side is much improved when waqqar was with the team...so i recommend to gain long term objective you need waqqar to comeback for bollwoing and you need a batting coch then ever...what I believe it should be either from India or NZ... The captain approach is they run out of the ideas when they are under pressure, so you need a creative and always looking for opportunities captain which can get u organized, make some runs and to set the field which can get u wickets...u don’t need lazy people who have no idea whom to be use as a contender, and whom to be used to remove wickets....i personally recommend something like naveed lateef kind of player who is winning 20 20 matches in this approach. I believe the one day has change alote, its now more like 20 20, so the approach should be aggressive by containing wickets, and you need some one too put pressure back on opposite team by taking quick single by doing accurate throws and stuff... So the brain drain should be don before announcing any position in the team, rather then picking bunch of existing boys.....

  • Andrew Henshaw on April 10, 2007, 10:10 GMT

    i agree with your main points kamran. i believe that pakistan must choose youth if these changes are to make a difference in the long run. A young captain (im leaning towards Malik as afridi is really yet to cement his place in the team although i'd love to see the outcome) will dynamically the attitude and culture of the team, hopefully for the better, much akin to what graeme smith has done for South Africa. By choosing Yousuf or Younis nothing has really been gained from the whole experience, add to the fact a new captain will be chosen again before or immediately after the next world cup.

  • sabi on April 10, 2007, 10:10 GMT

    couldn't resist writing one, 1st of all whoever said waqar needs to come back that person is absolutely 100% right. but if PCB makes aqib as teh bowling coach i would luv that as well. wasim akram would make the best coach, he is young, he has played with some of the team members, he knows how to use the players. in my opinion he would be the best candidate for coaching. young smart and has alot of experience. the captain has to be shoaib malik kuz in my opinion younis khan shouldnt be playin, kuz he never proved himself in one dayers, he can play test thats fine. so there you have it shoaib malik is the capitain and bring any of the fast bowlers as coach, waqar, wasim or aqib they can all do a gr8 job!

  • Zaheer Abbasi on April 10, 2007, 10:08 GMT

    You guys Hit the panic button quite regularly, I guess something to do with the pakistani gene set. we have had the pleasure of few individuals pleasing the nation in the last few decades. Pakistan never was an 11 man team it has always relied on an individual's brilliance to reach the shore or may be 2, as i dont think i should be too harsh. PCB selectors and committe look to be corrupt people and when you have people in jobs in order to fill their bank balances these will be the results we will get in the near future. The likes of Naseem Ashraf portray an arrogant image, he talks as if he has tons of merit behind him, knowing nothing of the team and being the bum buddy of Musharraf he has been drafted into the PCB. Give the old rounds a break now, we dont need people in the team who are there for the name sake. In my opinion pick the players who are 23 and under even though there is always room for fake birth certificates in Pakistan, choose the players who want to play the game. Zulqurnain has been keeping well place him before Kamran, Kamran is a failure in both batting and keeping for some months now give him few months off and let him play domestic cricket and prove his worth whether he is worthy of the team or not. Choose players on merit not on their relationships. The corruption in Pakistan is rife and I wouldn't consider it for a second that all these current selections are merited. Tauqir Zia was a sincere man for the sports but the self centred individuals from PCB and the team didn't let him last. Bring him back and dump this Ashraf dude, he is complete waste of space. Make Shoaib Malik the captain and release Yousuf and Younis from the team as well as Shoaib Akhtar, Rana and Kamran. If Pakistan wants to see itself compete against the likes of SA and AUS than think with the head and not the backhands the PCB officials receive especially the selectors, most corrupt bunch going I think. Many Thanks :) and with these positive measures I would expect in few years you may see a decent Pakistan team else be prepared to be overtaken by Bangladesh in performance as they are playing cricket game not bribery game :)

  • Aditya Mookerjee on April 10, 2007, 10:02 GMT

    It all boils down to doing the job, with what you have. That was the hallmark of the captainships of Imran Khan, and Saurav Ganguly. I did not know what to expect, at the begining of Ganguly's captainship. The Indian Team, then, was demoralised, just like it is now. I call Imran Khan's tenure, 'The Great Pakistani Rope Trick'. There is no impossibility, because this gentleman, achieved the impossible. We must take inspiration, from these gentlemen, and not be demoralised, by what we percieve as our failures. Mr Woolmer, was the best coach that Pakistan had. Any contradiction to another's views, by this statement, is entirely, coincidental and intentional. A person, who is not a part of the BCCI/PCB, or who does not identify with them, is perhaps, not a lost cause.

  • PK on April 10, 2007, 9:55 GMT

    I'm Indian, so I hope my comments aren't considered unwelcome as far as Pak cricket goes. I think the simplest and best way out is to ask Imran Khan as to who the next captain should be. Imran won the world cup for you - who better to ask? He also discovered Wasim, Waqar and Inzi. As the saying goes, no point asking a poor person how to become a millionare. Ask a millionaire. If you want to get a winning captain, ask a winning captain. Use him, or export him to us!

  • khansahab on April 10, 2007, 9:53 GMT

    Arguably the principal point of my disagreement with Mr Abbasi is his assessment of Shahid Afridi as an “intriguing gamble.” Let us be certain about one issue; we need to have the same captain and vice captain for ODI’s and Tests. Afridi has not cemented his place in the Test arena. We can’t really bank on him as captain. A captain has to lead by example. Afridi can be a good motivator, but then Younis is easy going with his players himself. Pakistan will not succeed long-term in Tests unless it plays five specialist batsmen and five specialist bowlers. Over-reliance on players like Afridi and Razzaq (the latter can’t ball or bat!) is detrimental to long term success. We need stability in the enterprise. Malik is too inexperienced in Tests and he also has not cemented his place in the Test side. He has the potential to be the next Salim Malik or Ijaz Ahmed for Pakistan, but for that he will need to condone his bowling and just concentrate on his batting because he has good temperament. Younis is one of the most experienced ODI batsmen in the team. Now is not the time to state that he is incompatible with ODI’s. He needs to open with Mohammad Yousuf so that some stability can be injected into the opening slot. By using reason and prudence we can avoid our opening debacles. Just open with two of your best and most responsible batsmen. When the ball gets old, worn out and when there isn’t that much pressure, the lesser batsmen can do their thing. That is the way ahead. So Younis must be the captain and he must open and take more responsibility. I am aware that sometimes young and dynamic captains can work wonders, such as Ponting and Smith. But I am also aware that these gentlemen represent the world’s two best teams where every team member is a match-winner. When you have amazing players filled in your line-up, anyone can be a captain.

    Prior to the South African series people were moaning about Imran Nazir being the answer to Pakistan’s opening problems. I told them he would not succeed. Now people want Butt to be recalled. He will not succeed as well. If you want to know why, read my previous posts; these young players don’t have the temperament. They need much more time.

    Finally, Wasim Saqib, you want to talk politics I take it. Your so called “open hearted/broad minded” Punjabis ostracised Asim Kamal when he was in the national side. I saw on many occasions that Rana Naved, Mohd Khalil, Shoaib Malik and Kamran Akmal sitting together and chatting and Asim Kamal sitting alone near them, looking bored and embarrassed. Players from minority areas are excluded and not treated with the respect and attention that players from Punjab are treated. Secondly, there is always the discrimination and bias factor. Usually the majority does oppress the minority to an extent but in Pakistan that problem is amplified owing to the lack of awareness and indifferent, boorish attitude of the majority. Thirdly, Karachi has a 15-20% Punjabi population, mostly businessmen, as Karachiites do not ostracise individuals; they treat everyone as Pakistani. If Wasim Bari lives in Karachi that does not mean he can’t have the Punjabi mentality. There are lots of Pakistanis in the UK but they don’t adopt the British way of life! So the idea of Wasim Bari living in Karachi and having nothing to do with Punjab bias is plain dumb I’m afraid. Nowhere have I asserted that Yousuf and Malik should not be in the team. All I am saying is that there is a bias and discrimination against non Punjabis. You want to talk performance? You appear ugly and pathetic defending Razzaq’s and Rana’s 2006 performance. Rana is a good bowler when bowling at death. Before his wretched South African tour I fully supported his inclusion in the team. Now I have realised that he is not applying himself and needs to be axed. The less said about Razzaq, the better. Sami was a better bowler than Rana in 2006 if you ask me. Rana was an in-form bowler completely losing the plot but Sami was an out-of-form bowler fighting to perform. Faisal Iqbal, despite his decent domestic record, should not be in the team. He is also from Karachi but I do not want him to be in the team just for the sake of his mother tongue or place of residence, unlike most Punjabis who wanted Inzamam to be captain because of his lineage.

  • khansahab on April 10, 2007, 9:53 GMT

    Mr Abbasi, I would like to commence this post by praising you for listening to Mr Javed A Khan from Montreal, Canada who apparently influenced you into creating this thread. Once again you have demonstrated that you are broad-minded and open to suggestions. The general guidelines you have postulated are welcome. Before I delve into my analysis as regards the deserved captain, vice captain and coach I would like to reiterate what I stated a few days ago about this so called Performance Evaluation Committee. This is an example of the useless decisions taken by the PCB which only waste time and frustrate reasonable and educated people. We already know what made us perform deplorably; openers, shot selection, Inzi’s captaincy, player selection and focus on tableegh. Of course these aspects are inter-linked in many ways. For instance, the lack of gameplan or say, poor gameplan is due to Inzi’s poor leadership. In my opinion having three coaches for the national side (batting, bowling, fielding coach) is a waste of time and resources. First of all, PCB can’t afford this luxury for a long term period; I am sure that even BCCI, the world’s richest cricket board, would have reservations implementing this kind of a measure over a long term period. If the PCB do want to spend money on some areas, they should do it domestically so that a greater pool of talented and worthy players emerges from domestic circuits.

    What people do not realise is that, the measures PCB seems to be taking still point towards the failed ideology of getting inexperienced and immature players from small towns and villages and training them in the national side. So much money and time is wasted on them when they join the national side and it is hoped that they would adapt and increase in confidence. They do not and their future careers lie in doubt. Players need to be trained so completely at domestic level so that when they reach international level, they don’t have adaptability problems. Aamir Sohail wants young players in the team and wants them to be played consistently so that they learn and increase in confidence, even if they fail regularly. Why is this philosophy erroneous? Because essentially this is meant to be a confidence-ameliorating exercise but your confidence cannot develop if you fail so regularly. This is Pakistani cricket where if you perform you are worshipped but if you falter, you are severely condemned. In such an environment where the supporters of the game do not hesitate creating conspiracy theories and raising fingers, your confidence will shatter unless you are pre-equipped with the skills requisite to perform at the international level. This has been the reason why our so called “specialist openers” have failed. If we have bowlers like Akhtar, Asif and Gul in good form, the only thing can that prevent us from becoming a top team in ODI’s is our opening conundrum. Someone can challenge my views by stating that we lack those players who have the adaptability and pressure-absorbing skills at domestic level because we don’t have the excellent domestic structure of Australia where every player that emerges into the national side is a match-winner. We don’t have the structure I confess, but we do have some very able players who have demonstrated good adaptability and mental strength. Asim Kamal is one example but I have spoken at length about him in my previous posts. So it is not the case that we do not have individual players who can succeed at international level.

    For my analysis for the coach, I am assuming that PCB can afford a batting and bowling coach for a reasonable period. We would love to have Waqar as bowling coach but he would perhaps be more interested in international assignments. Aqib Javed can be a good coach as he has done well with junior cricketers and has a reasonably amicable personality. We may see quite a few junior cricketers into the senior side now, since radical measures, to some degree, must be taken. I will be traumatised if players like Kamran Akmal, Abdul Razzaq and Rana Naved are not axed. I think Inthikab Alam is a good choice for a coach since he has not been tried yet. We don’t need to worry about Shoaib Akhtar’s relationship with him because Shoaib will only be in the national training camp half the times because of his injuries and also because he will spend most of his time with Aqib.

  • Khalid Niazi on April 10, 2007, 9:48 GMT

    I am a big fan of Imran Khan as like every other Pakistani but every now and then he is proposing names for Captain, Coach, etc. Why shouldn't he step up as part of Pakistan Cricket. He has done a lot of goods for Pakistan, but I think once again the time has come when we are in real need of him.

  • Zishan Iqbal, BIRMINGHAM UK on April 10, 2007, 9:47 GMT


    It is very obvious that a radical overall of all cricket systems is needed in Pakistan.

    In my opinion, we need 2 teams...one for ODI and one for Tests as some players (mostly batsmen) seem to find it very difficult to "switch mode."

    I just get the feeling that Younis is a good TEST captain but poor at ODIs (judging by the champions trophy) and therefore Afridi or even Malik should be tried at ODI level - where I feel Younis isnt even good even to merit a place in the team! He has Test player written all over him.

    For coaching, I think we need to look at the football/rugby systems and try a new innovative approach..if it works great, if it fails - well it cant get worse!

    Id say that we obviously need a specialist fielding AND fitness coach. With this should be a specialist spin bowling coach (Qadir), a specicialist fast bowling coach (Waqar/Wasim) and a specialist batting coach (Miandad...etc etc).

    Everyone should travel with the team and players would train with their respective coaches except for fielding and fitness practise, when they would train as a team.

    There would be no overall head coach..the captain would sort out training sessions etc and would then talk to the various coaches to see who is best/weak and then pick the team using their advice.

    On field tactics would be the final decision of the captain, but there should be consultation with the specialist batting and bowling coaches - a "brain trust" as they call it. The more ideas the better...the captain will then pick what he feels is best.

    Selection wise...there should be a panel of scouts...who watch players and give reports back to the captain. The final squad should be chosen by democratic agreement between the captain and scouts (to stop captain favouritism etc).

    There is alot of responsibility on the captains but in cricket, they are the ones who control everything on the pitch and so should have a fair degree of control off the pitch.

    Also, having 2 captains in this system will also give them time to concentrate just on their field...not having to worry about both Tests and ODI.

    This all may sound difficult and maybe hard to work at first with different captains but in time, will work InsAllah.

    Along with these changes, its is also clear that players need more education - hence the PCB should give regular sessions to the players to educate them more on issues such as doping, nutrition, fitness and physical development - basically how to legally get the best out of their bodies. English classes should also be given to help at press events.

    And may be having a few ex-players together coaching may seem a recipe for disaster, but its time all these guys stopped fighting and worked in the best interests of Pakistan and not for themselves. They have the experience and they should pass it on to the nest generation, each time helping them improve by not making the mistakes they did.

    What do people think?

  • jahanzeb on April 10, 2007, 9:44 GMT

    m.yousuf should be the pakistan captain

  • Faisal Riaz on April 10, 2007, 9:43 GMT

    are you ppl stupid!!!! read and understand an article before you start accusing sum1! inzimam did NOT say that he didnt know about qayyum report, what he said was that he was not aware that mr qayyum said that mushtaq should not be appointed in a senior position so there is a big difference. read ppl!!! and as far as the captaincy goes i think afridi should be appointed the captain, and the reason for that is he has energy hes dynamic and aggressive and i think we need aggression in our team we're too laid back on the field and afridi can bring that, and as far as afridi and his batting goes remember ppl he was brought into the pakistan team to replace a bowler and be a bowler, and pakistan should recognise that, hes a bowler who can throw the bat around, and hes a very good bowler too and his record show that in test and one days, and shoib malik should be made the captain, and why are we so hypocrites when the pakistan team was not religious we were accusing them of being gamblers and drunkards and all sorts and now we're saying our team is too religious u can neva be too religious, if i doctor can do his job very well while following the sunnah, if an engineer can do his job then i'm sure the crickers can too, and i live in scotland i see soo many ppl here following their sunnah and they get appreciated the ppl here and we as muslims can appreciate muslims practising islam thats a shame!!!

  • Param on April 10, 2007, 9:30 GMT

    Excellent article. What abt Kamran Akmal?

  • Najeeb Khan on April 10, 2007, 9:30 GMT

    well Afridi is worth a gamble, as South Africa chose Grame Smith after 2003 world cup we need Afridi, SA had Kristin, Boucher, Kallis, Klusner and other seniors but they chose attacking young player and we need the same, so Afridi can be a really good choice, he is pathan and once u make him captain u will see he will be more responsible and a strong captain.

  • shakir hasnain on April 10, 2007, 9:29 GMT

    kamran in a parallel universe what you wrote up there has been read and acted upon . Alas in this universe however...the slapstick and burlesque will always come to epitomise pak cricket. committees will be formed, plans made, money thrown in the air, convenient interpretations of religion arrived at to validate cowardice on the battle field and a shamefaced spineless leadership will be crafted from what is left of pak cricket. this leadership will echo the views of hte bureacrats or generals who will lead us back to the colonial times...at the expense of character let alone cricket.

    i have no hope .. i am ashamed of this pakistani team. their attitude sickens me, the board sickens me.. we need warriors, dragon slayers, revolutionaries... is heading hte cricket board some kind of a pastime ? is that what this nation has concluded form its fanciful assessments of failure and success?

    here , you are a general , would you like to spend timme wiht the lads in your free time just to prepare them for hte world cup? i remember the Gen Taukeer Zia days well..

    here, you are a bureaucrat, so endearingly glib, your collection of cliches leave us with gasps of wonder, your proven abilities to reduce every system to a kafkaesque nightmare charm us beyond any notion of victory and defeat, why don't yuou head the pcb?

    i do not expect you to post this on your blog as it is just an indignant set of lines in reaction to the recent disasters that threaten to wipe out the memory of raja lashing out at holding or imran runnning through the windies in 88 or akram and waqar putting england on the map....i thank you for your well founded ten point recipe for success. i want afridi to be the captain. he has it in him to fight the demon ...the others ...well prayer is a scoundrel's last refuge.


  • Abdul Wahab on April 10, 2007, 9:21 GMT

    Well ofcourse its a low time for Pak cricket...and i wod like to differ with u...yonus did made some blunders in Srilanka but he was very inovative in patches. He does seem to hav a mind behind...V all remember Inzi makin blunders in his initial stages as captain n there was an uproar in the press as well but he learned n got better...Shoib malik is the obvious choice for the vice captain post but then i think there shod be one bowler holdin these posts. @calgary highlander.....dun b a baby.

  • Zubair on April 10, 2007, 9:14 GMT

    Make SHOAIB AKHTAR captain...he is the only "MAN" out there

  • Dr Tanzil Ahmad on April 10, 2007, 9:07 GMT

    Well it's a tough choice for both coach and captain. There are some candidates that are an obvious no.

    No Miandad, it's been done and could be too controversial if we appoint him again. No old timers like Intikab Alam, Pak need to look forward.

    For captain, no MoYo. He needs to concentrate on runs, runs and runs, that's his job. No Afridi, this is not a popularity contest, he can't even guarantee a spot in the test side. Malik is too quiet and non-assertive to be the captain you want. Which leaves Younis Khan from the list you have mentioned, it would be a fairly risky appointment but then there is no one else who stands out.

  • asif khan afridi on April 10, 2007, 9:05 GMT

    Why can't we have THREE Captains, THREE Coaches, THREE Selection Committees, THREE Teams - one for Test Cricket, one for ODIs, and one for Twenty20. Is it really that unthinkable?

    Test Cricket: Captain, Younus Khan, VC Mohammad Yousuf; Coach Mudassar Nazar/Intikhab Alam

    ODIs: Captain, Shahid Afridi, VC Shoaib Malik; Coach Aqib Javed/Rashid Latif

    Twenty20: Captain, Imran Nazir, VC Adnan Akmal; Coach Rashid Latif/Aqib Javed.

    Players cross-featuring in more than one format would play under that format's appointed captain i.e., if Younus Khan is also selected in the ODI team, he will play under Afridi. Afridi playing Twenty20 will play under Imran Nazir. This should keep them a little humble.

    i read to this massage. but i like to few answer. shoaib malik is match fixing involveed.muhammad yousaf and younis khan already select to captain no perforamnce.imran nazir is no add for 11 player's.shahid afrdid is like to now captain in pakistan team.adnan akmal is new player.pakistan team not avail for coach. coach post is player' problume create.but manager is good former cricket.

  • Dev on April 10, 2007, 9:03 GMT

    MOHD YOUSEF is an absolute opportunist and a selfish player.....his time has come to go. How did Great IMRAN/WAQAR/WASIM perform during their time ???? They still follow the same religion.Don't they ????

  • irshanmemon on April 10, 2007, 9:03 GMT

    In my opinion if shahid afridi realizes his responsblitis then he is the perfect captin for pakisatn team.We have seen him in 20-20 cup.His captincy was awesome he was very energetic and he really is a energetic captin to me & the most important he was very agresive to me he could be 2nd after IMRAN KHAN the most successful captin.As i have heared from IMRAN KHAN pakistan is an agressvice approach team not a defending approach team n i believe shahid is an agressive captin so lets supprt him

  • arsahd waqas on April 10, 2007, 9:00 GMT

    Pakistan can experiment with one captains for a while. For ODIS & TEST SHOAIB AKHTAR PROVIDED HE IS CLEARED OF DRUG CHARGES.These are bold choices and may go either way.I think after the timid approach of inzi and co. it would be a good change that a bold leadership is put in place.but now shoaib akhtar is senior most player now pakistan team.shoaib is performance every time good and match winner player(INSHALLAH) avail.i like to pakistan team new captain shoaib akhtar.

  • M. Hussain on April 10, 2007, 8:59 GMT

    I think Shoaib Akhtar is the best choice for captian and Shahid Afidi is voice Captian in Oneday. Younas Khan captian and Muhammad Asif voice captian in Test Cricket.

  • Khizar Hayat on April 10, 2007, 8:58 GMT

    A word about Graeme Smith. He's now captain for 4 years. Have u that much patience for a Pakistan captain and that too a bloody civilian?

  • Red-faced Malkoha on April 10, 2007, 8:52 GMT

    Here is a Sri Lankan vote

    Captain: S.Malik Vice captain: A.Razzak Coach: W.Akram

  • Khan baba on April 10, 2007, 8:49 GMT

    Imran Nazir captained sialkot to win 20 20 trophy. He must be captain of Pakistan

  • Khizar Hayat on April 10, 2007, 8:47 GMT

    And Please don't appoint Miandad as a coach. he is too defensive and always ruin the domestic tour by his defensive style: pitch preparation etc. His captaincy record in home series was good for local Umpires had been very kind to him.

  • rukun on April 10, 2007, 8:43 GMT

    Clearly there's a lot of controversy about who should be captain. how about we make a young captain, like butt or malik and on them we can put a stronger coach who has been a successful leader, like wasim or waqar. still our cricket is in jeopardy and knowing our committees and crap, nothing useful will happen

  • Khizar Hayat on April 10, 2007, 8:43 GMT

    I'm astonished by the proposal of S Malik being the captain. This is gym given the fact his batting technique; well in subcontinent he may b good but overseas he is a flop; horrible in opening positions. His bowling is at best mediocre. His personal habits reveal an unstable and immature mind. Ask his neighbors in Lahore. They frequently quote his one wheeler antics on roads and that too with his car. Not to forget throwing a match in domestic season. One Thing to note is that we need a long term captaincy. The forthcoming tours are easy and the present state is lowest ebb in PCB history. Any captain can click now as the situation can't be worse than at present. So the mighty ones must try to appoint their dear one as captain since the job is easy in the short term.

  • srivathsan on April 10, 2007, 8:39 GMT

    I am glad that you have echoed some of my views on future of ind/pak cricket.What you say perfectly holds good for inia also except item.no.3,as it is the last thing if they ever do.Coming to pakistan,yunis khan is the right choice.He is a levelheaded person,a very good player & also a senior.Though being senior need not be a criteria ,it definitely helps to command respect from others.shoab malik can be groomed to be future captain he has all the qualities.I agree mohd.yusuf does not fit the bill,so also afridi.He is an instinctive personality & often acts on rush of blood.such people cannot make a good international captain.I agree with some of the viewers that Imran khan be made the president of PCB . For coach aqib javid with abdul qadir/wasim or waqar would be very ideal combination.I fully agree with you that players educational qualification has to be improved.PCB can provide facility for those below the required level to pick up the thread.You have mentioned rashid latif as a choice for the coach.How can you recommend people with loose tongue as is mr. rashid latif.Pakistan dignity will be at stake with such people around.I am of the opinion that PCB should invite alltime greats like Zahir abbas,asif iqbal,imran khan , javid miandad , wasim akram,waqar yunus,ramiz raja sarfraz navaz & few others to chalk out a strategy for pakistan cricket.

  • JAVED A. KHAN, MONTREAL, CANADA on April 10, 2007, 8:34 GMT

    It will only be 'a token gesture' if I say: "Thank You Kamran Abbassi." But, the subject and the timing of it is so crucial especially in view of the recent news on cricinfo that, Pakistan is soon to announce its captain and coach. The PCB do not have to keep up with the Joneses and follow the BCCI, their situation is different from India's.

    Whether the PCB will take into consideration the views expressed on Pak Spin or they will decide what they have to? Against all the odds, there might still be a remote possibility that they may take into consideration the points made on this blog. Because, its not just Kamran Abbassi's voice but, it is also the peoples voice from all over the globe.

    Kamran Abbassi has short listed the candidates for both categories and has done a good analysis by separating the 'sheep from the goats' or 'wheat from the chaff' and has set the wheels in motion for a debate. Throughout I have been advocating, campaigning and supporting Shahid Afridi for the post of Captain and this is my personal opinion, if people do not agree with it, they do not have to get personal, they are also free to express their views and opinions instead of creating a banter.

    I would like to thanks Dawar once again for the link on Shoaib Malik that he posted yesterday, which reinforced my opinion about making Shahid Afridi the Captain of Pakistan team. Choosing a captain to fulfill an immediate requirement is not the solution. Pakistan needs a captain who is young, experienced, dynamic, charismatic who can play successfully and lead not just up to but, beyond 2011.

    I am aware of the pitch scuffing and the bat wagging incident for which Afridi was banned and he paid a price for that. Lets give him his due, he deserves more than that and he possess far more diversified qualities than Inzamam the Captain and not Inzamam the batsman. Inzamam's incident in Toronto where he actually went in to the stands and thumped that guy "ShivSingh" who was calling him Aloo, it was far more serious incident than Afridi's casual bat wagging. Inzi was not even banned for manhandling that guy. If Afridi really wanted to hit that man, who could have stopped him? The PCB ignored that Toronto incident and also Justice Qayyum's report and made Inzi the Captain, did anyone from the public object then? No one! LOL at Inzi's tableeghi memory on his recent comment that he was not aware of Mushy's ban by Justice Qayyum. They were both comrades in misery then, and still he is supporting Mushy?

    I am of the opinion that under the present circumstances, there is no other player who is better qualified than Shahid Afridi to captain the side for a long term and just because you cannot see the path does not mean it is not beneath your feet or, where else you are going to get a captain from? You can hire a coach from outside but, not a Captain!. Between the two Javed's - Miandad would be a better choice my vote goes for him.

  • Abdul, England on April 10, 2007, 8:23 GMT

    Dear Mr. Abbasi With regard to your 3rd point, you along with your other media colleagues e.g. Pervez Mir, Rashid Latif, seem intent on highlighting some obscure idea that the religious piety of the team is what led to their downfall, and was a means of the players losing their focus. I find this thought absolutely absurd. Becoming more religious has actually allowed them to focus more, a point which was expressed by Inzamam, Afridi, and other cricketers who i have heard speak on the matter. Individuals like yourself do not complain about religious beliefs when we beat England at home, or draw with India away, but as soon as we perform poorly in the world cup, your limited memory leads you to blaming religious beliefs as the reason for failure. I would like to point out that since religious beliefs have been more common practice in the Pakistan team, topics such as match-fixing, team in-fighting have become less prevalent. Ok, i accept they haven't gone away, but you cannot deny they are less common than before. And with regard to people being 'ostracised or made uncomfortable for not being as pious as the most pious member of the team', i think you should perhaps take a wider view first before stumbling on such a conclusion. Individuals who were ostracised from the team include Shoaib Akhtar, who was not ostracised at all because of his lack of piety, but because of his behaviour and lack of respect towards others. And to further disprove your point, players such as Younis Khan are not amongst the most pious player, yet he is still as respected and as integral as Mohammad Yousuf. Hence, to conclude, i would like you to understand that performance and religion have no correlation whatsoever. And as for religion being a 'private matter', well, muslim men read together, in groups, so for a group of men to not pray in a group and perform the prayers individually, would be quite odd. Hence, rather than it being the public spectacle you see it as, it is a merely due to purposes of convenience. Look wider than religion as a reason for poor performance; our batsmen cannot play balls above stump height or swinging deliveries, our bowlers have pace with limited control, and our fielding is a shambles. Cricket is cricket, not religion.

  • Blue Devil on April 10, 2007, 8:16 GMT

    Kamran, PJ Mir's revelations are a severe indictment of the overly 'pious' attitude of some of the players led by Inzi. The players have a right to pray but it should be a private matter. No player should not allowed to go around preaching, and admonishing his fellow team members. They are paid to be world-class cricketers, and not zealous missionaries. Enough is enough. Thankfully, the PCB has indicated that it will show zero tolerance for such antics in the future.

  • mujtaba on April 10, 2007, 8:15 GMT

    I do not understand on point. When the Pakistan team lost in 1999 and 2003, there were all kinds or reports that team was out late night in disco's and partying. The team was lambasted from pillar to pillar even though we had reached the final in 99. So now that in 2007 why can we not belame an overdose of religion for this fiasco? I totally agree and endorse Kamran's view point in this matter. Religion should be in private and should be paracticed in private and not worn on your sleeve. This is a game of cricket, a game is supposed to be secular in its very nature. SO PLEASE LEAVE RELIGION OUT OF CRICKET!

    However I do not agree with Kamran's point of view on Aqib Javed. This guy was a nuisance when he was in the team. He clearly does not get along with Wasim, Waqar, Inzamam and almost all of the rest of team. Why are we hell bent on bringing a coach, he at his time was involved in team politics? Do we need that, or do we need such a guy to be role model for the youngsters in the team?

    and lastly..... lets just show a little humility for once in our life. Inzamam is the best batsmen ever produced by Paksitan. Lay off him!! Critique is very easy.... Problem with us in Paksitan is that everyone of us is an expert on everything... thats why nothing functions in this country. Just once, atleast once say thankyou to INZI...... for all the memories, for all his service to this country. He was not the best captain, but you peple (including you Mr.Kamaran ABBASSI) did not criticise his captaincy when he came back from india with 1-1 drawn series. You did not critcise him when Pakistan beat England at home? How about his handling of bowling attack without Shoaib Akhtar in second test in South africa? Come on guys..... he was not he best but he was not the worst either. And how come a player who scored a 90 odd.... and was man on the match two test ago, is not good enough to represent Pakistan in test cricket. When the chips are down there has only been one man who has stood like a rock and that is Inzamam.

    i know it is just a blog but I would like to use this to express my gratitude to one of the best players ever in the history of the Cricket. INZI....... there are people who support you, and will ever be indebted to you for your services to this country. God Bless You!!

  • Euceph Ahmed on April 10, 2007, 8:10 GMT

    Why can't we have THREE Captains, THREE Coaches, THREE Selection Committees, THREE Teams - one for Test Cricket, one for ODIs, and one for Twenty20. Is it really that unthinkable?

    Test Cricket: Captain, Younus Khan, VC Mohammad Yousuf; Coach Mudassar Nazar/Intikhab Alam

    ODIs: Captain, Shahid Afridi, VC Shoaib Malik; Coach Aqib Javed/Rashid Latif

    Twenty20: Captain, Imran Nazir, VC Adnan Akmal; Coach Rashid Latif/Aqib Javed.

    Players cross-featuring in more than one format would play under that format's appointed captain i.e., if Younus Khan is also selected in the ODI team, he will play under Afridi. Afridi playing Twenty20 will play under Imran Nazir. This should keep them a little humble.

  • David on April 10, 2007, 8:08 GMT

    In my opinion I think Shahid Afridi should be the captain of Pakistan. He is still young enough, has plenty of experience, and, being a showman I think he will have the x factor to lift those in his team. I also think this added responsiblity will benefit his game... like it did Ricky Ponting for Australia. In saying all this, it will also be a huge gamble, but one I feel worth taking. Aaqib Javed should be coach, he experienced a lot of sucess in a Pakistan side that was one of the best in the world. He can bring a lot to this side. Pakistan need a fresh new start, with new ideas. These are the two men who can deliver sucess to a team who crave it.

  • cb fry on April 10, 2007, 8:07 GMT

    dear kamran,

    let's please stop this lazy journalism once and for all. i know this is a blog, so high standards don't apply, but let's get some facts straight and stop with all your veiled, casual insults on inzamam's reign. it's getting boring now. let's get some facts straight:

    1. religion is not the reason pakistan lost to ireland. in fact religion, if anything, has united the team, and improved moyo's performance beyond recognition. even bob woolmer accepted that religion gave the team unity and discipline.

    2. pakistan under inzy and woolmer had one of its most successful periods in history, contrary to "popular" opinion (i.e.you). they won test series, in that period, against nz, south africa, india, england, sri lanka, west indies. they reached up to no2 in the test rankings and no3 in the odi rankings.

    3.inzamam is not as bad a captain as you claim he is. his captaincy in multan against england and in bangalore against india on the final day of those tests was a treat. they are 2 of the classic test wins in pakistan cricket history.

    please please please stop rewriting history. i know there are morons out there who believe cricket begins and ends with the world cup, but i for one didn't think you were one of these morons. please stop proving me wrong.


    cb fry

  • Asef Ali on April 10, 2007, 8:05 GMT

    Just a thought!! how about appointing Imran Khan (the great) as the Coach? That would automatically solve 90% of the problem. Or make his the head of PCB and bring in Wasim or even Aaqib as coach.

  • TK on April 10, 2007, 7:59 GMT

    Mr. Kamran Abbassi, your recommendations are fine but after the world cup debacle, the appointment of coach and captain are tertiary issues. The primary and the pivotal issue is the reorganization of PCB on democratic lines, and the secondary issue is electing credible professional people to provide leadership for the future of Pakistan cricket.

    PCB as an organization, and Dr. Nasim Ashraf (DNA) as an ad-hoc leader have lost their credibility. A new captain and a coach won’t achieve much success if they will be managed by the same “unprofessional” people who have no vision, no sense of “accountability” and “conflict of interest.” Clueless people who has no sense of shaping-up or shipping-out!

    Peter Drucker, one of the great management Guru’s of the 20th century has said “An organization begins to die the day it begins to be run for the benefit of the insiders and not for the benefit of the outsiders.” An organization is a reflection of its leader. The state of affairs at PCB is a reflection of its leader. And for PCB it could be said that it does not take many mediocre leaders to mutilate the DNA of the organization; It just takes only one DNA (Dr. Nasim Ashraf)!”


    1. The patron of PCB should, for the good of cricket and for the sake of his “Pakistan first” policy, swallow his pride and ego and accept DNA’s resignation, and thus initiate a new era of positive and democratic changes for Pakistan cricket.

    2. All who wish to lead ought to ponder over the statement that Andrew Carnegie wanted to put on his gravestone, “Here lies a man who knew how to put into his service more able men than he was himself.”

  • Syed Abdullah Naqi on April 10, 2007, 7:53 GMT

    shoiab malik will make the captain b/c of paki bright future and aaqib javed bowling coache and main coache i wish S.R.Waugh b/c he was the great leader i think he best coache youins barring on inzi no. in odi and batted one down poasition and aamer sohail will make the cheif selector and inzi played in test b/c we dont have big gun b/c of wasim bari he was aapointed 2004 december after he appointed only two guys was debut he was only rotate aamir sohail bank players asif and abdur rehman only debut in b/w 2004-2007 April this is the main factor of losing pakistan in world cup

  • Daniyal on April 10, 2007, 7:49 GMT

    You lost me the moment you suggested Afridi as a future captain. May I remind you that after Shoaib probably the most controversial player in our team in terms of discipline and otherwise is Shahid Afridi. We don't need a half-brained captain, we just saw what a half-brained captain achieves regardless of his abilities. Come to think of it Afridi doesn't even justify his place in the playing eleven the reason he's there is to shut up a huge majority which cries foul every time he's excluded from the team and curses at him when he's bowled playing a shot none of us could imagine would qualify as a cricketing shot.

    You sir need to apply yourself to your job.

  • Ali on April 10, 2007, 7:46 GMT

    Pakistan might play different teams for Tests and ODI's. Younis Khan likely the captain in Tests and Shahid Afridi captain in ODI's. Aqib Javed is a very strong candidate for bowling coach and Javed Miandad for batting and fielding. If Aqib Javed can prepare a bowler like Mohammad Asif, we can expect him to polish other talented bowlers like Umar Gul, Rana Naved and Sami. I wonder why Mushtaq Ahmad was selected as an assistant coach or a bowling coach. If his talent was so trusted, he should have been selected to play in the team. There is no doubt that religion should be the first priority and our religion(Islam) teaches us to create a balance between the religion and worldly affairs. It teaches us to be fair with our professions and for the team, cricket is a profession more than a game.

  • Mabsoos Ahmad on April 10, 2007, 7:46 GMT

    Very good Karmab Sb, why not eleven matter of choice.

    1. If we go by the cricketing sense, the English choose their captains on long term basis and their headache to choose on tournament basis gets over and we should definitely keep in mind while choosing captain. Performance should be the key and it should be consistent performance. The only consistent performer and is Shoaib Malik. He is young, energetic, enthusiastic, hard working and cricketing sense so, he is front runner. Let us not repeat the mistake again and I think it is hard to forget the seniors. Let them enjoy their cricket. See the performance of Sanath Jayasurya he is the most senior player in SL and he is enjoying cricket. Younis Khan, it would be a big big mistake but it would be BLUNDER. He has not cricketing brain and chirping is not going to help. You have to be very serious on the field and implement things on the field since Cricket Captain is most powerful than any game and the results a lot depends on sensible captain. Sri Lanka snatches victory against England just because it was his captain who had believed on the talent of Dilhara Fernando and handed over the last over to bowl despite having overs from Vaas and other experienced players. This example is just to think about while choosing captain. 2. I agree that that there should be no room for lazy captain. A thinking captain is the need of hour. 3. Most important issue, the captain should balance the religion and captain rather than preaching day and night about the religious. However, Islam is one of the flexible religion and the players adopt accordingly. If you are offering Namaz and not practicing which is your bread and butter, that means you are not responsible towards your religion. If you are preaching and it is harmful, it is no sense of preaching religions matters. The PCB must think about this and strike the balance between religion and cricket. 4. Coach – Only and only Aaquib Javed is suitable for this job. He is young . He has success under his belt. He is low profile. He is energetic. He has been a noble servant of Pakistan Cricket who is the member of 1992 squad and he knows how to win under pressure cooker situation. A young coach would be beneficial in terms of long term and do not change and chop. For heaven’s shake do not appoint high profile coach. Forget Javed Miandad, Mudassar Nazar, Intikhab Alam since they could not serve too long. A long term policy should be drawn by the Coach since it is the coach who becomes policy maker and the captain with his sensible mind implement on the ground. 5. No doubt about this that the coach should be appointed from the new generation and Aaqhib Javed perfectly fits in this point. 6. Match fixing has been a problem in the sub continent and fingers have been raised on somebody by the commission, then we should not ignore the fact. A clean figure is to be appointed. What a ridiculous explanation Inzi offered for Mustaq. Every one knows the findings of Justice Qayyum’s, Mr. Inzi is not aware. 7. Definitely we should choose long term success and to achieve, we have to sacrifice somehow or the other. Planning and its implementation is essential. If there is any change in the administration, the planning must go on. Is it possible, in the dirty politics ?? 8. Mohammad Yousuf should not be made captain. Let him enjoy his remaining cricket otherwise, his performance will suffer. However, his advice may definitely be taken being a senior member of the team. 9. You have to smart enough and it is time to show courage. Bob is no more with us, but his planning is definitely there. If we have to get success we have to take care of the final advice of BOB, it would be homage as well we will get benefited. Let us see how PCB reacts on the selection of coach, but if they will consider long term planning then ONLY Aaquib Javed is suitable for this post. 10. Think twice before selecting any coach or captain. Gather all the inputs, see pros and cons and then choose the captain and coach keeping every aspects in mind as haste makes waste. 11. System and Planning : Kamran Sb, it is my opinion that there should be a system so that planning could be implemented. If our system fails, then the planning automatically goes haywire. It is said that thought without action is folly and action without though is abortion.

  • Aurangzeb Khan on April 10, 2007, 7:43 GMT

    Commenting on 3rd matter of choice, Religion of a cricketer should be his business and no one else's. I do not think for a fraction of moment that anyone in the team takes practicing religion as a badge of honour. Has anyone of the players said such a thing? Not to my knowledge. No one should be made uncomfortable for practicing his religion the way he chooses. It is just not anyone's business. This is the same team that has won in the very recent past. No one credited Religion for that. So, why over a loss? After all, Pakistan lost to Bangladesh in the World Cup in just the same manner. My fear is that the hate for Religion in the new Elite of PCB will result in keeping out talent just because of their religious practices.

    Matter of choice is ridiculous. Focus on crickter's abilities to play, and not his personal life.

  • Asad Ali on April 10, 2007, 7:34 GMT

    Interesting suggestions you have here. I think many of Pakistani cricket fans like myself have been waiting for an article like this.

    First of all, I'm very pleased that someone mentioned the names of Shoaib Malik & Afridi for captaincy. I totally agree that Yosuf is not the right person for the job and even so Yonus Khan. The problem with Yonus seems to be his over enthusiasm, which is mostly eminent in his shot selection and the ways he usually gets out. He doesn't seem to learn from his mistakes. A captain should have the ability to lift his game and lead from the front. Shoaib Malik, although his place in test team is sometimes questioned, seems to be a very good prospect as a captain. He has shown that he's a good learner of the game. He has improved a lot since he first came on the scene and he has also shown a lot of determination, hardwork and consistency. As for Afridi, as you said, it's a gamble, but one worth taking. Only problem is his inconsistency and the question about his place in the test squad. But, like Shoaib, he also has improved a lot and shown that he's a thinking cricketer.

    One thing which is always talked about, is building a team for the next world cup and I have always disagreed with that. I'm for long term planning and preparing for world cups is not long term planning. The goal should be to find and prepare cricketers who would excel in all forms of cricket, under all conditions and in all sorts of tournaments. Especially, we need to make our players mentally stronger and improve their temperament for test cricket. Winning a world cup is not so important as performing well and consistently in all conditions and to have a team which would always put up a fight even if they are going down.

    I think you are also right about the inability of our players to learn because of lack of education. One can see that (apart from a few exceptions) whenever our players are talking about their performance, they are not very sure of themselves. It seems that playing comes very naturally to them, but they can't talk about the technicalities of their game. So, I guess, there is an immediate need for a players education program which could help them learn about the game in general and about their individual game in particular.

    I do hope that the decisions by the PCB are made for the good of cricket in the country (for long term) and not to please some people in short term.

  • Imran Zia on April 10, 2007, 7:26 GMT

    There is only one player who deserves the captaincy and that is Younis Khan. He should be appointed captain and Shoib Malik Should be his deputy. The other choices are very limited. Shahid Afridi is not an automatic choice in both forms of the game and his erratic behavior at times should close his case. Salman Butt may be good at giving interviews in english but how he would handle players like Shoiab Akhtar is hard to imagine and his fielding does not set any standards. However hailing from Lahore he might be a strong contender. Shoaib Malik is sensible but he has never been tried and should have been given a chance at some stage. The coach should be a choice of the captain. Bringing a Pakistani Coach brings in the aspect of persol preference and favoritism. Both the coach and captain should be on the same thinking lines. The selection commitee should be strong and shoul consist four members at least and other two should be captain and coach. The rule of majority should prevail while taking decisions on selection. Merit should be the criteria for selction. Fielding and fitness should be made the benchmark of selection. If you are not fit and not a good fielder you should NOT be selected even if you are Mohd Yusuf. This is the only way fielding standards in domestic level could improve othervise there would be no imrovement in this regard.

  • faisal on April 10, 2007, 7:26 GMT

    i would say put shoaib malik as a captain and put wasim akram as a coach or rashid latif and pcb should call in araf abbasi as a ceo .

  • Ahmed Qamar Khan on April 10, 2007, 7:26 GMT

    Noble suggestions I must say. You have presented a reasonable path to tackle the mess that is Pakistan cricket. Especially the bit about seperation of religion from cricketing affairs. Still, I doubt Mr. Nasim Ashraf is a regular reader of your blog.

    What Iam trying to imply is that, I do not expect much rational thought from an "ad-hoc" board which just trying to appease a few. They will give an impression of intense corrective measures being taken and 3 years from now Pakistan would find itself struggling to keep up with the other more professional teams "again".

    The people who have set about to fix Pakistan cricket need to analyze themselves first. Everytime we are faced with a shambolic performance like this, captains are changed team members replaced and promises are made. What is the outcome? A bigger embarrasement then the one they intended to fix. Please, for heavens sake instead of repeating the same old failed techniques try to inovate. If we can not create something new atleast we can copy the structure of another (e.g Australia) who is already successful. Bring in the six teams as Imran Khan has already suggested. Give the first class player good incentives (pay them big). Now that is what I call long proactive term planning, not appointing Shahid Afridi the new captain.

  • zia ul islam on April 10, 2007, 7:23 GMT

    why every one is crying about religious element in team what happened in 2003 world cup at that time all modrates in team ,like waseem ,waqar,shoaib etc , what happened that time , all top players are in team . cricket is a game and by chance our team could not play well . there's no such religious element involve in team which superseed the performance . why muhammad yousaf can not be a captain , he is senior most player in team he cannot be a captain coz he having beared on his face , and this will creat another religious fear thinking by our PCB . all their own mis managment cause this downfall of our cricket and they all togather crying for religious element in team . shame on PCB and its advisors .

  • S Haqnawaz Habib - Dubai on April 10, 2007, 7:06 GMT

    These ten points are quite reasonable. Especially the balance in religion & the game, long term success and coach/captain with no past controversy.

    If there is performance based system in action then there is no point of some senior player to stay for a long if he is not performing well. If we look at the modern captains (pointing, felming, vaugh) we will come to know that they play with tactics. Obviously education is a big part for them to develop their tactics and to be mentally strong. Good planning is a result of good strategy.

    I did mention in my previous comments that the coach should have some assitant coach or a person who can provide the coach some statistical data prior to any tour and coach/captain can streamline thier strategies. You should not win alot of game based on basic strategies. If you are touring Australia then you should have statistics like ..

    playing/ground condition Individual player records (ground wise) Batting/bowling averages How individual players used to dismiss on particular ground (thier weaknesses etc)

    and so on ...

    The main coach should not involve himself preparing all this material because this is not his not main job. He should have all these statistics available.

    We are in the age of modern cricket. Australia going for 400+ and SA chasing it, 6 sixes in an over, Pak/India going out of World Cup. so let us be ready and prepare for it ..

  • SHEEJE on April 10, 2007, 7:06 GMT

    Well i agree with most of the points raised by you Mr Abbasi but u didnt talk about the selection committee, in my view there should be a committe comprising of ex test cricket players who have at present association with national and international cricket. Most importantly i would not recomend any of the captaion you have sorted, i think the ultimate choice should be Salman Butt (Captain) and Muhammad Asif (Vice Captain), both are capable of carrying long cricket carreer. As far as Coach is concerned i still belive Pakistan team requires only panel of players specialized in batting, bowling and fielding, no need of nominating particular person as coach.

  • Liaqat on April 10, 2007, 7:03 GMT

    First of all, every body should know that Ramiz has no Knowledge of cricket. as u made a point that Ramiz said "inzi was senionr so he was made captain." It is absoloutly wrong..... You have always noticed and i chalenge Readers that Observe Ramiz commentry, He will never say what is right or wrong, but he will comments after that thing had happend. for Example, If any team wins the toss and elects to bat first on seaming track he will say lets wait and see, only time will tell that it was a good decision or not. He will never say that it is a wrong decission, But after match finishes he will say it was an extreemly wrong decission to bat first. That is Ramiz for you. I think Aqib and Best best Best choice as a Coach+ Younas Khan as Captain. what u saw readers...?

  • Fawad Syed on April 10, 2007, 7:02 GMT

    Hi Kamran. I totally agree with your thoughts. First of all, religion and sports are two totally different things. You can pray as much as you want but if you don't perform, God doesn't help you. If you try hard, He might provide you with a miracle. Hope the players know that. New ideas are definitely needed in captaincy and coaching. But nepotism or favouritism is our biggest downfall in every aspect life. Somebody has to change that infrastructure. Why not start from cricket! Fawad.

  • Faisal Sayeed on April 10, 2007, 7:01 GMT

    A well researched and insightful article indeed. I would, as much as the country, would be amazed at Mr. Ashraf's judgement if Younis Khan is appointed as captain. Neither would we like crying babies like Inzi to lead this team now. What this team needs are mature individuals who have a confident approach towards the game. I however feel that the religion issue has been blown out of proportions by the media. Just because anyone is praying doesnt necessarily mean he is doing tableegh. By the way, if Wasim Akram can give private lessons to the Indian team, why cant we benefit from his experience ?

  • abdul rehman on April 10, 2007, 7:01 GMT

    Another brilliant article...but does the PCB even read these? Honestly speaking, I think there is no doubting that everything in the PCB at the moment has gathered moss, because their thinking is too old school and they are just letting things move. 1) Smith was made captain after 2003, even though he played on only one match in the world cup. He is now the leader of the 2nd best team in the world and plays out of his skin everytime his team needs it. Can we not take a risk with some one like Salman Butt (who can speak English as well) or even Shoaib Malik. Afridi is too volatile for his own good. 2) Some one please get Dave Whatmore to coach us. PPPPLLLLEEEAASSEEE...he is known for developing teams and mixing youth with experience. He scouts talent naturally...Sri Lanka in 1996, Bangladesh now...17 and 18 year old Fearless batsmen with wise 30 year old masters of the game and just right 23-25 year old cricketers is what we need.

    If possible can some one give me an email address of PCB or Nasim Ashraf. I would like to give him and the rest of the PCB a piece of my mind. Well done Kamran. Why don't you apply for the PCB chairman post (no sarcasm intended). You have my vote.

  • Mohsin Aziz on April 10, 2007, 6:59 GMT

    I think we should have a young blood Hassan Raza should be in pakistan team as a captian.

  • umar on April 10, 2007, 6:54 GMT

    Why shouldn't you say n simple that PCB should make Younis Khan as captain and Aqaib Javed as Coach. The thing is how can a person should be captain after what he did in pre-champions trophy press conference. Can you still rule that thing out. And there are incident when he tries to force the thing without much logic behind that like in westindies tour(Querrel with Afridi). I think when he was not captain he tries to do different things like cheering and etc. But he ever was handed captaincy he is completely different person on the negative side. And of course I agree Make your decision wisely by also taking these thing into account

  • Habib - Dubai on April 10, 2007, 6:53 GMT

    To me Pakistan has at the moment has not much choice in slecting a captain...Yousuf cant be considered as captain due to his overdose of relegious activities.... Shoib Malik is not mature enough (he lost a 20/20 match intentioanally)...Afridi can be considered but i dont think he is worth of it.....Only person who now at which we can rely as a captian is Younas...not becoz he is extra ordinary but as Pakistan has no choice at the moment....but his vice captain should be Muhammad Asif...who is real hardworking and mature cricketor after a long time Pakistan has found....he will be future captain as he is young and will get only better by the time... For coach plz dont discuss people like Javed Miandad...he was great player but a most stup*d coach....all other old horses has pst their shelf life,..only Aqib Javed ...is the option....

  • Mohammad Masood on April 10, 2007, 6:50 GMT

    Selection of a new captain and a coach is an important part of the team re-building process. I disagree with you that relegious beliefs should take back seat, while cricket is being played. But I fully agree with you that that, while the players are fulfilling their relegious duties, they have also to justice with the job because they are being paid for that. This is demanded by our relegion. In my view the overhaul should start from the top. We need to bring in fresh people, fresh ideas and radical chnage in our approcah with regards to managing the cricket affairs. The media also need to play a positive role in bringing about the change. When I watch TV or read about cricket on internet or news paper, I see and hear the same old horses, who have played a part in the gradual decline of the cricket teams performance. I hear same stuff from Ramiz, who flip flop easily. Yesterday I heard interviews and ideas from Salim Altaf, Waseem Bari, Tauqir Zia, Sheheryar Khan, and some of the others. All these have had their chances and failed. They should be completely blocked out of the media and should not be allowed to have any say in the management of the cricket affairs.

    Selection of captain and the coach should also accompany proper selection criteria for the players. In my view these should be as follows:

    1) The ritrement age for the bowlers and the batsman should be set at 30 years and 33 years respectively. 2) The average age of the team, at any stage should not be nore than 25 years. 3) Since this is their job, the players should be evaluated on their performance every six months and asked to take corrective measures themselves. If they do not do that they should be asked to leave. 4) The players should be asked to follow a physical fitness regimen, since they do not indulge inyo any other sport when not playong cricket. There should be surprise test of the physical fitness to ensure that the players are following the regimen. 5) There should be prcatice session on a regular basis so as the keep the cricket players in touch. The batter should practice on green top pitches.

    6) The captain shopuld walk the talk. He should be an allrounder and the best fielder. He should lead from the front and not from the back. He should aim to win every game and the necessary skills to pull the team out of trouble.

    Thats it for now. Will say more on this later.

    A wholsale change is needed in the management of the cricket and the government to put Pakistan on the right track.

  • Naveed on April 10, 2007, 6:47 GMT

    Well I agree with u on this one. What Pakistan cricket need is a infrastructure. The cities should have a league of there own and each club should be registered with the board of cricket in the city. Each club should have a vote to select the board of cricket for there city. The city board should elect the zoneboard of cricket. The zone board should elect the provincialboard of cricket. Each Province should have a cricketing academy. The player porforming in the cityleague should the get a chance to be selected in the zonal teams and play a league. From there u can select and contract players playing for the provincial team. That means we are going to need good coaches. 2. The academy should teach them atleast spoken english togather with cricketing skills. The academy should have a pycologist to access the mentalstreght of the players. Cricket is a mental game. The national side should always give a chance to a local player while playing in that city. 3. Do it like in football select a team manager who is the coach and soul responsiable for the team. He selects his assistents,Physios, coaches, the captain and which type of cricket he wants to play. While the team is not playing he goes around the provincial academies and hold saminairs for the coaches. That way we will produce a streamline player to fill the specific rolls in a team. I think that is what makes Australia great because they can take a player for a specific roll from there zonalteams. Naveed

  • A. Sultan on April 10, 2007, 6:47 GMT

    "Religion, for cricketers, should be a private matter not a badge of honour".

    I couldn't agree with you more on this point. Religion is a personal matter and one should observe privately without the need to showcase it each time a player open his mouth.

  • Atiq Khan on April 10, 2007, 6:42 GMT

    I would go for Shahid Afridi as a captain. He has an attacking and aggressive mentality that the Pak team requires on the field. The role of captaincy should bring some responsibility and awareness of his batting strength and hopefully turn him into a much better cricketer.

  • Ghalib Taimur on April 10, 2007, 6:39 GMT

    I think uve got this absolutely spot on.We have got to build a team for the future and we must try to build a combination which can win matches for Pakistan anywhere in the world not just the subcontinent.We can compromise losing a couple of games early on but a loss in the next world cup so early will be unacceptable..How abt Salman Butt as captain?Hes well educated and cud provide a different perspective compared to Younis or Afridi..

  • waqqasSaeed on April 10, 2007, 6:38 GMT

    Dear K Abassi! you are dear to me as you are dear to anyone among your fans and readers.With all the respect to your post i wana add few things to it and also wana underline the few more issues to you so that you can give better words to it. Pakistan cricket is not just painfull to me but infact its more demoralising to me, it actually takes out the real spirit of the game. I believe that wisdom is not the pearl that you can find it in every one. there are only few brains who got the cricket sense and real inside knowledge. Im not talkin about pseudo intilleget people but people who are really got the cricketing brains like Shane Warn , Flemming ,Imran khan. To really understand the root problem we have follow their School of thoughts rather then Inzi or dr.Naseem Ashraf.. So What i wana highlight is Shoaib Malik .. he as a batsman is like a black sheep... He can work around but just to save his own back.. he wants his place in side ...and he is successful by now.. and i dont know why even people like you even think of him as a captain of the team even his roofless remarks after a domestic match.. i can talk about him more and can even prove you my points with stats but i want you to consider him first.. Secondly i think to spend on youth is best way to secure your future and i think no one can do better the Aqib javed so why you every one wants Aqbit at top level where normaly mature bullys play there role...and we dont have any other choice.. Then Again the whole debacle is started just because of selection commitee and who gona take care of it... i think we do have better option then just what we are showin to public ....so think big in the interest of pakistan as we got lots of good people and big pool of talent... thanks alot

  • Saad on April 10, 2007, 6:29 GMT

    Coach : Aqib Javaid Captain: Shoaib Malik

    Why donot we try the captain of U19 team who won wc in 2006 ? We can get rid of Akmal and find a good captain at the same moment. I remember, his name was Sarfraz (???). The lad has great leadership abilities.

  • Amar Habib cricket correspondent Daily Ausaf London on April 10, 2007, 6:29 GMT

    The choice of captain is quite straightforward and obvious Younis Khan is the ideal candidate. In my opinion he should have taken the reigns sometime ago, probably 18 months back when Pakistan cricket was declining towards lowest in the last 25 years. Although I don’t see the problems with Mohammad Yousuf, his character is flawless and is a superb human being. As regards the position of coach that will be a tough choice, there were many failings previously. There was no proper set of openers for the last four year. How many new world class players did Pakistan produce in his tenure? Just one Mohammad Asif, we’ll over look the humiliating and historic defeats by South Africa and England in the test series. Javed Miandad has much to offer just with his share knowledge and passion for the game. Aqib Javed as a bowling coach would be visionary, forward and very much a good choice. Alternatively or preferably, I would consider Waqar Younis. He did well when he was there for a short period, he is also honest straight-forward and genuinely more concerned about Pakistani prospects. His knowledge as one of the greatest fast bowler of all time would be wasted if not resourced. However the main problem lies at the heart of the management who built ad-hoc regimes and strengthened a weak and uninspiring ex-captain Inzamam. Therefore there can be no faith in what the PCB does until the chairman himself relinquishes his own seat and there is a complete management restructure.

  • Muhamad Faizan Ghauri on April 10, 2007, 6:27 GMT

    I praise the way Kamran Abbasi has highlighted the main points in choosing the captain and the coach. A few more suggestions from my side. There should be a compulsory education criteria for each level of cricket played in Pakistan. I think that every time, the main problem with our team is lack of education. The point raised by Kamran that no learning from mistakes. This is just because of lack of education. There should be a certain level of education to be selected in Pakistan National Team.

    Once a coach and a captain are chosen, Believe in them. Give them proper time to settle. Don't make hasty decisions.

    This is the time for a decision. A very critical decision. Lets not insult Cricket the way we have insulted Hockey, Squash snooker and many other sports.

    If we make the right and wise decision at this time, INSHALLAH we can win at any venue and against any opposition.

  • WASIM SAQIB on April 10, 2007, 6:26 GMT

    Kamran you deliberately took a controversial position this time so that you could get a huge response that’s pathetic. You could have done better than that. Next time try to be a little bit more honest and real.

    Shahid Afridi new Captain of Pakistan, and yet you wrote that the # 1 criteria should be Merit and not hierarchy for the appointment of new captain, I hope by merit you meant performance, if thats the case then can you please explain how Shahid Afridi fulfills the merit criteria, and if you have some other definition of merit please in your next blog do enlighten us with that.

    Shahid Afridi (2006) ODI RECORD Mat Runs HS BatAv 100 50 W BB BowlAv 5w Ct St 6 36 23 9.00 0 0 6 2/14 28.66 0 2 0 2007 (ODI AVERAGE) Mat Runs HS BatAv 100 50 W BB BowlAv 5w Ct St 8 138 77* 19.71 0 1 3/20 24.66 0 0 0

    The above stats show that your choice is a clear case of personal favoritism and has nothing to do with merit.

    Your other choice Younis Khan here's his record: Younis (ODI RECORD 2006-07) Mat Runs HS BatAv 100 50 W BB BowlAv 5w Ct St

    12 232 93 19.33 0 1 0 - - 0 9 0 Younis Khan (TEST record 2006-07) 6 407 68 40.70 0 4 - - - - 15 0 The above record clearly shows that he is not a ODI Player he is good in tests, his performance in World cup was disgusting he failed to lead and play a positive role in the WC as a VC of the team.

    The most surprising thing in your blog was that two of the best performers in Pakistan team Yousaf and Shoaib Malik were taken out of the race by you for reasons which have nothing to do with the game. Mohammad Yousaf(2006-07)

    Mat Runs HS BatAv 100 50 W BB BowlAv 5w Ct St 5 816 192 90.66 4 2 - - - - 1 0 13 453 101*45.30 1 2 1 1/0 0.00 0 0 0

    Well everybody on your blog including yourself talk about merit but doesnt know its meaning, we all know what Yousaf did in 2006, and ironically when he was scoring runs like there was no tomorrow every body was saying it has nothing to do with religion, now after the loss in WC every thing has to do with religion, Your criteria #3 probably was included to strike off Yousaf,I think he should be the #1 choice so that all the future players should know that performance is rewarded and their are no short cuts for the top Job.

    Shoaib Malik Mat Runs HS BatAv 100 50 W BB BowlAv 5w Ct St 3 143 69 28.60 0 1 0 - - 0 3 0 15 406 62 45.11 0 3 6 2/27 40.66 0 6 0

    You dismissed Shoaib Malik the second best performer in the team with all round capabilities by saying his time will come, why? whats wrong now?Is merit the issue?

    Kamran you and most of the members of your blog who are not from Punjab are coming up with psychological BS i.e Attitude, spirit, swagger, leadership, aggression etc just to dismiss these two top performers from the race of captaincy. The fact is that these two players are the most mature players on our team cricket and otherwise. We need to support merit. I have no problem with Aaqib or intikhab as coach as they are both good and have proven record.

  • Ali Kayani on April 10, 2007, 6:21 GMT

    I agree with most of the points mention above except for the captaincy issue.Shahid Afridi as you have mentioned is an intriguing gamble,but if we have to gamble at all, then why not Shoib Akhtar. Why gamble on someone whose place in test side still carries a big questionmark.Our experience with fast bowlers as captains since Imran has'nt been bad either.We need someone who should bring inspiration to the squad by leading from the front. Yes,there have been some attitude problems associated with him in the past but at the same time has he been handled appropriately? at times difficult characters can change dramatically if given resposibility with a sense of recognition.

  • shahid on April 10, 2007, 6:21 GMT

    why not razzaq mr. kamran !!!!

  • waqas shaikh on April 10, 2007, 6:19 GMT

    I think the most appropriate choice for the coach would be Rashid Latif, with Aaqib Javed supporting him as bowling coach. Rashid latif can be useful in terms of batting (He had an excellent temprament) and can also guide Kamran Akmal with his keeping. As for the captain if Younis is refusing at this stage then he must never be given captaincy as leaders are not those who refuse to lead. Better choice may be to take a risk like South Africa who appointed a youn captain i.e. Smith. May be someone who will fill in the opening slot or slot vacated by Inzamam should be considered who has experience of leading the domestic side i.e. Hasan Raza, Shoaib Malik.

  • Ali Khan on April 10, 2007, 6:13 GMT

    Coach: Rashid Latif ( and please, no additional coaches such as bowling and fielding coaches).

    Captain: Mohammed Yousuf (Afridi is not a consistent cricketer and Shahid Malik does not have that much experience IMO).

    Ever since Mohammed Yousuf converted to Islam, media and PCB have been critical of Islamic influence among players. I ask you, what is wrong with it? They can have as much religious bonding provided they give results.

    You can't lamblast anybody for their beliefs. According to media then, why does Harbajan Singh wear a turban? Or why did Danish Kaneria visit a temple while in India? Isn't that too publicizing faith according to Pervez Mir?

  • Noman Yousuf Dandore on April 10, 2007, 6:10 GMT

    Well said from point 1 to 10. But in the beginning as you wrote: "here are some issues for the erudite souls on the ad-hoc committee to consider"

    Well we all know how 'Erudite' they are when it comes to the sport we all love. Why bother then, why give your advice to deaf ears? Please voice your opinion for a change in system first. It's not that we do not need to decide in the manner that you have suggested, it is just that we need the right system to absorb this input and process it properly. Cheers!

  • Asif Rajan on April 10, 2007, 6:09 GMT

    Tremendous article..... The PCB should really consider reading these articles and steal some ideas of them. I am sure the writer won't mind if his ideas are copied :)

  • Omar on April 10, 2007, 6:09 GMT

    Salam Mr. Abbasi,

    I would like to add an eleventh matter to your, already more than needed, elaborative suggestions.

    11. GET RID OF THE BLOKE NAMED 'NASIM ASHRAF'. Since the time he took over he has very compitently and effectively turned Pakistan from a vibrant and renascent team to one in shatters. Maybe he was only appointed to annull the religious outlook of the team, and he has done wonderfully well in that regard, but with the presence of the likes of Mohammad Yousuf, his job is only half done, thus the rejection of his resignition.

  • Habib W. Ahmed on April 10, 2007, 6:06 GMT

    Kamran ! what about Razzaq ? He was captain of U19 before and Hell yes we need some coach from past decade but not Miandad plzzzzzz Aaqib looks to be the right choice

  • H.Malik on April 10, 2007, 6:04 GMT

    Dear Kamran , In priciple I agree to all your points HOWEVER , I feel to give few remarks about certain items. 1- INZI's statement that he di dnot know about the recommendations of justice Qayoum about Mushtaq otherwise he would not have asked for him and Dr Nasim's assertion that Musshy the gambler was given to the team on the ask of Bob & Inzi and knowing INZI was overruling Bob in all matters to the team selection , IT is Absurd & down right lying on the part of Mullah INZI , In my opinion he must nto be let come close the team ever again and never allowed his desire to have a crack on the record of legend Miandad's test score. We have seen the last of INZI . 2- As a captain , Yonus is not the right choice I am affraid he did not have Man-manager qualities Yousuf is asking for the trouble for more INZI type behaviour so better not to even think of it , Afridi is a bomshell devoid of any brain otherwise he would not do things he did in SA to get banned for 4 odis , you do not see such actions infront of you and then close your eyes ans trust this type of behaving person the wheel to steer the team , Shoaib is a known fixer of the match , willingly fixing a domestic matach where there was no money involved just the team placing was at stake , How on earth you would thing he will not be tempted to do it again when Millions of $ will be offered ?? NO SIR NONE of these are any candidate for the job of a captain .

    Why do not our board & people learn from the exercise and experience of SA , when they dumped the captain and all seniors and brought in a young lad called SMITH and they have never looked back again , so why not to take a calculated risk and bring in the Captain from a performing under 19 team of the past few years ? and then stand by him and tell all these senior YoYos , either perfomr or out you go at the first intance of seeing discontent or deteriorating performace . Hit them where it hurts most , on thier pocket , take a leaf out of what India is doing to their team , no harm & no shame in learning even from adversaries .

  • farzal on April 10, 2007, 6:03 GMT

    Kamran, why cant smart people like you not understand the difference between fantasy and reality? All you wrote makes sense which means it wont be done that way.

  • Hafiz Jaffar on April 10, 2007, 5:59 GMT

    I would like Muhammad Yousaf to become captain for the time being. Though he is not a mindful person. He is aggressive, has good temper, will be respected by team mates and got plenty of experience. In near future we cant afford to test a junior player as a captain. Hafeez on the other hand, if makes it to the team , can prove good captain. He is serious, mindful, active and agile, very good spinner , and can bat better in the middle order.He has all the team lead capabilities. I see him more like Wasim Akram in his captaincy. He will have a positive approach in all given circumstances. Best Regards, Hafiz Jaffar

  • Ali Imran, AlKhobar, Saudi Arabia on April 10, 2007, 5:59 GMT

    I think Shahid Afridi as a Captain would be interesting & tricky choice. But he deserve a chance. With his flamboyant attitude he might take Pak cricket to new heights if not there is no problem in it as Pak cricket is already in shambles and there is no way it can go down further than that.

    Who knows the responsibility of Captaincy matures Afridi and gets best out of him. Let's give him a chance, but giving captaincy to Yusuf or Yunis would be like one step forward & 10 step backward.

    I would like to see Afridi calling the shots it doesn't get better than this. Ah, after universal lazy Inzy, it's time for most flamboyant Afridi. As adage goes: Whatever happens is happens for good.

  • Nadeem on April 10, 2007, 5:59 GMT

    As you can see this article heavly favors both Younis Khan as captain and Aaqib Javed as coach. I feel that pakistan need to have assistant coaches as well to advice players. These assistant coaches should be players who have a good knowledge in their field(batting,bolwing, fielding) and have good experience but have enough professionalism to not question the coach.

  • Indian on April 10, 2007, 5:59 GMT

    I have always enjoyed Kamran's columns. I think Pakistan has to go with a young captian who can lead from the front. I believe Shoaib Malick is the right candidate, Afridi I belive has been too controversial and will be a step in the wrong direction, am I right? I have not seen any bowler as coach suceeding, I dont know what Aqib can do but he will be a wonderful bowling coach. With Shastri taking on the mantle, if Aqib were to become the coach, it will revive memories of Sharjah if and when India and Pakistan meet. I hope you write on Indian cricket as well.

  • Taha Marvi on April 10, 2007, 5:57 GMT

    I think Pakistan had a much better pace attack in the early 1990s than it does today for starters. For Pakistan to be a truly good side which can challenge the likes of Australia and South Africa, these could prove very helpful:

    1) Pakistan needs to find another batsman. Having 2 batsmen (Younis, Yousuf) in the Side is reassuring. A third would really hit the spot! It would be nice if Someone knew how to play spin (now that Inzi is out). 2) Saqlain finds that groove. A bowler like Saqlain (or Murali) is the Demon you don't want to be facing in a Test match. He used to be Pakistan ace slow bowler, I don’t understand why is he playing county when we need him for the country (He was the only bowler compared to Murali and we let him go, because some one in the team don’t like him) to me that was a self destructing act by Pakistan cricket management, we definitely need him back, he is not that old only 30 years 102 days and when did he last played for Pakistan in 2003, that’s just ridiculous . 3) The selectors and board find their souls. The board needs to crack down on On people who blame Pakistani players of match fixing or make them provide some evidence, support the players like Australia does etc. It must compensate the players fairly and invest in domestic infrastructure, and be fair in selecting the best sides. The talent that exits in Pakistan, I can select two teams only from Karachi who will make 400 against that Ireland bowling.

    4) The team finds that it's got game. Living down in Pakistan with cricket crazy fans May be a psychological burden, but players like Saqlain Mushtaq and Mohammad Yousuf need to provide that motivational edge to the side, leave their difference out of the ground and lead by example in producing quality, professional Cricket. And most of bring Pakistan cricket where it really belong , and I believe if every body associated with Pakistan cricket make honest and 110% effort , we would be the No .1 ranked team in the world , before the next world cup.

  • Emad Alamgir on April 10, 2007, 5:54 GMT

    Awesome Article !!! Well done Kamran Abbasi . You have summarised the whole situation in a very enchanting manner. At the moment Younis Khan looks like the best choice . The question mark is over his ODI performance. The Captain has to lead from the front like Ricky Ponting and Smith. Younis cannot bat aggresively in ODI's and thats a big negative if you believe in the "Leading from the front ideology". Probably that was the reason Dravid Failed as a captain in ODI's . Younis Khan would be a great test captain as he proved at various points. He is attacking and is confident. However, at time he tries to act over smart and needs to eradicate this problem. Having said that his temperament is good and has a cricketing mind. In the end who so ever becomes the captain, May prove to be good for Pakistan and for the game of cricket.

  • Azher. on April 10, 2007, 5:52 GMT

    As usual an interesting read. The choices available are rather dull or risky at best. Mohammed Yousuf's laid back style may not suit the hot seat, equally Younis Khan's hot head is not suitable either. What are we left with then Kamran Abbasi has mentioned Shahed Afridi, but I disagree with this choice since we need someone to lead from the front but Shahed's selection is not even guaranteed let alone leading it from front or back. Shoaib Malik might be a better choice but I would think that he is still little too young to be given such a responsibility. That leaves us with Abdul Razzaq and Shoaib Akhter, I would have loved to see Shoaib lead the side prior to his drug ban and several run in with skipper and the board. In the end I believe it is Abdul Razzaq who has been even tempered and consistent in the inconsistent Pakistan outfit and should be given a chance. Now to a coach, I for one believe that a Pakistani coach is better than a imported coach keeping in mind the mentality of our players. I will back Rashid Latif any day, for one thing I know he always performed for Pakistan and not for personal riches, said that we also need a coach who can really help the players in fielding above all and I rate him as the best wicket keeper Pakistan ever produced. With the current form of Kamran Akmal I would hope Rashid will be able to find a suitable replacement and make that person as good or even better than Rashid himself. Rashid also runs a professional cricket academy and thus has experience running a cricket outfit. I think Razzaq and Rashid combination will do a great job for Pakistan in the future. Inshallah.

  • fahad qureshi ,usa ,jonesboro on April 10, 2007, 5:48 GMT

    you are right with ur 10 points.i think shoib malik should be the captain and and 4 coach i think aqib javed is good but can the senior players listen to him he coached a young side in under 19. but we all know what will happen younis khan will become the captain and he isnt a good player. nothing will change in pakistan cricket unless there are changes in the PCB and first class cricket in pakistan

  • Muhammad Shafiq on April 10, 2007, 5:45 GMT

    Very Good article, simple and comprehensive. To replace both the Bob & INZI is not the easiest thing, actually both the master man managers! The loss in the WC was only a bad luck of players but the result of fluke domestic infrasructure and lawless/mindless cricket board. I will say even a long term appointment of Coach & Captain will be a short term solution. I will go for Younis or Afridi Captain while Shoaib Malik as Vice captain! Well Afridi can be a dynamic captain with the support calmness of Malik & Yousuf. ANyways, When will we improve our School & College cricket? and when will we have a democrated board with law? the real problems

  • Jamil, Dushanbe on April 10, 2007, 5:42 GMT

    THE ONLY and sensible choice, without going into illogical debates, is to entrust Younis with the captaincy without any if and buts. In the process, the Board should try to redress his genuine concerns especially about his role in future team selection.

    I really don’t understand how can anyone, particularly you Mr. Kamran, talk about Afridi as next captain – he should not even be part of any future team ( yes.. both ODIs and Test team and i mean it bcs he has not got even a single brain cell which facilitates learning in any human being) I think we should get rid of these ‘half cooked’ players such as Afridi, Razak and Hafiz etc. for good and try to nurture a new crop of specialist players.

  • Rehan Raza on April 10, 2007, 5:41 GMT

    Well I am 100% agree with Kamaran. I just want to add some other points into it. There should be no politics in the team. No one should be allowed to make groups in team. I think management should give team discipline priority over the big names. I don’t mind if we start from the scratch but for that we have to leave the attitude of favouritism. There is a need of change in PCB as well. I think we need professional persons in PCB ratch then urologist and lawyers at the key positions.

  • Yasir Siddiqui on April 10, 2007, 5:40 GMT

    Shoaib Malik for Captain and Aaqib Javed for Coach would be the best options. Fresh blood should be given a chance.

  • Zain on April 10, 2007, 5:39 GMT

    Nation is very pessimistic about that they dont cares, but no body want younus khan to be the captain. thats for sure.

  • kashif shah on April 10, 2007, 5:38 GMT

    I agree with you. There should be no rush to name a captain and / or a coach. On the coaching front I do agree with you Aaqib could be a good choice?

    As for a captain pakistan has a choice between a hot headed vice captain who does not want the job and is not automatic choice for the one day game (yonus khan), another hot headed player who got into a spectator and caused pakistan to lose against WI and Ireland (Shahid Afridi, yes I do believe pakistan because of his absense) and is not an automatic selection in the test side, a jimati who is a one dimensional batsman and is way past his prime in the one day matches (Mohd. Yousuf and a youngster who has admitted to throwing a match so he could avenage a loss in a 20 / 20 game (Shoab Malik). Who to choose?

    I choose to have inzi lead me in test matches and *gulp, I know I know, I am almost about to say it * have afirdi lead us in one day matches. Aussies tried this formula with Waugh and Ponting and it worked. Ponting won the one day world cup fr them in 2003 and since then he has proved to be a vry good captain in tests as well.

    I would have different captains for the tst and one day teams. Inzi is still mister dependable in the test matches and still has a few more years of service left in him. Afridi is very good gamble to take at this moment, he is atleast one year of grooming away from being a very good captain.

  • zafar Iqbal on April 10, 2007, 5:36 GMT

    Inzamam is retiring, while some are suggesting Younus Khan should be the next captain. I humbly request the PCB not to make another mistake, because he does not have that kind of attitude, who can guide the team in case of pressure. I have watched the Pakistan world cup matches against West Indies and Ireland, the way Younus got out in both the matches, shows his immaturity.

  • Ayaz on April 10, 2007, 5:33 GMT

    Younis Khan must accept captaincy as he has skills for being captian

  • Farrukh Jamil on April 10, 2007, 5:27 GMT

    Afridi's passion will do the trick.

  • Neelum on April 10, 2007, 5:26 GMT

    Kamran as u said religion is the private matter for the cricketer but for MUSLIMS it is their first priority. In 2003 World cup Pakistan didnot qualify for the super six at that time no religious things in the team why Pakistan out from the tournament in first round. Our religion has best impact on our lives because "ISLAM ZABITA-E-HAYAT"

  • Umar A Shah on April 10, 2007, 5:26 GMT

    For Captancy I believe Shoaib Malik is the only and obvious choice. He is the only batsman among the youngsters who has shown potential and can bat at any order.

    Yasir Hameed and Salman Butt with Asim Kamal Younis Khan, Youhanna, Shoaib Malik, Abdul Razzaq, Afridi Kamran Akmal Umar Gul, Sami and Asif is the order PCB should work at.

    Enough of Shoaib Akhtar, Rana, Danish and the unfit lot. Its time to bring young blood and groom them before facing another early exit in the world cup.

  • A.S.Adam on April 10, 2007, 5:23 GMT

    Please do not hurry.There's plenty of time. Make a good choice for captainy and coach.Get the advices of former cricketers like Imran Khan, Wasim Akram and do not put Javed Miandad as coach.

  • Waqas Ahmed on April 10, 2007, 5:22 GMT

    Right now Pakistan Cricket is in trouble and i must the the biggies of Pakistan cricket should take bold steps to to implement a long term planning which india cricket board is doing.Choose a coach and captain on merit coz and pakistan cricket borad should select some new players and groom them for the future.How much can we rely on our old talant.find out some new talent and give them a chance both in batting and bowling.pls pls think about the pakistan cricket future which right now is looking not soo much good.

  • Amanzeb Khan on April 10, 2007, 5:21 GMT

    Younis should not be judged just by the champion's trophy performance. He should be given time to adjust to the new role and develop a team. We can easily get into another phase where captains are switched repeatedly at short intervals. We should avoid that and try to stabilise things. Which makes it more important to make the right choice in the first place. Younis has a positive attitude and is a generally likeable individual. However, he does have to be comfortable in the position and his role as a batsman is so critical to the team we can not afford to lose him as a player. Afridi's volatility and inconsistency is too risky to bet on. I strongly believe we need a foreign coach again. Local coaches have a history of getting embroiled in team politics and there are not a lot of qualified local coaches around. But i dont think any foreign coach will now accept. Anyway, whoever the coach is, the responsibility of coach and captain should be clearly defined and should not be left at the behest of the relevant individuals.

  • Imran A Javed on April 10, 2007, 5:17 GMT

    One suggestion to add. As Captain we can also think of Shoib Akhter. Why.......... He has the character and personality to lead. Yes he has some attitude problem but as a captain if he does not improve the only door left is the emergency exit door. Make him the captain for a year, with Shoib Malik or Afridi as his deputy, see how it works and then if its good continue or else make a change. I am positive this can work in favor of Pakistan.This will give a chance to the youngsters to groom.

  • aftab on April 10, 2007, 5:14 GMT

    Inzimaam has done a service that needs to be emulated by a *lot* of people in the leadership role in Pakistan - he has taken the responsibility of failure and resigned. PCB, on the other hand, not shown any remorse of its failings and placed the onus on the outgoing leadership. What we need is a new PCB before a new coach and skipper - and we don't need to be patient about it. Time is now.

  • Sajjad Junaidi on April 10, 2007, 5:13 GMT

    Kamran, you stole my thunder. I was going to write to you one of these days and suggest to you about the importance of education amongst our cricketers. I think they will be able to win half the battle in the field if they could understand the sledging and reply to them not in the same manner but in sort of 'who cares' reply. Sledging is common in local cricket in Australia and they learn it from very young age. Apart from sledging, just being able to communicate with other teams' members will give them great confidence. I believe Pakistani players should have minimum of grade twelve qualification before they could join the team. Other than coaches for everything cricket they should have English language Coach/Tutor traveling with them all the time. That tutor should be English or Australian, because they need to learn all the slangs, accents and daily use language, and not typical old style English taught in Pakistani Schools and Colleges.

    Sajjad, Melbourne

  • Daud Malik on April 10, 2007, 5:11 GMT

    At least in terms of religion, P J Mir and Kamran Abbasi think alike, and hold religion as a hurdle for Pakistani cricketers. One wonders when next Pakistan team loses (without Inzimam), would we say it lost because the players' outlook on life is liberal! Nonsense. Pakistan lost purely because of cricketing reasons.

    And Pakistan had lost badly when Imran Khan was captain -- remember the 1983-84 tour of Australia; half-fit Imran Khan and a reluctant stand-in captain Zaheer Abbass. Remember 1989 tour of Australia under Imran when Pakistan lost continously to Australia in one-dayers.

    And Mr Kamran Abbasi, if your memory serves you right, Pakitan team was never known for its positive attitude except when Imran Khan was captian. Remember the negative tactics of Zaheer Abbas and Javed Miandad as captains. Go back to days when pitches were tailor made for them and umpires were there to help them out when the bowling was tough.

    Inzimam's contribution is much greater than Imran because he did not have the services of players Imran had. How would you compare Wasim and Waqar with Gul and Rana?

  • Syed Asad Alam on April 10, 2007, 5:05 GMT

    I agree with everything except one. I am just tired of listening to this "Religion is a Private Affair". Ok, i agree that no one can be forced to perform prayers and show religious inclination but remember, this team represents our country, which is an Islamic Country, and Islam should be a badge of honour for all Muslims. What's wrong if team perform prayers in the flight, the only wrong is if certain players are forced. But then again, if half of team prays and half dont, that will clearly show disunity and give an impression to others that prayers are optional for muslims, no prayers are mandatory, in any condition what so ever. It was disgusting to read the statement of PJ Mir, a Muslim. I dont know what Bob Woolmer used to think about that, but i cant recall him making any statement, though i do remember that once he said that religion has brought an element of unity among the players. I hope such attitude is not carried forward.

  • Khurram on April 10, 2007, 5:03 GMT

    Hassan Raza should be the Captain.

    1. Younis Khan sucks in captainship. He has no mind just like Inzi... we need a shrewed educated captain not an emotional senseless and most of all non-committed captain.

    2. Hassan Raza is already the captain of Habib Bank of Pakistan and Karachi Team, two of the biggest domestic clubs.

    3. He is one of the best batsmen in domestic scenario currently, hence can lead by example. His domestic record say for itself. Guys like shoaib malik and afridi (only good in domestic pitches) still have worse batting record compared to him.

    4. 10 years of professional experience as a player in domestic and international scene.

  • Dr.Junaid Rahman on April 10, 2007, 5:03 GMT

    iam nt in favour of younis khan,i dnt think he is a one day player..i think shoib malik n afridi r the best choice..the captain should be aggresive so afridi should be appointed.

  • Dr Faizullah Khawaja on April 10, 2007, 5:00 GMT

    Pakistan can experiment with 2 captains for a while. For ODIS afridi and for tests lets try shoaib akhtaR PROVIDED HE IS CLEARED OF DRUG CHARGES.These are bold choices and may go either way. I think after the timid approach of inzi and co. it would be a good change that a bold leadership is put in place.

  • adnan on April 10, 2007, 4:55 GMT

    my Suggation is capton of paistan team shoaib malik and coach aqib javed and must play asim kamal in one down and pls dont expariment.....

  • Nasir Ayub on April 10, 2007, 4:54 GMT

    I totally agree with the writer. There was crap like performance review commitees in 99 and 2003.. what better we saw?? the team wasn't weak.. we had some greats missing in bowling though,, but it wasn't the bowling... it was th batting that let us down. If u see in past, short term plans have been made to cool down the public. i think someone may forward the above points to PCB management and president Musharaf. If they spend a few minutes to read, we might get a better team... all we need is proper management and consistancy

  • Azam Farooqui on April 10, 2007, 4:50 GMT

    Well younis khan's reluctance is understandable, knowing pakistani cricketer's love to aspire captaincy regardless of their cricketing brain is well known. If younis declines, then the only option pakistan has is probably shoaib malik, afridi is a gamble just like inzamam was (just in an extremely opposite direction). Aqib Javed is an interesting candidate as the coach, i would also like to see Rashid Latif with the team in some capacity, in nothing, Rashid's work ethics, fitness and street fighting skills were something no one can deny and it is these three basic qualities that Rashid possessed and the current pakistan team lacks. He can work as a facilitator and also create a solid partnership with younis khan. There should be no rush in making a decision, Pakistan's next assignment is a few months away and they should take enough time to decide on these matters. Also one area the board should look at is working on ways to improve the standard of fielding, in the long run they might have plans but they should do about it in the short term as well, and in fact atleast for one day cricket, fielding must be a prerequisite and no matter how good a cricketer one is, if he's not a good fielder, he should not be considered. It may be harsh and drastic, but this is probably the only way pakistani cricketers would learn

  • Salman Khan on April 10, 2007, 4:49 GMT

    Well i think Shahid Afridi should take the captaincy as he is aggressive and young and in my opinion aqib javed is the best coach we have here in pakistan. Better than Stupid Sarfaraz Nawaz and OLD and SICK MINDED Javed Miandad and LAZY MUDDASAR NAZAR

  • Ayaz F. Farooqi on April 10, 2007, 4:48 GMT

    I have pondered on the captaincy issue for awhile and have come up with a choice which many may deride as weird and totally out of sync. Though he has not played international cricket for awhile but has enough experience both at the domestic cricket level and with Pakistan ‘A’ team to be considered as worth a try. My choice for the coveted post is Misbah-ul-Haq. This 33-year old right-handed batsman from Faisalabad has been on the scene for quite awhile. He has played few ODIs and Test matches and certainly has some years of cricket still left in him. He has also been the skipper of Pakistan ‘A’ team and has extensive experience of leading various first-class outfits in domestic cricket. Critics will opine that he isn’t a team regular but after Inzamam’s retirement there’s a place lying vacant in the middle-order and Misbah can adequately fill that position. Anyhow after relinquishing the captaincy and retiring from ODIs, Inzamam should be honorably asked by the cricket board to bow out of Test cricket as well. To further boost Misbah’s case as a strong contender for the post, he is one of the very few educated cricketers presently available and to boot, he’s articulate enough to convey his message in the best possible way. Are there any takers of my suggestion?

  • imran malik on April 10, 2007, 4:45 GMT

    kamran sahib,i partially agree with you accept what you said about relegion ,i think relegion covers each aspect of life and relegion can only improve the performane of a person so taking it as a harmful phenomenon is not a wise thinking. secondly there is some thing which i want to bring to your attention and that is more important than appionting coaches and captains.its making supporting pitches in pakistan and if we can't make bouncy seamy pitches then have portable pitches import from abroad.the second key issue is to cut overdose of one day mathces.its killing the fitness of our players which is also a pivitol factor of our recent demise.thanks

  • Syed Younus Shah on April 10, 2007, 4:44 GMT

    Excellent one by you this time. You have mentioned everything. This is the last opportunity for us to take charge and come out with positive and some bold decisions. We have the players, we have the coaches its just that we need to be postive and come out of the defensive mindset. I would suggest that make Fawad Alam or Hassan Raza the VC. This is the right time to give the young guns an opportunity.

  • ubaid on April 10, 2007, 4:42 GMT

    Aye shabash! First thing's First. We are not going to win the next world cup. That is the wrong attitude to have sir. Try, playing to your potential. Try backing yourself when you go out to bat. Try not being afraid. Try not loosing the battle before it even starts. Try not being week minded. Try being coolheaded ( not showing bats to the crowd). Try using common sence. Try not to shove and slap coaches. Try restraint. Try putting up your hand when the team needs you. Try being accountable. Try not to let your heart become the size of a pea when see difficulty( like a green top). Try doing all the things that someone does when they go out to find bread for there kids. They don't need a coach. They need a psychologist. But even a shrink will not be able to help, if they don't have strength of character. I apologise to all those terminaly ill patients who wanted to see pakistan play with guts before they said good bye. ( notice I didn't say win the world cup).

  • Jamal on April 10, 2007, 4:41 GMT

    Why we want to make religion out of our life. Why we so determined to blame Islam and love of it for everything. We are Muslim and should not be ashamed of it. I am not here to talk about religion but just want to say that Islam is not a religion it is walk of life. Did we not praise these players when we were winning and saying it was all about team spirit which was generated due to religious congregation. Did we not make big news when Ulema was travelling with Pakistan team during India's trip to Pakistan. Please Stop this non-sense to enlighten moderation which PJ Mir is repeating. If team follows true spirit of Islam then they will not be looser.

  • Tahir Rashid on April 10, 2007, 4:40 GMT

    I quite like the idea of Aaqib Javed, inject new blood in to coaching. Tom Moody is a prime example with Sri Lanka. As for Captain I say go with Shahid Afridi, he is dynamic, explosive and a perfect gamble. He has the attitude of 'nerver say die'

  • sahab on April 10, 2007, 4:40 GMT

    PJ Mir was wrong about pakistan's overdose of religion, why does he think india lost, were they too practising their religion too much, Were Ganguly and Dravid hindu guru's? Were Zaheer Khan and Munaf Patel leading a tableeghi Jamaat? Were Dhoni and Yuvraj keeping a beard and covering their hair with a turban?

  • Ayaz on April 10, 2007, 4:39 GMT

    I dont understand why no one is addressing the domestic cricket restructuring that Imran Khan and so many other cricketers have highlighted as the major area in need of improvement. We do not need to reinvent the wheel here. Simple logic demands following an example that has worked extremely well for Australia i.e. only having 6-8 competitive domestic teams as opposed to as many as 2 per city (e.g. Lahore). Furthermore, we need to invest more money into cricket infrastructre. PCB should start building more cricket grounds that are compliant with international standards and are actually used for playing cricket as opposed to hosting wedding functions for politicians and their children. Finally, we need to start creating fast, lively pitches so that we fully leverage our vast fast bowling resources along with helping our batsmen acclimatize to conditions that they have trouble with when playing outside of the sub-continent. I am no cricket expert but I dont think it takes a genius to realize that these three measures will go a long way in improving the quality of cricket and cricketers in Pakistan.

  • Faridoon on April 10, 2007, 4:38 GMT

    Yes, things don't need to be rushed. In fact, the board should stop wasting resources in trying to find reasons for failure and focus solely on building a team for success. Forget the past.

    But was religion really that much of a hinderance to the success of the team. I feel that it may have been a bit overplayed.

    In our general efforts, as a nation, to prove to the world that we are not "fundamentalists" or "terrorists" I hope that we don't forget that we are Muslims.

  • Javaid Abbasi on April 10, 2007, 4:36 GMT

    Please, please keep religion out of cricket.We think that by saying inshallah and starting interviews with bismillah we are going to win matches. I don't think God cares about who wins matches. I think thats the least of God's priorities. We need to realize that in front of God's eyes all teams are the same. We need to stop believing that because we are muslims God will favour us and we will win. Why would God favour Pakistan more when he is also the creator of other teams. Pakistan team, please understand, in God's eyes all teams are the same. Just by praying we will not win matches. We will win matches by working hard at cricket and by improving the standard of our cricket. To understand that concept - that by being religious we will win matches is not correct - our cricketers need education. Thats where the real problem is - lack of education. It must be made mandatory that every cricketer must have a minimum of 12th grade education and that they must be able to understand and speak english. Our cricketers can be as religious as they want to be - there is nothing wrong with that; infact, it is commendable - but there should be no public demonstration of such activities and not as a group as our cricketers have been doing lately. I hope I am not sounding aethist - because I am not; I believe in God - but there is a place and time for everything. Our cricketers are not balancing their religious practices with the responsibilities that they are entrusted upon and for which they are compensated handsomely.

  • sahab on April 10, 2007, 4:36 GMT

    I am impressed with the way pakistan is practicing their religion, I don't think they lost because of practicing it too much, you can't practice islam too much it doesn't have a limit to practice at you can practice it as much as you want and the players weren't practicing it like a tableeghi Jamaat they were only doing the basic things, making adhaan in a plane is no reason for them losing the game, does PJ Mir think it's good to listen to music instead of adhaan. It's good to go to casinos like the older players use to do, instead of going to the mosque. Is it good to swear at a good opposition player or praise him. Even waking up for Fajr doesn't mean they lost because of less sleep. When I played a match on a day i woke up for Fajr on the right time, i felt much more fresh and performed better. When I didn't wake up on time I felt tired and performed like a lazy buffalo.

  • Faiz from lovelypk.com on April 10, 2007, 4:31 GMT

    I would personally go for Younis since I think he is will be a more of attacking captain than inzi. You can't judge him about his captaining from his first outing, lot can go wrong n it did for him in that first 1st as captian.

    As far as other option you mentioned Shoaib Malik n Afridi but i am guessing forgott to mention Razaq who has been in our team for ever. Afridi a good bowler n fielder but his batting form fluctuates like a sea. Talking about Malik now i also think he is a very good canidate he has shown us he can play up n down the order n is a very good team players. also he has captianed domestic matches.

    Would go for Aaqid in coaching position w/ others help as mentioned above in your post. I think it takes a good coach to bring the U19s WC 2 times back to Pakistan against very good teams.

    Now lets see what PCB decides.

  • Saqib on April 10, 2007, 4:30 GMT


    This is first time I will disagree with you and the reasons of disagreement are mentioned under

    1) Inzimam has never forced any one to follow religious activities. And if players are following religious activities it is their own will which gives them more focus and unite them better.

    2) I think if administration wants M Yousaf as a captain then it’s a good choice why you said it’s not a good choice. I have heard from some cricket expert saying he possesses very good cricketing brain and he can be a very good captain.


  • swaroop on April 10, 2007, 4:27 GMT

    ya...nice blog....good to see that you highlighted that the coach should have played in the modern era....cricket has changed ovr the years..and so have the coaching methadologies.... even though i am an indian i just luv pakistan cricket and wish the team a success in future...

  • Masaood Yunus on April 10, 2007, 4:26 GMT

    How about doing an honest research and look into the successful cricket structures around the world. Australia,South Africa, New Zealand and to some extent may be England are the top structures to look at. Here is what I think Pakistan should do:

    >> Greame Smith was made a Captain at a very young age, 22. The board supported and backed him and all the players stood behind him. This was a stand by SA Board and all the players knew that they have to support their Captain rathar than having ambition to become a Captain. It worked and so did in case of New Zealand(Fleming).

    >> All around the Internet Pakistani players are a poster of bad communication skills especially in english language. Check YouTube and you will find plenty of videos, let alone Geo TV run regulat skits on Pakistani Players english skill. We need a young, energatic, communicaative and most importantly educated Captain who can brush shoulder with Australian or even Indian Captain with confidence. A Captain should also be well versed in ICC rules so we don't end up in another fiasco like OVAL or like yesterday when Inzamam expressed ignorance about Justice Qayyum's report about Mushtaq. A big part of being an international Captain is your good understanding of game, relationship and communication with other Captains, Teams and your own board. This builds a rapport. The prime example is Imran Khan.

    >> I must say BCCI took a few bold steps to teach their players that afterall they are employees of the board and that is how they attain their star power. No shame in learning from the neighbours. For a very long time we have dealt with Shoaibs and Afridis. It's time nuts are tightened and employees are told to show dedication to their job rathar than shooting for Mobilink ads flirting with girls.

    >> An independent advisory committee comprising of atleast 3-6 ex top players who have a track record of good management and communication skills along with top cricketing mind should be setup and be a regular part of PCB review. Debates are always healthy and helps in idea exchange and solution implementation.

    >> Religion should be personal but being a Muslim and Pakistani it should also show in your attitude and personality. Dedication to your job and contineous hunger for success is part of following religion too. A 5 times daily prayer is famous for bringing discipline in life and untimately does wonder in all aspects of life. Unfortunately, apart from Mohammad Yusuf, no one seem to have sensed the essence and beauty of practicality of prayer. We have way too many "Part Time Shiners" in our team. This unfortunately isn't doing much good to the cause of our players religious face.

    >> Coach ? Again no shame in learning from neighbours. A specialised coach in every field headed by the team manager appears to be the best option and why not ? The idea itself is fascinating and if implemented wisely can do wonders. Sorry, no time for old forgotten faces. Time to bring smart, fresh and effective prespective to coaching. Lets start with Aaquib Javed ... an obvious choice.

    >> The vision should be long term. We dont want a one year captain or team. A long term vision should be in place. Short list the candidates and work with them. We spend so much money on our players, why not send them somewhere to pick up courses in leadership, team building and cricketing logic ? This probably would be the most beneficial investment on our cricketers. We can start with LUMS. All around the world, teams of all different sports regularly update their skills in different aspects of game. Why can't we do it ? Not to forget English for beginners as well.

    My best wishes for Pakistan Cricket. As much as we are disappointed, that much we are hopeful too that some wise decisions will be made this time and we will see long term goals/visions and just not a Band Aid yet again. PCB should take its time. There is no rush or pressure to do anything. A good prepration is the base for success and we expect PCB to take their time to do the homework. At the end it will be players and the die hard fans who will be happy if preperation is top notch.

  • Asif on April 10, 2007, 4:25 GMT

    By the way, questioning integrity of players, the so called sports journalists and analysts should look at themsleves first. These are the same people who used to write in favour of religion for team's performances. Look at articles o n CricInfo itself and you will find the reasons behind Yousaf's record score in last year and Pakistan's vistory over India in India. See how these pundits have changed in no time.

  • atif on April 10, 2007, 4:23 GMT

    You have nailed the hammer right on the head. some excellent observations and I do believe that if pakistan cricket is to survive there will have to be some concrete decions rather than haphazard ones. there are four years until the next world cup PCB should look to find a coach and captain that will be retained for the next four years. I believe shoaib malik should be the logical choice for captain the reason being 1) he is consistant and a captain should be consistant as it does wonders for the team spirit and has a positive impact on team performance. 2) he has been leading his side in domestic cricket so he has an idea of what captaincy is like. I am totally against younis khan as being captain although he might seem the reasonable choice but one starts to question is ability to grasp the situation after that pathetic captaincy in the the ICC champions trophy. if you look at the ability of a player to adapt and to learn shoaib malik is by far the better choice. We should get a captain that not only has the ability to adapt quickly but should be able to grasp the sitution and given the improvements in individual performance i firmly believe that shoaib malik will learn quickly and by the next world cup should be as cunning a captain as ponting.

  • sahab on April 10, 2007, 4:21 GMT

    These are my choices COACH:Rashid Lateef, because there is always something true in his comments that we can agree on and he knows when a good player needs a break and he knows what is going on in the domestic level of pakistan, while he knows how to bond a team together instead of relying upon a couple of players to do the job. I desperately DON'T want Javed Miandad he doesn't have enough brains to coach a team, when he was coaching, the team only won matches because the players were good.

    CAPTAIN:Shahid Afridi, because he is energetic, never gives up, just like Graeme Smith. We don't need a senior player to be captain, because even afridi has a lot of experience. Abdul Razzaq, Shoaib Malik or Yousuf could be vice. I didn't like yousuf before as a captain but since he converted to Islam he has matured a lot, enough to be vice captain. Razzaq captained Pakistan very well in a losing cause against the West Indies, he changed the bowling at the right time, kept a field needed and also kept the spirits up.

    In the end we need a coach who can keep the team as a team and knows what is happening in the domestic matches and also when to rest senior players. We need a captain always talking to the boys, who never gives up, is always alert and whom the players respect a lot, of course the CAPTAIN AND COACH both NEED BRAINS

  • Shafiq Ahmed on April 10, 2007, 4:20 GMT

    The Ideas given by Mr. Kamran Abbasi are quite well and reasonable. However, I would like to add here that last time following the early exit of our team in 2003 World Cup tournament, our board promised to build a team of youngesters and promised that the team will be able to win the 2007 World Cup. The results are even worse than the situation in World Cup 2003. This was because of the induction of senior players into the team. Mr. Amir Sohail (selector of Pakistan team in 2003) promised not to include Afridi as a player since he dont deserved any seat in Pakistan team, however, at the request of Mr. Captain Inzimam, he was inducted. Some time he showed with his bat and bowl, however, mostly, he is a failure. My question is that who take the responsibility of developing players power in the team. Younis Khan himself is not a good player, why do you recommend him as a captain. A one-down player has a lot of responsibilities when sent under-pressure due to early fall of opening wickets. However, he seems to be at fishing and edging the balls outside offstump that is equivalent to a suicide. Why these players dont accept responsibility. Inzimam has accepted responsibility for the early exit of the team, do you feel that Inzimam's acceptance of responsibility relieves him from all charges.

    Cricket is the passion for Pakistan nation. They allowed to invest a lot in cricket. It is People's money which is being spent on the team's comforts. I am of the opinion that whole Pakistani team should be suspended inclusive of the Management and Board Officials. A seed level research and telent hunt should be carried out through out the country. This would facilitate inclusion of true talent in the team.


  • Shahid on April 10, 2007, 4:19 GMT

    So a devout Muslim like Inzamam has the audacity to claim that he did NOT know bout Justice Qayyum's recommendations regarding Mushtaq Ahmed. Now, thats a slap in the face of every loyal Pakistan cricket fan. Either Inzamam is a liar, and needs to look closely at himself in the mirror and ask himself exactly what kind of a Muslim he is; or he has just proven himself to be the worst pathetic excuse of a man who should never have been made the Pakistan captain just because he happened to be the most senior. I sincerely hope that he is asked to explain that ignorance claim in more detail. And I also hope that we do not have to see him again on the Test field either. Any one who is the next captain will have a hell of a time managing the team with a surly Inzamam in the dressing room holding Tableghi missions instead of team meetings.

  • Cricketlover on April 10, 2007, 4:15 GMT

    Kamran, Why are you ignoring Md Yusuf. I thought Pakistan needed a strong personality as a Captain. Is it because he is too religious??? I think PCB should try him as a captain. My one xents worth.

  • Munir on April 10, 2007, 4:14 GMT

    Well I always appreciated your comments and articles but today you have totally disappointed me. Mr. Kamran, religion no doubt is a private matter and according to you, it should not be a badge a of honor. What a ridiculous and ill-thought statement. Why should it not be a badge of honor. You think that Inzi and team prays 5 times a day and saying Bismillah before staring a conversation is like showing off the religion. Religion had made this team so gelled and strong and now when the team has not performed well, you are criticising our religion. Seriously, you need to carefully write your articles next time.

    Other aaspects also don't make much sense. Can you read a mind of a cricketer. How would you determine whether he is a good cricketing brain or not. I think an experienced cricketer would be able to handle the situations well. Or otherwise the junior/less experienced cricketer has been exposed to captaincy at domestic level.

    Absolutely, education is a must and PCB should be encouraging junior cricketers to persue education. English should be an important aspect in educating cricketers.

  • Adnan on April 10, 2007, 4:14 GMT

    I totally agree with you Kamran. What Pakistan needs right now is some one who can do the job properly, not someone who is a senior or someone from the old era. Pakistan needs to advance and education is a big factor. They definately dont need to be professors but they need to be educated at a level where they can understand and speak english properly.

  • Kamran Hashmi on April 10, 2007, 4:08 GMT

    Hi Kamran ! Good to see another of your series of blogs. Yes you are right in mentioning the issues. But we need the solutions and that too in a quick span of time. As far as I am concerned, whoever becomes the captain or coach of Pakistan cricket team, he should be given enough authority and free hand to develop the team stature. We really dont have the best of system and even when Woolmer was here as coach, he had more people who had bigger influence in the team selection and etc. Aaqib Javed is a better choice but I think he should also be given some talented players of U19 team that won the world cup. I want to mention a few names including Sarfraz Ahmed who was keeper and captain of that team, Anwar Ali and Jamshed Ahmed. For Captain I am always in the favor of Shoaib Malik. He is the obvious choice because he is the most thinking cricketer in the current lineup and after Inzi he will be up with Yousuf as the most Important ODI batsman. { Also finally people realized a mistake in sending him too much down the order recently} People criticize his decision to forfeit that Twenty20 Match; I dont support that decision but while looking for positiveness that he protested the inefficient rules and he was not silenced after a bad rule. That was a mistake of past and he wont repeat that kind of mistake but as he matures he will be a good leader when faced with anything similar. Younis Khan on the other hand has proved that he is pathetic in the most important role in a cricket field. Plus his attitude is not acceptable. Lets hope for the best.

  • Irfan Masood on April 10, 2007, 4:04 GMT

    I think Shoaib Malik would be the best choice for captiancy. Younis Khan only can play well in test match but not in ODI cricket due lack of variety in shots. Shoaib Malik will play for long time and has a well cricketing mind and utility cricketer. For coach Aaqib Javed is better choice.

  • Abbas Valliani on April 10, 2007, 4:01 GMT


    Clearly, the Pakistani team should have a fresh new outlook and a rush of young talent. The obvious choice is Aaqib Javed for the coach who has clearly proved himself with the U-19 team. I think the following will be the ideal strategy for Pakistani cricket.

    a) Use Aaqib Javed and train at least 4-6 players from the U-19 team over the next 4 years b) Younis Khan as the captain of the team. He is not the best choice, but I don’t think we have an alternative at the moment. c) Use Waqar or Wasim as bowling coaches and give them long term contracts with a variable rate plan around bowling performances. Their targets should be plain and simple. Deliver and earn your variable rate. This is a must. d) Establish an academy on batting fundamentals and focus on creating an opening pair that works. We would definitely need some bouncy and fast pitches on local grounds. e) Whoever is the new captain, groom him in leadership and strategy. Make sure he is cricket smart. Getting help from Imran especially given that he is willing to help Pakistani cricket is not a bad idea in this department. Imran was able to bring the best out of his team and was just sheer competitive and mentally strong. You want a captain who can do this. f) Last but not least, have Imran re-write the PCB constitution and create a system of local teams that are competitive, well-trained and more importantly, are educated intellectually about the game of cricket.


  • Asim on April 10, 2007, 3:58 GMT

    Great points, I believe Pakistan cricket team needs a massive cultural change. Younis Khan should be made the captain and he should only accept the captaincy if all of Inzamam's favorites (read M Yousuf, S Malik, A Razzaq, S Afridi and K Akmal)agree to support Younis Khan sincerely. If they don't they should be simply dropped. M Yousuf and A Razzaq should not be selected in the one day team unless they improve their fitness and fielding standards. It is high time that the PCB realizes that it is simply not good enough to be a batter or a bowler now all 11 cricketers need to fit atheletes.

  • Shayan on April 10, 2007, 3:56 GMT

    I think Shahid Afridi can be a good leader, he showed that in twenty20 cricket which requires lots of leadership when a team is fielding, also he bats more sensibly when he is the captain. All he wants is a permanent number in the batting order.He shouldbe played as a bowling allrounder.

  • adnan on April 10, 2007, 3:55 GMT

    i think Aaqib iz the best for Pakistan.

  • Omar Ehtesham on April 10, 2007, 3:54 GMT

    Well said - very well said. Undoubtly, Pakistan needs to turn over a new leaf or else, suffer the consequences indefinitely.

  • Rahul on April 10, 2007, 3:53 GMT

    Mr Kamran, you have driven home a point which should have been known long before to the cricket administrators. The only logical captain for Pakistan cricket team is Younis Khan, for he has the experience and the calmness required on the field and in the dressing room. Being an Indian, i understand fully how disappointed the Pakistan fans would be at the early exit from the cup. But what is needed is patience and time to rebuild. Indian board has done good to retain the Dravid as the skipper and Pakistan board would do good to have a matured captain and coach. Indian and Pakistan people are Emotional guys, so for the cricketers to succeed on field they have to be happy, unlike the Ultra Professional Aussie blokes, who just go out to the field and perform as another day at work. So in all fairness we need to look at the emotional quotient and ability level of our cricketers and then judge them. They seem so worried not to lose, due to the high expectation on their shoulders (lot to do with the fan following in their countries), more often than not they are not able to separate the stress from their performances on the fields. So guys lets give our cricketers (Pakistan and Indian) one more chance and move on. After all it is a game, which we all would like to win everyday, but then in such upsets lies the unpredictable nature of one day cricket.

  • White Ball Tragic on April 10, 2007, 3:52 GMT

    All great suggestions. Good luck guys. Every great cricket team faces its reality check. Australian cricket threatened to melt down in the face of the Ashes loss - but in the crucible a new determination was forged. I hope it works the same way for Pakistan.

  • Wasif on April 10, 2007, 3:50 GMT

    I thing Pakistan cricket board has ignored Saqlain Mustaq for past 4 years and that has gotten them no where. He is one of the best bowlers in the world. He was out with an injury for past couple of years but now he is fit. I think that he is one player that if brought back to the team will make pakistan alot stronger. He has alot of exprenice and can give back to pakistan cricket alot. Recently he did not show his desire to play for england when asked the questioned. So i feel that he wants to play for pakistan and he can help pakistan alot right now.

  • yahya on April 10, 2007, 3:49 GMT

    we need afridi captain

  • Kabir on April 10, 2007, 3:44 GMT

    I agree with Mr. Abbasi. Pakistan need a coach of this decade. Young Energetic. Same goes for Captain. Younus will not be able to do the Job. This is how I would start a Pakistan Team. Drop Everyone from the Team Except three Player. those three are Salman Butt, Yasir Hamid and Mohammed Asif.Start from the Scratch, If not result will be same.

  • Naeem Butt on April 10, 2007, 3:42 GMT

    I believe YOUSUF would be the best choice for captain.He is our best batsman infact ranked No 2 in ICC Test ranking. He was Inzi vice capt for almost two years from 2003 to 2005. He infact captained Pakistan in a test and won it. I just cant understand why did the PCB removed him and appointed Younis as vice capt. Please DONT APPOINT YOUNIS as capt, he is immature and he is not gonna get full support from team.

  • kamran on April 10, 2007, 3:42 GMT

    Hmm Afridi,captain UFFF my stomachs doing summersalts..i like the idea, i think its dangerous..Kamran? I LOVE IT!!! I WANT AFRIDI TO BE CAPTAIN and Yunus to be wise.i think younus should nt be captain because i think he cant handle the pressure.i think afridi knows his battings rubbish and if his captain..i think itl affect his batting..meaning MORE CHEKKEH AND CHOOKEH TO RELEIVE THE BURDEN AND REMOVE FRUSTRATION of perhaps dr saab constantly hackling him..mind you..i dont think ashraf or busharraf'l go anywhere near the bat of afridi LOL might end up in the next world cup all to sudden. AFRIDI?PLEASE BE CAPTAIN..AND A GOOD INVENTIVE ONE!!

  • Naeem Butt on April 10, 2007, 3:41 GMT

    I believe YOUSUF would be the best choice for captain.He is our best batsman infact ranked No 2 in ICC Test ranking. He was Inzi vice capt for almost two years from 2003 to 2005. He infact captained Pakistan in a test and won it. I just cant understand why did the PCB removed him and appointed Younis as vice capt. Please DONT APPOINT YOUNIS as capt, he is immature and he is not gonna get full support from team.

  • Saajid on April 10, 2007, 3:40 GMT

    the successor should bring in a breath of fresh air...some1 like dav whatmore is ideal...with the new PCB chief being Imran Khan

  • Muhammad Faisal on April 10, 2007, 3:38 GMT

    Shoaib Malik - Captain, Aaqib Javed - Coach , Rashid latif - Chairman of Selectors.

    Shoaib Malik has the ability to lead from front. Aaqib Javed is a hardwordking and talented guy. Rashid Latif has a great vision for finding new talent unlike that good for nothing Wasim Bari who has his selection lack of common sense.

  • Sanjay Balakrishnan on April 10, 2007, 3:38 GMT

    Why do you guys hate Mohd Yousuf so much.....?

  • ali nabi on April 10, 2007, 3:34 GMT

    a good article...but only if everyone in PCB thought like this...then our cricket would be a lot different then what it is today... i agree with the young coach part...

  • Azeem on April 10, 2007, 3:32 GMT

    I would agree that shahid afridi would not be a bad choice to be made a captian, and as far as coaching is concerned I would say that they should either hire wasim akram or waqar younis for the coaching job as they have vast amount of experience and both of them know aht is going on currently. I would not advise that aaqib javed would be made as a coach because he is not a natural leader as wasim or waqar.

  • Shahbaz Khan on April 10, 2007, 3:31 GMT

    Shoaib Malik is the best choice for captain's job for two reasons: 1. Pakistan should find a long term solution for leadership role. South Africa made G. Smith its captain when he was in his early 20s, their gamble paid off, today, they are the No. 1 ODI team in the world. 2. Younis Khan's previous record as a captain and his "not so reliable" batting performance in ODIs is bad enough to keep him from the top job. And as far as Shahid Afridi is concerned, honestly, he has yet to prove that he deserves a place in the team, let alone making him the captain.

  • Fouad Khan on April 10, 2007, 3:24 GMT

    Pakistan needs Wasim. Inzamam's departure has finally drained away all residual of Imran's work with Pakistan cricket. Imran had the unique ability to pick and nurture world beaters; in his wake he left the team with a galaxy of superstars. But he passed on the ability to develop superstars to one player alone; and that was Wasim. Under Wasim's influence, players like Saqlain, Razzaq, Azhar Mehmood, Shoaib Malik, Afridi and to a lesser extent, Akhtar and Moin, became consistent world beaters. Since his departure though, we haven't been able to produce a single genuine star (Asif being the exception). We don't the infrastructure to systematically produce consistent star performers; we need personalities like Imran and Wasim. Right now, Wasim is a little naraz with Pakistan; lure him back, make him an offer he can't refuse. Only he can put the zing back in team Pakistan today. When it comes to captain though, I'm afraid we are stuck with the unfortunate option of having different captains for tests and one days; Younis and Afridi being the respective best choices for each format.

  • Hamid on April 10, 2007, 3:23 GMT

    I am deviating from the topic of choosing captain and coach but a very pertinent issue relative to Pakistan cricket. It is mind boggling how the PCB and the parliamentary committee are searching for the reason for our loss while keeping their eyes shut to the real and obvious fact: the technical deficiencies of our batsmen against fast rising deliveries directed to their body or the one that leaves the offstump. And the WC failure is not isolated, they failed every time the opposition exploited this weakness on a lively pitch, be it Old Trafford or Leeds or WACA. And this has traditionally been the case and understandably so. What is termed natural talent is really reflex playing habits developed from a very early age. Our batsmen grow up playing on cemented pitches or dull grassless slow wickets. You can not expect them to change these deeply inculcated habits after 10-15 years of cricket. What is beyond everyones understanding is this issue comes up every time we lose overseas and yet decade after decade nothing is done-- same dead pitches, hundreds and double centuries from our batsmen and everyone frogets the issue. The PCB can point to the players beards or mustaches or hair color etc. but I doubt changing the players looks will do much in terms of results. It may however, provide an opportunity for a certain PJM to attract limelight which he failed to do as a cricketer. And as a media manager this gentleman failed to do his job. A member of the team was murdered and no complaints against the security? An incident without precedence occurred and we started defending ourselves instead of questioning the organisers? Shame on PCB. Questioning the player's commitment at every loss will not improve them, but pointing to their technical weaknesses will. Had I not been such a diehard supporter of Pak cricket I would have stopped following this a long time ago.

  • Ejaz Mahmood on April 10, 2007, 3:21 GMT

    With my limited knowledge of current situation, I would suggest the following:

    1. Shahid Afridi Cap 2. Shoaib Malik V. Cap 3. Kamran to be Wicket Keeper 4. Younis Khan to work on solid batting to take Inzi's role 5. Sulman Butt to be an opener with Afridi (he is make or break and may be with added responsibilities Afridi may turn like Smith) 6. Hafeez to work on excellent bowling and eventually become a #6 bat 7. Moh. Yousif to provide strength and stay out of making hasty discussions 8. Asif to stay out of drugs 9. Shabir to bowl legal deliveries 10. Aquib Javeed to find two quickies since Shoaib days are over (what a waste, I hate to see him out but that is part of game and I may never see proud wings span after every wicket ...) 11. Besides two quickie bowler PCB has to look for one more solid batsman, maybe Asiam, Musbuah, Fasial,

  • afzeel ali on April 10, 2007, 3:20 GMT

    Good one. I think the captain should be shoaib akthar

  • Salman Kidwai on April 10, 2007, 3:19 GMT

    I have been following the Pakistani cricket circus for some time now. Before I make any comment let me clarify that I have played first class. First analyze the performance of Sri Lanka and Bangladesh....excellent, commendable fighting units!!!! right. Now Pakistan and India....in shambles right... The difference in two sets..... The former.... relying totally on the highly paid coaches for strategy and planning and acting on their advise and guidance and the other two....The players are too big to act on coaches advise. Inzimam had his own strategy and the major decision were his. In the Indian case, the senior players thought Chappel was to much in control. To me that is the only difference. In todays cricket you need a planner and strategist in the form of a coach and you are the army to go in and win the battle. There are no two ways about it. I wish some body in PCB and BCCI read this.

  • Imran on April 10, 2007, 3:16 GMT

    Entire fiasco is idiots managing fools. Our players are no good for nothing over hyped stars who are there because most of them performed a decent innings few years back. We all know cricket is their only livelihood, but for godsake men atleast dare to earn it. I dont care if they win or loose any game, but put a performance worthy of a good fight. With all current huff n puff, things will return to same, we will loose to decent team out of country and may get some favorable result within, thanks to dead tracks. For players being religious, they can aim to be a 'wali' but their committments to their job is not there. Is it really 'halal' for them to collect pay cheques then? And why are they wasting their time for useless entertainment when they can be preaching and practicing true Islamic teachings, instead of asking for devine intervention on pitch?

  • Sajid Hussain on April 10, 2007, 3:14 GMT

    Batting & feilding coach must be javed Mian Dad and bowling coach must be Aqib Javed

  • ahsan khan on April 10, 2007, 3:10 GMT

    Yaar, I really don't understand why the hoopla fueling the eternal fire of our cricket. We are simply incapable of running any institution successfully, or remotely close to it.

    Do this, Do that, all in vain, really if you think about it. I don't have words to describe how I feel about all this.

  • Ithsham Yousaf on April 10, 2007, 3:09 GMT

    Malik for me is the best choice, lets work for the future, why is it that we keep pointing the most senior players?...lets look at every successful team and we will see that they go by merit and for the future and not by choosing the most senior or best player. Australia chose Ponting even when Warne and McGrath were around..the more respected and seniors members in the team. Even South Africa chose Smith, someone really young and energetic and he has shown great success so far...i think we need Youth to give our younger players confidence and backing, give Malik the captaincy he will work wonders

  • AYAZ KHAN on April 10, 2007, 3:08 GMT

    Pakistan has already seen , through criminal negligence of the ruling elite the murder of hockey and squash. Cricket was left as one of the very few things to take pride in. The sycophant and cronies of the ruling elite who does not seem to have any shame whatsoever and taken sycophancy to a new level of shamelessness are well on the way to destroy cricket. After watching cricket for almost 40 years I , now am inclined to give up. Its not because of one defeat in the hands of Ireland but because the writing of doom is clear on the wall. The colonial masters of Pakistan, who replaced the british as the desi colonialist and their cronies are selling out cricket exactly the way they have sold out Pakistan. Shame on Nasim Ashraf to continue with disgrace as CEO of PCB. I have no hope left for Pakistan cricket. Imran is the only hope but he is sacrificed at the alter of politics. AYAZ KHAN ALEXANDRIA USA

  • Tariq on April 10, 2007, 3:08 GMT

    Pakistan cricket runs in four year cycles. We went throught the same acts of long-term success planning after the 2003 worlcup. The four years following that saw constant fluctuation with the continuous dumbing down of expectations and empty rhetoric of "we're a young team". I'm afraid we might end up repeating this cycle.

    My thoughts on this are in line with Imran Khan. We really need to build a better domestic system, with divisions and grade system for the long run. We need to limit our reliance on captains and coaches to train the team on the job. Imran Khan was the exception, lets not think the solution for Pakistan cricket is in finding the right captain and coaching staff.

  • khalid on April 10, 2007, 3:07 GMT

    kamran I would like to emphasise the autonomy of the cricket board. We require a board of directors with veto powers. The board should appoint a chariman for p.c.b and any trials which need to be held should be held by the board. To be honest just because the senate committe memebers are cricket fans doesn't mean that they should be questioning inzi and naseem ashraf , becaseu the valid question will never be asked this way . A panel should consist of people who know cricket and not just like it. Lets try and run pcb like the modern day organization not a dman punchayut like in our villages.

  • MB on April 10, 2007, 2:59 GMT

    Abdul Qadir himself said that players making it to the Test Level should not need any coaching. We need a people Manager most of all at which Intikhab Alam has a pretty good record. Let the players train and work on their skills at the academies.

  • ali on April 10, 2007, 2:54 GMT

    I usually agree with you kamran but this time you are totally out of line. You are painting the 80s and 90s as they were great eras of pakistan cricket. In fact these were times when Pakistan underachieved. Losing a home series to zimbabwe. About 10 captaincy changes. Most importantly severe politics and infighting. In fact Inzi's team overachieved. We drew a test series in india when razzaq and Sami opened the bowling. Kaneria was unproven, he still is, and arshad khan was going to give us control. We came back from the dead to beat a good england team in Multan. In 1992 the PCB gave the captaincy to an unproven immature leader in Wasim Akram rather than giving it to a person who had captaincy nous in Javed Miandad. The PCB will be making a mistake if they dont give the captaincy to yousuf. He is a well respected individual along with being the best player. YOunis cannot command respect and most importantly malik and afridi dont play in both test or odis consistently.

  • Umar Javed on April 10, 2007, 2:53 GMT

    Just one name come into my mind. Why not our board try to get Wasim Akram. I guess he just left the game and he ha the ability to control players as well. And as far as captain Younis Khan Shouldnt be in the One day team. These guys will make a mistake By appointing him as a captain. And as far as the captain is concerned. Long term Planning is required and till now the most consistent in young players is only Shoaib Malik and he can be a good choice and a long term one as well.

  • abhishek on April 10, 2007, 2:49 GMT

    excellent analysis!

  • Umer on April 10, 2007, 2:48 GMT

    Assalamualikum You dont understand do you. Religion is a badge of honour and should be displayed....you dont understand that victory comes only through Allah.....You sound like the president and the PCB chairman seriously people need to understand that you can not even move a finger by your self. Atleast be thankful to Allah. And why blame religion for the bad performances....why not blame the pressure everyone put on the players back in pakistan. Maybe if you started praying and read the quran and understood what islam is then you would understand what the pakistan players understood.


  • ashaq on April 10, 2007, 2:41 GMT

    I would agree that we have to plan for the long term. We need to have a young dynamic captain.Who also happens to have a good cricketing brain.The era of seniority has to end.

    The candidates for captaincy:

    Younis Khan Pros: He is the direct opposite of Inzi personality wise, is believed to be a greater tactician, displays greater enthusiasm on the field, exudes confidence.

    Cons: Does not have the respect of his team mates,did not do himself any favours with his dummy captain resignation. His form in odi is abysmal. Age wise according to younis Khan on his webpage on Big Star cricket his year off birth is in reality 1975. Which would make him 32 this year.If were looking for somebody young who is going to be around in 2011 I think that is also a big factor against him.

    Mohammed Yousaf Pros: Has experience of captaining the side, Is popular among the players, is the number one player in the side.Is the only contender deserving a place in both the one day side, and Tests.

    Cons: Again too old. Is more docile than Inzi personality wise. Lacks the aggression needed, Simply lacks that X factor no real dynamism. Not sure if he can handle the pressure of captaincy.

    Shoaib Malik Pros: Young dynamic, Has shown the ability to play under pressure. He is a 3 dimensional cricketer can bat, bowl and is a brilliant fielder.Has a good cricketing brain.

    Cons: Ruined his chances by throwing a match as Captain with Sialkot. May struggle to get the support of seniors in the side. Also has had his reputation tainted by allegations from Sarfraz Nawaz. Although I believe the allegations are baseless. I think with the general mentality of people being that there is no smoke with out fire.I think that will also count against him.

    Shahid Afridi Pros: Dynamic, aggressive, has done quite well as captain in domestic cricket. Popular among fans and players.Is also a good utility cricketer.Has become a genuine Worldclass bowler in odi. Seems to have a burning desire to be captain.

    Cons: Hasnt improved as a batsman in 10 years off international cricket. His consistently, inconsistent performances. Too impulsive. Regarded by many to be a great entertainer but not a great cricketer. Is no spring chicken either I think regardless of his stated age.He and Razzaq are atleast 30.

    The Wild card Could be Salman Butt. With some fans calling for a young Captain, In the mold off Graham Smith of South Africa. I think the chances of this happening are how ever limited. Might be one for the future.

    Personally I would favour Shoaib Malik. However I also wouldnt mind Shahid Afridi. Afridi may not be a convential choice. But May be its time we went against convention. How about Afridi as captain and Malik as Vice-captain or vice versa.

    As for coach I think Aquib Javed may be a good bowling coach. Rashid Latif definitely needs to be head coach. He definitely has a passion for coaching. The man is a Straightshooter who doesnt show favouritism and is aggresive in his approach to cricket.

  • calgary highlander on April 10, 2007, 2:10 GMT

    Wow, Pakistan are in a super tough position. I'm not sure about either job. Dawar, thx for posting this link in the previous topic. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6846012691398407951 Shoaib, in that video was pretty, how shall we say it, acting like a crybaby. Simply put, while he looks innocent he ain’t. Shahid Afridi? Well he has energy but he is overly religous. Plz correct me if I’m wrong about that, cuz I’m not 100% sure. Younis Khan? I don’t like him but of the three, he is the best choice. I remember in one of the test vs. England this summer, while inzi was off the field, I remember Younis Khan set the field brilliantly and Pak got a wicket. I remember seriously hoping Inzi would retire. Btw, why does Inzi go off the field so much? Small blatter? Having trouble breathing cuz he ran too much? I dunno. I’m totally lost when it comes to the coach. One thing I’m sure about when it comes to coaching is that, Waqar has to come back. Since he left Pak bowlers have been getting hammered. Not that they weren’t before but there has been an increase.

    Khansahab, in Kamran’s previous post you accused me of being a hypocrite because I said don’t write one liners like, “I agree with you Kamran”, cuz they don’t help further dissect the topic, and then I wrote one myself.

    While mine didn’t dissect the topic, it wasn’t an annoying one either. No one had written anything for 3 days so I just asked Kamran to start another topic. I hope the self proclaimed “Pacifier" and the “Negotiator” will finally be able to make sense of my using a one liner.

  • Kashi-China on April 10, 2007, 1:23 GMT

    New captain for the national cricket team should be with smart mind, can lead from the front and put the things togther, work with the players and make them play unitied. The problem with Pakistani captain is that, once they made captains, they start having groups listening too much to seniors. Rather than start thinking of winning the next world cup, Pakistan cricket team should winning match by match and then perparing themselves for the big event. Australia wins, and wins, which atuomatically preparing them for the big event win. We should not start saying let's prepare for the next world cup, we should put things back again and start winning one by one match.

  • Muhammad Asif on April 10, 2007, 1:09 GMT

    Everything flows from top to bottom But grows from bottom to top. So have a look at bottom & don't worry about top because it would be the output of bottom. So change of names or faces at top is agin a short term solution. The long term solution means change of direction(process) not faces. Talk about the best process that can differntiate between good & average. Why I am talking about process is becuase the output of current process is not giving us best 15 cricketers available in Pakistan.

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  • Muhammad Asif on April 10, 2007, 1:09 GMT

    Everything flows from top to bottom But grows from bottom to top. So have a look at bottom & don't worry about top because it would be the output of bottom. So change of names or faces at top is agin a short term solution. The long term solution means change of direction(process) not faces. Talk about the best process that can differntiate between good & average. Why I am talking about process is becuase the output of current process is not giving us best 15 cricketers available in Pakistan.

  • Kashi-China on April 10, 2007, 1:23 GMT

    New captain for the national cricket team should be with smart mind, can lead from the front and put the things togther, work with the players and make them play unitied. The problem with Pakistani captain is that, once they made captains, they start having groups listening too much to seniors. Rather than start thinking of winning the next world cup, Pakistan cricket team should winning match by match and then perparing themselves for the big event. Australia wins, and wins, which atuomatically preparing them for the big event win. We should not start saying let's prepare for the next world cup, we should put things back again and start winning one by one match.

  • calgary highlander on April 10, 2007, 2:10 GMT

    Wow, Pakistan are in a super tough position. I'm not sure about either job. Dawar, thx for posting this link in the previous topic. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6846012691398407951 Shoaib, in that video was pretty, how shall we say it, acting like a crybaby. Simply put, while he looks innocent he ain’t. Shahid Afridi? Well he has energy but he is overly religous. Plz correct me if I’m wrong about that, cuz I’m not 100% sure. Younis Khan? I don’t like him but of the three, he is the best choice. I remember in one of the test vs. England this summer, while inzi was off the field, I remember Younis Khan set the field brilliantly and Pak got a wicket. I remember seriously hoping Inzi would retire. Btw, why does Inzi go off the field so much? Small blatter? Having trouble breathing cuz he ran too much? I dunno. I’m totally lost when it comes to the coach. One thing I’m sure about when it comes to coaching is that, Waqar has to come back. Since he left Pak bowlers have been getting hammered. Not that they weren’t before but there has been an increase.

    Khansahab, in Kamran’s previous post you accused me of being a hypocrite because I said don’t write one liners like, “I agree with you Kamran”, cuz they don’t help further dissect the topic, and then I wrote one myself.

    While mine didn’t dissect the topic, it wasn’t an annoying one either. No one had written anything for 3 days so I just asked Kamran to start another topic. I hope the self proclaimed “Pacifier" and the “Negotiator” will finally be able to make sense of my using a one liner.

  • ashaq on April 10, 2007, 2:41 GMT

    I would agree that we have to plan for the long term. We need to have a young dynamic captain.Who also happens to have a good cricketing brain.The era of seniority has to end.

    The candidates for captaincy:

    Younis Khan Pros: He is the direct opposite of Inzi personality wise, is believed to be a greater tactician, displays greater enthusiasm on the field, exudes confidence.

    Cons: Does not have the respect of his team mates,did not do himself any favours with his dummy captain resignation. His form in odi is abysmal. Age wise according to younis Khan on his webpage on Big Star cricket his year off birth is in reality 1975. Which would make him 32 this year.If were looking for somebody young who is going to be around in 2011 I think that is also a big factor against him.

    Mohammed Yousaf Pros: Has experience of captaining the side, Is popular among the players, is the number one player in the side.Is the only contender deserving a place in both the one day side, and Tests.

    Cons: Again too old. Is more docile than Inzi personality wise. Lacks the aggression needed, Simply lacks that X factor no real dynamism. Not sure if he can handle the pressure of captaincy.

    Shoaib Malik Pros: Young dynamic, Has shown the ability to play under pressure. He is a 3 dimensional cricketer can bat, bowl and is a brilliant fielder.Has a good cricketing brain.

    Cons: Ruined his chances by throwing a match as Captain with Sialkot. May struggle to get the support of seniors in the side. Also has had his reputation tainted by allegations from Sarfraz Nawaz. Although I believe the allegations are baseless. I think with the general mentality of people being that there is no smoke with out fire.I think that will also count against him.

    Shahid Afridi Pros: Dynamic, aggressive, has done quite well as captain in domestic cricket. Popular among fans and players.Is also a good utility cricketer.Has become a genuine Worldclass bowler in odi. Seems to have a burning desire to be captain.

    Cons: Hasnt improved as a batsman in 10 years off international cricket. His consistently, inconsistent performances. Too impulsive. Regarded by many to be a great entertainer but not a great cricketer. Is no spring chicken either I think regardless of his stated age.He and Razzaq are atleast 30.

    The Wild card Could be Salman Butt. With some fans calling for a young Captain, In the mold off Graham Smith of South Africa. I think the chances of this happening are how ever limited. Might be one for the future.

    Personally I would favour Shoaib Malik. However I also wouldnt mind Shahid Afridi. Afridi may not be a convential choice. But May be its time we went against convention. How about Afridi as captain and Malik as Vice-captain or vice versa.

    As for coach I think Aquib Javed may be a good bowling coach. Rashid Latif definitely needs to be head coach. He definitely has a passion for coaching. The man is a Straightshooter who doesnt show favouritism and is aggresive in his approach to cricket.

  • Umer on April 10, 2007, 2:48 GMT

    Assalamualikum You dont understand do you. Religion is a badge of honour and should be displayed....you dont understand that victory comes only through Allah.....You sound like the president and the PCB chairman seriously people need to understand that you can not even move a finger by your self. Atleast be thankful to Allah. And why blame religion for the bad performances....why not blame the pressure everyone put on the players back in pakistan. Maybe if you started praying and read the quran and understood what islam is then you would understand what the pakistan players understood.


  • abhishek on April 10, 2007, 2:49 GMT

    excellent analysis!

  • Umar Javed on April 10, 2007, 2:53 GMT

    Just one name come into my mind. Why not our board try to get Wasim Akram. I guess he just left the game and he ha the ability to control players as well. And as far as captain Younis Khan Shouldnt be in the One day team. These guys will make a mistake By appointing him as a captain. And as far as the captain is concerned. Long term Planning is required and till now the most consistent in young players is only Shoaib Malik and he can be a good choice and a long term one as well.

  • ali on April 10, 2007, 2:54 GMT

    I usually agree with you kamran but this time you are totally out of line. You are painting the 80s and 90s as they were great eras of pakistan cricket. In fact these were times when Pakistan underachieved. Losing a home series to zimbabwe. About 10 captaincy changes. Most importantly severe politics and infighting. In fact Inzi's team overachieved. We drew a test series in india when razzaq and Sami opened the bowling. Kaneria was unproven, he still is, and arshad khan was going to give us control. We came back from the dead to beat a good england team in Multan. In 1992 the PCB gave the captaincy to an unproven immature leader in Wasim Akram rather than giving it to a person who had captaincy nous in Javed Miandad. The PCB will be making a mistake if they dont give the captaincy to yousuf. He is a well respected individual along with being the best player. YOunis cannot command respect and most importantly malik and afridi dont play in both test or odis consistently.

  • MB on April 10, 2007, 2:59 GMT

    Abdul Qadir himself said that players making it to the Test Level should not need any coaching. We need a people Manager most of all at which Intikhab Alam has a pretty good record. Let the players train and work on their skills at the academies.

  • khalid on April 10, 2007, 3:07 GMT

    kamran I would like to emphasise the autonomy of the cricket board. We require a board of directors with veto powers. The board should appoint a chariman for p.c.b and any trials which need to be held should be held by the board. To be honest just because the senate committe memebers are cricket fans doesn't mean that they should be questioning inzi and naseem ashraf , becaseu the valid question will never be asked this way . A panel should consist of people who know cricket and not just like it. Lets try and run pcb like the modern day organization not a dman punchayut like in our villages.