April 28, 2007


Kenyans slide to another defeat

Martin Williamson

Kenya Select went down their second defeat in the Logan Cup, losing to Easterns by seven wickets at Mutare. We are unable to get more than scant outlines of what happened.

Easterns 382 (Mutizwa 107, Mawoyo 69) and 140 for 3 (Mawoyo 59*, Marumisa 59) beat Kenya Select 199 (Ouma 116, Maruma 6-40, Utseya 3-50) and 332 (Obuya 105, Obuya 69, Utseya 6-91) by seven wickets

  • We regret that we have no official scorecard for this match at the moment as Zimbabwe Cricket is unable to provide any to the media. Local reporting restrictions mean we have no official representative in the country, although if anyone has access to the cards we would be delighted to hear from them


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    Posted by Brian Tsekwende on (May 2, 2007, 10:27 GMT)

    Kenya has been a huge let down. I attended all four days .All they could do was complain about the food ,accommodation. They are playing against Provinces.You guys will need to work harder if you are to make Test cricket.

    Posted by asiji on (May 1, 2007, 17:22 GMT)

    Just to reply on Matt's comments, its so great and good that you have observed that Kenya is not improving the Zims game but just to let you know that its Kenya which is learning the longer version game coz Kenya don't play it at home, so actually its Kenya who are gaining from the good hearts of the Zimbabwe cricket.

    Posted by mwalimu mkuu on (May 1, 2007, 16:30 GMT)

    Players should get an opportunity to play in English county sides so as to improve their game. County cricket is an ideal medium for any cricketer to close the gap from being a descent cricketer to a player of substance.

    Posted by Raj Patel on (May 1, 2007, 14:38 GMT)

    I would like to know one thing, where is Zulifikar Ali (Kenya's best allrounder) and Raghuvir Patel (finest wicketkeeper africa ever produced). Why cant they put there know to Kenyan Cricket. Rather than us (Kenyans) getting overseas people.

    Posted by Paul Ikaa on (May 1, 2007, 7:19 GMT)

    Sandeeps remarks are in bad taste.Test playing countries must be ready to help the senior associates to up their game.Although the standards of the Zimbabwean game has declined,they have one or two things Kenyans can learn.All teams lose matches.Its no point being so negative about the Kenyan loss.Who knows,Kenya may still go on to win the Logan Cup!

    Posted by Tee Ash on (April 30, 2007, 20:19 GMT)

    It just makes me so sad to see whats going on in the Zimbabwe and how it is affecting the sport of cricket. I hope that things get better soon.

    I agree with Sandeep. Kenya must be allowed to play more test playing nations so they get exposure. This will also get the game popular amoung the locals. Once the game is popular, the talent will start pouring in.

    Posted by maehara on (April 30, 2007, 20:12 GMT)

    And the talk when it was announced the Kenyans would be playing in the Logan Cup was that they'd walk to the title. So much for that idea. Given the slating that's been given to the standard of Zimbabwean cricket lately (and through this tournament - not entirely undeserved), where does this put the Kenyans?

    Posted by Tom Mather on (April 30, 2007, 16:22 GMT)

    I'm surprised Kenya have done as badly as they have. But it's important that they play in tournaments like this, and this seems to be the right level for them. They can only get better with more multi day cricket.

    Posted by sandeep on (April 30, 2007, 16:14 GMT)

    No Tikolo no Kenyan cricket

    Posted by Matt on (April 30, 2007, 15:13 GMT)

    Whats the point of calling the Kenyans for this tournament.They don't improve the play of the Zimbabweans.

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