May 2, 2007


Should Malcom Speed resign?

Martin Williamson

An interesting debate in The Guardian where Asif Iqbal and Gideon Haigh debate both sides of the case why Malcolm Speed should or should not resign following the World Cup debacle.

Asif, who says he should quit, writes that Speed, as CEO, must take responsibility:

The chief executive may be only one person but he must shoulder the blame when things go wrong. If your stakeholders, who are effectively your employers, are indicating they have no confidence in your leadership, how is it possible to continue?

But Haigh disagrees:

Malcolm Speed has been a very unpopular chief executive of the International Cricket Council. But Malcolm Speed was never a very popular chief executive of Cricket Australia. Many of the complaints are the same now as then: too cold, too hard, too aloof, too commercial. In Australia, however, he is as effective an administrator as we have ever seen. Which suggests that if Speed is being judged negatively in his present position, that may say more about the position than its occupant.


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