December 4, 2008

Tips from Tendulkar

ESPNcricinfo staff

It’s not a bad strategy to practise in the nets alongside Sachin Tendulkar. Mumbai women’s side did just that as the batsman geared up for the upcoming England Tests, and got some welcome advice from Tendulkar after he was done with his session.

"He talked to our batters as well as bowlers. He told them about how to become mentally strong, on the importance of pacing their innings and how to avoid getting bogged down in case the rival captain adopts a 7-2 field. It was very useful," Anjali Pednekar, the coach, told PTI. "He also told them to see the success men's team and how well they have done and aspire to emulate them.”

Mumbai’s women are not the only bunch seeking words of wisdom from Tendulkar. Mithali Raj, the India women’s batsman, said the team are hoping for tips from Tendulkar and Mahendra Singh Dhoni during their preparations for the World Cup in Australia next year.

Mathew Varghese is sub-editor (stats) at Cricinfo