April 10, 2009

Women's cricket

Being equal does not mean being identical

Nishi Narayanan

The world's attitude to women's sport is changing, but the process is, like a glacier, slow and inexorable rather than, like a flash flood, altering everything in an instant of time, writes Simon Barnes in the Times.

Women are not athletically inferior to men. In most sports, women operate to different kinds — different standards if you must — of performance. But it is a physiological fact that in many ways women are physically superior to men. When it comes to extreme endurance, tolerance of pain, coping with extremes of temperature and sense of balance, women beat men every time. But most sporting events - being invented by men - are not tough enough to reach the point at which female superiority kicks in.


Nishi Narayanan is a staff writer at ESPNcricinfo

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