New Zealand cricket November 27, 2009

Revel without a cause

Ryder's in the storm, yet again. Jesse Ryder made the front page of the Dominion Post on Thursday after his neighbours in Lower Hutt complained he was hosting noisy parties where guests vomited and urinated on their property. The report also also said the neighbours were kept awake by party-goers doing burnouts on the street, and that festivities often continued from Thursday to Sunday.

While Ryder doesn't have a good-boy reputation - fined an unspecified amount last month for verbally abusing team manager Dave Currie after being dismissed in the 2009 Champions Trophy match against Sri Lanka, a highly publicised drunken incident during his debut ODI series against England in February last year, punching a pub window before abusing hospital staff after a match in Christchurch, standing down for an ODI against West Indies after sleeping through a team meeting - this latest incident would certainly be a cause for alarm for New Zealand Cricket (NZC), which has looked to keep a tight rein on him

NZC chief executive Justin Vaughan, however, chose to distance himself from the allegations. "If it was a serious criminal matter there may be some implications but I don't really want to comment on it, Jesse's had enough airplay of late," he told the New Zealand Herald. "We are keeping close tabs on his recovery and rehab and that's going really well."

Ryder's manager Aaron Klee took exception to the neighbours airing their grievances publicly. "Is it abnormal for someone to have people or parties at their house? I've been working with him for 18 months now and the last six weeks is the hardest he's ever worked. I cannot be happier with what he's been doing." With Christmas and New Year's eve still to come, the feeling is mutual.