July 19, 2010


How much would you pay for Tendulkar's blood?

George Binoy

How much would you be willing to cough up for a special edition of Sachin Tendulkar’s biography? Before you decide on a figure, you should know that these particular books measure half a metre square, weigh 37kg, comprise 852 pages edged in gold leaf, one of which has been made with Tendulkar’s blood mixed into the pulp, and include unpublished family pictures and Tendulkar's thoughts about his career. They cost $75,000 each, and only ten copies are being printed, all of which have been pre-ordered.

"The signature page will be mixed with Sachin's blood – mixed into the paper pulp so it's a red resin. It is what it is – you will have Sachin's blood on the page," publisher Kraken Media's chief executive Karl Fowler told the Guardian. "It's not everyone's cup of tea, it's not to everyone's taste and some may think it's a bit weird. But the key thing here is that Sachin Tendulkar to millions of people is a religious icon. And we thought how, in a publishing form, can you get as close to your god as possible?"

And there’s more. The book will also contain Tendulkar’s DNA profile, obtained from a saliva sample, giving those who want to know a look at his “genetic makeup”.

There are around 1000 cheaper bloodless versions of the book as well, which will cost between $2000 and $3000, but will include the DNA profile.

George Binoy is an assistant editor at ESPNcricinfo

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