October 12, 2010

Cricket's a hit at Wooster

Akhila Ranganna

It was a traditional Homecoming weekend for the college of Wooster in Ohio - well, almost. The only ritual missing was the football game, when the home side usually plays a college from the same region; with no football opponent available, it was time for bails, stumps, the red cherry and the willow – time to play some cricket. And set a record at the same time. Nine hundred and sixty seven fans watched Wooster’s college club take on a team of local expats, more than double the previous record of 400. “It's what makes us distinctive,” Wooster president Grant Cornwell said. “Not only does it illustrate the college's spirit, but it also shows that we have a sense of humour.” And the final result? Wooster College’s team captain Maaz Khan “delivered a dramatic game-winning hit with just one out remaining to give the college team an exciting 143-141 victory.”

Akhila Ranganna is assistant editor (Audio) at ESPNcricinfo

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