February 19, 2011


A Bolivian view of cricket

Andy Zaltzman


Number of weeks taken to confirm pre-tournament near-certainties Australia as 2007 World Cup champions.

Also: The number of close or slightly close matches in those seven weeks.

Also: The number of people in the universe who thought that one good match per week made for a ceaselessly riveting tournament. Six of them were confused Bolivian farmers who misheard the question.

Also: The number of weeks it takes a kangaroo to find a mate, get pregnant and start a family.

Also: The number of weeks it took Austria and Prussia to start, wage and end an entire war in 1866.

Andy Zaltzman is a stand-up comedian, a regular on the BBC Radio 4, and a writer

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Andy Zaltzman
Andy Zaltzman was born in obscurity in 1974. He has been a sporadically-acclaimed stand-up comedian since 1999, and has appeared regularly on BBC Radio 4. He is currently one half of TimesOnline's hit satirical podcast The Bugle, alongside John Oliver. Zaltzman's love of cricket outshone his aptitude for the game by a humiliating margin. He once scored 6 in 75 minutes in an Under-15 match, and failed to hit a six between the ages of 9 and 23. He would have been ideally suited to Tests, had not a congenital defect left him unable to play the game to anything above genuine village standard. He writes the Confectionery Stall blog on Cricinfo.

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