June 29, 2012

Bangladesh cricket

Shakib's window escape


On Bangladesh's third annual Social Business Day, which coincided with the birthday of Nobel laureate Mohammad Yunus, Shakib Al Hasan was invited to an event as one of four young achievers, along with mountaineers who had climbed Mount Everest. There was also the visiting astronaut Ron Goran, who gave a presentation of his work in space.

The moment Shakib's car pulled up, hundreds of students from nearby schools in Savar began to gather. The autograph hunters eventually got too close to the podium - some even got on it - so Shakib was put in a room behind the stage. The crowd then began to bang on the door, and Shakib was left with little choice but to climb out through the ground-floor window and into a waiting car to take him back to Dhaka.


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