July 20, 2012

Indian cricket

'Pakistanis better in hospitality'

Abhishek Mukherjee

As India hosts Pakistan in five months, Ajaz Ashraf, writing in Daily Times, reasons why Pakistan is a better host.

Just about every cricket writer who has visited Pakistan, barring those who don’t venture out of their hotel rooms because of their unfounded fears, testify to the generosity of its people. Their obstinate refusal to accept money for goods purchased or food eaten, their insistence on taking strangers from India home for tea or drinks, their effusive hugs followed by the disclaimer that politics has divided a people, and, at times, the thoughtfulness of security men shadowing the visiting Indian, procuring for him the bootlegger’s bottle of delight. This perception was also what a senior police official, whom I bumped into last week, claimed to have experienced on his trip with a senior state personage.


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