August 24, 2012

English cricket

Independent arbitration solution to Pietersen saga

Abhishek Mukherjee

The Kevin Pietersen saga can only be solved by an "independent arbitrator" as Flower and the England team are too affected by it to find a permanent solution, writes Mike Selvey in the Guardian.

Sometimes, it is a good idea to sit back a distance and reflect on how it all came to the situation in which everyone now finds themselves. For me, the most extreme example of this thought process came a few years back when I read Martin Gilbert's history of the first world war, and had to go back to the start of the book again even to comprehend the chain.

I really do believe that the only way to achieve an outcome that satisfies all involved, is the use of a third party, an independent arbitrator, someone used to conflict resolution who can look at all the issues dispassionately. Without such, personal experience tells me that you can patch things up for a while but ultimately it will end in tears.


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