October 8, 2012

Indian cricket

Indian players must play in leagues the world over

India's failure to reach the semi-final of the World Twenty20, despite the presence of the Indian Premier League, is due to the fact that the Indian players don't play in such leagues the world over, argues an editorial in sportzpower.com.

A good starting point is to relook their policy of not allowing Indian players to participate in other similar leagues around the world. In fact, permitting the big names of India to participate will actually showcase their true worth. In their backyard and in their local gig, many an Indian has risen to quick fame with a few innings of note or sharp spells of bowling. But none of them have risen to a superstar level.

If the board does not develop a long-term strategy and implement it to create the superstars of tomorrow, it won't be long before the IPL drowns in its own perceived glory.


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