September 29, 2013

Cricket analysis

Meet cricket's podcasters

The rapid growth of social networking and blogging has led to the emergence of the non-mainstream cricket pundit, one who doesn't have to conform to rigid editorial policies. They have day jobs and other commitments but it's the love of the game that drives them to host podcasts which over time have gathered a significant following. Arun Venugopal of the Hindu profiles three such cricket fans - Subash Jayaraman of the Cricket Couch (also featured in The Cordon), Nishant Joshi of Alternative Cricket Almanack and David Siddall of World Cricket Watch.

The alternative cricket website has a socially conscious side as well, its founder Nishant tells you. The 25-year-old English citizen of Indian origin -- originally from London -- studies medicine in Hradec Králové, a small town about 100 miles outside Prague. As a compulsive cricket aficionado, Nishant would devour every single article on the game available on the Internet. After a "fallow streak of articles", he realised that blogs were overtaking the mainstream in terms of quality.

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