Australian cricket October 31, 2013

Australia look to England for improvement

When the English team struggled through most of the 1980s and 1990s, it became common practice to take a page from the leading cricket squad of their time, Australia. However, as Robin Scott-Elliot, writing for The Independent, times are-a-changing, and with the Australian Test team having not won a Test in close to a year, it appears the shoe is on the other foot as the Australian team, both cricket and otherwise, are seeking insight and development advices from their colonisers.

A couple of weeks ago, the Australian Olympic Committee announced it was to look to the example of - and this must have caught in the throat - Britain in attempting to restore hope and glory for Rio 2016. "You are entitled to your disappointment," said John Coates, the man in charge of the AOC, in the wake of his men and women coming 10th in the medals table in 2012 with their worst gold medal return since 1988.