England cricket March 20, 2014

Giles Clarke v Shane Warne

ESPNcricinfo staff

Giles Clarke is a pretty unloved person these days, whether it be the fall-out to sacking Kevin Pietersen or his role in the 'Big 3' around the ICC board table.

Now Shane Warne, never one shy to share an opinion, has called the ECB chairman "childish" for branding him an "Australian cheerleader." Warne's criticism of Alastair Cook did not go down well during the recent Ashes - to be fair to Warne it was difficult to find much to say from a positive view point - and it was reported that Clarke spoke to Sky Sports about Warne's commentary.

In his column for the Daily Telegraph, Warne responded: "I give the public an insight and it is sad that Giles Clarke has gone to Sky and said I am picking on England. Perhaps instead he could have called me and asked me what I saw. Maybe I could help England.

"Sorry, I am not going to be muzzled. I have nothing against Alastair Cook. He is a good guy. But I am not sure what Giles Clarke is doing to address these problems in his role as chairman of the board."

Now, wouldn't it be fun if Warne applied for the England head coach role.