World T20 2014 April 8, 2014

Yes, Yuvraj is to blame

Bhaskar Bhowmik
For holding a mirror to the face of the Indian cricket 'fan' and introducing him to his true self

Yuvraj is to blame for giving an entire generation of Indians the winning feeling reserved for champions of the cricketing world © AFP

We shared the jokes, we mouthed the expletives, we published the memes. We vented our ire in all ways we could,some of us even breaching the boundaries of ethics in doing so. We went over the case and passed the verdict. We pronounced the offender guilty.

Yes, Yuvraj Singh is to blame. For hitting an English bowler out of the park six times in as many deliveries, and instilling a belief in the minds of India's cricket fanatics that one of us could destroy an English bowling attack on foreign soil.

Yuvraj is to blame for pulling of an unprecedented heist at the sanctum of world cricket that left the cricketing universe gaping in awe, and evoked a feeling of unbounded pride in the heart of each and every fan of Indian cricket, for we had beaten those who ruled us for centuries.

Yuvraj is to blame for arduously carrying a billion dreams to fruition and giving this country something its incumbent youth had never seen the country possess, the Cricket World Cup.

Yuvraj is to blame for mesmerizing cricket fans of this country with such clean hitting that each and every time a bowler was in his delivery stride, somewhere deep within we expected the bowl to sail into the stands. Every darned time.

And Yuvraj is now also to blame for exhibiting the mortal side of a man who we had long believed to be Superman. Yuvraj is to blame for persevering through cancer to perform for fans who manifest their love by hurling stones at his house. Yuvraj is to blame for opening our eyes to the bleak reality that he is a mere human.

Those who have truly embraced cricket will now that this loutish display of irreverence was blasphemy of the highest degree. For every stone that was pelted, let a thousand apologies be uttered. Let us show the king where he truly lives in our hearts. Sorry Yuvi.

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