April 27, 2014

New Zealand cricket

Throwdowns, and a good bedside manner

Andrew Alderson, writing for the New Zealand Herald, looks at the possible candidates to take over Bob Carter as New Zealand's interim assistant coach, and the qualities they must possess.

* The ability to strike a professional relationship with Mike Hesson and the management team.

* Sustaining player respect by knowing what it takes to perform in international cricket or, if not, technical nous like that of Martin Crowe's mentor, the late Harold Whitcombe. A Sherlock Holmes' eye for detail, especially regarding video analysis, would be helpful.

* A robust passport and a family situation capable of coping with months away from home.

* 'Bedside manner' - it's all very well knowing your cricket but convincing an out-of-form player of an idea's validity is a precious skill.

* A willing arm for throwdowns.


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