New Zealand cricket May 26, 2014

The agony of Lance Cairns

ESPNcricinfo staff
On his website, Martin Crowe writes of his relationship with Lance Cairns< and looks back at Chris Cairns' development as a cricketer.

On his website, Martin Crowe writes of his warm relations with Lance Cairns, who inspired him as a youngster, and hopes that the controversy surrounding Chris Cairns finds some resolution.

These are dark days indeed, with darker ones ahead. Leaks are flying everywhere, and Chris is being nailed in the court of public opinion, without a chance to answer, as the ICC circumvent him. That in itself is appalling. They simply must wind this matter up and make a decision. They act as slowly as a hedgehog in a thoughtful meditative state. The longer they carry on at this roadkill pace, the sooner they destroy the very game they supposedly govern. The ICC are serious serial offenders in gifting their wicket, and this is one of their worst innings.

Worst of all, from a personal standpoint, is what Lance will make of it all.