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What's the fielding record for most catches off one bowler?

Sep 18, 2018: Also: what's the record for most balls used in a Test?

Steven Lynch

Ask Steven

Averaging 100, and hundreds in lost causes

Sep 18, 2006: The return of the regular Monday column in which Steven Lynch answers your questions about (almost) any aspect of cricket

Steven Lynch

Cricinfo XI

Rubbing their noses in it

Mar 28, 2006: You can't beat a good bowling attack, and you sure can be exposed without one. Here, Cricinfo recalls 11 of the less successful packs that haven't so much hunted as grunted and often without reward

Andrew Miller and Martin Williamson

Cricinfo XI

Eleven hot streaks

Jan 24, 2006: Eleven batsmen who scaled the heights

ESPNcricinfo staff

Series deciders at The Oval

All to play for at Kennington

Sep 8, 2005: Australia have tended to start the stronger ... and continue that way as well

Martin Williamson

The Ashes 1934

Ponsford, Bradman and the spin triplets

Jul 6, 2005: Kenneth Gregory conjures up the 1934 Ashes, its legspinners and massive stands. Sounds familiar?

ESPNcricinfo staff

Bill O'Reilly

The Tiger's last hurrah

Dec 1, 1992: Bill O'Reilly's last interview


Bill Ponsford

1935: William Harold Ponsford, about whose performances alone could be written far more than the space at disposal for these biographies permits, can in the course of a busy career point to many remarkable achievements

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