Kolkata Knight Riders v Titans, CLT20, Cape Town

Kolkata careen to only win, jeopardise Titans' chances

The Report by Sidharth Monga

October 21, 2012

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Kolkata Knight Riders 188 for 5 (Gambhir 44, Das 43*) beat Titans 89 (Balaji 4-19) by 99 runs
Scorecard and ball-by-ball details

Manvinder Bisla hits out during his 27 off 14 balls, Kolkata Knight Riders v Titans, Champions League T20, Cape Town, October 21, 2012
Manvinder Bisla's free swinging gave Kolkata Knight Riders a quick start © Getty Images

Kolkata Knight Riders played every bit like the side they were, one with nothing to lose, and in careening to their first win of the tournament, they jeopardised the hitherto undefeated Titans' chances of making the semi-finals. However, once Kolkata tried to normalise after losing the second wicket at 95 in the ninth over, they began to flounder again. And once Debabrata Das embraced the devil-may-care attitude again, both hits and mis-hits began to clear the ropes, and the resultant total was 67 more than what was enough to produce a thriller on the same pitch hours ago.

Titans were always going to struggle chasing 189 on a slightly sticky pitch, and their prospects worsened when they lost their big-hitting opener Henry Davids for 13. They tried to pinch-hit with the promoted Heino Kuhn, but once Kuhn and Martin van Jaarsveld fell to successive L Balaji deliveries in the eighth over, the game was all but over. Arguably, though, their captain van Jaarsveld had made the bigger mistake much earlier.

Van Jaarsveld knew he was taking a risk when he asked Knight Riders, who did not have a care in the world today, to bat. His decision at the toss was dictated by the overcast skies and dew expected later in the day. As it turned out, without any target or points to chase, Knight Riders played with the freedom they would have hoped to bring to more meaningful matches. On a pitch that produced a last-over thriller at around a run a ball, their top three basically threw their bats at nearly everything. It came off sensationally for Manvinder Bisla and Brendon McCullum for long enough to score 63 off 34 balls between them, but Gautam Gambhir embraced caution after McCullum's fall.

A period of 18 runs in four overs resulted in rash shots, and Jacques Kallis, Gambhir and Yusuf Pathan fell trying to hit sixes, within four runs of each other, to make it 133 for 5 in the 16th over. Das then did away with niceties and resumed swinging at anything that moved. Top edges flew over the keeper's head, swats avoided deep fielders, and in between he evened it all out with some brute hitting, including driving CJ de Villiers over long-off for a six.

Das and Manoj Tiwary added 55 off the last 27 balls to take Knight Riders to the highest total of the tournament. Batting seemed easy without the fear of consequences, but the result meant Tuesday's games were laden with consequence: three of the four teams in action will be playing for a semi-final spot.

Innings Dot balls 4s 6s PP Overs 16-20 NB/Wides
Kolkata 42 19 8 67-1 56-2 0/2
Titans 49 5 2 39-1 8-3 0/0

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Posted by Harmony111 on (October 23, 2012, 19:28 GMT)

@WickyRoy.paklover: I like your arguments - they help me learn a lot. You are always in a hurry to make some quick and apparently witty comments but leave a lot of gaps in your bricks. Suppose I agree that KKR indeed were able to score 188 runs cos they threw their bat at everything and slogged form over 0.0 to 19.6. Ok, I concede this to you. But will you tell me what were Titans doing? Why couldn't they score any more than 89? KKR slogged while batting but did KKR also slogged while bowling? Is it possible to slog-bowl? Were Titans under any extra pressure other than the chase itself? Why were Titans not able to bat for 20 overs? Why were Titans not able to score 160 or 140 or even 120 runs? MI were chasing 173 vs CSK and got to 167, other teams also did similar things. The trend has been that teams batting 2nd have some advantage. In the light of all this, my dear Paklover please explain the points I have made above.

Posted by Harmony111 on (October 23, 2012, 19:12 GMT)

@Brenton1: Ha Ha Ha. Titans are playing at home. If for them qualifying for the SF is noteworthy then I have nothing else to say. And btw, had KKR's match not been rained off they too had a damn good chance of getting in the SF. The way KKR exposed how woeful Titans are in the last match was ample proof of a side getting in top gear dismantling a home side that is mediocre at best. 89 all out in home conditions is best replied by a double LOL. The Lions barely managed to defeat a hopelessly low class Yorkshire, that too deserves a LOL.

Posted by Harmony111 on (October 23, 2012, 18:36 GMT)

@JG2704: Either you have a memory lapse or you can't deal with things which are slightly complex. The line that you quoted was made in my original comment at the bottom and don't you know the context in which it was said? It was said after KKR had beaten Titans by 99 runs and DD had beaten PS even though they were playing after a long break. No where did I took into account the entire record of these teams. The initial losses came due to poor performance/application which in turn can be attributed to lack of preparation, bear in mind that IPL teams' players don't spend too much together. As time passed they were able to find their towel and then gave the most severe thrashing of the league. Scoring the highest total of the tournament and then bowling out the favored home team for the lowest total is by all means a champion performance. So the 0-3 etc records you talked about have no place in this context. Football can't be compared to cricket cos football is mostly club based. Got it?

Posted by JG2704 on (October 23, 2012, 8:33 GMT)

@Harmony111 - The argument re financial clout is not misplaced at all. It happens in every sport. Look at football - would Man City have won the premiership last season without the megabucks pumped into the club? My best friend is a Man City fan and has been for decades and he is realistic enough to know/admit that his team is where it is because of these advantages.And re "I hope everyone now can see the difference in the quality of the IPL teams and the other teams" - I'm sorry but MI winning 0 of 3 , KKR 1 of 3 and CSK winning 2 of 4 hardly reflects the IPL teams superiority does it?

Posted by   on (October 22, 2012, 16:12 GMT)

KKR just took too much time to gel together as a team , if they had merely qualified ,they would have been a force difficult to contain for any opposition.

Posted by S-A-M-1994 on (October 22, 2012, 15:02 GMT)

@kale rajesh,Even Zim's bowling is better than india lolz

Posted by bobmartin on (October 22, 2012, 14:16 GMT)

@ Haleos.. One might expect that with 4 teams... ( ie 4 times as many as 3 of the nations and twice as many as the other 4 nations) ... it would be a major surprise if one of the IPL teams didn't make the semi-final. But that doesn't hide the fact that three IPL teams are eliminated. Hardly what I would call a ringing endorsement of the standard of cricket played by these highly paid national and imported superstars...

Posted by Harmony111 on (October 22, 2012, 14:00 GMT)

@JG2704: Did I not tell you that the overseas argument was completely misplaced? If anything it only shows that the overseas players can't play well in conditions they ought to be more familiar with. If anything it only shows that India's domestic players are only as good or bad as the domestic players of other teams. If anything then it only shows that a system is more than the sum of its parts. IPL teams do not get much time to prepare for tournaments esp for CLT20. Even for IPL some teams gather together only days before it starts. Here MJ, KP, GG, JK and other top class players joined their teams shortly before CLT20 started. Other teams had the advantage there. AA for eg were in SA 3 weeks (or more) before CLT20 started. Titans are the home team and still could score only 89 vs the so called weakest of the IPL teams but which was hitting its gears. This clearly shows IPL teams had the twin issues of lack of preparation and rained off matches. Other teams have much more issues.

Posted by Harmony111 on (October 22, 2012, 13:52 GMT)

@WickyRoy.paklover: In your rush to somehow come up with a rebut you ended up making straw man arguments just to please yourself. Do a search and check again if anywhere in my comment did I say that DD's win over PS was a "THUMPING" win. Read carefully before you reply. KKR's win over Titans was for sure a mauling win, an obliterating win, a thrashing, a sucker-punch win, a punch-to-their-solar-plexus kind of win. Whatever little mistakes DD did in their match vs PS was due to the fact that they had had a long gap in their matches. They were almost starting from new and this showed in their batting. Bowlers can rectify their mistakes but batsmen get only one chance. I again ask you to check if anywhere I had said DD's win over PS was a THUMPING win. KKR got the highest total of the tournament and bowled out the home team Titans for the lowest total of the tournament. What do you have you say for this? Speechless eh?

Posted by Haleos on (October 22, 2012, 12:09 GMT)

@WickyRoy.paklover - DD are still in the tournament and would qualify for the semis unlike ur world record holder stallions who had to run back home with their tails hidden between their legs as soon as they came out on international stage.

Posted by Brenton1 on (October 22, 2012, 11:51 GMT)

@Harmony111: Titans can still qualify for the semis. KKR are out of the tournament. That shows the difference in class.

Posted by   on (October 22, 2012, 10:35 GMT)

I think Gambhir and Bisla playing a very excellent cricket in first 4-5 overs but when Bisla gett out there is no trouble for KKR because McCullam plays a great high-fast innings which led KKR pass 100 in just 9 over.Also Gambhir plays a really masterful innings he was a bit slow in 3-4 overs but when Bisla outs he xclerate or plays faster if Gambhir or McCullum stands over full 20 overs then the score would be more than 200 but at the end we have to say that Das is plays amazing and outstanding innings that gives KKR to led more than 180s.I think if Das plays also good in domestic cricket like Ranji Trophy,etc then India's selecters have to think about to give chance Das in India team because He also plays some match winnings innings in IPL for KKR.

Posted by Rajesh_india_1990 on (October 22, 2012, 9:27 GMT)

Kkr batting line up is better than pakistan batting line up..

Posted by WickyRoy.paklover on (October 22, 2012, 9:16 GMT)

@HARMONY111,SO IF ANY SIDE REQUIRES 90+ IN 60 Bals n EVEN then ACHIEVES IT with more than an ovr to spare iz a clos encountr while if a star studded(sehwag,jaya,kp,taylor,irfan) achieves a Run-a-ball target in the last ovr ,against a side which lacks too many intrnational stars especialy the batsmen, IS A "THUMPING WIN"?double standards i guess.

Posted by Harmony111 on (October 22, 2012, 8:31 GMT)

Oh even after so many hours no one from the usual suspects is here to show his face to say anything about this performance of KKR? WHY? Where are these chaps who ignore their own team's intrinsic weaknesses and love to highlight IPL teams' bad days. The way KKR destroyed the home team showed the huge difference in the class of these two teams and begs the question whether the Titans too should have been made to qualify first or not. Such poor teams should not be allowed to play in these rich leagues cos they only make the overall experience poor. The match was exciting while KKR were batting but Titans gave a very poor show of whatever little talent they have got and looked like clowns in a high tea. DD did the same to Perth Scorchers earlier when the PS were just not able to do anything more than a shameful run a ball. These guys need to tell us whether they are any good on fast and bouncy tracks or not? A DOMESTIC Das destroyed an INTERNATIONAL Thomas and it made a lovely scene.

Posted by JG2704 on (October 22, 2012, 8:28 GMT)

@Harmony111 on (October 21 2012, 20:36 PM GMT) Maybe if they had less WRONG days the bashers would have less ammunition to bash about. IPL sides should be the best because they have the most money and therefore lure the best overseas talent.

Posted by JG2704 on (October 22, 2012, 8:19 GMT)

@baghels.a on (October 21 2012, 21:29 PM GMT) Those players did indeed perform well. Along with Mccullam (NZ) with the bat , Lee (Aus) and Narine (WI) who were the most economical with the ball

Posted by ShibuDibrugarh on (October 22, 2012, 6:41 GMT)

Did debabrata get to play in earlier matches? It is time Gambhir made him a REGULAR - fitness permitting.

Posted by anver777 on (October 22, 2012, 5:12 GMT)

I wonder sending KKR in, cost Titans an golden opportunity for a semi berth..... batting first & getting a healthy score was a better option. Now Titans must win their final game against DD !!!!

Posted by   on (October 22, 2012, 5:10 GMT)

i think delhi is through comfortably...for auckland to qualify they need a huge win in their last match of atleast 50-55 runs over scorchers and then also pray same for the titans that they beat delhi too with the same margin or delhi wins because in these two cases they will be through.. but with a batting line up that delhi has its very very difficult to lose a game by that massive margin.. so delhi daredevils are clearly the only ipl team to be in semis..and for this a big thanks to gauti.. he made it easier for his iplmates to qualify by defeating titans...

Posted by aravind077 on (October 22, 2012, 3:17 GMT)

well done kkr made easy for delhi

Posted by Abaa on (October 22, 2012, 3:02 GMT)

There you go Sakib fans ... Without Sakib in the team, KKR beat the form team in the group by almost a 100 runs. By the way, as per T20 standards, that can be safely classified as a complete walloping!

Posted by solankibhavesh on (October 22, 2012, 2:55 GMT)

Good performance by KKR and Gambhir it helps to increase Gambhir confidence lavel for next serie at home. And I don't know whts the problem with balaji when he play for country he did not do good but when play for other he did well. its may be match give some confidance to Gambhir and KKR for future.

Posted by VEEJ18 on (October 22, 2012, 2:05 GMT)

Debrata Das batted superbly and this was the key factor to build the psychological pressure on the Titans. Half the battle was won as this gave the KKR bowlers much needed confidence and Balaji took full advantage. congrats to the KKR team for the all round team effort.

Posted by WickyRoy.paklover on (October 22, 2012, 1:30 GMT)

@baghels.a,kkr playd wel no doubt bt lets admit cirumstances Aren't going to change much by this.2ndly,as writer mentiond,kkr chose hit or gigle method n playd with utmost freedom bt remembr its t20,nobdy can assure u that kkr would have come with shining colors had they opted 4 dis strategy.

Posted by Feroz9700 on (October 21, 2012, 22:36 GMT)

At last KKR got it right. Everybody played a lot freely and that's what T20 is all about. The strategy for Batsman should be 'Offence is the best Defence'. Gambhir played well and probably gave himeself sometime and played a lot in the Wee with a straight bat. KKR look much better now unfortunately it's all over for this tournament, they r slow starters and even in IPL they tend to look very ordinary in the begining of the tournament and peak in the later stages. Washed out game did not help there chances at all. Let's hope DD makes it all the way now as they r the only IPL team remaining.

Posted by baghels.a on (October 21, 2012, 21:29 GMT)

KKR what a super performance, well atleast they go out with a bang.Now where are the India and IPL bashers,did you blokes watch that,Debrata Das and Bisla and Gauti outshone bouncy wicket specialist Kallis and 11 other players from Titans.Guess who took 4 wickets not any foreign fast bowler but much maligned Balaji,does this performance satisfy you @wickyRoy........comprehensive win by KKR,wish they could have played like this earlier in the tournament.As tournament is unfolding finally IPL sides are gettinh there act together,pity for them tournament is not longer.

Posted by   on (October 21, 2012, 20:39 GMT)

Debabrata needs a more consistent run with KKR - time to bench the good for nothing Yusuf Pathan.

Posted by Harmony111 on (October 21, 2012, 20:36 GMT)

I hope everyone now can see the difference in the quality of the IPL teams and the other teams. Catching the IPL teams on a wrong day and making a mountain out of it is something these bashers are fond of. Now they have to answer whether these teams can play even in their home conditions or not? Today Perth could not handle DD's pace and bounce and Titans couldn't even last 20 overs or score 100 runs in their familiar conditions against a KKR who were still not quite in their peak form. Goes to show how unlucky the IPL teams were here. MI and KKR had two good games rained off and the world went noise that IPL teams were being outplayed. Just look at today's matches. if a margin of 15 runs was called thrashing by these IPL bashers then what will they call a margin of 99 runs? If they make fun of Ind players not being able to play on fast and bouncy wickets then what about Perth today? They can't play even in familiar conditions. Ho Ho Ho.

Posted by remnant on (October 21, 2012, 20:32 GMT)

KKR plays every match with quite a few handicap aka players who are simply passengers, like Yusuf Pathan, and ofcourse thier batting order is really shambolic. Kallis, Pathan & Tiwary always slow doen things, a reason why KKR usually score less than their good starts suggest. And they have to then bowl better to defend those low scores. Although this match it was different since there was little to lose, but Pathan needs to sit out and Tiwary or Kallis, atleast one among them should be brought lower down and perhaps saved for averting disasters! Perhaps next season they should find a replacement of Kallis and also get Steyn if he is available.

Posted by   on (October 21, 2012, 20:19 GMT)

Nicely done KKR - a little too late. A question for those who care - why does Sachin play anymore? He looks like he would rather bet paying golf on his own island than on the cricket field.

Posted by crindex on (October 21, 2012, 20:01 GMT)

KKR is arguably the best of the 4 IPL teams in this season of CLT20. Their problem was adaptability to SA conditions and they were the worst in that area , whereas , in skill level they rank the highest among the 4 IPL teams. Too sad and sorry to see them leave this tournament to 'lesser' teams than them.

Posted by   on (October 21, 2012, 18:13 GMT)

Maybe, just maybe this guy should be given a shot at the national T20 squad, given his performances for KKR at crucial times in quite a few matches. His confidence coupled with international experience might create an interesting prospect for the country.

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