Chennai Super Kings v Sunrisers Hyderabad, CLT20, Ranchi September 26, 2013

Dhoni, Raina power Super Kings to victory


Chennai Super Kings 202 for 4 (Raina 84, Dhoni 63*) beat Sunrisers Hyderabad 190 for 7 (Sammy 50, Dhawan 48) by 12 runs
Scorecard and ball-by-ball details

An ebullient finish from MS Dhoni that built on Suresh Raina's consummate half-century set up a 12-run victory for Chennai Super Kings over Sunrisers Hyderabad in Ranchi. Dhoni walloped eight sixes and a four, in a 19-ball maraud that brought him 63 not out, after Raina had hit 84 from 57. Dhoni's bore down most heavily on Thisara Perera, from whose third over was pillaged for a tournament-high 34 runs, with only two of those coming from wides. Sunrisers threatened to chase down Super Kings' 202 for 4 when their openers hit 86 from the first 9 overs, but they lost their way soon after, and were never able to get themselves ahead of the required run rate.

Dhoni's intent was clear, almost as soon as he arrived at the crease, when he blasted the second ball he faced - a flighted offbreak from JP Duminy - back over the bowler's head for six. He then cooled his heels for the next two overs, but with another straight six off a Perera half-volley in the 18th over, he engaged annihilation mode.

Perera continued to miss his length, and Dhoni mauled his four last deliveries with rare savagery. The second six was whipped off the pads over fine leg; the third, carved inside-out square on the off side; the fourth launched 101 metres into the stand behind; and the fifth - a desperate short, wide ball from a bowler bereft of ideas - upper-cut over third man. Predictably, Perera's bowling duties ceased thereafter, with him having collected by far the worst figures for three-overs, in the tournament's history. His economy rate was a scarcely believable 20.

Dhoni was less militant thereafter, but that only meant he scored 20 from his last six deliveries. A square drive off Steyn brought his only four of the innings, before propelling two consecutive Darren Sammy deliveries into the night. His fifty, completed in the final over, came off 16 balls, and was comfortably the quickest of its kind in Champions League cricket, beating Kieron Pollard's fifty off 18.

Though Dhoni provided the late surge, Raina's fine hand had lent Super Kings' innings its substance. He was required in the first over after Murali Vijay had edged a Dale Steyn outswinger to slip, and though Steyn continued to move the ball appreciably, Raina stroked two boundaries to finish the over.

He then set about consolidating cleverly, often only venturing aggression when the ball deserved punishment, or the run rate threatened to stagnate. The middle overs yielded his most lucrative patch - a seven-ball burst in which he made 23 - and effectively set his side on course for a mammoth total. Having watched Dhoni go postal from the other end, Raina attempted a big hit of his own off Steyn in the penultimate over, but was caught on the long on boundary as a third Twenty20 hundred beckoned.

Shikhar Dhawan and Parthiv Patel's positivity at the top of the order promised a tight finish, in Sunrisers' response, and they will perhaps feel they ought to have made more of the foundation provided. Both men took educated chances inside the Powerplay, often manufacturing boundaries by moving across or back in the crease to set the chase off at close to its required rate.

A hare-brained run out in the 10th over though, began the slide that effectively scuttled Sunrisers' chances. Patel was still mid-pitch when Raina hit the stumps, to capitalise on the batsmen's miscommunication, and inside two overs Dhawan and JP Duminy had also been dismissed.

Perera could not redeem himself with the bat, and though Sammy batted valiantly, striking a 25-ball 50, most of it after he made himself lame by clobbering a yorker onto his foot, he was always facing steep odds to pull off the heist.

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  • ytrewq on September 29, 2013, 7:30 GMT

    Dhoni played two typical sanath jayasuriya shots over extra cover when darren sammy was bowling (last over).

  • Sameer on September 28, 2013, 16:56 GMT

    @ mark2011 Its actually a skill to score 34 runs in one over and its such a flat track how come sri lankan "LEGENDS" sanga and mahela have never been able to do it. How they are equally incompetent on green tops and flat tracks.

  • mark on September 28, 2013, 13:45 GMT

    Those who bashing for Thisara Perera for his 32 runs to MSD, better remind themselves that THisara scored 34 runs (5 sixes and +boundary) in an ODI match agaisnt SA just one month back in a much difficult batting pitch.It was world 2nd highest scored over. MSD making 32 runs in a flat track bully pitch that made for carnival like CLT20 is no big deal here. Even sammy tooscored 50 runs in 25 balls..this was a just a carnival, few days before Broom also scored like this.. so making concrete pitches like this and degrading bowlers is no good for future of cricket.

  • mark on September 28, 2013, 13:34 GMT

    @ Harmony111 on (Sept 27, 2013, 18:52 GMT); I can see you are all over this forum mate.. Bfore making statement like ; ''These can be safely ignored as they show a clear lack of grasp of the game'', better you demonstrate it . I can see your ignorence and inability to see things objectively instead making statements like that. when SRH was required to score 10.15 rpo, but they scored 9.45 rpo (87 from 9.2 ovrs), so they are below the par and we saw where SRH ended. Had they scored 87 by 6 to 7 overs that wud have been flying start and put more pressure on CSK, but that didnt. This is T20, not ODI, in T20s this is normal as we all know (except you) scoring 8, 9 rpo over is no big deal in this format,but its clear you got confused with ODI. So one can see the level of your grasp on the game, be clear yourself before accusing others.anyway my point was in both case by bating & captaining S. Dhawan has failed for which you have too failed to answer as u dont like it to accept that.

  • Yasiru on September 28, 2013, 5:38 GMT

    It is about Dhoni ..... Nothing else...... Perera didnot execute a perfect line and length as well. That is true...But above all batting brilliance of MSD comes first.Nobody would have thumped a bowler like that.... And anybody who was at the receiving end would panic as perera did .... COz it was carnage ... feeling of knowing that you are next bowl that u are ready bowl is going for six or 4 is really embarrassing .... Always your concentration of the next ball goes away and kinda of lost mentality comes...Which it again benefits dhoni....Some how it was just the single handed MSD won the match....

  • Harmon on September 27, 2013, 19:25 GMT

    @Htc-Android: I have busted your original claim long time back but you still persist with that hoping to find something in it as saving grace. Whatever he hypothesized for Steyn was based on how Steyn had performed in two matches when SRT got 200 & Viru got 300 so he does have a point.

    If I assign an adjective A1 to a person P1 then does it mean that I am necessarily assigning the opposite adjective !A1 to some other person P2 who is a rival or contemporary of Person P1??? Your argument for GRVJPR's comments about Steyn & Ishant are along these lines.

    As for the 2nd link you gave as proof:

    1stly it is the same person GRVJPR while you had initially said you had seen PLENTY OF IND FANS.

    2ndly, it is about Anderson & not about Steyn.

    3rdly, Anderson indeed becomes a very hopeless bowler the moment the wicket gets unfavorable. He struggled for many sessions & days even at home vs the hopeless Oz in the recent Ashes cos the wicket was not helping him.

    Your proof busted again.

  • Harmon on September 27, 2013, 18:52 GMT

    @mark2011: If Perera goes for 5 6s in an over then it is not his fault but Dhawan's fault? Incredible reasoning by you !!!

    We are talking about Perera's bowling here cos after a SL fan had said he was better than Steyn. Even otherwise Perera would have born the brunt of comments cos he went for 5 6s in an over and 60 runs in 3 overs which is no mean feat.

    Just 2 6s more? No big deal scoring 30 runs in an over? SRH scored 87 in 9.2 overs and this is not flying start? I think no one needs to reply to such statements. These can be safely ignored as they show a clear lack of grasp of the game.

  • Harmon on September 27, 2013, 18:49 GMT

    @Karabo Lord Kabs Setshotlho:

    Pls show me where exactly did GRVJPR infer or imply or suggest that Ishant Sharma is better than Steyn?

    If I paraphrase him then he said that he felt that in THAT match Mishra played a greater role than Steyn cos Steyn picked up lower order wickets while Mishra got better batsmen out. Reg Ishant he makes no comment whatsoever suggesting he was better than Steyn.

    There was no hint of him saying that Steyn was good enough ONLY for tail-enders except that he said that in THAT match Steyn took tail-ender wickets.. He was talking about what happened in THAT match & not about a general scenario.

    Reg GRVJPR's 2nd comment, he made total 4 statements 1st & 3rd of which are facts, 2nd is an easy to see pattern & 4th is a hypothesis.

    Even assuming he is wrong in his perception or theory he still never ever says that Ishant is better than Steyn. At worse you could say that GRVJPR said that Ishant could be as good as Steyn if he got the same conditions.

  • Dummy4 on September 27, 2013, 18:36 GMT

    CSK are the man u /barca of cricket.they have an aura of invincibility about them.While other franchises seem to be a collection of extremely talented individuals,CSK is the only' TEAM ' on view.they have players for all situations and seem to win from nowhere.Iam a chennaiite but diehard fan of MI(just for THE MAN).But now i cannot deny the beauty of CSK s cricket...just like the tiki taka of consistent.

  • associate cricket fan on September 27, 2013, 18:07 GMT

    @Harmony111 U missed a point made by GRVJPR. He stated that Steyn takes wickets in Tailormade and would average 50 if had to bowl in Indian wickets. Meaning Ishant would bowl better than steyn if he gets helpful bowling conditions. If you are still not clear I will give you another comment made by him. This time he compares Ishant with Anderson. Read the comment Posted by GRVJPR on (June 21, 2013, 4:15 GMT) Cricinfo Publish.