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ICC sticks to plan for ten-team World Cup

ESPNcricinfo staff

Haroon Lorgat, the ICC chief executive, has said there will be no going back on the decision to reduce the 50-over World Cup from 14 to ten teams, despite protests from the Associate countries who are likely to be left out of the tournament in 2015.

"We have felt in the past few years that Twenty20 is the best format to develop the game world-wide and it provides a better environment for competition," Lorgat told PTI. "The 50-over format is more skill-based and suitable for the top teams."

To compensate for the loss of places in the 50-over tournament, the ICC has added four spots to the Twenty20 World Cup, making it a 16-team event, but Cricket Kenya chief executive, Tom Sears, told AFP that the ICC will not be acting in the interests of the game if the smaller teams were locked out of the next World Cup.

"If we have to improve on the standards, there is no point of denying us the opportunity of competing at the top level." Sears said. "We had a meeting with the other Associate countries during the World Cup training camp in Dubai last week, and we plan to raise the matter again at the World Cup. We are disturbed about the whole issue."

In an earlier interview with The Wisden Cricketer, Sears, called the decision "scandalous and bloody ridiculous", saying "I've no desire to be diplomatic... Not to let anyone else in is scandalous. It's all about money, power and votes - and that's not good for cricket."

Former Kenya captain Steve Tikolo and batsman Collins Obuya also voiced their concerns, saying the World Cup remained crucial for the development of the Associate countries. Kenya famously made the semi-finals in the 2003 World Cup, but remain the only non-Test team to have made it so far into the tournament.

Several leading players from the Full Member countries came out in support of the Associates as well, with England offspinner Graeme Swann asking: "Why would you want to take the world out of the World Cup?" He was joined by Australian fast bowler Shaun Tait, who said, "to play against the best players and sides in the world is massive and I wouldn't want to take that away from anyone," and South Africa wicketkeeper AB de Villiers, who saw value in the smaller nations' involvement in major tournaments. "It makes it more colourful and it's good for the growth of the game."

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  • sai on February 21, 2011, 10:09 GMT

    Its a brilliant move commercially....simply because it will be difficult to even fill up the stadiums for matches being played by test playing nations. Instead of going the FIFA way ICC is going the FAIL way.

  • Rana on February 21, 2011, 9:08 GMT

    Indiancurry11, if you say bangla and WI have the same skill as any other associates, u know nothing about cricket. u think associates cud make 283 against india? or u wanna say associates cud get a player like any of them WI players? and yes, um not a bangla nor a WI personnel. but u know what? truth is that, u sud learn more about international cricket than just IPL :)

  • pari on February 21, 2011, 6:33 GMT

    each of all the associate teams of ODI should be FORCED to play, annually, at least 12 ODI with test playing nations and atleast 24 ODI among themselves. This way they will get exposure and good training to play for 2019 world-cup. wake up ICC, hire me and i will let you know how to manage the associates................................

  • Spad on February 20, 2011, 8:27 GMT

    Hello ICC, If you have already decided to reduce the number of teams next world cup, then 12 team format is the best one.12 Teams, 2 Groups, QF, SF and Final. So there will be only 37 matches. Top 2 Associate nations will get the chance to play the world cup.....Thanks...

  • saubhik on February 20, 2011, 6:22 GMT

    14 to 10 is reducing one third of the teams from world cup..thats too harsh...they cud have made it 14 to 12 teams...still leaving two spots for the associate countries to fill up...in this way both the length of the tournament would have been reduced and the two best associate countries would have got the chance of playing against the best teams in the world...icc would try n spread the game globally rather than restricting it to a few teams!!! football worls cup also started with 16 teams....but now 32 nations participate in football world cup..n all of them competitive enuf...all bcoz fifa took bold n risky decisions to spread the game worldwide...icc should b inspired by fifa...this particular decision by icc is definitely a step backward!!!

  • pavan on February 20, 2011, 2:02 GMT

    Currently Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, West Indies are at same or similar levels as Ireland, Netherland and Kenya, so who should be there in top 10 and who should not. its best to have all the nations to play qualifiers just like in Soccer where even Brazil has to play to qualify

  • Basil on February 20, 2011, 0:46 GMT

    How can I get a job at the ICC. If they put me in charge of the tournament division, I would turn the World Cup, and Champions Trophy into two very different, successful, and relevant show-pieces of our game. But how and to who do I put my ideas forward?

  • Basil on February 20, 2011, 0:32 GMT

    Dumb move. Now, what is the difference between the World Cup and the Champions Trophy?

  • Vinod on February 19, 2011, 22:41 GMT

    ICC World Twenty20 Tournament should be re-branded as the Cricket World Cup. There should still be a World Event for the one-dayers for 10 test playing nations. My question is how ICC is addressing the one-day status given to certain teams ? Are they going to lose the one-day status ?

    ICC also should consider that there is too much volume of cricket being played these days. As a consumer for me cricket is fast losing the charm, because there is a overkill of cricket with a calendar year being packed with every possible tournament.

    ICC should be very selective about the tournaments it hosts. Players should get a break as well spectators who support their teams.

    The format of this World Cup is too long again. Instead of giving 6 0r 7 days of rest between matches, games should have been done with as early as possible. Again total mishandling of a mega event, which in itself losing its relevance because of too much cricket. ICC should go back to the drawing rooms and seriously think.

  • duncan on February 19, 2011, 19:36 GMT

    Vinod they have scrapped the next CWC & replaced it with the 'Champions' Trophy, though cunningly they've kept they CWC title just to con(fuse) everyone, if you follow, wish i did. Just when the ICC can't get worse they manage it, they surely are the incompetent(i'm being polite here) sporting organisation in the world.

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