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West Indies team manager Gerry Gomez and captain Frank Worrell are cheered by a huge crowd in a parade through the streets of Melbourne, February 20, 1961 © Getty Images

  • Feb 20, 1961

    Frank Worrell's 1960-61 West Indies side gets a ticker-tape thank you from Melbourne © ESPNcricinfo Ltd

  • Feb 17, 1961

    West Indies won the hearts of the Australians © ESPNcricinfo Ltd

  • Jan 3, 1961

    Screenshot from the Age newspaper reporting on second day of 1960-61 Australia-West Indies Test in Melbourne © The Age

  • Jan 2, 1961

    Richie Benaud and wicketkeeper Wally Grout wait for the umpire's decision after batsman Joe Solomon's cap falls and dislodges a bail © Getty Images

  • Jan 2, 1961

    Alan Davidson enjoys his lunch © Getty Images

  • Dec 14, 1960

    The final play of the first Tied Test © ESPNcricinfo Ltd