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United States of America

Vivek Narayan      

Full name Vivek Narayan

Born November 20, 1998, New Haven, Connecticut

Current age 19 years 118 days

Major teams United States of America Under-19s

Batting style Right-hand bat

Bowling style Legbreak

Vivek Narayan
Recent matches
Bat & Bowl Team Opposition Ground Match Date Scorecard
7 USA U19 v Canada U19 Toronto 23 Jul 2017 Other OD
34 USA U19 v Bermuda U19 Toronto 21 Jul 2017 Other OD
8 USA U19 v Canada U19 King City (SE) 18 Jul 2017 Other OD
9 USA U19 v Bermuda U19 King City (SE) 17 Jul 2017 Other OD
0, 0/6 USA U19 v Nepal U19 Kuala Lumpur 19 Oct 2015 Other OD
1, 0/17 USA U19 v Ireland U19 Kuala Lumpur 18 Oct 2015 Other OD
1/25 USA U19 v Uganda U19 Kuala Lumpur 15 Oct 2015 Other OD
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