Investec Ashes 2013 June 28, 2013

England turn to power of poetry

ESPNcricinfo staff

As a weapon to defeat Australia, poetry does not spring immediately to mind. But that is what the ECB hopes will fill England with strength after the publication of a poem to mark the arrival of the Investec Ashes series.

We would like to know what you think of it.

Cricket has inspired a fair deal of poetry over the years. There is nothing more rose-tinted in the canon than Vitai Lampada by Sir Henry Newbolt in 1892 with his exhortation to 'Play up ! play up ! and play the game!'

#RISE has something for everyone.

Lord's will delight in the attention given to the honours board, no player can resist imagining himself with a set jaw and white knuckles and, as for the obsessive scorers among you, there is even a mention of dot balls. In an age of Twenty20, an homage to the dot ball is soothingly traditional.

The poem will take pride of place on the Trent Bridge programme when the Ashes begins on July 10.

We think it has a bit of Jerusalem about it, although even that is not entirely a good thing as Jerusalem tends to be removed from hymn books these days. But they will still be bashing it out in Nottingham on July 10 no doubt as England seek to fill Australia with trepidation


History will soon be made,
Upon the board,
Their honours engraved.
Nerves on edge, muscles tighten.
Jaws are set, knuckles whiten.
A dot ball passes, atmosphere heightens.
Those left standing: gods among titans.
They'll deliver the fight, session by session.
The nation's pride their only obsession.
For one. For all.
The bat.
The ball.
Old scores. New clashes.
Together we'll Rise
For The Urn.
The Ashes.