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Council of League Presidents meet in Dallas

Forum called to discuss future

In the immediate aftermath of the cancellation of Project USA, senior figures inside the US cricket fraternity will meet to try to come up with a plan to give some purpose and direction for the future

Global decision at end of March

Colorado Junior Cricket earns ICC Americas Award

Following the ICC's global award earned by the US Junior Cricket Academy of New Jersey in 2002, another junior program based in the USA is about to follow in its footsteps

Six-match tour underway

USA accept Indian invitation

The USA has been invited to send a team to play six matches in Hyderabad

Internal conflicts continue to fester

USACA elections back on

Bobby Refaie, the USACA's secretary, announced that the 2005 election process is to be resumed with immediate effect, with an extended deadline to March 7

Cricket across the nation

Elsewhere in USA

Deb K Das takes a trip around some of the less-publicised hotbeds of cricket in the USA ..

Two sides work together

USACA signs deal with ProCricket

The USA Cricket Association is preparing to sign a historic agreement with US ProCricket which will end the year-long feud between the two organizations and set up arrangements for them to work together in the 2005 season

USACA elections

Field narrows to the usual suspects

The all-important biennial elections for the board of the USACA have now entered their final round, with nominations validated for all regional director positions in the USA