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C. Christopher Morris Cricket Library

Pennsylvania's hidden secret

Apr 7, 2005: The C

Deb K Das

Council of League Presidents meet in Dallas

Forum called to discuss future

Mar 22, 2005: In the immediate aftermath of the cancellation of Project USA, senior figures inside the US cricket fraternity will meet to try to come up with a plan to give some purpose and direction for the future

Deb K Das

Global decision at end of March

Colorado Junior Cricket earns ICC Americas Award

Mar 10, 2005: Following the ICC's global award earned by the US Junior Cricket Academy of New Jersey in 2002, another junior program based in the USA is about to follow in its footsteps

Deb K Das

Six-match tour underway

USA accept Indian invitation

Mar 10, 2005: The USA has been invited to send a team to play six matches in Hyderabad

Deb K Das

Internal conflicts continue to fester

USACA elections back on

Feb 17, 2005: Bobby Refaie, the USACA's secretary, announced that the 2005 election process is to be resumed with immediate effect, with an extended deadline to March 7

Deb K Das

Cricket across the nation

Elsewhere in USA

Feb 14, 2005: Deb K Das takes a trip around some of the less-publicised hotbeds of cricket in the USA ..

Deb K Das

Board in-fighting continues

USACA elections stalled by procedural deadlock

Feb 11, 2005: The 2005 elections of the USA Cricket Association, which had been limping along slowly, appear to be nearly dead in the water

Deb K Das

Two sides work together

USACA signs deal with ProCricket

Feb 5, 2005: The USA Cricket Association is preparing to sign a historic agreement with US ProCricket which will end the year-long feud between the two organizations and set up arrangements for them to work together in the 2005 season

Deb K Das

USACA elections

Field narrows to the usual suspects

Jan 28, 2005: The all-important biennial elections for the board of the USACA have now entered their final round, with nominations validated for all regional director positions in the USA

Deb K Das

US Cricket Academy U-19 tour of Trinidad

Brickbats not bouquets for Trinidad tour?

Jan 27, 2005: Deb K Das reviews the recent US Cricket Academy U-19 tour of Trinidad

Deb K Das

Cricinfo exclusive

ICC slams US board's 'poor administration'

Jan 23, 2005: The ICC has sent a remarkable letter to the USACA in which it questioned 'whether the current administration can play any constructive role in taking the game forward in the United States'

Deb K Das

Champions Trophy questions remain unanswered

USACA dawdles with investigation

Jan 12, 2005: Although nearly four months have passed since allegations surfaced hinting at serious concerns regarding team selections for the Champions Trophy in England in 2004, the USA Cricket Association has yet to investigate the matter

Deb K Das

Project USA takes on a strange new twist

USACA handed $50,000 in ICC misunderstanding

Jan 12, 2005: The story of Project USA, which had been stalemated by the recalcitrance of the USA Cricket Association to sign a memorandum of agreement with the ICC, has taken on a new twist in recent weeks

Deb K Das

USA elections

Elections marooned in murky waters

Dec 28, 2004: As the United States of America Cricket Association election process drags on, the situation is becoming murkier by the minute

Deb K Das

Due to be finished by January

US elections move slowly forward

Dec 6, 2004: The 2004 elections for the United States of America Cricket Association board, which have been in limbo for the past six months, may be taking place after all

Deb K Das

USACA National Championships

New York reclaim national title

Oct 25, 2004: Deb K Das reports on the third National Championships in Plano, Texas

Deb K Das

USACA president slams Project USA

ICC condemned for 'colonial' approach to US cricket

Oct 15, 2004: Gladstone Dainty is refusing to sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MOU) regarding Project USA, the ICC-sponsored initiative for the development of cricket in the USA.

Deb K Das

Rethink needed as rules hamper development

ICC eligibility requirements stifle US cricket

Sep 28, 2004: USA's abysmal performance in the Champions Trophy has reopened the debate on whether the ICC is setting eligibility requirements that make it difficult, if not impossible, for the them to field competitive teams in international cricket?

Deb K Das

In-fighting rocks US board

USACA washes dirty linen in public

Sep 27, 2004: As if the USA Cricket Association did not already have enough troubles to deal with, its executive and some of its board members have become embroiled in a nasty brouhaha over which players should be allowed to play in the upcoming Under-19 nationals

Deb K Das

US cricket after the Champions Trophy

The road back from Sharjah

Sep 14, 2004: The defeat of Team USA at the hands of Australia marked the end of an unlikely journey which began two years ago in Argentina

Deb K Das
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