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Awaiting a battle royale between India and Australia

Australia and India have been without doubt the top two teams in this World Cup with Australia holding a slight advantage over India after their win in the head-to-head clash involving the two teams

The Kenyans are here to stay

© Reuters At the beginning of the 2003 World Cup, few would have thought that Kenya was going to be the pride of African cricket in the tournament

Set aside more money for the minnows

Kenya has done the minnows of world cricket a big favour by beating Sri Lanka, a result that higlighted the fact that there is talent available outside the Test-playing countries

A week of excellent cricket

The first week of the 2003 World Cup has gone by after causing a great deal of heartache for a lot of people

The magic of spin in instant cricket

Many eyebrows were raised at the completion of the recent lowscoring one-day series between New Zealand and India

The spirit of the game is on the wane

Cricket, both at the Test and street level, owes its charm to the sense of camaraderie and respect you share with your opponent